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this part is dedicated to first three readers piyarapiyari aka muskaan, sun7shine aka binny and surbhisachwani aka surbhiBig smile of the previous update.

they moved around the mela. there were lot of food stalls with  traditional foods making and selling on the spot.
look at the food stall in a mela!
lucky:'friend!....jangri lo...jalebi...lo...Tongue' he jumped high to see food stall.
krishna:'nahi...nahi...they are all not hygienic...pata nahi kya kya tel mai talte hai...Disapprove' he pulled him away from the stalls.
lucky:'hiii.....aunty...' he changed his party from friend to aunty as soon as krishna refused the street food..
lucky:'mujay wo khana haiTongue...wo lo...Tongue'he jumped on the stall again.
pratigya:'yeh ladka bhi na...papa sahi kahe te hai.... chalo mere saat...Angry' she pulled him towards her.
lucky:'neyynnn...Cry...'he started crying.
pratigya:' lucky...let us see cock fight...come....Big smile' she took him towards a group of people watching cock fight.
krishna:' cock fight!...ShockedConfused' with surprise he followed her.they went to the crowed place and peeped in. he saw two cocks one red , one white were vigorously fighting and jumping on each other.
krishna:Shocked what is this?ConfusedDisapprove...'
pratigya:' krishna... don't you know that cock fight is a international and age sports? in india cock fight are banned now, but in some countries still it is a national sport....'
krishna:'i see! looks like you have good knowledge of cock fight....LOL btw you said it is banned Confused....'
pratigya:'...but still in some villages like ahmedabad, naroda, asarwa, juhapura , shahpur, surat, vadodara, and many suburbs of mumbai witness such fights.they do it illegally as a way of gambling,...
krishna:'gambling!?... how come?Confused'he don't understand.
pratigya:'if the cock wins the owner gets the money....Big smile'she said looking at the cock fight.people standing around were cheering their favorite one. 
look at the two cock fighting!Ouch
there was a loud sound of cock-a-doodle-doo and the cry of the enthusiasts.two cocks were fighting aggressively with each other with the sole objective of either killing the opponent or at least defeating it.
pratigya:'you know...the owners specially raise and train these cocks for this purpose....'
krishna:Disapprove Shocked...
pratigya:' sharp blades or small knife fixed on their legs so that during the fight the duel will end up by the death or blood shed...'
krishna:'ouch!Ouch it is pathetic... animal cruelty...Angry'he said looking at the cocks jumping and trying to hurt and kill each other.
pratigya:'LOL...come on krishna...  when you enjoy chicken 65, chicken tandoori,  chicken BBQ , or KFC chicken do you think about animal cruelty?'
krishna:Ouch so you are supporting this type acts...?Angry'
pratigya:'umm..Confused...not really but if we sincerely feel it is animal cruelty we should stop eating chicken and mutton Smile....'
krishna:'Ouch...Confused...let us move from here....'he was confused and not interested in looking at the fighting cock. he took lucky away from the crowd, pratigya followed him.
lucky:'mujay bhuk lagrahi hai...Disapprove'he said looking at pratigya.
pratigya:'wait...let me see what we can haveSmile....'she looked around while walking and could not find any food stall near by.
lucky:'mujay kuch khani haiApprove....'
pratigya:'i am looking na...' they were passing by a man roasting fresh corns on the coal fire.
look at the man roasting fresh corns on on the coal fire!
pratigya:'corn khaye ga?Smile'she stopped near the corn man.
lucky:'kaan?(ear...) Confused...kaan mai tho boolte hai khate thodi hai? Confused'
pratigya:'kaan nahi corn corn...bhutta... behooda...Angry'
lucky:'Disapprove....mujay bhutta whutta nahi khani hai...Disapprove' he was not interested in eating corn.
pratigya:'now you eat this....later on we will buy some other thing....'she was trying to convince him.
lucky:'nahi...Disapprove'he started walking with krishna.

lucky:'hiiiiTongue...boodi baal ...boodi baal...mithai...mujaj khani hai.....Tongue'he ran towards the cotton candy shop.
look at the cotton candy shop!
pratigya:'tu bhi na lucky.twenty four seven kuch na kuch khata rahata hai...Angry'she hold his hand and stopped him.

