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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ANrucha

@Khush ......Your so evil khush! hamesha aise passionate sneak-peek deke mujhetanga deti ho & with so much excitment I left with no option but WAIT!! plzzz jaldi update karo,itne se mera kuch nahi hoga Angrywanna read more........:))))))
Achha? Toh yeh baat hai? Lo thoda aur tadpa deti hoon tumhe...jaao jaake pg 2 par sneak peek dobara padh lo! Zyada tadapne lagogi! Wink
That applies to the rest of you who're pestering me, as well! Tongue

sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
Okay, so I was going through old documents of mine, and came across this SS I had planned... but never got around to working on.
It's untitled.


It wasn't meant to be like this. She couldn't believe what she had been told. She stared out at the window, not willing to face reality. Because reality was black and painful.

After what seemed an eternity, she turned. And closed her eyes. I don't have the strength to help myself, how am I meant to be strong for him?

Taking a deep breath, she walked towards him... and gently stroked his hair, as she used to. He slowly opened his eyes, not wanting to lose the tenderness he had with her. She saw his eyes open, and slowly smiled. It hurt something bad, but she wouldn't let herself falter. Not now, not ever.


He looked at her... those red eyes, that hesitant smile, the paleness in her cheeks. He knew she would have been informed by now, but he never thought it would literally take her breath away.

"You... know... please Nikki. Please honey, not now. Not yet," he rasped. And then broke out into hacking coughs.

She winced, and stroked his back, trying to relieve him of his pain. She knew it was too late... and yet... she wasn't believing what was happening. It was only a hurdle... just a small bump in their journey together.

But sometimes reality comes forth, and makes you see the world in a breathtaking way. Trying hard to continue breathing, she started again.

"Not yet what? I'm not going anywhere. Besides, Tere Liye hasn't started yet. Make sure you keep my side of the bed warm, I plan to lie here and steal your TV for half an hour."

Jokes helped. They had to, right? However, no joke wasn't going to let this pass. He knew what he was going to do... it was going to hurt. But it was time.

"Nikki. Listen to me. You need to always cherish what you have... what you had, what you will have. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how far away it all seems, cherish it all."

The tears filled her eyes once more. Why was he doing this?

"Cherish what? I have you by my side... what more do I need? Don't argue with me Modi." She didn't want to deal with this. And she wasn't going to let go without a fight.

"Nikki," he pleaded. His eyes penetrated hers... how many times had he seen her pure soul? How many times had he looked at her, and seen the entire world for all its beauty? How many times had he looked into her eyes, only to see that heart; his name and soul belonging to her?

She wiped her tears, and held his hand. There was no need for anymore conversation. She put a finger on his lips, and lay her head on his shoulder, silently conveying he needed to sleep. She turned the TV on, and settled to watch her favourite soap. Just like old times.

His eyes closed slowly; his senses captured her honey and lily scent; the long, flowing black hair; he sighed, never wanting to lose this.

And suddenly, in a flash, his whole life passed him by... from his first memory, to his first day in college, to meeting her, marrying her... and now this. He was slipping away... but he needed to let her know.

"Nikki?" "Hmmm?" She turned to see that mischievous smile on his lips.

"One last thing. PS. I love you."

And before she could even realise what he said, he relaxed.

Beep. Beep. Beep. And then silence.

He was gone.


So, what do you think?
<3 Sabiha.

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mitzification

I know you all are lazy and big liars .... Tongueso hers my inaugration of the third AN Fiction thread . The first part of this is here

But please dont expect a third part anytime soon or even a continuation heheheh  and yes its a shot os/part ... so dont complain later Tongue
How unprofessional of Dr.Modi, here she wanted to ask him a major point about the project, but he was busy chatting with his new female friend . Nikki had made eight rounds of his cabin in the past one hour to get a moment with him but to no avail. On the 9th round she met Armaan and Riddhima "Hey Nikki  what are you doing?, come lunch with us" "Yaar yehModi kitna unprofessional hai ,I have to discuss something important with him but he is busy in a meeting.." "Dr..Modi is always busy in meetings , forget him and come with us", reluctantly she followed them to the canteen muttering " Pata nahi kya batein kar raha hai us ladki se '."

All interns sat having their lunch at the cafeteria table when Atul pounced upon them "Hey guys do you know the latest! Dr.Mod iki girlfriend aaye hue hai '" "What! " Nikki shouted in shock. "What!"  everyone else shouted in surprise ." Ya !,she really is something, tall,  bful '" " Friend bhi to ho sakti hai .. shayad kisi patient ki rishte daar ho" Anjali ventured  and Nikki seconded the thought ." Jo bhi ho Dr.Modi ek ghante se uske saath room main band hain , Haina Nikki?" Atul asked and Nikki found it difficult to breathe . She had to get to the bottom of this. Her pager buzzed' Dr. Modi .. "Ok guys gotta go" she left and walked towards Modi's cabin.

