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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by KriYa_life

Shumi di....

have you read the new article...about pratigya geting gun shot isn't it? LOL

It reminds me of Kar Le that is so sweet of you. and thank you for the same but you know what as soon as i read i thought what if pratigya dies and krishna get a new don't throw rotten eggs on me...OuchCry...mai ne mere mann ki baat kaha diCry.more oversome were i read in gunahon ka devada the female lead is going to dieOuch...which force me to think about pratigya's deathLOL
K gets a new pair....hahaha....LOL LOL LOL Di dont say worry...i was just kidding...nothing like that happen...Pls. I will cry all the more. ok baba
& yes, even Arpita may die. God knows kya hoga?...the CV'S of GKD gone crazy...Ouch

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Originally posted by vaishu2

shumi di apke ff hit hai LOL
le karle mahobbat in pratigya and brain tumor in sgp.

  i know vaishu...thank you so muchBig smile...mauh!Tongue

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On same day evening komal was discharged from the hospital.nitin packed up every thing especially all her medical records and medicines, cleared the bills and came out of the hospital.even though the apartment is at walkable distance from the hospital nitin called a cab and reached .they took the elevator to reach their flat number 604,in sixth floor.nitin took the key from his jeans pocket and opened the door.

it was a beautiful double bed room flat partially furnished .with a big living cum dinning room and a separate kitchen with electrical stove,fridge and dish washer.

nitin already purchased new mattress , pillows , bed spreads,simple couch to relax and few basic utensils.when they reached the apartment it was around 7pm.nitin and sumitra had a hot shower.nitin came out of the bathroom in bath robe wiping his head with a towel.he felt fresh after many stressful days.

nitin:'aunty...give sponge bath to komal. she will feel fresh , she may be sick of that hospital smell....' he said to his mother in law.while sumitra was helping komal to have sponge bath in the wash room nitin arranged the house little bit and komal's bed.
look at the bed!

nitin:'aunty... komal is fed up with that hospital food , me too fed up of out side foodOuch... roti khane ka bahut mann kar raha hai....aaj dinner kay leyeh roti banado...Big smile'

sumitra:'roti!!!???Shocked.....i never made before...Ouch'she was surprised.

nitin:'ROFL...aunty yahan chandu kaka thodi hai??...LOL'

sumitra:'apron bhi nahi hai...Confused Ouch'she said to her self and went to kitchen.

look at the kitchen!
she pushed back her ghunghat, pulled her pallu front and fixed it near her hip .she took a big thali and kept it on the kitchen slab, opened the wheat flour pocket and took four five hand full of wheat flour in the thali.she was not sure for how much flour, how much water she should add.she added more water than required . the flour became too watery and stuck to her fingers.she wondered how to clean her fingers ? and what to do next ?.
she came out of the kitchen to ask the suggestion of her son in law nitin.she was looking hilarious with flour on her nose,fore head,and her all ten fingers socked in the wet flour stuck with each other, no ghungaht, her hair was undone,falling on her face....looking like ghost.



nitin:'omgShocked...yeh aap ne kya kiyaLOL...?'

sumitra:'i told you...Ouch... i don't know how to make...Cry'she was about to cry.
nitin:'chalo...i will help you...Smile'he got up from komal's bed and went to kitchen along with her.he suggested her to add more flour in it.she did and mixed it again.

sumitra:' shoulders are hurting...Disapprove'she said indirectly that she cannot do.

nitin:'teek hai.mai gunn ta hun...aap sabzi banado...Big smile'he stood beside her and started mixing the flour.

sumitra:'sabzi..bana dun!!!Shocked...'

nitin:'haan...Tongue roti kay saat sabzi chahi yeh na...'he said causally without looking at her.

sumitra:'nitin...why don't we buy the food from out side and eat...Tongue'

nitin:'aunty ji...komal cannot eat out side food .waise bhi even we cannot eat out side food for days together....'he put some more flour in the thali.

sumitra:'cannot we find a servant....Ouch'she said controlling her cry.

nitin:'aunty...ROFL... we are in canada.not in india...'he said while mixing the flour.

with no other go she took some potato and knife.kept it on the vegetable cutter and started cutting randomly.

