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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by ninita

akka...hi ninita.Hug...hw r u??? i am gud dear Big smileno classes 4m 2day oh that is cool Tonguebut i miss ma uni a lot...........
Day DreamingDay Dreaming ...obviously...but no woory it is time for u to rest and relax , cool and chill and gear up gor your next year m waiting eagerly 4 Kriya's wedding i mean wid evry1s blessings & presence...sureTongue..
lucky s vry vry sweet....he is and naughty too Big smilejalli kattu was nyc.thanksBig smile....niko r vry sweet...yep they r Tongue.tantu 4 ol d lovely,funny,sweet chps...u r welcome chellamBig smile......luv u  lub u 2 tak care..u 2 Smile.waiting 4  nxt nightWink..
yenga happy holidays....9th & 11th xternal practicals...adhukapram 25th to 18th may xams...........
but anyways konjam rest....

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Originally posted by Sun7shine

Shumiiiiiiii diiiiiiii, me first!! Smile wow...
Wowwwwy chap, luved it...thank you binny...hope u will keep loving my updates.Big smile Krish z bak with whole of d family... yep...Big smileAh I m lovin update is going to be the meeting of singhs and saxenas  Now waitin for d sax reaction, watch...LOLhope Shyam saxena does'nt have a heart attack on hearing abt kriya..hahaha....hope so other wise instead of kriya's marriage i have to write kriya karam of saxena LOL Update soon, sure Big smilewaitin night Big smile.
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aman mathur called shyam saxena:

shyam saxena:'hello...aman saab aap...!Tongue kaise hain aap log..?Smile'it was a pleasant surprise for him.

aman mathur:'hum teek hai.aaj shaam hum log aap kay ghar aarahe hai, nitin kay saat...shagun le kaySmile'

shyam saxena:'such!Big smile...mai bahut kush hun.hum aap ka inta zaar besabari se karenge...Tongue'soon after the call, he called naina,adarsh, kesar and told them about it.

shyam saxena:'jalti jakay taiyar karo....unn kay suwagat ka....Smile'he was excited.

kesar:'ya rabbha!!.Shockedyeh log ko thoda aage bolna chahi yeh tha na....samai bahut kam hai...Ouch..'she got tensed

naina:'koi baat nahi.ghar pe tho sab kuch hai...Smile hum karlen gay...'they rushed in to the kitchen to make arrangements.with in short time period all worked together and made arrangement to receive them.

evening around 6pm:

sumitra:'jalti is getting late...Smile'

rolli:'just a minute...Smile'she was busy arranging and checking the shagun thali.after a satisfactory check she told the maids to keep them in the car.
the whole singh family along with mathur family arrived saxena haveli in three different cars.the big wooden beautifully carved main doors of saxena haveli were kept wide opened for them.sumitra got down from the car, raised her head to look at the full view of the haveli.
look at the front elevation of the haveli!Tongue
sumitra:'wooow...Tongue...yeh tho bahut bada hai!Tongue...'she was amazed looking at the front elevation of the haveli.she could not believe her eyes.'is this pratigya's haveli!!!!.Shocked...the one whom she was treated as a maid ...Ouch' she is yet to realise it.

sumitra:'shakti...this haveli looks like our banaras haveli....Big smile isn't it?'she remembered her great grand parents haveli in banaras.

shakti:'haan amma...shayad uss se bhi badi hai.....Big smile...i think we will get lost in this haveli...LOL'they came near the main door.
main door!Tongue

shyam saxena:'aye yehBig smile.....aye yeh..Big smile'he came limping and jumping with his walking stick(...ROFL)

nainaji:'ander aye yeh..Big smile'she carefully adjusted her saree pallu on her head and took them in with respect.they all came in followed by their maids with big shagun thali covered with thin decorative red cloths.sumitra,shakti and rolli sat in a three seater couch.
sumitra sat slowly on the sofa looking around the interior decoration of it.
aman mathur,anuradha and komal sat beside them in another three seater.shyam saxena sat in another three seater opposite to sumitra.nitin sat beside saxena.

shyam saxena:'kaise ho aman saab?Smile' he started with very formal question.

aman mathur:'hum log bilkul teek hain..?Smile' they all had formal talks for some time.nitin introduced sumitra and others to saxena family.

nitin:'yeh mere aunty sumitra singh,her son shakti singh,daughter komal and daughter in law rolli...Smile'they said 'hi' , 'hello' to each other.
kesar:'rolli tho pratigya ki dost hai!...Big smile'she recognized her.
rolli:'ji.....aap ne sahi pehechana...Smile'she smiled at them.
while they were talking naina saw krishna coming down the stairs.
look at the stairs!

