fF : iShQ hUa!-II-NOTE pG-148 (Page 77)

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Originally posted by Sun7shine

Edited my comments on pg 74 thank u Tongue

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Originally posted by Sun7shine

Shumiiiiiiii diiiiiiii, binnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy Tonguehw r u? gud v gud how about u and ur studies?Smile Lubly chap, thanks Big smileso krishu z gng bak...yep...Ouch Aww, now waiting for his band, baaja, bharaat....sure sure ....Big smile Btw, thanx di for taking me to nigeria falls!! it is my pleasure dear Big smile And Niko seemed to hav gr8 time..yep...poor thingy they deserve it na...Smile.. Waitin for them to b bak to my next update Big smile So update soon, sure Big smilewaitin...thanksBig smile Muaah lub u Tongue

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@ shumi di, studies gng on wel di... Ah, m havin a severe headache right now....
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Shumi diiiiii......
i have edited my comments on page 75Big smile
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nitin and komal went for shopping while sumitra did all the packing.komal purchased gifts for every one including day 10am they boarded the flight to india.

singh house:

krishna was back home.aman mathur and anuradha came to singh house to receive their son nitin and daughter in law komal.the singh house was busy.

around 2pm krishna and shakti went to airport.other all were busy in making arrangement at home to receive them.aman mathur and anuradha arranged for a small pooja.chandu kaka arranged for a good traditional dinner.rolli rearranged komal and nitin's bed room.

delhi international air port:
nitin , komal and sumitra checkout at the earliest from the airport as because they had very less luggage and duty free items.

komal:' shakti bhaiBig smile...baba...Big smile'she waved her hand as soon as she saw them.she walked fast in excitement to reach them.

krishna:'we missed you komal....Big smile Hughe hugged her.
shakti:'i am very glad that you are fine....Big smile Hug'he hugged komal  and then nitin .

krishna:'thank you so much nitin...Hug'he hugged nitin with gratitude.

nitin:'come on...for what?Big smile.....don't be formal....'

shakti:'amma...yeh kya haalat bana rakhi hai? you became dark and thin...Ouch'he felt sorry to see her dark and dull.

sumitra:'it is ok...Smile i will be fine if i take rest.don't worry...Big smile'she tried to smile.

shakti and krishna collected their baggage and dump it in the car dicky.

singh house:

aman mathur and anuradha were restlessly waiting in the hall to see their son and komal.rolli was busy in some other work.

aman mathur:'nitin...Big smile'he walked fast towards the main door as soon as he saw them entering.

nitin and komal touched their feet and got their blessings.

nitin:'papa maine waada kiya tha na..?Big smile komal ko kuch nahi ho the grace of god she is fine now...Big smile'

anuradha:'shukr hai bhagwan ka...Big smile'

rolli :'chalo...fresh up quickly and come down for the pooja...Smile'

after a quick shower they had a small family pooja.

it was dinner time.chandu and rolli  served them hot food.

komal:..ROFL...she laughed looking at the perfect shape of the roti she remembered the days in canada where sumitra made the weird shaped roties

rolli :'kya hua...?Smile'

komal:'do you know? amma can make roti in the shape of countries ...india, pakistan, sri langka... ROFL'she started laughing again.

krishna:...ROFL...national integration!LOL'

shakti:'i can not believe that amma can cook...ROFL'


sumitra:'chandu bhindi ki sabze bhaut achchi bani hai...Tongue'she enjoyed the okra fry with the soft chapati.first time in his life chandu heard sumitra praising him.he was very glad.

chandu:'such...?Tongue'he served some more bhindi sabze for her.

nitin:' aunty can cook better than you...ROFL..'

rolli :'..ROFL...'
the laugh and joy of singh house was back. it was like their happy old days... on the top of that addition of an adorable member nitin in their family made them  go crazy with joy...every one was looking extremely happy, there was a complete satisfaction and peace spread on their face.

rolli :'amma ji...bas ab krishna ki shaadi karwado ....Smile'she took the advantage of the happy moment and put forth her suggestion. she was missing pratigya and she wanted to bring her back at the earliest.

sumitra:'such kaha .this week end we will go to sarangpure...Smile'

krishna:'reallyyy....ShockedTongue...amma you are the sweetest!....Tongue'with excitement involuntarily he jumped up from the dinning table .
sumitra:EmbarrassedLOL...bait kay khana kha...LOL'she was glad to see her son's happiness.
krishna:Embarrassed...teek hai...Embarrassed'he slowly sat back. komal, nitin,shakti and rolli laughed out loud looking at krishna's stupid action and embarrassed face.
two days later nitin and krishna resumed office.aman mathur and anuradha went to sarangpure.

the most awaited week end came.

it was a saturday morning .the whole singh travelled to sarangpure.around 2pm they all reached nitin's house .it was a very big haveli.komal and sumitra wondered at the painting and woodwork of the was komal's first visit to nitin's house.anuradha came running with an aarti.

anuradha:'ek minute ruko...Big smile'she told nitin and komal to stop at the threshold and took the aarti for both of them before they enter.

krishna:'...ummmBig smile...looks like pratigya's haveli....'he thought in his mind looking around the haveli.aman mathur arranged separate rooms for every one.even though from out side it was an haveli, inside it was furnished and equipped in very modern way with all advanced technology.
saxena haveli:

pratigya was watching TV in her room.only her eyes were watching TV but her mind was thinking about krishna.lucky was sitting on her bed and playing.pratigya's cell rang.
pratigya:'lucky wo phone le aa...'she was lazy to get up.lucky jumped down from the bed, took the phone from her dressing table and gave it to pratigya.
krishna:'hi...'before she could say hello he said hi.

