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Originally posted by Mitaly..

Originally posted by shumi.

Btw i m also reader of your ff
not regular but irregularLOL irregular ho tho kya hua...regular reders ko tho maath dayti na?WinkLOL
they are very nice its like part of family memberBig smile exactly...that is y pratigya is asking the opinion of ghunti lal about krishnaLOL
 alina ramone i will beat you next time  also

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

hi Jaanu.. when are you updating a new & cute kriya scene?
may be after half 15 to 20 minWink

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krishna's room:

krishna:'pratigya it is boring for me.let us go out...Big smile'he said while drinking lassi.

pratigya:'want to go out?Smile  but where?Big smile'

krishna:'kahin bhi...Big smile'he continued drinking.

pratigya:'i will try.we have to get the permission of papa...Big smile'

krishna:'omgShocked...permission form your dad? i don't think we will get it...Ouch'he lost his hope.

pratigya:'i will try...'she went down.shyam saxena was sitting in the hall on a sofa.she went and sat beside him.

pratigya:'papa...aaj hamare ganne kay ghayt mai fasal kaat rahe hai na..?Smile'

shyam saxena:'haan...kyun? tumai jaana hai?Smile....'

pratigya:'ji papa...Tongue'that is what she wanted.

shyam saxena:'jaa na ...tumai achcha lagay ga...Big smile'he gave permission immediately.
pratigya:Approve...she looked at him hesitantly.
shyam saxena:'kya ?Confused...'he read her mind.

pratigya:'wo...mai krishna sir ko le jawun saat mai..?Smile...ghar pe bore ho rahe hain...Unhappy'she spoke in broken sentences.
shyam saxena:Confused....he did not answered for a while.

pratigya:'le jawun...?Big smile'she asked again

shyam saxena:'ummm...teek hai.saat mai lucky ko bhi lejao...'

pratigya:'ji papa...Big smile'she jumped out of the sofa and ran up to call krishna.she don't mind taking lucky.she is happy atleast he gave permission.

pratigya:'chalo ,chalo...Tonguepapa ne permission daydi...Big smile'she did not tell about lucky.

krishna:'such..?Tongue so wait down for few seconds .i will change my dress and come...Smile'she went to change her dress too.

she wore a pearl pink long skirt and matching short sleeve long blouse.she combed her silky hair and tied up as a single pony.wore big silver ear rings, both the hand full of thin silver bangles and she was waiting in the hall.krishna came down.

she stood staring at him...could not take off her eyes from him.he was wearing a blue jeans. he folded his bottom three inch .on the top he was wearing pure white mal mal jubha ,sleeves slightly folded up.his feet were inside solapur artistic flat chappals.he was looking hot and handsome with neatly combed hair.

krishna:'chalo...Big smile'he said with excitement.

lucky:'chalo uncle...Tongue'he ran and came from back and hold his index finger.

krishna:'lucky bhi....Shocked!!..i am not going any where...Ouch' he tried to take his finger from him annoyingly.

pratigya:'bachcha hai aane dona...Approve'she did not tell that it was her papa's arrangement for her safety.she tried to convince him.

lucky:'uncle chalo ...Big smile'he raised his head and looked at krishna with a plea.

krishna:'Unhappy.....he went with them showing no interest.

pratigya:'i will take you to our is two kilometer away from the town...Smile' she said the place where they are going.

krishna:'that was fantastic .i love to see farms...Tongue'

pratigya:'we cannot go by walk...wait a minute...'she went in and brought the key of his brother's motorcycle.

krishna:'we can take an auto or taxi...Approve'

pratigya:'wo kachcha raasta ya taxi nahi ayeh ge...'she gave the motorcycle key to him.

look at motorcycle!
krishna:'motorcycle key?Shocked...but i don't brought my license...Ouch'

pratigya:' never mind.nobody will catch you...come...'he took the heavy motorcycle, wore the helmet and sat on it.pratigya carried lucky and made him sit in front of him.she raised on her toes and sat behind him.hold the back stand with her left hand.

pratigya:'chalo...i will show you the way...Smile'he started the vehicle.
after so many days krishna is riding a motorcycle and he was excited to ride with pratigya....after ten minutes of ride inside the town they reached a kachcha road with so many ups and downs,lots of big and small stones spread every became a bumpy ride.lucky enjoyed that ride and cheered him.
look at the kachcha road where they were riding!

