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Trillium heath care center in canada:

around 9 am.
komal was leaning on the back of the bed with the support of extra oxygen,no saline but a white bandage covering her complete head. she was in hospital cloths. it was a special and private room with all facilities.

nitin was feeding her hospital diet.
look at the hospital diet of canada!LOL

nitin:'aur thoda...Approve'he tried to feed some more.

komal:'nahi...Disapprove...i don't like this food....ewwww...'she shrunk and turned her face away from the food plate.
nitin:'one more mouth...please...Big smile'
komal:' i don't want to...Ouch'she refused again.
nitin:'yeh.... mere naam ka....Big smile'he took some food from the plate and showed near her mouth.
komal:Embarrassed... aur nahi...haan...Disapprove'she ate with the condition because she could not say no when he said ' yeh..mere namm ka...'
nitin:'yeh hamare pyaar kay naam ka...Embarrassed' he gave one more mouth to her.
komal:'Embarrassed...' once again she  could not refuse.
nitin:'yeh hamare katti mitti dosti kay naam ka...'he gave her one more mouth.
komal:Embarrassed Tongue ....Day Dreaming'it reminded her initial days of their friendship.she ate as if she was under black magic.
nitin:'yeh hamare hone wale junior komal ka....Tongue'one more mouth.
komal:Embarrassed....junior komal nahi...Angry...junior nitin...EmbarrassedTongue'
nitin:'teek hai....junior nitin ka....Big smile'he fed her some more last she looked at the plate. it was empty.

nitin:'LOL....drink this water...Smile'he helped her to drink water and wiped her mouth with a napkin.
komal:Big smile...

nitin:'ab araam karo...Smile'he took away the plate and glass from her bed.

nitin:' tum araam karo.i will go out with aunty and will be back with in an hour....'he turned away to go.komal stopped him by holding  his wrist.he turned back and looked at her

komal:'thanks...Smile' nitin moved forward and caressed her cheek with a pleasing smile.his touch conveyed every thing to her.

komal: bye...come soon...'
nitin:'sure...Big smile...'he went out.
he went with sumitra to a departmental store to buy basic provisions.he has already booked a double bed room apartment for them to stay.

nofrills ! departmental store in canada!

nitin:'aunty, help me to pick up the provision...'

sumitra:'nitin...believe me i never went to a provision store beforeOuch'

nitin:'aunty...even i too .let us try together...'they moved around and pick up the things from the shelves.
look at the store inside!

they took a rice bag , golden temple wheat flour pocket, salt, sugar,chili powder,tea leaf,coffee powder, milk,cholesterol free oil,few spices,some fast food items like two minutes noodles,oats, bread, jam,fresh vegetables like capsicum ,cauliflower ,mushroom,carrot,potato, tomato,spinach, ginger, garlic ,onion , tomato, green chili, fresh coriander leaves etc.nitin paid the amount in the counter and collected their provisions in six big plastic nofrill bags.
nitin took four and gave two to sumitra.they came out of the shop with heavy bags in both their her whole life first time sumitra carrying heavy bags and was highly impossible for sumitra to walk with luggage in her both the hands with her ghunghat on.both her shoulders started hurting .nitin was walking ahead , sumitra was following him with difficulty.

nitin:'aunty hurry up....Smilewe are already late.komal will be alone in the hospital...Unhappy'he was worried about nitin.
sumitra:'i can not nitin...Ouch'she kept the bags down on the side walk and stood for a while.first time in her life  sweat appeared on her face.she wiped it with her hands and looked at her palms.they turned red.

nitin:'what are you doing?...Confused'he turned back and looked at sumitra.
sumitra:Ouch i can not...'

nitin:'aunty..bas ho gaya.sirf teen minute ka raasta...we can see the white building...' pointed out a near by building and encouraged her.
look at the apartment where they are going to stay!

sumitra took the bags again, gathered all her courage and started walking fast... fast.her blouse became wet with sweat. finally they reached the apartment 604, in hurry they kept the things some in the fridge some out side and rushed back to komal.
sumitra went and fall on the couch.she was damn tired.

nitin:'sorry komal...we were late...Disapprove'he went and sat beside her.he too was tired.
sumitra:'nitin give me some water...Ouch'

komal:'amma....what happen?Shocked or you ok?Confused'she asked looking at her condition.

sumitra:'i am fine...Ouch'she tried to smile, hiding the pain in her shoulder and palms.

in sarangpure:

around 4pm:
naina was feeding the ghunti lal in the back yard.lucky was sitting on the ground digging the mud and playing.naina want to do some rituals in the evening, for that she needs gomutra (cow's urine).she was waiting for that.after some time she was able to collect and she collected in a small   bronze vessel.

naina:'lucky...ja..jakar yeh kitchen mai rak...Smile'she gave it to him.she was still feeding the ghunti lal.