pratigya:'omg!Shocked...aap...?Tongue just now i was thinking about you...'

krishna:'wait...wait ...i am not devil ok...LOL'


krishna:'guess...where i am..?Tongue'
pratigya:'why?Confused....either at office or at day is Saturday...most probably at home...Smile'

krishna:' more guess....try again...where i am..?Smile'again he asked.

pratigya:'...rukoConfused...kahin tum club mai tho nahi ho ladkiyan kay saat...Angry'

krishna:'ROFL.... jealously...'

pratigya:'tell me where are you now...Confused?'

krishna:'nitin's house...Big smile'
pratigya:'don't fool...Big smile'

krishna:'i am serious....' while talking he noticed nitin entering in.

nitin:'i am sorry....i think you are busy...'he was about to go back.

krishna:'i will call you later.....'he said to pratigya in hurry and disconnected the cell.

krishna:'no. not at all....come in.Smile...i was talking to pratigya..'

nitin:'oh!...better you go to her Smile...'


nitin:'it is not sarcastic...i am serious...'

krishna:'no....any way we will be going in the evening isn't it?Smile'he hesitated.

nitin:'...tum chalo abhi...Smile'he forced him.

krishna don't want to refuse further.while he was about to go out he was caught by sumitra.

sumitra:'where are you going now...?Confused'

krishna:'...wo...mai...pratigya kay ghar...Smile'he smiled in a weired way.

sumitra:'krishnaaaa!Angry....tu bhi na! can't you wait till evening?...Angry'

nitin:'aunty....i only told him to go...Smile'

sumitra:'Smile...she kept quit because there was no appeal to nitin's words .now a days nitin became the adorable member of singh family.

krishna went to pratigya's house.

lucky:'friend!...tum firse aa gayeh?...Tongue'he came running to him.krishna bend and carried him in his arms.

lucky:'pata hai?...maine tumai bahut miss kiya...Ouch'
krishna:' i too missed you lucky....Smile'he took a big milky bar from his pocket and gave it to him.
lucky:'thank you friend.i love you...Tongue'he immediately removed the wrapper and started stuffing in his mouth.

shyam saxena:'tum kab ayeh...?Smile'he came out from his room.

krishna:'abhi abhi...Smile'lucky got down from his arm and ran in.

naina:'krishna beta...tum ?Smile...baiti yeh mai chai lati hun...Smile'

krishna:'rahene do dii.abhi nahi.....Big smile'he said with a smile.pratigya heard his voice and came out of the kitchen.
pratigya:'aap....!!!!Tongue 'she wondered.she cannot believe herself.some time before he said he was in nitin's he is here.

krishna:'hi...Smile'he said and behaved very formally with pratigya in front of her parents.

shyam saxena:'tum thag gayeh hoge.thoda araam karlo...Smile'he said thinking that he came straight from delhi to their house.krishna was waiting for that chance.

krishna:'ji uncle.mai fresh ho kay aata hun...Smile'he went up to his room.when he was searching for the towel in his room pratigya entered .he stopped searching ,turned and looked at her.

krishna:'waiting for you ...Tongue'his face bloomed as the sunflower blooms looking at the sun.

pratigya:'with in a week time you came back ! i am so happy...Big smile'she grinned at him.

krishna:'i have yet another surprise for you...Big smile'

pratigya:'what is that?...Confused'

krishna:'for that you should bribe me...Wink'he winked at her.

pratigya:'omg! are crazy....tell me what...?'

krishna:'...fine...atleast come close to me...Tongue'he stretched his hand.pratigya hold his hand and moved forward close to him.

pratigya:'kush?Tongue...tell me now...Big smile'

krishna:'this evening amma is going to come here to propose you...Tongue'he made her sit on the bed.

pratigya:'such!....i was awaiting for this day restlessly.but i am tensed too...Ouch'he sat beside her.

krishna:' don't worry...nitin will be there....Smile'he said looking at and playing with her fair and long fingers.

lucky:'friend ...tum yahan ho...?Shocked'he stormed in.with the same speed he ran to him.krishna carried and made him sit on his lap.

krishna:'kya bolo...?Tongue'he gave a tight kiss on his cheek.

lucky:'aunty ko bhiTongue...'he showed her cheek.

krishna:'chi...chi...wo bahut nakre karti hai...'he shrunk his face.

lucky:'nahi...aunty tumara mooh dikhao...'he pulled her more close to krishna.
pratigya:Embarrassed...she turned her face and showed her cheek. she was looking funny turning her face, showing her red cheek to him.krishna smiled in his mind.he remembered some times before she refused to bribe him. now it is his turn.

krishna:'forget about your aunty.tell me ...tumari teacher kaisi hai ?Tongue 'he asked him as if he did not understand why pratigya is showing her cheek to him.
pratigya:Angry...she took away her face and gave him an angry bull look.

lucky:'kun?Confused muskaan teacher?Big smilewo tho tumai bahut miss karti hai...Ouch'



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Shumiiiiiiii diiiiiiii, me first!! Smile Wowwwwy chap, luved it... Krish z bak with whole of d family... Ah I m lovin it... Now waitin for d sax reaction, hope Shyam saxena does'nt have a heart attack on hearing abt kriya.. Update soon, waitin eagerly....

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Originally posted by Sun7shine

wow....binny....tum tho chagayClap...u r very quick...Clap.for sure u deserve a StarTongue

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