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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys, I had written something few days back but didn't actually get the time to post it and it got delayed because of one or the other reason. So now without wasting any more time, I'm posting this short AN scene.. Enjoy and comment if you like it'


Just to make it more clear for the readers to understand, I'm reading out to you Nikki's diary and by I, I don't mean me, but it's someone else who's reading the diary that you'll find out soon. 


                              Scene Written By Nehu_1 (Neha)

February 14,


Yes, it's Valentine's Day, but just another day for me...simply because I've no one special in my life. I've heard many people say that we can celebrate this day with anyone we love, be it a boyfriend/girlfriend, or friend, or brother/sister or even with parents but guess what I've none of them. But I've accepted this truth of my life and even managed to live with it. So what's going to happen today? Oh come on, why am I even thinking about it.


Oh no, it's 7 already! I can't get late otherwise that Hitler will, well'..


As I entered the corridors of Sanjeevani, there was something different. The place was deserted. May be, I was early or everyone was late. The possibility of the former was more. So, yes I was early but how did that happen? I'm always on time or may be late sometimes but early? No way!


So this 14th Feb thing was having its effect on me. With this thought in my mind, I started walking towards the cafe to grab some coffee as there was still half an hour for everyone to come. As I was passing by the board room, I heard some sound coming from the room. Instinctively, my hand went to the knob of the door, opening it slowly just to get a sneak of who was inside the room. But I dropped the plan when I overheard someone talking. The person was on the phone, I concluded. Whoever was inside the room, seemed quite angry as I heard him shouting over the phone so I dropped the idea of going inside and made my way towards the cafe.


On my way, I don't know why, the voice that I heard a minute back continued playing in my ears. There was something in that voice, it sounded so sexy. In fact, I was in love with that voice. I was so tempted to see to whom that voice belonged but that was not the right time. I reached the cafeteria and ordered for a coffee.


After 5 minutes, I heard someone talking right behind me, guess what? It was that  same sexy voice that had been ringing in my ears a minute back but before I could turn to look at the owner of that voice, sister Lovely came running and asked me to come along with her in children's ward as the children were screaming for something and she needed my help. So, once again I couldn't see him, though I turned once before leaving the cafeteria but to my bad luck, I didn't see anyone.


After half an hour when I reached the nurse station, I found all the other interns present there engrossed in some discussion. I reached there and stood beside Anjali. Everyone greeted me.



Everyone: "Hey Nikki."


Armaan: "Where were you? I saw your car in the parking lot."


Nikki opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted by Muskaan.


Muskaan: "Oye Nikki, tune ye saare rumours sune kya?"


Nikki was confused but again before she could say anything, Atul started.


Atul: "Guys, do you really think all these rumors are true?"


Anjali: "Of course Atul, can't you see everyone is talking about it."


Nikki was getting irritated and her temper was increasing with every passing minute. "What the hell are you talking about?" she was about to scream to make them shut up, when she saw Dr. Keerti coming towards them.


She assigned them their duties for the day and was about to leave when Armaan stopped her and asked about the hottest topic of discussion


Armaan: "Dr. Keerti..."


Dr. Keerti turned and answered, "Yes, Dr. Armaan."


Armaan: "Umm, Dr. Keerti, well I wanted to ask you something. All these rumours about the merge, I mean, are they true?"


Dr. Keerti looked from Armaan to everyone and found seven pair of eyes looking keenly towards her.


Dr. Keerti: "Yes, it's true.  All of you'll be informed about the whole thing soon. It is going to be a very big deal. Everything is at its initial stages yet. Let's see what happens."


And she turned again to leave but stopped hearing murmuring behind her back. She again turned towards them and said, "Our trustees had planned to sell their shares of Sanjeevani as according to them they were suffering from losses and Sanjeevani was no more a good investment for them. This could prove fatal for Sanjeevani and there were a lot of chances of Sanjeevani being shut down unless a leading industrialist probed into the matter. He has proposed to buy 60% of Sanjeevani's shares or should I say, he has proposed to overtake Sanjeevani. He already is a trustee of many hospitals all over the world. The son of that industrialist, who actually put forward this proposal, will be here in Sanjeevani for 2-3 months to scrutinize everything and convince his father that Sanjeevani is a good project to invest in. So, all of us, I mean all the senior doctors including Dr. Shashank and our other share holders want to make sure that he gets convinced. And the good thing is that the industrialist's son is himself a doctor so it would be easy for us and him too to understand every good aspect of Sanjeevani. I think I've given you more than just information. So I don't want any more discussions here. Just go back to your duties," saying this she waited for them to leave and as they did, she sighed and left too.




