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thoda sa pyar hua hai part 7page 11 (Page 6)

choti_rani Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Wonderful. Update soon please. 

suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
thanks everyone  update coming soon
upasana.diya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
wow suk... aapne to kamaal kar ditta... liked this Gohem but still hate Rashi Urmi n Anita... hope you make them rot in hell for brat bro's sake

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Nihira-fan IF-Rockerz

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wonderful!!!please update soon.
suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayee

part 4
Back at mm kokila n nani were cleaning gohams room, rashi walks in kaki all the jobs you gave me are done, nanis says shabash rashi  come n helps us i need to take gopi n ahams picture off  n clean it, Rashi in self thought oh god should have stayed downstairs ji nani ji she says, she takes the photo off the wall n frowns Gopi ji wait until you come, i will sort you out maharani, then smash out of rashis hand the picture fell, kokila n nani look Rashi shouts kokila  what have you done, nahi kaki ji  kokila looks at nani concerned, koli  shub shub  sorch ji ma even nani looked concerned, rashi go to the dukhan quickly n get it reframed jigar is here tell him to take you.   kokila looks very concerned so does nani.

Aham n gopi are having their last dinner with the Shaws, Gopi just listens to the conversation n smiles n nods,   Aham looked at her as much as he could ideally he wanted dinner with just her n him, he wanted to hold her close never mind he thinks they will be back  here soon.  that evening  Aham had arranged a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to Gopi , they arrived whilst they were having dinner  Gopi smiled as she recieved them n she blushed,  the cards just said thank you love Aham.  Aham i did not know you were such a romantic i have always seen you so robut like never smiling i would',nt have thought, Aham says people change especially if they  have a loved one besides them.  Gopi had a flash back when Aham gave her a rose at kinjals engagement but it was all a drama just like this one. 
After dinner aham n gopi go back into the room, gopi quickly changes n goes into bed aham gets his kurtha, he tells gopi not to go to sleep as he wants to tell her something, Gopi nods  he leaves  she closes her eyes n pretends to go to sleep, aham comes in n sees gopi sleeping in self thought i wanted to tell you i love you but you have gone to sleep.  Aham also goes to bed  he closes the light, Gopi  opens her  eyes n starts to cry.  
Next morning they have breakfast n leave for the airport, aham tells  Gopi he is so excited he missed the family so much n also the food, we should be at home for breakfast he tells Gopi.  she nods her head  he asks if she is alright as she is quiet, Aham i am fine ready to back to my home  she tells him.
Aham n gopis flight arrive an hour earlier so aham called the company car to pick them up, he tells gopi  cant wait to see  mom.  They arrive home Aham n Gopi ring the door bell just as they do jigar opens the door Aham bhai i was just going to come n get you, jigar our flight came in early  goham walk in Aham is holding gopi hand, Gopi smiles  nani kokila n hetal see Aham nani says jai shree krishna you can let go of your wifes hand she is not going to run off, Aham blushes n says you never know nani ji  now that she has had a taste of living abroad.  nani pretends to hit him badmarsh.  Gopi goes n gets blessings from everyone, Rashi comes Gopi you are here.  ji rashi ben.  Aham says mom any breakfast left Gopi n i have been eating western food for two weeks need your food plse, ok aham shall  make some Rashi go n make some thepla n chutney she shouts.  Rashi frowns i have definetly come the maid in this house.    Gopi goes into the mandir kanaji  what i am about to do plse give me the strenght.  in walks  urmila n kinjel,  we knew jamai raj n gopi was coming back today so we thought we will come here to greet them, Aham goes over n gets blessing n then blesses kinjal gopi also comes n gets blessing urmilla face was worth watching.
Gopi goes upstairs, aham n jigar come with the suitcases  Bhabi where shall i put this, devar ji plse put them there  i shall unpack them.  Bhabi did you n bhai have a good time, Aham answers jigar its was the best we missed you very much.  Gopi starts to unpack n finishes in no time whilst Aham  goes to shower up.  he tells gopi to get his kurtha out. she nods.  Gopi then packs her bag with her saris n leaves it to the side, after aham finshes she goes into the shower n crys crys  i need strenght kanaji.   She gets dressed n goes downstairs  nanis is telling everyone she is leaving today she has already packed her bags with the help of marni n she is going back, Aham says nani stay her for a couple of more weeks, nahi dikra i have to go back the house is empty in the village, ji nani aham says disappointed. 
Rashi gopi i want you to come upstairs  i have decided who to give the sandook to, Rashi excited ji nani ji rashi says, Gopi smiles, Aham dikra we have missed you come n talk with us your papa n i missed you so much ji mom.  All leave the table.  Gopi goes with rashi n nani urmilla is talking to hetal  aham goes to talk kokila.  In nanis room nani says i am leaving one of you this sandook to look after  it is very precious, Gopi with tears in her eyes Nani ji plse give the sandook to rashi as she is the bahu of this house, Gopi starts to cry , nani ji  i dont want it n runs out, nani goes after her  Gopi bahu , Gopi goes into her bedroom  n picks up her bag n walks towards n down the stairs, nani is shouting for her but gopi doesnt look back.  Hetal comes up Gopi  dikra nani ji is calling Gopi crying ji kaki ji  then hetal see the bag, dikra  where are you going?  Kaki i cant live this lie its all one big drama i cant do it anymore.  Nani  catches up to Gopi, Gopi vahu what are you talking about? Gopi starts to cry , Hetal runs up to kokilas room , Aham gopi is leaving, Aham confused kaki where is she leaving we only just got back?  He starts to walk towards the door, kokila asks him  if everything with him n gopi was ok he replies yes  they had a fabulous time together , he wanted to be with her mom you were right.  