lucky:'uncle...aur thayz se chalao...Tongue'he jumped on the seat.
krishna:LOL...he increased the speed.
pratigya cannot manage to sit by holding the back seat alone.the ride on the kachcha road became bit scary for her.she tried to manage but could not.finally she moved forward ,put her hand around his waist and leaned on his back.her hand over his waist and her chest bumping on his back for every second created roller coaster emotion in him.

krishna:'i love this ride...Wink'truly he enjoyed it. he turned back and winked at pratigya.

lucky:'uncle me too... me too...Tongue'again he jumped.


pratigya:'aagey raasta thayk kay chalao..Angry'after another ten minutes of sensational drive they reached the sugarcane plantation.all three got down from the vehicle.krishna removed his helmet and kept it on the soon as they got down some of the workers ran and came for their service.
look at the sugarcane plantation!

worker:'pratigya bitiya aap?Big smile...'

pratigya:'haan kaka.yeh hamare meheman hai.inhay ghumane le aye...Smile'

worker:'kuch chahi yeh tho bata dayna...Smile'

pratigya:'teek hai...Smile'they walked in to the farm.krishna saw nearly twenty to thirty people working in that big soon as they saw pratigya, they stood up and wished her.krishna was surprised to see the way she was respected and loved by them!

pratigya:'kaka hamai ek ganna saaf gar kay do...Big smile'she asked the worker.
worker:'abhi thayta hun....Big smile'he immediately get in to the form, plucked two big black ripen sugarcane plant along with the roots.cut  the top leafs and bottom roots. after cleaning he cut the sugarcane in to six pieces. each one is of half meter length and gave it to them.pratigya gave one to krishna one to lucky, she had one.
look at the fresh sugarcane! yum!Tongue

krishna:'ganna gha kay mujay bahut din hogayeh..tell them to peel and give...'

pratigya:'you peel it with your teeth and eat.that way you can enjoy more...Big smile'she showed how to peel it.he followed her and tried peeling.
krishna:'..ouch...Ouch'it pricked in his gum.

pratigya:'lucky tum yaheen baitkay ganna khao.mai uncle ko thoda ander lekay jaati hun.....Big smile'she gave the remaining sugarcanes to lucky.

lucky:'teek hai...Big smile'he was busy biting the sugarcane.

pratigya:'kaka thodi dayr kay leyeh lucky ka khayal rakna...Big smile'she said to the worker.

worker:'aap fikr maat kiji yeh...' he assured.
pratigya casually walked in side the plantation and krishna followed her.
they started walking on a 20cm wide and 25cm raised path.only one can walk at a time.both the side of the path there were seven feet height sugarcane plants standing erect.pratigya walked on that narrow path eating sugarcane very casually in front of krishna,enjoying the chill breeze  and the rustling sound of the sugarcane leaves...but he cannot.she turned back and laughed at him.while he looked at her laughing he slipped and kept his left foot in the slush.
look at the path they were going through!Tongue

krishna:'omg...yuck...Shocked'he stood one feet on the raised path, one foot in the slush with sugarcane in his hand.

pratigya:' should walk carefully...LOL'she knows the delhi babu krishna who says 'eewwww...'for a tiny dust or dirt , now his full left feet was buried in the slush.
pratigya:..ROFL..'she came backward and hold his hand tightly,helped him to take his foot from the slush.he hold her hand ,pulled his left leg out of slush  and kept it up on the narrow path.he could not balance to stand on that narrow path, fall on pratigya and grabbed her.
pratigya:''with a scream she hold him tightly and balanced to stand straight.
krishna:'sorry...Approve'he said for name sake, enjoying her hug.
pratigya:'aap bhi naEmbarrassed...chalo...hold my hand and walk....Angry ' she hold his palm in to hers and he fallowed her.after a long walk on that one way path  they crossed the sugar cane plantation and reached paddy field...she took him to a bore well.the water from the bore well gushing  out through a 15cm diameter pipe falling forcefully in to a big pit. from there the water was directed to the farms through a narrow canal.
look at the pump!Big smile
pratigya:'wash your legs...Big smile'she showed the water gushing through the fat pipe.
krishna:' yaar it is very scary...Shocked
pratigya: come this side...' she took him to the other side so that the water don't fall directly on him. holding the bamboo stick as a support he bend down, kept his leg one after the other in the gushing water and washed his was fun doing.