nitin:'peel the skin aunty...Smile'
sumitra:'it is so thin i cannot peel it...Disapprove ' she cut it in to different sizes and different shapes without peeling the skin.finally done with the she took a big onion to cut.

nitin:'atleast onion tho peel karo...LOL'she tried to peel it.while peeling her beautiful well trimmed thumb nail broke in to half.


nitin:'kya hua...?Confused'he turned and looked at her.both of them standing side by side in the kitchen.she showed her broken nail.

nitin:'oh?Smile...remove it completely...Big smile'he said as simple as that to her beautiful nail which she maintained with care and spent lot of money in maintaining it.she started cutting the onion feeling sorry for her own broken nail.
she could not see the cutting board and the onion.her eyes started watering.her nose tip became red and started hurry she wiped her nose with onion hand which created a burning sensation to her nose.


nitin:'ROFL...'he looked at her running nose and eyes.

sumitra:'issa kyun hota hai...?Cry'she showed her red nose.

nitin:'ROFL...issa hi hota hai aunty....issa hi hota hai...don't care...carry on...ROFL...'he was kneading the dough.

sumitra:'...ouch...Ouch'the knife made a slight scratch on her index finger.

nitin:'ab kya hua...?LOL'

sumitra:'Cry.....she showed her index finger.

nitin:'nothing happened...chlo fata fat karo.komal ko bhuk lage hoge....Smile'he covered the flour with a plate, washed his hand and went out of the kitchen.

sumitra:'omgShocked...mujay ab roti bhi banani hai...Cry'
she kept the pan on the stove put lot of oil in it and started rolling the roti.she left the oil to over heat.when she thought the oil became hot she put the onion in soon as she put the onion it created a big smoke with 'hhhsssss......'sound which sumitra did not expect.her face caught in to the smoke and became black.

sumitra:'ohgh...ohgh..ohgh...'started coughing.except eyes her whole face turned black.
she wiped her face and continued cooking.with a great difficulty she tried to roll roti .
sumitra:'shayaad issko hi kayhe thay hain paapad belna?Ouch'she said to her self.the roti came out in different shapes of countries and continents...  australia... srilanka...india...canada...some were in geometrical shape too...hexagon... pentagon...polygon.
while rolling roti she mixed the onion with her left hand and added potato in it.while adding chili in hurry half chili she put it in the pan half in her eyes.
sumitra:'wooooo....'she started jumping because of the chili in her eye.

nitin:Shocked...he came to her help.

sumitra:'mirch...mirch...woooooooo....'eyes became red and started watering.she could not even open her eyes.

nitin:' god!Shocked...aunty....go and wash your eyes with chill water ...'
sumitra:' chili water!Shocked...'she could not hear him properly.
nitin:'chill water aunty...tanda paani...LOL'he opened the kitchen sink tap and helped her to wash her face.
sumitra:Cry....she continuously flashed chill water on her face untill she felt better.

sumitra:'omgShocked...yeh sabzi tho jal rahi hai...Ouch' in her 'saving mission subzi' she took the hot pan from the stove with bare hand and burn her hand.

sumitra:'wooooCry...'she shouted and drop the pan back on the stove.nitin ran and came again.

nitin:'yeh kya kar rahe hoShocked...'he took the pan and kept it aside.

nitin:' it carefully...'he went back to help komal.she kept the other pan on the stove to make roti.while making roti she burned almost all her finger tips.

sumitra:'ffffoooo....ffffooooo...'she blew air on her fingers with her mouth.this time she did not scream or make any noise.she wiped her tears.first time in her life she felt sorry for her servants and millions  of middle class people who live happily with this type of life.

finally she served the food on the table.

komal:'ammaShocked...what is this...ROFL?'she took a  half burnt roti which was in o weird shape and showed to her.
nitin:..ROFLlook at the shape! ....'
komal:ROFL...i think you should try to Guinness World record-ab India tode ga shape roti!...TongueWink'
sumitra:'sorry time i will try to make better...Ouch'after so much of struggle nothing came out well.

nitin:' is ok aunty...hota haiLOL...komal.....for you i will make two minutes noodles.just a minute...'he got up from the table and went to kitchen.he don't want her to eat half burned and half cooked rotis.

