fF : iShQ hUa!-II-NOTE pG-148 (Page 53)

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Originally posted by Angelmrjn

Eeww...krishna wiped paan 4m sxena's mouth thnkng dat is blood...yyuccckk...lolLOL. Krishna ran 2 da bathrm 2 take shwr ha...ha...he must yaar.obvious...that too he should take a shower with detolLOL..

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by surbhisachwani

ohh dii .hi surbiBig smile...
syahmm saxena is havingg tough dayss .exactlyWinkLOL....i have a lot of sympathy for himm LOL.cuz u r a sweet heart.thankss diii .......i never ever felt sorry for that family in the serial Big smileah samee heree .but i cant stop lovingg luckyy ..he is too cuteeeee ...obviouslyBig smile
andd yeahh plss give kriya naa .sure Big smile.kitna din ho gayeee not seen their romancee update for kriyaEmbarrassedWink
andd yayyyy i m secondd ..i m seconddddd ....ClapTongueThumbs Up...i lub uHug...lubb u too Hug

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Originally posted by vaishu2

hi shumi di .Tongue how r u? GUD VERY GUDBig smile
short and sweet chapter.Tongue thaksBig smile
lucky is bery bery cute.trueBig smile
i am last.Dancing  that is the sprit...Clapi lub u vaishuHug
waiting for next update.sureBig smile
TC.Tongue u 2Big smile
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Di i updated my post on Pg 49
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lucky:'mujay dadu ne maara...dadu ne maaraCry...uuunnn...Cry'he was still in his mission of crying.

krishna:'teek hai.chal hum baahar ghoom ne jaan gay...Smile' he wanted to take him out to stop him crying.
lucky:Smile...he reduced crying and got up with a happy smile.

krishna:'aunty ko bhi bula...Tongue'he said wiping his face and nose.
pratigya:'tum log nichay jao.i will get ready and come...Smile'

ten minutes later pratigya came down.krishna was waiting for her in the hall with lucky.he was wearing black jeans and sandal yellow plain half sleeve T-shirt.he turned and saw pratigya stepping down the stairs skipping the steps.
she was wearing a tight blue branded jeans pant,baby blue & pink velvet tight top with a simple white sequin design around her low neck, a thin gold chain was shining very close to her neck without any pendant.small gold dangling in her ears.she neatly brushed her hair and kept open to flow on her back.thin black leather strap titan watch on her elegant wrist.flat simple black sandals and toe ring in her feet.

pratigya:'issa kya dayk rahe ho...?Big smile'krishna blinked his eyes.

krishna:'i never saw you dressing up like this!Shocked...Tongue'he remember the days she use to come to office with simple cotton salwaars.

pratigya:'these are all my college day dresses...Tongue'

krishna:'ummm...i am impressedTongue.kaash mai wo kapade hota...Day Dreaming'he looked at her tight dress with chic look.

pratigya:'EmbarrassedAngry....i will inform papa and come...'
soon all three went out.
krishna:'bol kahan jaana hai...?Big smile'he asked lucky.
pratigya:'mummy was telling ... mela is going on.....Big smile'

lucky:'ummm....mela ...Tongue(trade fair)...mela jaan gay...Clap'

pratigya:'teek hai chalo...Big smile'they started walking towards was at walkable distance from saxena haveli.while walking he slide his right palm in to hers and hold it gently.even though she don't want to walk hand in hand with him in that small town, she cannot refuse him too. using her other hand she moved her front hair flowing on her face and smiled at him.

krishna:'ufff...don't give me that killer smileTongue...looking very sexyWink...'he whispered and pulled her more close to him.

pratigya:'god!Embarrassed...koi dayk lega...Angry'she tried to pull her hand back.

krishna:'...Tongue'he enjoyed troubling her.