naina:'krishna beta eider awo.inse milo...Smile'she introduced sumitra and other singh family to him.

krishna:'...Smile...Confused'he don't know how to react and what to say.he simply gave a plain smile at them.

shyam saxena:'yeh nitin hai.pratigya kay mangi.....Big smile'before he could complete the word 'mangiter'krishna interfered.

krishna:'mai janta hun inhey...Smile'he went and sat beside nitin with a smile on.

nitin:'hum ek saat business karte hain...Smile'

shyam saxena:'oh!Tongue... tho aur bhi achcha hua...Big smile'kesar served some home made sweets, hot samosas and streaming tea for all but nobody had the mood to eat or drink.

shyam saxena:'aap log ne bahut dayr kardiOuch...mai khud aap log se milne waala tha...Ouch'he sound sad.

nitin:'...we are sorry for that....Ouch'he sincerely regretted.

shyam saxena:'ab aur intazaar nahi.jalth se jalth  pratigya ki shaadi ho jane chahi yeh...Big smile'he said strictly.

aman mathur:'hum samaj sakte hain....isse leyeh tho hum aayeh hain..Smile'

nitin:'pratigya ki shaadi jalse jalth hoge.par.....Disapprove'he stopped for a while.
shyam saxena:'par kya? Confused sab teek tho hai na?...Ouch'he was tensed.

nitin:'par muj se nahi...krishna se...'he said with out showing any tension.

shyam saxena:'kya?Shocked Angry...kyun?..ShockedAngry'not only he the whole saxena family got a shock therapy!
nitin:'kyun ki meri shaadi ho chuki hai...'he said keeping him self calm and cool.
nobody answered or spoke for some was like the haveli was muted.

shyam saxena:'nahi...Angry Shocked ....issa nahi hosaktaAngry Shocked  ' he broke out.bhhhuuussss! his BP boomed!
adarsh:'AngryShocked...kya!!!!!!!!!Shocked itni badi baat tum itne asaan se kahadiya...Angry?'he jumped up from his seat.

kesar:'issa kaisa kar sakte tum?mangni pratigya se shaadi kisi aur se...Angry? yeh tho dhoka hai...Ouch'she abused them.

shyam saxena:'ShockedAngry...mai nahi janta tum log itne gire hue ghatiya aur dhokay baaz ho...Angry Pig' buuusss...huuusss...buuusss...huuusss...his BP went up and down!
nitin:Ouch ...'they did not allow him to speak.

kesar:'waise yeh krishna kun hai?....Confused'she interfered and she was curious too.

nitin:'krishna singh...'he said patiently.
shyam saxena:'kun? yeh krishna singh!...ShockedAngrypratigya ka boss...ShockedAngry'  buuusss! is BP gone to 0.
krishna:'uncleji...'he tried to say some thing.

shyam saxena:'tum beech mai maat boloAngry.tum hote kun bol ne waleAngry?'he barked at him.

lucky:'dadu...wo aunty kay pati hain...Tongue'all of a sudden he spoke while he was sitting on the carpet and playing with a toy car.

shyam saxena:'batameez Angry...tu chup kar.chal yahan se...Angry'he gave a tight slap on lucky's back.
lucky:'heyyynnn.....Cry...dadu ne maara...Cry'

nitin:'bachchay bhagwan ka roop hote hain.lucky such kayhata hai...Smile'
shyam saxena:..ShockedAngry

aman mathur:'saxena bhai saab..aap thoda shaant ho jayeah....'he got up from his seat , went and sat beside him.
shyam saxena:'shaant ho jaunAngry ? tum log nitin ki shaadi chori chupi doosri ladki se kardi...Angry...pratigya mai kya kami thiAngry?.uss ka  kusur kya tha...Angry?'he yelled at them.
'kusur tho hamara bhi nahi tha...Ouch'nitin said sadly in his mind. 

aman mathur:'mai samach sakta hun.aap ki naraaz gee sahi hai.firbhi hamari baat poori sunni yeh....Unhappy'

adarsh:'ab sunne kahey ne kay le yeh kuch hai nahi...Angry'

naina:'unn ko bolne dona...'she tried to calm them.

