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romanu sweetu everyone is here

piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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are pehle se kahe ko reserved bey
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dinner with krishna!

singh house:

after his haldi ceremony and komal's mehendi ,krishna felt bit relaxed.he changed his dress , washed his face and back to the hall with his cute dimple smile on his face.from the morning he was busy.he could not greet his girls friends properly.all his girl friends became tired of dancing for his haldi.

krishna:'tum log bahut thag gayeh ho.ab chalo dinner kay leyeh...Big smile'he invited them for the dinner.

'wooow!!!!Tongue...dinner with krishna!!!...Tongue'every one no time their tiredness vanished from them.they all followed him for the dinner.lucky hold his index finger and walked along with him.krishna took them to the open space of singh house where the dinning tables and chairs were arranged for the dinner.the tables were covered with neat and clean white cloth.on each table there was a vase arranged with beautiful real and fresh flowers. white china clay plate with spoon and fork arranged on it. napkins and bisleri mineral water bottles were kept beside the plate.a big ,thick, red candle was kept in the middle of the table.for each table there were six seats.
the music party moved to the open place where dinner was arranged.they were playing light music.
look at the dinning tables arranged in the open space!Tongue
natasha:'wowTongue...fantastic arrangements.i just love it...Tongue'she said looking at the arrangements.

swtgrl92:'such mai! well organized and beautifully arranged...Tongue'she looked around.
all went and took seats along in a group of four in each table with their friends.out of 44, 42 of them took their tables.krishna checked whether every one got their seats.shumi could not find a proper seat.she was standing and wondering where to sit.

krishna:'please...come there is a seat...Big smile'he called and showed a empty seat beside piyasiya.she cannot deny krishna's words.shumi slowly went and sat beside piyasiya with a false smile on her face....wondering that 'whose relative this piyasiya is!ShockedConfused'