There were so many things going on in my mind. About the Sanjeevani going into the hands of an industrialist, who the industrialist could be? Who's this industrialist's son? Will that be a good deal? And then my thoughts wandered about that voice that I heard in the morning and many questions came in my mind. I was confused if that someone had anything to do with the Sanjeevani merger. With all that thoughts in my mind, I resumed my duties.


During lunch break, when I entered cafeteria, I found all my friends sitting on our usual table, all of them being busy in one or the other thing. The gift papers on the table spoke of what was happening. Yes, the Valentine's Day celebration was going on, and I was again reminded of the fact that I had no one special in my life. But I was still happy, happy for all my friends.


As I reached them, all of them told me about their plan. They had planned to go for clubbing in our favorite night club and asked me for the suitable time.


Nikki: "Guys sorry, I won't be coming as I've some reports to deposit by tomorrow morning and I've to complete them tonight in any way."


Armaan: "Come on Nikki, it's Valentine's Day, and it comes once a year."


Nikki: "Yes Armaan, I know its Valentine's Day, so it's not important for me to be there."


Muskaan: "Ye tu kya bol rahi hai Nikki? Of course tera hamare saath hona important hai. Come on yaar, we're all friends after all!"


Riddhima who was silently observing all this drama finally said, "Yes, Nikki, you've to come."


Nikki pleaded with her eyes but Riddhima took her hand into her and said, "Trust me Nikki."


Armaan was looking hopefully at Nikki. Nikki looked at everyone who was waiting for her reply.


Nikki: "Ok ok, I'll come but I might be late. I'm not going to come before I finish my reports."


Everyone hi-fived and left for their duties.


At the nurse station, Nikki was signing papers as she was done with the day, when she heard someone talking on the phone.


"No, that's not the case," the voice said and continued. "Dad, I'm not a kid anymore, so please stop your preaching. I can understand everything and for your information I'm a doctor too so I can understand this situation better than you. I'll handle everything."


This was the same voice that Nikki had heard this morning and had haunted her for the rest of the day.


She immediately turned around but to her disappointment no one was there. She wondered if she was dreaming. She stood there for a minute looking here and there and then shook her head and finally left for home.




When I reached home, I was totally exhausted. I just wanted to sleep. I thought of calling Armaan and telling him that I won't be coming but then remembered everyone's faces in the cafeteria. So I decided otherwise. Also, something inside me was compelling me to go. So I reluctantly jumped out of my bed, dressed quickly in a white off shoulder dress and left for the club.


As I reached the club, the party was in full swing. I hugged everyone and joined them on the dance floor.


As the song changed to a slow number, and all the couples started swaying to the slow music, I left the dance floor and went near the bar. I stood there and watched them. Something pierced me inside my heart. After so many years, I was again feeling lonely.


I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't notice when Armaan came there and stood beside me. It was when he asked me for a dance, I came back to the reality. I was confused by his gesture when he again asked me for a dance. Riddhima, who was standing next to him, also insisted me to go with Armaan


After about 5 minutes of dancing session - yes it actually seemed like a dancing session - I left Armaan and asked him to continue with Riddhima and not to worry about me as I was alright. I came back to the bar and asked for a glass of water. Just then a hand came in front of me and an unknown face asked me for a dance. Not wanting to go and dance with him, I pretended that someone was calling and in order to attend the call, I left from there.


I came out of the club to have some fresh air. Just then the lights turned off and I was scared to my wits. I started panicking and slowly took small steps, at the same time encouraging myself loudly that nothing would happen and lights would be back soon.


Just then I tripped over some stone and crashed into someone. That someone seemed to be having a good physique as the same could be interpreted from his hard chest that acted like a wall and helped me avoid landing on the ground. But at that time, fear overtook all my senses and I started screaming.