lucky:'nahi mujay khani hai...abhi khani hai...Disapprove'he did not listen to her.

krishna:'achcha teek hai chal...Smile'

pratigya:'krishna... you are spoiling him...Angry'she tried to stop them.

krishna:'jane dona pratigya...bachcha hai...Approve'he took him to the ice cream bar.

near the cotton candy shop lucky saw his school teachers muskaan, binny and surbhi standing for candy.
the cotton candy man was spinning a big wide pan like machine, melting the sugar composition , spinning it into fine strands and bundling the threads of spun sugar in a continuous mass on a chop stick... light, fibrous and fluffy, pink cotton candy!

lucky:'hi...Smile ma'am...'he pulled muskaan's hand.

muskaan:'arey lucky tum!ShockedTongue...kis kay saat aayeh ho...?Confused'she bend down and asked him.

lucky:'my friend...Big smile'

binny:'friend?Big smile...who is that...?Smile'she turned and saw krishna.for a second she could not speak. went blank as if she forgot all the languages she knew.

surbhi:'hi...Big smile'she immediately gave her hand to him because she want to be the first to shake hand with him.
muskaan:'hey surbhiShocked...lucky is my student ok?Angry' she pushed surbhi's hand.
binny:'hi....Tongue'when muskaan was handling surbhi...binny took the chance and extend her hand to krishna.
surbhi:'abey...binny...Angry'she pushed her hand.
krishna:' namaste...Smile'he folded his hand together and greeted them.
muskaan was wearing a light pink chicken work cotton saree, neatly pined up on her left shoulder,a pink short sleeve,deep neck, transparent fullwaayal blouse with perfect fitting.well brushed short silky hair struggling to reach her shoulder,fair round face ,black eyes and trimmed thin heavy jeweley on her...still looking gorgeous.
binny was wearing light blue chiffon saree, sliding on her shoulder without pin, sleeveless simple blouse still stylish and sexy with chic look... .well brushed curly silky hair up to her shoulder,fair face ,blue eyes and trimmed eyebrows.cute lips with light shade lips stick a thin chain around her neck... simple still stunning.
surbi was wearing peach colour plain georgette saree with pallu adorned with floral pattern done in sequins, partially pinned up on her shoulder, partially sliding on her left arm.matching peach colour mega sleeve blouse,making her to look more beautiful. neatly brushed long straight hair with short front bangs, fair complexion,complexion sharp twinkling eyes, well shaped eye brows,thin lips with cute smile...without much accessories she was looking stunning.
all three were certainly stunning beauties.

krishna:Tongue...Embarrassed..for a second he got disturbed by their beauty.
muskaan:' never told me that you have such a hand some friend...Tongue'she smiled at krishna with dimples on her cheeks and pulled  binny's hand back who was about to giver her hand to krishna.
surbhi:'hi...i am surbhi...lucky's teacher...Big smile'she neglected his namaste ,came forward and took his hand on her own , while muskaan and binny went in to their dream land without knowing what is happening next to them.

krishna:'Shocked....hi...Big smile'his hand was caught in to surbhi's fair elegant hand, thin long fingers and neatly trimmed and polished long nails.surbhi was holding his hands more than required.looks as if life long she want to hold his hand.

krishna:'nice to meet you all....Tongue'with a great difficulty he took back his hand from surbhi.
shurbi:'pleasure is ours...Smile...Day Dreaming'she said looking at her own hand romantically.

pratigya:Angry... she was fuming with anger.
krishna:'you girls doesn't look like a teacher...'

binny:'what!? why?...Confused'she was back to her sense.

krishna:'i thought you are all Med school students...Tongue'he grinned at her.
surbhi:'med school student!....Day Dreaming'

muskaan:'so sweet of you...Embarrassed...Day Dreaming'she was still under black magic.
binny:'how sweet! i lub you...Tongue...Hug'she wide opened her arms and leaned forward to hug him, a kind of falling on him.
muskaan:'hey...Angry' she pulled binny back and did not let her hug krishna.