krishna:'friends i have arranged a buffet system dinner for you. both vegetarian and non vegetarian food were arranged separately.serve your as much as you can .don't feel shy...feel free..please go ahead...Tongue'he requested them.
girls here is your dinner. serve your self!Tongue
this is for non vegetarian!Tongue
chicken biryani!Tongue                                                           
this is for vegetarian!
vegetable fried rice!                          
choley bhature! from BABA ka DHABA!Tongue(chick peas & puri)  
romana is a non vegetarian.she filled her plate with her favourite chicken biryani,along with that she took two pepsi cans.
look at romana's plate!Tongue
romana:'yumm...i love chicken biryani...Tongue'she was enjoying her food.
mitaly:'argh!Angry...' she steamed with anger looking at romana eating chicken. mitaly is a pure vegetarian. she can not eat non veg and compete with romana.
romana:ROFL...mai ne kaha tha na tu kaante kii takkar nahi karsakti...Big smile'from the biryani she took the chicken leg in her hand and bit it making 'KADAKK...KADAKK...'sound.
mitaly:Angry...Unhappy'she looked at her with hopeless and helpless face.
romana:ROFL...aaja...karle mukab le...Wink'she said while crushing the chicken bone with her premolar teeth.
mitaly:' Angry...' she bit her nails with anger.
romana:'tho haar maan ja...ROFL'she said while stuffing her mouth with hot chicken biryani.
mitaly:'i hate you...Angry...'she said while looking at the food.suddenly her face became bright and she gave a wide smile at romana.
'what! Shockedwhy she is smiling?Confused is she going to eat biryani to defeat me?Confused' romana looked at mitaly with confusion. neglecting romana mitaly went near the food, filled her plate with the food along with that grabbed a sprite can and came back to romana.
romana:Shocked Angry 
look at mitaly's plate!Tongue 
romana:'Shocked choley bhature!...Confused...'
mitaly:'haan!Tongue choley bhature!...Tongue BABA ka DHABA kay choley bhature!...Tongue'she looked at the choley lovingly.
romana:' Shocked...BABA ka DHABA kay!?Shocked...'she never knew that.
mitaly:'khud baba ki recipe haiDay Dreaming...yum...kya suwad hai...Tongue' she licked her finger.
romana:Angry Shocked Ouch
mitaly:' yeh choley!Tongue...yeh bhature!Tongue...saat mai sprite! jawab!...Tongue'she bit the puri with 'CRIKKK...'sound and had a sip of sprite with it.
'yeh tho haar kay bi jeet gaye!Angry...girrr...Angry'
mitaly:Approve... she gave a victory smile at her.
azi and aleena were confused looked at the food.
aleena:'omgShockedTongue...i don't know where from i should start? TongueLOL'she wondered looking at the food and she filled her plate with naan...fried rice...raita...chicken...mutton, choley...LOL'
look at aleena's plate!LOLWink
azi's plate!
azi: Ouch... Disapprove  Unhappy  she looked at aleena
aleena:' kya hua?Confused'she asked looking at azi multi expression face.
azi:'there is no place to keep choley bhature in my plate...Ouch..Cry..'she was almost crying.
azi:'i want to eat BABA ka DHABA kay choley bhature....Cry'
aleena:'doosre plate mai le lena...Big smile'she suggested.
azi:' par kaise?OuchConfused...' she looked at her her right hand she was holding the big heavy food plate , left hand two pepsi cans. worry you can share with me....Smile'she said showing her plate.
azi:'such! are so sweet...Big smile'
aleena:'...but i can offer you only one spoon of choley...ok?...Big smile'
azi:Ouch Angry...
ninita:'Shocked...bas ...itna hi?' she joined aleena and azi looking at their over flowing food plate.
aleena:'haanUnhappy...i am a poor eaterOuch...mai zeyada khati nahi hun na!Ouch...'she said while grabbing two pepsi cans in one hand.
ninita:'yehBig smile...i can see are a very poor eater...tch!LOL...'she said while serving naan and paneer butter masala in her plate.
roshna,shalini,pheonix, prem preferred veg food.
look at their plate! roshna,shalini
pheonix , prem food plate!Tongue
muskaan and binny took the combination of both vegetarian and non vegetarian. look at their plate ! yumm....along with that they grabbed two pepsi cans too.
vaishu:'shehnaz diiTongue...aap bhi lo naTongue...'she said to shehnaz.
shehnaz:' mai srif chicken khaun gi...Big smile'
vaishu:'just chicken?OuchConfused...kyun?'
shehnaz::'haan ...just chicken...wo kya haina mai bahut hi picky hun...Ouch' she said while serving just chicken in two plates.
look at her plates! just chicken!LOL
vaishu:Shocked Shocked tho poori poultry plate mai le li!...just chicken!LOL'
vaishu:' coke kyun?Confused...'she asked shehnaz.
shehnaz:'i am dieting na...Embarrassed'
vaishu:'Shocked..dieting!Shocked...' she looked at her duel plates of chicken.
shehnaz:'tu bhi le...Tongue' she took a small single chicken leg piece and kept it in her plate generously.
vaishu:Shocked Ouch
look at vaishu's plate!LOL
all others grabbed their favourite food and ate stomach fully.
soon after the food they went to have some sweets.
eden:'omg!Tongue...all are milk sweets ! Tonguei just love it.i cannot resist my self....Tongue'she filled her plate with lot of sweets.' mann karta hai thoda pack karlun kal kay leyeh...'she secretly thought in her mind.
surbhi and radhi:'yummy dessert...Tongue'each one took one.
krishna too had dinner with them.they were all chatting and enjoying the dinner with the time the dinner was over it became late night.
krishna:'ab aap log ja kay sojao.i will see you tomorrow...TongueSleepy'he send them with a goodnight wish.
all of them enjoyed their food and went to krishna's bed room happily to sleep , with a heavy stomach and wide smile on their face.
note: girls i have taken at most care to add all the active readers of my ff.if i have missed any one kindly bear with meUnhappy...btw krishna's marriage will be in my 80th up date!Big smile

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wowie dii awsome chp love each and every part and krishna wa having his dinner wid us wow EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

dii love my and binny little part me and also so correct ClapClapme eat both veg and non veg Tongue
and mitaly dii and romana sweety hamesha bs muqabala hi karti rahti hai hahahhaBig smileBig smile acha hai lage raho even shehnaz vaishu was also too cute shehnaz sis on diet dieting me y haaal hai to nahi kare gi to kya hoga LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
all others were also nice and dii ap r moti piyasia Angryka bhi muqabala hai dii jaat jana us se akhir hum sb ki izzat ka sawal hai hahahhahahahLOLLOLLOLROFL
awsome chp dii waiting for monday wid again lots of mastiDay DreamingDancing
my rockstar diiStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarHug

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Shumi diiiiiii........
im back back back agn!!!!!!
hru?nalam thaana....nalam thaana?udalum ullavum nalam thaana?LOLLOLLOL.......hw r my jaanu kids?
uffffff!!!finally read all the updates till nw..yaay!!!!!!finally KriYa marriage is on the track!!!!DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing......finally Saxenas agreed for Kriya wedding.....lubd the way Nitin was persuading Sax family(i said,LUBD THE WAY...not NITIN...AngryWinkLOL)..wen i was reading the Di wala part i was lyk.....Subhanallah!koyi mujhe bachaoo!!!!ROFL.....OMG!!!!Prats in cow dung...... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Krishna is way tooooo naughty!!!!!!ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
n next to the wedding card.......whoa!wat an invitation!i was mesmerised by the mere picture of it!!!!!oops.forgot the thing that NiKo marriage is also taking place at the same avoid buri nazar na.....WinkLOL..jz was a great idea that they too get married officially infront of everyone...n the thing which i lyked most was...(this is a new unique method of quoting.......WinkLOL)

wowwwwww!!!!!!!!im luking so gorgeous na?EmbarrassedWink.oh!sorry sorry,the dress is luking soo gorgeous na?real lyf mein tho aise kapade pehenne ko nahi mila...ff mein tho pehenne ka chance mila na?LOL...i jz feel lyk a princess in the pretty long gown(which is my alltym favBig smile) n with the cute simple matching hairstyle n with lil but beautiful make up.....hai na beautiful?coz im gna meet let it be a tough competition for prats..EmbarrassedLOLLOLLOLLOL......
n wah!wat all beautiful dresses my frnds have got!!!amazing!kaha na?we 42 will declare a tight competition with prats.....
OMG!yee kya haal bana diya humne Krishna ka room ko? ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL........wat an excitement!!!!!poor ramona got a  big bump on her head n muskaan....ROFLROFL......n u found it ryt,i always lub his blue shirt very much!

wow!!!!!luking stunningly gorgeous is our Shumi diiiiii!!!!!on seeing this,i feel lyk giving an MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to u!!!!!!
omg!piyasiya!ROFLROFL..good costume selection!ROFLROFL
n haldi ceremony.....poor girls!cant get enough of krishna na?simply crazy......jz lyk me......WinkROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.....always chance maaroing!ROFLROFL.
n wah wah wah!!
lag rahi hun na sexy?with the long hair n cutie cutie eyes....WinkEmbarrassedLOL
but the most i lykd was mitaly's....ROFLROFLROFLROFL
n wat is this diiii?EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...u made me blush to the core..ROFL
n about the dinner party......awwww!!!!poor Shumi seated near the moti Piyasia..CryLOLLOLLOL..
bt i wanna tell u aapne kya kiya?dinner pe mujhe non veg khilaya?i dnt eat non veg...CryLOL.chalo,iss baar maaf kar di....LOL..BABA Ka DHABA KE CHOLE BATURE!!!!!mmm!!!ymmy!!!!!Tongue...mmm....desrts n milk sweets!!!!those r my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav ones!!!!!!!!!!yummy!!!!!!1nw my mouth is watering uncontrollably!!!!!.so KriYa wedding is on 80th update...seems lyk looooooooong way to go before need to say na,u knw me......WinkEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOLLOL.
lo!hw fast i have reached upto the last chap thru my single comment(which is an essay....LOLLOLLOL)n for these lallantop updates.....
............from me  n my friend....ith pothuma?innum venuma?Wink
hope u r fine di...
lets meet at iShQ hUa-III....Big smile
lub u loads
urs azikutty

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romanu bohat jaldi thi tujhe ab a na Wink

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Shumiiiiiiii diiiiiiii, wassup!! Btw, Wonderful Chap.... Wow Dinner wid Krishuuu, dreamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Loved by plate, mix of veg and non-veg.... Hw did u know that I hav both.... Okkkkk di, update soon... Lub ya... Muaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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