they enter the mela:
krishna:'omg! this is a very big trade fair....Tongue'
pratigya:' happens once in a year,lot of people from out side come here to see this mela...Big smile...they have lot of traditional events in this mela to attract the outsiders...'
krishna:' interesting...Tongue'
look at how people enjoying in the mela!
village people were doing folk dance and outsiders doing steps with them!
while pratigya and krishna were going around and enjoying looking at the happy and excited crowd ....
lucky:'kulfiiiiiiiiiiiii.....Tongue' lucky screamed and ran towards the kulfi cart.
krishna:'lucky....Shocked'he tried to catch him but could not.
krishna:'kulfii!....who is she?Confused'
pratigya:'she! is an indian ice cream served on a single chopsticks....Tongue'
look at the kulfi! a true taste of the east! king of all ice creamsTongue 
pratigya:'bhai saab chaar kulfi do...Big smile'she told to the kulfiwala.

krishna:'chaar kyun?one is enough...Disapprove'

pratigya:'we will also eat....Tongue'

krishna:'tch!...yeh tho bachchay khate hain...Smile'

pratigya:'who told so? try is a true taste of the east!...Smile'

krishna:'i don't like to....Disapprove'by that time the kulfiwala gave the kulfi in a disposable plate.
look at the kulfi!Tongue
lucky:' kulfi!Clap....kulfi!....Tongue' he jumped.
pratigya:' lo...Smile'she gave two to lucky.

lucky:'yummy...Tongue'he was holding two kulfis in his two hands one in each , licking alternatively and taking care that it was not dripping down.
pratigya:'yum...Tongue'she was not less than lucky, she too enjoyed licking and eating with two kulfi in her two hands.all three walked ahead.
lucky:'yum...yum...Tongue'he went round with joy.
krishna:'it is ok...Approve'he indirectly denied.

lucky:'friend tum bhi lo...Tongue'he raised on his toe to feed him. while he was doing so the kulfi from his left hand broke and fall on the grass.
lucky:Shocked...heynnnnnnn....kulfiCry....mera kulfi....Cry....'
krishna:'ro maat hum doosra leyen gay...LOL' it was fun watching lucky crying for fallen kulfi.all three turned towards kulfi wala direction but the kulfi cart was missing.
krishna:Shocked Ouch
lucky:'heynnnnnCry....kulfi wala gaya...Cry...kulfi wala gaya...uunnn...Cry'
pratigya:'LOLachcha maat....yeh le....Big smile' she gave her left hand kulfi to him, now she was left with only one kulfi in her hand which too was half eaten.

krishna:'Big told me to try kulfi isn't it?Tongue...'he gave a naughty look at her bitten kulfi.
krishna:'i want to....Wink Tongue'
pratigya:'Confused Embarrassed...' she looked at her half eaten kulfi.
krishna:' give...Tongue' he stretched his hand for kulfi.
pratigya:'Embarrassed....'with no other go she gave her kulfi to him.

krishna:'Tongue...ummm...yumm...such you said...a true taste of the east!....Tongue'
pratigya:' are very smart...Embarrassed'
krishna:'obviously... D'oh!...Wink...'
krishna:' by the way yeh half eaten kulfi kay leyeh mai ghar jaakar special thanks kaha dunga....Wink'
krishna:' doesn't taste good....take...' suddenly he returned the left out kulfi, after he had part of it.he want her to eat his left over.
pratigya:'Shocked...just now you told it is yumm!...Shocked'
krishna:' oh!Big smile that time it was it is not...Wink'
pratigya:Angry are unbelievable...' she understood his intention and ate the remaining kulfi.
they went around the mela while eating kulfi.lucky was running here and there and thoroughly enjoying.after eating pratigya was about to throw the kulfi stick.
krishna:'ruko...don't through it...Big smile'he hold her hand and took the kulfi stick from her.
krishna:'i am going to keep this as my sweet memoryEmbarrassedTongue....'he said holding the stick vertically in front of his face and looking at it romantically.
pratigya:Embarrassed Shocked...krishna tum bhi na...AngryLOL' he tried to snatch it from him.
krishna:'no....Disapprove' he escaped from her and ran in to the crowd.
pratigya:'krishna....ruko...' she chased him frequently bumping on others.
lucky:Shocked Shocked...friend...' he ran behind pratigya.
krishna:' hu...huu...hhuu...'he shopped near a bangle stop and took deep breaths.