krishna:'pratigya i love this place...Tongue' he enjoyed showing his legs in the gushing water.

pratigya:'me too...pata hai whose farm that is...?Smile'she showed yet another big sugarcane plantation while eating sugarcane.nobody was around.
krishna:'kis ka...?Big smile'he bit the sugarcane.
pratigya:'nitin ka...Smile'

krishna:'is it?Big big it is!...Big smile'he sat on the rim of the cement platform below the water pump and started chewing  sugarcane.he enjoyed the sound of water with force from the thick pipe ,he kept the hand in the chill water and played.

krishna:'i love thisTongue.....come.... you too keep your hand in the chill will also like it...'he called her.pratigya came close with a naughty smile on her face and kept her hand near the pipe in to the water.the water forcefully fall on her hand.

krishna:'kya hua??...why are you smiling?Big smile'while he was asking suddenly pratigya directed the falling water from the pump to krishna using her hands . the water flow on him with force on his face, and his body was completely drenched with water.

krishna:'omgShocked...Angry...i am not going to leave you...OuchAngry'he  took water in his hand to throw on her.she ran from there.he chased her with water in one hand sugarcane with other hand.both started running in the farm.he cannot run as fast as pratigya in the farms as he was not used to it. at one point he slipped and fall.pratigya turn back and saw him.
krishna:Ouch Angry...he was sitting flat on the mud ground.
pratigya:ROFL...she came back running.
look at the field where krishna was chasing pratigya!
pratigya:'i am sorry ...LOL'she hold his hand to help.

krishna:'sorry..Angry....'instead of holding her hand and getting up he pulled her down.unexpected pratigya went and fall on his lap forcefully facing her back to him.he quickly circled her from back .both were sitting on the mud one over the other.
pratigya:'omg...leave me...Embarrassed'she tried to get up.
krishna:'pratigya i know you are smartSmile...but certainly i am smarter than you think i fall... haan...Wink?'he winked and spoke from his back near her ear with a victory in his tone.she can feel his fast heart beat on her back and his warm breath on her face.his face and jubha was still wet.her hair from the pony flew on his face.suddenly a chill breeze crossed them , he gripped her more tightly around her waist and kissed on her neck....and created goose bumps on her.
pratigya:'please chodo naEmbarrassed...koi dayk lega...'she said with a request.
krishna:'say sorry to me...Smile'
pratigya:'teek hai sorry...AngryEmbarrassed'
krishna:'issa nahi...'he showed his wet cheek.she pushed him back with her full force,got up from his lap and ran in the field.
krishna:'.... don't think you escaped....ROFL'

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Again me 1 stTongueTongueWink

nice lovely ff i realy like it ClapClap
 OMG PRATIGYA took Krish and lucky went with them Shocked Kabab may huddiROFL
krish chasing prat .how romantic Embarrassed
kachcha road Tongue 
sugar cane Embarrassed
water pump
haray bhary khat Big smile
this is exacly where i come fromTongueTongueTongueTongueTongue
Thanx  Summi U R the Star StarHug
i try my best not to miss and again will  rep 1stWink
regular readers Wink naam to suna hoga it's MitalyWinkLOLLOLBig smile

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Im 2nd... chalo theek hai.. its ok.


muah muah muah for such a lubbly KriYa update...

I love you...

Ohh dat chota bachha lucky.. Angry kabab mein haddi..oops sorry..

I shouldnt say anything... LOL

even Im your chota bachha na... Cry ROFL

wow... I really loved the visit to the Farm..

That Kiss... Blushing Blushing
But I wanted something more than the kiss.. CryROFL

That bike ride.. kitna sweet tha..

update soon okay...Hug


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Originally posted by Mitaly..

Mitalyyyy... grrr How dare You?

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Originally posted by Mitaly..

Mitalyyyy... grrr How dare You?
see in the last page i already told you i will
maniny apnaa vada nibhaya hayWinkWink
try next time sweetyEmbarrassed
BTW 2 is not that badLOLROFL

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