Aham runs downstairs Gopi whats happening, she tells him she does not want to live this lie,  she tells him without looking into his eyes that she cannot live this drama anymore Wink,Cry Aham goes what drama, aham ji i know about the sharath with nani its ok you dont have to pretend, i have signed the divorce papers upstairs i found them in the drawer, Gopi aham says with tears in his eyes i was not pretending, Aham ji i have made it easier for you plse, Urmilla n rashi looking at each other happy, rashi is thinking nani will give me the sandook.  Gopi starts to leave Aham is shocked  he stands there in shock, kokila tells Gopi   to stop this time Gopi doesnt she just leaves everyone is crying except u r k,.  Urmilla nani says i have made this mess  i will sort it out take gopi to your house i will come for her in a while.  Urmilla shocked.  Ji masi ji she tells her.   her n kinjal leave.   kokila goes up to aham is there anything  you are not telling us, Aham, he replies no mom  gopi n i were having fun i fell in love with her.   you were right.  Aham tell me did anything happen anyone come to meet you or gopi, Aham starts to think no mom then he remembers anita, Aham who came to meet you, mom it was anita  she came to the hotel, gopi was in the room n i met her thinking she was one of the workers from the client, she told me she still loved me n after i got divorced from gopi she was available, i told her the information she got was wrong i was not divorcing Gopi,  Aham where was gopi  mom she was in the room i told her after half n hour to come down but she didnt she was in the room so went to get her, Aham who told anita you were getting divorced, mom i dont know, he tells her one minute n phones anita he asks her who told you i was getting divorce, he shouts what n puts the phone down, mom it was kinjal.  Aham i think gopi saw you  after you went to get her how was she he starts to think she was quiet not talking much, Aham gopi saw you with anita, Aham falls to the ground, mom its all a misunderstanding, dikra gopi isnt going to listen now she feels that you are still in love with anita hence you continued this drama with her.    nani says i shall call you after gopi comes with me, i need gopi to realise on her own if you tell her she is not going to listen as everything we says will sound to her like a lie. 
Gopi arrives at cm n dhawal tells her to come, he tells her mahma is not there, she says its ok, just after urmilla n kinjal arrive, what this is not a free ashram you have to earn you keep here all this work you have to do, Gopi in a daze just walks into towards the room then nani tells her to stop. Gopi  you will not be staying here, the shrath stays the same you will come with me, Gopi tells her no nani ji  i will not get married again, gopi i am telling you to come with me because of my health i was going to take marni i will take you instead, Gopi agrees urmillas mouth opens wide,  again she has lost her maid.  Nani n gopi leave Gopi stares into the distant  nani self thought i will get you too togehter before ravthi n i die. 
Gopi fell asleep during the journey  nani woke her up 6 hours later  they had arrived at the village, nani phoned kokila n told them  they had arrived save n sound, but something is wrong gopi is heartbroken kokila  tells nani everything also about kinjal, nani tells her call kinjal tomorrow talk to her. kokila calls kinjal in the evening n tells her to come to the house  as she needs to speak to her, Aham is standing right there.   Mom i have hurt gopi i should have told her who had come but i didnt think it was necessary for her to know as i did not want to hurt her.  Aham dikra will get to the truth.  Aham starts to think about Gopi her smile. 
The next day kinjal arrives early without urmilla, everyone is waiting for her, Aham looks at her kinjel why did you say to anita that i was getting a divorce, kinjal doesnt say anything at first,  she tells him that anita is his true love  n he should be with her not that gawar gopi Aham slaps her  infront  of everyone, you forget that gawar is my wife, n the person who saved you many times but you used her.  Bhai anita wants to be with you aham looks at kinjal n says i want to be with Gopi n walks off.  Kokila asks kinjal who told you that your bhai was getting divorce, she replies rashi called urmila n told her i over heard the conversation, hetal looks at rashi, chirag gets angry, rashi  why did you say that  papa ji i was concerned  when i overheard  kaki n nani ji saying about the divorce papers that were drawn up.  Hetal looks at rashi n says no rashi you have played us to many times  jigar looks at hetal, rashi jigar will be taking you back to your pias house when n if we think it is necessary we might bring you back, rashi protest n looks at jigar.  Hetal tells rashi jigar is not going to protect you this time he will do what i say is that correct jigar, jigar had never seen his mother this angery.  
Gopi refused to listen to  nani  weeks turned into 2 months, gopi kept herself busy she worked n worked never stopping, each night  she would take out ahams photo n cry. Nani would see her i have to do something.  Nani recieves a phone call, Nani picks it up, Aham ki shaddi koli Aham ki shaddhi when is this  in two weeks, koli i will not be able to come  gopi is with me, ji ma  kokila says,  Gopi hears the conversation n starts to cry he is marrying  his anita his first love  she  goes into her room  n takes her mother n fathers picture n starts to cry  i have lost my first love mummy papa i have lost my first love, nani opens the door n sees her n start to cry as well

one of my favourite songs  is tujhe yaad na meri ayee  just imagine gopi looking at her mother n father pic n she is imagining aham n anita together  n right at the end Aham looking at gopis photo enjoy a sad lala land CryBroken Heart

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Great, what's next need this, as its part of my gohemania drugs, continue soon

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Thanks Suk, its lovely! The last bit about Ahem getting married was so unexpected though I am sure naani is up to her tricks again!!!

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wonderful update....

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