pratigya: Angry....
they completely forgot about pratigya.
surbhi:'can i have your phone number....Big smile'
muskaan:' can i have your face book account....pleaseTongue'

binny:'i live near by saxena haveli....why don't you visit us...Smile'

krishna:'sure...Big smile' he smiled and said one single for all three request.
muskaan:'you...Angry'she gave a angry look to binny, immediately turned towards krishna and gave a big wide smile. her lips extended till to her ears.while she was busy smiling at krishna....
surbhi:'tomorrow is my birthday...your presence will be my pleasure...Tongue'
krishna:'sure....ouch!Ouch...not sure...Disapprove'his foot was stamped with force by pratigya.
binny:'arey...two days before only you celebrate your birth day!...Angry'
muskaan:' krishnaji...tomorrow there is going to be bull taming in is an wonderful event which happend once in a year...hamare chjajje pe se we can have clear view...aayeh na ...Tongue'
krishna:'wow! bull taming...i must watch ....Tongue'

while muskaan and surbhi were drooling over krishna binny purchased two cotton candies, gave one to lucky and one to krishna.
krishna :' thanks.....'Tonguehe could not refuse.he took it from her with a smile with out showing his hesitation.

lucky:'aunty ko bhi dona...Disapprove'he reminded them.

pratigya:'i don't eat...Angry'her anger blast off.from her rude tone krishna understood that she is angry.but did not understand why.
pratigya:' i am going....Angry'without waiting for krishna she left the place.

krishna:'it is getting late for us...see you later...Big smile'he moved from there.he don't want to increase pratigya's anger by staying there.

muskaan:'byeeeee...Tongue Day Dreaming'
binny:'tataaaaaaa...Tongue Day Dreaming'
surbhi:take careeee....Tongue Day Dreaming'
krishna:' bye...thanks...Big smile' he said in short and followed pratigya.

lucky started walking with cotton candy in his hand,biting and enjoying it, it was melting in his mouth like a snowflake.

krishna:'pratigya...Smile'he called her

pratigya:Angry....she did not stop.

krishna:'kya hua...?Confusedwhat is wrong with you...?Ouchwhy are you keeping long face...?'

pratigya:Angry....she walked fast fast.

till they reached home pratigya did not speak to krishna.she straight away went to her room and fall on her bed.krishna followed her,went and sat beside her on the bed.

krishna:'ab tho batao...kya hua...?Smile'he plead her.

pratigya:'kya hua...Angry'she suddenly got up on the bed.

pratigya:'kun thay wo...Angry?'


kasuri:'wahi wo...teen bandariya....Angry'

krishna:'bandariya....ROFL...wo tho lucky kay teachers hain...Big smile'

pratigya:'unn kay saat tumai flirt kar ne ki kya zaroori thi..Angry'

krishna:'flirtShocked...mai...???tumara dimaag kharab ho ga ya hai....'

pratigya:'wo kya kahay ra hay school student haan?....mujay tho ek number kay badmaash lag rahe thay...Angry'


pratigya:'med school tho dur ki baat veterinary school kay bhi layak nahi hain wo ....Angry'
krishna:..ROFL...issa kyun bolrahi ho? kitne achchay thay na wo log?'
pratigya:'achchay nahi luchchay....Angry'
pratigya:'..ussne tumai kya sweet of you....and i love you.....Angry.. and you were giggling at her like a teenagerAngry...
krishna:'ROFL......if we don't butter them they will not give good grades to lucky....'

pratigya:'butter tho wo kar rahe thay tumai... waise you better don't talk about butter...i know how good you are in butteringAngry...'she remembered the way he was calling her mom as dii.

pratigya:'cotton candy khane ki kya zaroori thi tumai?...mana nahi kar sak thay..Angry'
krishna:' kitne pyaar se diya unn ho na....mana kaise kar sakta....Smile'
pratigya:'pyaar se?....argh!'

pratigya:'...are you a baby to eat cotton candy?Angry...'

krishna:'teek hai sorry...ok....give me a huge hug now...Smile'he tried to hug her to cool down her anger.

pratigya:'nahi...Angry'she pushed him on the bed.when she saw him falling on the bed her anger melted like due in the sun.

pratigya:'sorry..sorry...'she tried to help him to get up.