His one hand went around my waist and other, on an impulse, on my mouth and covered it to stop my scream. It was dark, even the moon was playing hide and seek, hidden behind the clouds at that time.


This made me unable to see who the person was. I stood there shivering in his embrace. Just then, a car passed by, the lights from its headlights fell directly on him, then only I found a pair of light brown eyes looking at me and then shutting immediately, probably because of the light being directly incident into his eyes. And as the car turned and light fell into my eyes, I instinctively closed them.


The light came back and I could hear the big clock of the club announcing 12. Just then the strong protective embrace around my waist loosened and as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw him turn to leave.


His hand that was holding phone reached his ear. Then I remembered that his hand that was at my back was clutching his phone, I felt that when he was holding me. May be he was on phone when I bumped into him.


Then I heard him say, "Yes, yes, I'm here only." And I was shocked to hear that voice. He was the one whom I was looking for throughout the day and finally found him there, that night. I stood there, totally mesmerized and lost in the thoughts, remembering his eyes when Muskaan came there.


She tapped me on my shoulder and I turned to face her. She told me that everyone was looking for me and pulled me back inside the club.





Taniya stopped reading the last line of the page and turned towards Nikki and asked, "So, that is when you met him for the first time? On Valentine's night?"


Nikki blinked her eyes in agreement.


"Wow, it all seems like a fairy tale," said Taniya.


"Fairy tales do come true sometimes," answered Nikki. Remembering that day, a smile broke out on her lips.


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richasharma0991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
me too comment first .
neha it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
 good .
just loved it dear.
but one problem ek baar toh abhi ka naam likh detti , but no probs.
woh ' pair of light brown eyes and sexy husky voice ' was enough to state that it was abhi ......................
beautifully written and i am feeling so good after reading this
 write more such scene.
thanku for posting  today
bye tc

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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RES (for mizi ,nehu & khush)
Ive posted my comments on pg. 8 :) check out !

Edited by ANrucha - 18 April 2011 at 12:43pm

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ANrucha

RES (for mizi ,nehu & khush)
LOL 3 birds with one stone? Shocked
Or rather, three comments in one res? LOL LOL LOL
Now that's talent Clap

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Nehu, that's a very cute scene sweetie Hug
As I said before, lovely scene...nice way to describe Nikki's (and our) obsession with his sexy voice Embarrassed
And also the fact that they don't even speak to each other...seems like platonic love, but isn't. And of course, the dhamaaka at the end...lets us imagine the rest of the story Embarrassed
Starts off with a hug, and ends with...well, the fact that it doesn't have an end makes it all the more better for me Big smile Dunno about the others, but I loved the open-endedness of your scene Star
You have a very sweet style...keep writing! You'll get better as you write and I'm really looking forward to more scenes from you! Big smile
Nicely done!

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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@ Mitzi, Comment edited on pg.4Smile


@Nehuuuuuuuu… Am so glad to read ur new sceneHugIt's so cool that u've started writing OS at regular interval.. Though, I was expecting FF this time, am happy that u'vent atleast stopped writing OS… 


I just loved the way you expressed the whole scene as if someone's Nikki' Diary.. I actually visualized the scene .. Awesomely written Nehu.. Lovely fairytale kinda scene.. Clap


Am so happy that u r gonna continue this scene.. Am eagerly waiting to know what'll happen when Nikki'll encounter with 'owner of that sexy voice'Day Dreaming.. Keep it up and please continue this scene soooooooonSmile

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
aww cute scene Nehu - sorry about the delay in commenting, but I did get around finally! is this going to be?! or are u planning to take it ahead of here as a fic? you could actually transform it to abhi's past and post it for the AN challenge couldn't you? cause there was that mystery element of the phone calls all through the scene?

just a thought... =)


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mitzification Goldie

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Nooooooo Nehu ... I am left hungry for more ... aage kya hua ... what happened in the second meeting .. did they like each other or did he shout at her ...?  maybe she again screamed at some chooha and he was like ... y do u scream every time u see me ...........
agge likho naa please
loved the way she bumped into him , felt sad at Nikkis lonliness also like the fact that she screamed hahahah

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