"You called me '." she strode into the room irritated '' irritated because he was piling work on here when she was so busy . "Here Dr. Nikita meet Ms Sarjana '." Meet her!, if she could just strangle her.. "Shelly meet Dr. Nikita". "Nice to meet you Dr. Nikita" The beautiful girl from the lift smiled at Nikki  ,  Nikki just nodded her head "Dr. Nikita, Shelly will be helping us in the New Sanjivani project , with regards to financing and paperwork , permissions etc', so I wanted you two to get acquainted"

Next day as Nikki took the 11th round of Abhi's cabin he called out loudly "Dr.Nikita , please come inside" Sullenly she went inside and stood pouting at his desk . "May I know what are you doing?" "Im  doing my duty .." "Taking rounds of my cabin ?'" "Not my fault, someone calls me to OPD and then Dr. Kirti calls me to the general ward I go wherever I am ordered , from here to there ,there to here, now what can I do If your cabin falls in between ..?" "OK ok ..I'd advise you to .." "Woh kahaan hai aaj ." Nikki interrupted in between ,raising her eyebrows ."Kaun?" Abhi asked confused. "Wohi, tumhari Miss universe  '"  "Dr. Nikita, why would she be here, unlike you other people have work,  she will only come here when she needs some updates , she advises a dozen clients like us and earns a heft amount for that and my advice for you Dr. Nikita is to '". "I have no time to listen to your advice I have work in General ward and I am leaving '" she huffed and flounced out of his cabin ."Ridiculous!" He muttered Shaking his head at Nikki's childish behaviour

Abhi and Nikki sat working in his office on the presentation . Dr. Nikita do this , Dr. Nikita do that that's all he had said in the last 3 hrs. Yes Dr. Modi, she had politely agreed to all he had said. Stupid fool !, what was the matter with him , why was he behaving so strangely  and so ' so politely!, who would think he was the same Dr. Modi who went raging at his interns in Sanjeevni corridors for the past many months.                                                                          Yes Dr. Modi , ok Dr. Modi , how had this spitfire turned into such an angel?, no fighting, no arguing, no complaining !, was it her twin who had been working with him all this while? Then he saw her muttering something and making a face. No! she was the same Nikita. " Dr. Nikita.."  Nikki  looked up confused, her ranting abruptly broken  by his voice . "I said how long will it take you to get this presentation ready ..?" Presentation! ,Presentation'. why did it mean so much to this Modi? "Presentation ?"  she ventured. "Yes Dr. Nikita". " .. umm ill have it ready in 2 days she said  making a serious face and picking up her files and walking towards the door. " Dr. Nikita .." Abhi called after her . What now ? , she looked back and stared at him , for some reason he lowered his eyes. What!, did she just see him blush ? "' umm would you go out to dinner with me'" "Wha.." the shock made her mouth hang open "' it's an official dinner with the investors.." Why in the world was he blushing so much, she wondered knitting her brows "Its official right ?" " Y yes, ofcourse!" " All right , by what time do I have to be ready ?..." "I will pick you up at 7 :30  . Nikki nodded and walked out of the cabin without turning back  and Abhi sat down on his desk ' nervously.

I <3 it Mitzi! I think it's totally awesome - definitely put a smile on my face.

I love when Nikki grumbles.. she makes it so easy to write about her. "How unprofessional Dr. Modi." LOL.
But the best line is "Dr. Nikita do this, Dr. Nikita do that". <That is such an Abhi thing to do, and a Nikki thing to get annoyed about.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I just find the entire scene giggle-worthy. I adore the scene.. please continue it missy. :)
I want to see Modi blush a bit more.

<3 Sabiha.

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AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 6:45pm | IP Logged
@Sabii- Haha I remember that! That was like November right? Never got around to that, did we? :P

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
^ROFL. Nopes. We both got lost in other things.

They'll never know the story though Shu.. we can keep it for ourselves. ;)

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khushboo_AN

@Khush ......Your so evil khush! hamesha aise passionate sneak-peek deke mujhetanga deti ho & with so much excitment I left with no option but WAIT!! plzzz jaldi update karo,itne se mera kuch nahi hoga Angrywanna read more........:))))))


Achha? Toh yeh baat hai? Lo thoda aur tadpa deti hoon tumhe...<font size="3">jaao jaake pg 2 par sneak peek dobara padh lo! Zyada tadapne lagogi! Wink</font>

oh my goddd!!!! u made me even more exciteddddBlushing
evil kahinki LOL
thoda toh rehem karo sweetieee ! Update whole of the part soonnnnn!!!
.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Hey sabiiii :))) the scene was painful yaar his last I LOVE YOU to her made my heart melt......abhi chala gayaa!! awwwww... Cry...per achaa likha haii .....keep it up!

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

Oh Ghosh! Sabz that was sooooooo heart wrenching but beautifully written.. If the scene had been little longer and I would have definitely cried very badly.. Very emotional and very touchy… My heart literally skipped a beat at d last line of ur scene.. Brilliantly written..

Phew.. nw I need to go and watch AN blizfull, passionate, romantic momentz all over again so that my heart can start functioning in it's normal rhythm..

PS: Please do write a hilarious/romantic/gleeful OS on AN soon :)

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