krishna:'you sexy lady...Wink...kitna gussa kari ho...? Tongue'he pulled her.she went and fall on him with out control.he immediately grabbed her in his arms.she could not breath.her breath caught in her throat itself.he glued in to her eyes.they can feel each others breath on their face.
krishna:'you cannot escape from me.. sexy!Tongue.....'he tried to bring her face more close to his face by holding her head.

lucky:'friend...kya kar rahay ho?...Smile'he suddenly entered the room.both of them immediately got up and sat on the bed separately.
krishna:'we were playing...?Smile'he tried to divert him.

lucky:'playing?...what game it is ?...mujay bhi khaylni hai...Big smile'he jumped on krishna.

krishna:'omgShocked...lucky...'he pushed him back.lucky went and fall on the bed.

lucky:'i love this game....Tongue'he got up and jumped on him again.

next day:

lucky's class room.his teacher muskaan was teaching math.

muskaan:'lucky...listen to me have three chocolates.two you gave it to many left with you..'


muskaan:'think and tell...'

lucky:Confused......kept his index finger on his chin and started thinking deeply.

muskaan:'tell me...'

lucky:'zero chocolate...Big smile'

muskaan:'zero chocolate?...think properly....'


muskaan:'how is it zero?..'
lucky:'i had three chocolate.i gave you two.....'

lucky:'and one i ate..Tongue....left with me zero...Smile'

muskaan:'argh! are unbelievable...tomorrow you bring your parents. i want to talk to them'


muskaan:'why are you crying...'

lucky:'my parents will not come to school...unnn...Cry'

lucky:'unn ko english nahi aata..CryROFL......'

muskaan:'bring some other person...'

lucky:'i can bring my friend...Smile'

muskaan:'wooow...that will be a treat for me...Embarrassed  'she jumped literally.
lucky:'Confused...what happened to my miss?' he don't understand .

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HugHallo Summi Big smile

TongueBig smileand hallo lovely girlsTongue= I mean shona hira dil wallyLOLLOL
naam to suna hogaWink
it's mitalyEmbarrassedBig smile

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dii chp was mindblowing me met wid krishna wid my two beehodis friend how romantic it was well it was a treat and pleasure for me me going to meet again wid my hero bt not sure whether he,ll come r not bt then also happy that i had met wid him sach me when i was reading it i went to dreamland and was lost bt then shurbhi and binny came r binny beehodi went and give him a cotton candy age nikal gae r shurbhi wo to bs har jagah khud ko hi age kare gi bt love my sweeties becoz of their and mine immature nature love it and i love pink colour and u had given me that it,s so beautiful love my sarree style last bt not least love all the chp and i do love the fighting btw partners like this which u had shown us btw kriya love their conversation and lucky so innocent he also wants to play that game bt he has a long time to play hai na diii hahahahhah

love it waiting for next and pics r  also nice

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

HugHallo Summi Big smile

TongueBig smileand hallo lovely girlsTongue= I mean shona hira dil wallyLOLLOL
wow my sweeetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

HugHallo Summi Big smile

TongueBig smileand hallo lovely girlsTongue= I mean shona hira dil wallyLOLLOL
wow dii h r u?

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Hiiiiiiiiii   aaaaakkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaa.............

hw r u?sry sry sry m lil busy as ma sem s gonna end on 5th april loads & loads of wrk 2 do.....aftr a llllllloooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg tym m bk d chps were vry vry vry funnyyyyy u made me ROFLROFLROFL...........banana shyam's head...blood sry sry paan....susu..
niko were sweeeeettttttt........sumitra was funny but nt as funny as shyam anyways....& & &
finally finally finally        KriyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i dnt think u need anythng more dan dis 2 undrstand ma situation abt kriya..................
luv u tak care tata.............muaahhssss...........

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by Mitaly..

HugHallo Summi Big smile

TongueBig smileand hallo lovely girlsTongue= I mean shona hira dil wallyLOLLOL
wow my sweeetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug ClapHug i just love your spirit...Thumbs UpBig smile

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

HugHallo Summi Big smile

TongueBig smileand hallo lovely girlsTongue= I mean shona hira dil wallyLOLLOL
naam to suna hogaWink
it's mitalyEmbarrassedBig smile
mitaly the unbeatable!!!!!!!!!!...i am very very glad to see you back...Tongue

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