naina:'sambhal kay...Smile'

lucky:'mai sambhalun ga dadi...Big smile'he hold it with both his small palm and went towards the kitchen.he walked very slowly step by step so that he will not spill it.

in the hall:

shyam saxena was sitting and reading a paper.

shyam saxena:'thoda paani pee ne kay leyeh le awo...Smile'


shyam saxena:'are koi paani le awo...Angry'


shyam saxena:'kyun koi nahi sunn raha hai mera?Angry...'he saw lucky slowly going to the kitchen with a  bronze vessel in his hand.

shyam saxena:'lucky...wo paani eider le aa...Smile'

lucky:'dadu....Confused Shocked'he looked at him.

shyam saxena:'maine kahana le aa...Angry'he shouted at him.lucky got scared of his voice and went to him with the vessel.

shyam saxena:'eider thay...'

lucky:'yeh tho ghunti lal ka hai...Confused'

shyam saxena:'kya ghunti lal ka hai?Angry... jaldi se thay .mujay bahut dayr se pyaas lag rahi hai...Ouch'

lucky:'dadi ne kitchen mai rakne kay leyeh kaha...Shocked Disapprove'he did not give it to him.

shyam saxena:'koi baat nahi. mujay day ...Angry'he snatched from his hand, before lucky could stop he gulped it.

shyam saxena:'voooaakkk....voooaakkk...voooaaakkk....'he droped the vessel and started vomiting on the floor.

naina:'kya hua...?Shocked'she came running from the back yard.
lucky:Shocked..... he got scared.

lucky:'dadi....dadi...Cry'he started crying.

naina:'kya hua bolo?ConfusedShocked...'she ran to the kitchen and brought water for him to drink.every one from their room came running to the hall.

naina:'doctor ko bulao...Ouch'she said to adarsh.

shyam saxena:'nahi doctor nahi mai teek hun...Ouch'he tried to behave normally.

pratigya:' teek tho hai na...?Ouch'they made him lie on the sofa.

shyam saxena:'yeh lucky kuch peela diya...Angry ...voooaaakkkk...'still he had that vomiting sensation.
naina looked at the bronze vessel lying on the floor in which she collected gomutra and understood the situation.

naina:'ya rabbhaShocked...yeh lad ka bhi na...Angry'

lucky:'dadi...mai ne dadu se kaha... yeh ghunti lal ka hai ...Cry'
naina:'chup kar tuAngry....kuch na kuch karta rahata hai...Angry'

krishna:Confused...he don't understand any soon as lucky saw him he ran to him.

lucky:'friend....Cry'he hold his legs.krishna bend down and carried him .he took him aside,away from others.

krishna:'ro maat...Smile'he wiped his eyes.


krishna:'kyun ro raha hai...?Confused bata kya hua...?Approve'he tried to console him.



lucky:'dadu ne...Cry'

krishna:'dadu ne...'he rubbed his back to console him.

lucky:'gomutra peeya...uunnnn...Cry'

krishna:'kya?Confused...gomutra matlab?Confused...'he don't understand what he said.

lucky:'ghunti lal ka....Cry'

krishna:'ghunti lal ka...Confused'


krishna:'muthr!!! what is that???Confused...'

lucky:'SuSu...CryROFL'in between his cry he laughed out loudly.

krishna:'eewwwwwwww...'he closed his mouth with his hands.
lucky:Cry ROFL

krishna:'good only....he purified his mouth...ROFL..'

krishna:'kiss ne diya dadu ko...ROFL..'

lucky:'mai ne...unnnn...unnn...CryROFL'

krishna:'omgShocked...tu bhi na..ROFL..'

lucky:'mai ne kaha dadu ko...yeh ghunti lal ka hai ...par unn ko wo peena hi tha.....CryROFL..'he rubbed his eyes with his small hands.

krishna:'tu chal yahan se ....ROFL'he took him out.

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By mitaly Tongue
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

By mitaly Tongue
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
LOLBig smileTongueClapWink

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Again 1st LOLLOL
shumi that was fast LOL
my sweety &vaishu
try next time LOLROFL
btw 2 is not bad
but 1 is 1stWink

Edited by Mitaly.. - 27 March 2011 at 8:16pm

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me 2nd hurray 1st time  i,m 2nd mitaly dii bhi na bohat fast hai ab mujhe r fast hone pare ga
well dii,it was so nice and ganda chp sham g drank ghanti lal muthur ehhhhh so bad LOLlucky is so cute hai na love he ran to krishna and their little conversation Smileand on the other side NIKO love is increasing very good carry on bechari sumitra pata nahi usay r kya kya karna hoga Winklike the chp waiting for nextClap

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

again 1st
i know Tongue... where are my other sweet Hearts ?????

Edited by shumi. - 27 March 2011 at 8:16pm

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Shumiiiiiiii Di, m runnin to clg right now, wil read d chap in evening... Commented jst to tak part in d competition gng on here... Wink mitalyyyyyyy congrats bey...

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