Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

SS - A few hours without you -pt2 pg3 (Page 3)

aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
just cant w88
its toooooo good dear !!

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-sia- Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
wow...such an interesting FF :) loved reading it!!
waiting for the next part...
Plz add me to your PM list n mail me when you are doing the new update :)

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sezo Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
lovely, ad still gauri causing probs as usual. cant wait for next update, plz do soon

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Thank  you all for liking it  Hug,  next part is ready I just have to add couple more lines and edit it.  will do it by evening.
@nisha -  u like it  thnak you Hug,   I always  wanted  a small judai when they are head over heels in love  and so went abt it. LOL.   I like the hairband thot that is the first thing that came to my mind when I thot to write she missing him,  he flings it off not caring where it lands Heart  that is the romantic  part.   
@pooja -   LOL  I know  OS mein fit nahi hua meri bak bak ,  so it was conviniently changed to ff.  
@aksh -  Hug  thx for liking it,  ullus  kitne sensible hai na,  there is a small  joke on them in next part ROFL.     Superb  poem Clap
@chandarani , arshravi , adventuregrl, aparna, sezo  -   thank you so much for liking it. Hug
@mrscrosby87,pari_15,angel_8,sia -  Hug thanks guys for liking it.  will  pm  u  when I update. 

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arshravi Senior Member

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
You welcome Big smile

Waiting for the next part Wink

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
Part 2  :
Watching gauri  around had taken arohi back to that night too,  gauri was her childhood friend so that defence came out naturally and she suddenly was tense abt something and din know if she shld tell him or tell her mom,  If she told anyone now they will unnecessarily get hyper .   At the same time had heard arjun and rashi talk outside,  and one after the other it led to a fight.


she couldn't help but remember his opinion about gauri,   arjun had never been wrong about people.  She should  not  have  reacted so sharply to his words,  she thot as she watched gauri  changing her mind every 2 mins.  How many times will she rearrange those vases and cushions.  If that was not it ,  she had called and cancelled her appointment with the beautician just 10 mins after she had fixed it,  then she called another one whom she found just after she had booked that appointment.   She has always been like this, arohi remembered, since childhood she never made up her mind on anything.  She was even surprised that she agreed to marry rajveer,  their marriage was working because rajveer was more mature and knew how to manage gauri's mood swings, or else anyone would go bonkers over her ever changing taste.   Still she had this attachment to gauri and had been protective of her always.   He was right about gauri  she was fickle minded.    May be she should have just called him before leaving from there,  but he had not called her either the whole day,  even after she had sent  the lunch to both him and his dad.  So when her mom called her and told daddu was ill, she just told dadi and had come here.  Now she has to wait one whole to day to confront him again.  She was  hesitant to talk over phone, what if he doesn't respond properly? Or is she just postponing the talk.


She went to her room and called shefu .   Shefu was her friend and jay's wife.  Jay was Arjun's friend ,  that is where they both had met for the first time.  Arjun had looked at her once and she felt like something stuck her heart hard and by the looks of it he too was smitten by her.  She could not help but notice that he was not only handsome but also lively and conducted himself very well among people, he stood out among others.  After few days when shefali shared her wedding pics ,  in few of the pics  she  caught arjun looking at her while she was looking away,  this had caused the subdued feelings from that wedding day to rise again and as fate has it arjun's dadi had come to their house for the alliance.   Within a month they were married and it was like she had known him all her life.  


He was too charming to ignore.  She had at times gone dizzy with all the romance.  He knew exactly how to change her mood or make her laugh.  He used to tell her that he can sit and just keep watching her face he wouldnot care if it was the end of the world.  He could also be demanding at times ,  two weeks after their  he had stopped her when she was abt to put some make up after glossing her lips. 

 'don't put make up when u are with me' he said wiping the color with his thumb,
'why' she said suddenly frowning why is he asking her not to do things she likes , it is her  face her.... he interrupted her thoughts again with his undisputable reason 
'because 3rd I don't want to swallow any chemical residues,  2nd  it doesn't taste good, 1st  you don't need it'  with a certain heaviness in his voice and followed it up by a long kiss that left them both breathless and there was no way she could resist what followed next.   .  If she tried to get away he would catch her and say double punishment for trying to get away.  these were the moments that made her dizzy.  Even now she felt like he was holding her,  watching her.   That was all she was able to think of he how he sits, walks, talks, eats,  the way he would put his elbow on the pillow and his hand to support his hand lying sideways facing her while talking and making her feel better if she was upset abt something. 


She did not realize it has been an hour already until shefu arrived.  She had gotten what arohi needed,  a pregnancy test kit.  Both of them read the instructions.  This was bothering her  ever since they had dinner on thrusday and came upstairs, she wanted to be sure first before anyone.   Both friends were tense , even though the thought of having arjun's child had made her happy  this was something unexpected for her and she was neither ready for it nor had planned it.   After few minutes  she was relieved to know it was a false alarm , she was sad only for a moment but then she thot this is what she wanted.  Now her mind was free.  It was always the case with her , whenever she got tense  it took hours to  again think straight and become normal.   Now all she wanted was to tell arjun about all this and say sorry to have fought for a silly reason, but she wont do it over phone.  She wanted to hold him tight first.  She asked shefu to drop her off at her place after lunch.  she was excited and elated suddenly.