aman mathur:'hum jalti mai nitin aur komal ki court marriage karvadi...'
naina:'court marriage!Shocked...kyun?Ouch'
adarsh:'kun komal?...yeh waali!Shocked...' he showed komal sitting beside anuradha.
anuradha:'ji....yeh hamari bahu hai..Smile.'she said holding komal's hand in to hers.
aman mathur:'nitin ki zarurat pratigya se zeyada komal ko thi...Cry'his eyes filled with tears.
kesar:'issa  bhi kya zaruri thi?... kissi ki mangni thod ne ki aur chori chupi court mai shaadi karne ki...Angry'
komal:'kyun ki mai bemaar thi...Ouch'she opened her mouth.
naina:'bemaar!!!Shocked..beemaar ladki se nitin shaadi ki hai..Shocked???'not only kesar the whole saxena family was shook.they kept quit to know more about it.
saxena:' par tum tho achchi khaasi lag thi ho...Angry'he could not keep quite. he thought they are giving lame excuse.
anuradha:' iss ka operation hogaya hai... shukr hai bhagwan ka..ab yeh bilkul teek hai.Cry'

shyam saxena:'...operation...!Shocked..Confused

aman mathur:'haan...nitin komal ko canada le gaya operation kay leyeh...'
adarsh:'kiss ka operation?...'
komal:'brain tumor ka...Cry'she was emotionled remembered the days she was suffering.
nitin:' komal...Ouch' he got up from his seat went and sat beside her.
nitin:'chup hojao komal...tumai safaai dene ki koi zaroori nahi hai...' he hold her hands and console her.
the whole saxena family stood still...could not utter a single word, they became unexpressive and uncommunicative. 
aman mathur:'ajaanak sab kuch itna jalti hogaya..hum khud samaj nahi payeh...iss leyeh aap log ko bata nahi sakay....uss kay leyeh hum bahut sharmida hai...Ouch hamai uss kay leyeh khed hai...Ouch'he continued with out any interruption.
naina:' yeh sab hum pratigya ko kaise samja payen gay...OuchConfused'
sumitra:' pratigya yeh sab jaanti hai....'
saxena:kya!Shocked wo jaanti hai!...Angry...'
sumitra:'issi leyeh tho hum log aayeh hain...pratigya ka haat maang ne...'
nitin:'waise bhi krishna aur pratigya ek doosre se bahut payaar karte hain...Smile' he said another shocking news to them.
shyam saxena:'ShockedAngry....'

shyam saxena:'hum nahi jaante krishna kun hai? kiss parvaar ka hai.....Angry'his BP again boomed.

sumitra:'he is my son...Smilekrishna singh is a big business tycoon in delhi...Big smile'she said proudly about him.

shyam saxena:'mujay aap kay paise se koi fark nahi padta.kitna paisa aap ko chahi yeh bolo... mai dunga....wo bhi muft mai...yeh saara sarangpur hamara hai...'
sumitra:Ouch...her face turned red by shyam saxena's insult.
shyam saxena:'hum rishta insaano se jodte hain.paise se nahi....Angrymai ne pratigya ka rista nitin se taiki , kyun ki mai nitin kay parivaar ko janta hun.aur nitin ko bhi...'

nitin:'uncle , yeh bhi mera hi parvaar hai...'

nitin:' samjo mai mere bhai kay leyeh aap ki beti ka haat maang raha hun...Smile'
krishna:Ouch his words made krishna to move in to tears.

naina:'krishna beta bhi achcha ladka hai...Big smile'she muttered to herself,
kesar:'krishna ko hum tho thoda bahut jante bhi hai... kuch dino se...Smile'she don't had the guts to say loudly.she murmured.

shyam saxena:thoAngry? duniyan mai hazaar achchay ladkay hain.saat uss ka parivaar bhi achcha hona chahi yeh...'

nitin:'mai wadha kar tha hun.yeh bahut achcha parivaar hai...'he tried to convince him again.

shyam saxena:'achcha parivaarAngry? mujay tho issa lagta nahi hai...Ouch'

sumitra:Shocked....she could not believe that a girl or a girl's parent can say NO to her son krishna singh.she felt ashamed of his comments.

sumitra:'shyam saxena ji.i will keep pratigya happy.i promise...' first time in her life she went below her dignity and spoke for the sake of her son.

nitin:'uncle mai bhi tho ab yeh parivaar ka hun.pratigya kush rahege wahan...'
rolli:'uncle tum jante ho mai pratigya ki khaas dost hun.mai bhi ab yehi parivaar ki hun....Smile'

krishna:'uncleji...mai pratigya se bahut pyaar karta hun.wada karta hun pratigya ko bahut kush rakunga...aap log ko shikayat ka koi mokha nahi dunga......Cry'said with tears. he was emotionaled.