pratigya:'krishna...huu..huu...huu....Confused'she stood beside him with lucky.she too was gasping.

krishna:'tum kaanch kay chudiyan peheno ge?Tongue'he asked curiously.

pratigya:'ummm...i will trySmile' while gasping she tried to smile.

krishna:'sure...????Big smile'

pratigya:'very sure.....waise bhi i like to wear bangles...Big smile'
look at the bangle shop in a mela!
krishna selected  green glass bangle with golden design and white pearls on it.
look at the bangles krishna selected for pratigya!

pratigya:'wow..hare kaanch kay chudiyan!...very cute....Tongue'she wore in both her hands.

krishna:'i thought bangles will not go with jeans and top...but you look more cute in this dress with hand full of bangles'he admired her.

lucky:'friend...bas chalo..mujay giant wheel ride mai jaana hai....Big smile'he pulled his hand.krishna paid the money to the bangle shop keeper and moved away.

pratigya:'no i don't want to go....Ouch'she was scared of rids.

krishna:'you are not alone.i am with you , come...Big smile'he forced her.
look at the gaint wheel in a mela!
krishna:'pata hai?  gaint wheel ride kay bina trade fair ka maze adura hai...Tongue'in spite of her constant refusal he helped her to get in to the seat.he carried lucky and gave it to pratigya.finally he too got in to and sat beside pratigya.the place was not sufficient for three to sit.

krishna:'lucky...tu mere paas aaja...Tongue'he made him sit on his lap and moved close to pratigya.when other people got in to other seats their seat slowly slowly moved up.they went to the top.they can see the whole sarangpure from the top seat.but pratigya cannot enjoy that.the height was so scary for her.she moved some more and sat sticking to krishna.her tight jeans exposed the shape of her thigh and attracted krishna like a magnet.made him crazy.

pratigya:'mujay bahut dar lag raha hai...i am scared of height...ShockedOuch'she said looking at him while lucky was clapping and enjoying on his lap.

krishna:'daro maat...Big smile'he took his left hand placed around her shoulder and hold her tightly.she felt safe in his arm.krishna was very much disturbed with her tight dress showing her body shape.he could not stop refrain himself from her.

krishna:' girl....Tongue'he whispered and leaned towards her face.before he could reach her..'WWOOOO....' the wheel started rotating and picked up speed.

pratigya:'kr...ish...naaaaaaa....'she closed her eyes and screamed.she hold his shirt tightly and hide herself in to his broad strong chest.she felt as if her stomach is flipping.

krishna:'it is worry .....Tongue'he hold her close to his chest.till the wheel stop pratigya neither opened her eyes nor come out of his hug.

when the wheel stopped pratigya opened her eyes.for her still every thing was rotating.

pratigya:'omg...uufff..'she moved out of his hug.they got down one by one.
lucky:' friend! maza aaya...Clap...' he jumped down from the wheel.

pratigya:'i don't like this ride...Ouch'she said looking at the wheel .

krishna:'i like it...Wink'
girls....the next update(PART-66) will be dedicated to the readers who gets the first three places of this up date(part-65)

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dii me aggain 1st so next one for me also hai na sooooooooooo happppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love it well dii the chp was so awsome i lost in them lucky was cute and our kriya was so romantic dii i mostly love that type of hug which u mentioned becoz it,s a hug which tells us that there is someone to protect and care and love us i love it dii

i toooooooooo loveeeeeee kulfii and eating it like bacha wowie moo pe panni a gaya and u know me said to my bro go and bring for me really u make me so bhukki for kulfiiiiiiii and i enjoyed the chppp very much love u dii and love itClapStarSmileBig smileClapStarStarStarWink

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Shumiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii diiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii , wow wt a cute chap... Luved it... Wonderful Kriya scenes.... Krishu z so naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... Oh di Lucky on krish's lap, I agn wish I luckyyyyyyyy...   Tongue Gtg, hav to get ready for clg, byeee muaahzzzzzzzzz and eagerly waitin for nxt chap....

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