Arjun had been watching raashi who was calling her friends and collegues and inviting them for a party she had organized and he too cldnot help but notice that raashi mostly agreed to whatever was being said , he thot she was like this with family members but looks like she was after all a people pleaser at work too.  There is nothing wrong in it, being nice is a good quality but for collegues may be it looked like she was impressing her peers,  it was a convenient thing for anyone to misunderstand her and it was more in case of  people like gauri.   He shouldnot have spoken about this to arohi whatever be the reason he had upset her,  he even wanted to say sorry to her as soon as he came home but she had left by then.   Was she so hurt that she cant talk to him about it.  There must be someother reason why she was upset,  she was not herself means she was tense,  he should have paid more attention,  she is right he was not  always right if he was he would have noticed that something was bothering her.   Whenever she was like this he had to coax her into telling things.  He drifted into her thoughts again.


She was always sweet,  first time he saw her at jay's wedding  the  look in her eyes had floored him.  It was the first girl to have had this effect on him,  which meant only one thing that she is the one.   She had this amazing charm  with pure eyes and smile.  She had tried  to act that she had not noticed him but he very well knew he had impressed her too.  He got her details from jay's wife and passed them onto dadi who was surprised and happy that finally someone had  got to him.  And within a month they were married.   It was like a dream after that, at least he did not know such sweet girl existed.  she was smart but also acted childish at times  which only thrilled him since that gave him a reason to tease her and then woo her.  She was beautiful in every sense, was sometimes bold sometimes shy,  every time he kissed she reacted like it was the first time,  she knew he liked her hair left loose still she would put on a band just to tease him. When he saw her face he would forget his work tension.   If he got sick she would become sad like it was her who was sick ,  he wanted to be better soon not for himself  but for her.  


Lost in her thoughts he dozed off on the couch, all dressed up to go to work at 11 in the morning.  By the time he woke up it was 4 pm.  He was madly hungry ,  he ate whatever he could and set off to Arohi's home.  Kumud and rashi who saw this smiled knowingly and teased behind him that he went to get his ladli from ullu nagar and they both laughed thinking of that name. 


 The colony where Arohi's house was, was an old development and was named Kullu Nagar after the then famous person Kullu Ram.  But over the years some prankster kids has scraped off the K in it and it stood as ullu Nagar.  The First time Singhania's went to Ahluwalia's house  and were returning  they had noticed the board and were very much amused, but made sure they did not laugh about it in front of ahluwaliya's.    Arjun  however had no such  qualms,   he had full fun whenever he could about this.  


She was dropped off by shefu at singhania's house,  she told her mom she will come again next week but right now she had to go.   When she entered she saw that,  kumud, dadi and rashi were about to leave to rashi's house.   Dadi told her arjun had gone out and they all left.  She was upset again that he wasn't there.  As she entered the room she saw its state and knew he was hardly in that room or else he wouldnot have left things lying arnd like this.   She started to put things away  imagining what all he would have done since last night.  She was wearing a pretty red dress and had wantedly tied a pony and had no makeup. 


As he entered ullu nagar , he smiled.  He always teased arohi  'I am proud that I saved one ullu from this nagar'  and he wld laugh and laugh louder when she defiantly explained the history of that name.  He went into their house and greeted everyone politely while still looking for her,  where was she.  His inlaws were pleasantly surprised and justifying their popularity in the city smothered him with their hospitality.   He finally convinced them he was not hungry and found out she had left already and was elated.   He did not want to waste anymore time.  It was new to him, this feeling.  He had no idea a few hours away from her will make him so desparate to see her and make him act like a teenage lover who had found his lover's  name. 


He came back , she could hear the main door open and close, footsteps racing on the stairs and felt like her heartbeat became faster as if she was seeing him for the first time.  she pretended to be doing some serious work near the wardrobe, when he entered he locked the door , reached her and put his arms around her pulling her towards him. 

'never ever leave me like this' he whispered and turned her towards him. 
She already had tears and they just flowed down. 
'I was so tense yday I am sorry for overreacting' she said. 
he could hear only the tense word
'I should have known that' he said wiping her tears  expecting her to continue further.

'I was scared that I might be pregnant' she said lowering her voice . surprised he asked

'but its not possible'
'I know but I was worried and turns out it was nothing' she said

He did not know how to react,  if this is what bothered her then she could have told him, may be she thot he would be disappointed if it turns out false.

'Are u disappointed'

'Me? no we did not plan it right and we have just gotten married we have plenty of time.  U will start working with us too,  this is the time to focus on your career.' He said smiling

'Now I am relieved' she flashed a beautiful smile

'I went to ullu nagar to get my ullu back'

She hit him on the arm

'Did u meet daddu'


'U hungry'

'Yes '

'Then lets go u can eat'

'Ullu, m hungry for something else'

She knew what he meant but acted innocent

'For what we can order it '

'Its right here,  I ordered long back' his voice became a whisper

She was about to reply something.  But he had already pulled out her hairband threw it and spread her hair. she felt a sudden wave of warmth as he lifted  her face and bent to kiss her while she held on to him tight. Embarrassed  
just then they saw me snooping around their room ya so kicked me out  Cry,  cldnt see what happened there LOLWink.   Hope you will all like it. Like I said a small judai between them and their feelings during that time is all I wanted to share. Smile

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
ROFL kavya ''ullu nagar'' and one ullu saved ROFLROFLROFLROFL
that was funny

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Hi nisha , LOL  how can I leave without teasing the ullus .
I had logged out then realised there was couple more mins so came back.  

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