shyam saxena looked at adarsh.slowly slowly they started convincing.the anger started vanishing from their face.

shyam saxena:'nainaji...pratigya ko bulao...Angry'he said in a loud tone.kesar went fast to call pratigya.

pratigya:'omgShocked...mujay nahi aana...Ouch'she refused.

kesar:'tu chal.sab kuch achcha hi hoga...Smile'she brought her by force.she came hesitantly, went and stood beside shyam saxena's sofa.

shyam saxena:'pratigya beta.yeh kun hai...?Big smile'he showed krishna.he tried to be calm and cool.

pratigya:'wo...wo...mai re...'

shyam saxena:'pati hai....Angry.haina?Angry'

pratigya:Dead....she lowered her gaze.could not face any one.breath caught in her throat.

shyam saxena:'tu itni badi aur batameez kab se hoga yeAngry?.bena bata yeh saadi karle...'Angry

pratigya:'Ouch...maaf karna papa.mai ne mana kiya tha.par krishna sir ne...Cry'she could not speak properly.words got stuck with her tongue.

'omgShocked...this idiot girl is going to put the blame on me...Ouch'krishna was shocked.
saxena:'jaanta tha...meri pratigya beti badi bholi aur ekdum nadaan hai...issi ne uss ko bhadka ya ho ga...Angry'he looked at krishna with his popped out duck egged eyes.
krishna:Ouch...he don't want to open his mouth and spoil the built up things.
pratigya:Approve she kept her face as innocent as possible.

nitin:' ho gaya so ho gaya.fir bhi achcha hi hua...Smilewhy you want to dig and drag the things' he immediately interfered.

nitin:'aunty...shagun ga thali daydo na...'he proceed further without giving chance to talk saxena.sumitra took the thali with her both the hands and stood up to give it to shyam saxena.

naina:'...jodiyan rab ne banata hai , hum nahi.shaayad yahi sahi hai.shagun le lo ji...Tongue'she encouraged.
rolli & shakti:'such kaha aap ne.krishna aur pratigya ek doosre kay leyeh bane hain...Smile'

adarsh & kesar:'papa... hamai shagun le lena chahi yeh...Smile' they said together.
shyam saxena realised their words. he stood up with the help of his walking stick to take the shagun thali from sumitra with a smile.
look at the shagun they brought!
maroon pure silk saree with big zari border, heavy gold kundan jewel set, suhaag items betel leaf and nut, whole turmeric, sindoor,yellow banana and fresh jasmine gajra.

with a big happy smile spread on every ones face.all took a peaceful deep breath.pratigya looked at krishna with a glint in her eyes.
krishna:' ruko...Disapprove'he stopped them.
saxena &naina:Shocked
mathur & anu:Shocked
shakti &roli:Shocked
adarsh & kesar:Shocked
krishna:'ruki yeh...Disapprove' he came forward.
rolli:'krishna!Angry what is wrong with you?Shocked...shagun kyun rok raha haiShockedAngry...'
krishna:' bhabi...shagun ! bina shagun ka sikka?...Disapprove' from his purse he quickly took a 1 rupee coin together with 1000 rupee bill( 1001 rupees Tongue)  and kept it on the saree along with other shagun items.
krishna:' ek hazaar ek rupaiya ka shagun mere taraf se...Cool
saxena & naina:LOL
mathur & anu:LOL
shakti & roli:LOL
nitin & komal:LOL
adarsh & kesar:LOL
lucky: '...friend! mujay bhi shagun do...Tongue'he pushed every one and came in front asking for shagun.
krishna & pratigya:ROFL
mathur & anu:ROFL
shakti & roli:ROFL
nitin & komal:ROFL
adarsh & kesar:ROFL

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Shumi diiiiiiii, wow wt chap... Shock day in Sax haveli, shyamu had really gone hyper.... Aww I dreaded he might hav a dil ka dora ( I wish he had one), but brave man he survived... Oh finally, Aal iz well between kriya families... Now waitin for kriya wedding... Di, do invite me to d wedding... Update soon, waitin for nxt chap.. Luv u   

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Originally posted by Sun7shine

once again binny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TongueClap

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by Sun7shine

once again binny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TongueClap
yup di, wow... I was quick na!

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

congrats for maintaining ur rank...

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