sumitra tried to eat those rotis which she made with lots of effort.but she cannot.she remembered the days she use to yell at her house maids and chandu even for small things.even the delicious foods she least care to eat.

sumitra:'nitin make noodles for me too...Tongue'he requested him' finally all three end up with two minute noodles.

after the dinner'

nitin:'aunty...put the vessels in the dish washer...Smile'she did it.unfortunately the dish washer was not working.

sumitra:'..nitinShocked...this dish washer is not working...OuchCry'she hide her tears.

nitin:'omg!...sorry aunty tomorrow i will tell the house owner to fix you wash it by hand...'he said to her from komal's bed room.he was helping her to lay down .finally sumitra washed the plates with pain,with the hands which already has lot of wounds.

arund 10pm,both nitin and sumitra were tired.

nitin:'aunty...apply this on your palm....Smile'he felt sorry for her and gave some ointment to sumitra before going to bed.
komal:'amma...sorry...because of me you are taking so much trouble...Ouch'she sincerely regretted for her mom.
sumitra:'issa kuch nahi hai komal.tum teek hoga ye ho.wahi mujay kaafe hai.i must be thankful to god and nitin for ever...SmileCry'

sumitra:'thanks...Smile'she took the ointment and went to her bed room.she cannot believe herself.sumitra singh the lioness of the singh house and industry is leading a very normal life.

nitin don't even know when he started sleeping.sumitra was sleeping like female version of kumbhkarn with her mouth wide open.she never slept before like that.
but komal could not sleep.nitin was sleeping on separate mattress beside komal's bed.komal turned towards him and stared at him in the dim zero volt light.she saw droplets of sweat on his fore head.without disturbing his sleep she tried to wipe it.but could not,nitin opened his eyes half way.

nitin:'soo jao na komal...Sleepy'he closed his eyes started sleeping again.

nitin:'umm...'he answered without opening his eyes.
komal:'when i was a kid i use to read about angels in the fairy tales...'
komal:'.... unearthly beauty in white gown with  glowing magic stick brings offerings from heaven ...uff... it is all ridiculous, senseless,...  i never believed in fact i laugh at them...'
nitin:'ummm...teek hai...Sleepy'he said randomly with his eyes closed.
komal:'Big smile....but now i realized that angels exists...'
nitin:'achcha...'he was still closing his eyes.
komal:'tum mere leyeh ek angel ho.... god has send you especially for me...Cry'her eyes filled with tears.

nitin:... he opened his eyes and turned towards her.
komal:'just wings and silver magic stick with a shining star in missingTongue'

nitin:'tum meri komal nahi ho...Angry'

nitin:'i loved the komal who calls me dumb head,ostrich head,coconut head,cockroach,sadayla karela...Smile'

nitin:'i loved that komal....who troubles me,annoys me,nags me,irritates me,teases me...Day Dreaming'
komal:'are you sure?Smile...

nitin:' 100% ......mai wo komal se paayar karta hun jo nakchadi thi,much se jagadti thi,...aur...tarha tarha naam se bulaya karti thi...Tongue'he pinched her sharp nose.

komal:'ouch!Tongue...aur...Smile'she rubbed her nose.

nitin:'aur..chori chori mere nazaren churati thi..'

komal:'aur...Smile'she was playing with his shirt button.

nitin:'...aur...chup chup kay muj se paayar karti thi...Wink'

komal:'you know that!? ShockedEmbarrassed...'she caressed his stubble cheek.
nitin:'mai itna bhi budhu nahi hunji...Wink'
nitin:'i want that komal back...Tongue'he hold her hand tightly with his cheek.


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reserved Big smile

By Mitaly from CanadaTongue 
BTW this rose from canadaWinkLOLLOLsummi apna canada TongueBig smileBig smile

Edited by Mitaly.. - 28 March 2011 at 7:13pm

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nitin is gem person.Tongue
sumitra in this condition.LOL papad belo papad.LOLLOLLOL
Niko part was cute.
update soon.Tongue
take care.
update time.

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CVs of GKD have gone crazy for sure. After ruining our Pratigya, they have spoilt GKD also.

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