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||AN Fiction Thread 3||*Index updated (Page 54)

mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2012 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Prash has updated second part of her ff pls read and comment

Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashi1812

Hi Khushboo, I've only read the first two chapters of your FF 'Sometimes when we touch' (my fav song too..) Embarrassed.. and it's amazing. and interesting.. Superbly written.. Too bad I have finals to study for.. I promise I will read your FF and all other stories listed in this thread after my exams .. And will post my comment..

Khushboo, your topic is closed and I wasn't able to post my comment there..That's the reason why I Posted comment here..

I just went and checked and whaaat they closed my thread??? Ouch

That is SO mean Cry

Oh well good to know that you read it and liked the rest of the parts too and comment here, I'll read 'em *le besharmi ki hadd* LOL
ATfan Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2012 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Nehu,once again thanks for providing the link. I checked d index and there's so much to read, I can't read all of dem now, wil read'em later one by one. Anyways, I read ur recent OS and it was awesome. I loved it to d core. 
No promises 4 comments.LOL

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Posted: 19 March 2012 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Khush even Honeys thread is closed ...

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Part four and five of Prash's ff up now !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Khus now that u r free ... can u pls put all AN ongoin ff's .. i know u have put a lot of ongoing under one head ..but can u put the faster updated and hot ones under a new heading ...
that would be nammys , prash and mine , mine , richasharma and shales and adolesence of love
Thanks and sorry for trouble , do it at ur leisure .
oops how did i forget Honey's ff ...just shows ..wat a bad job honey is doing Embarrassed Honey come and update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by mitzification - 13 April 2012 at 1:51am

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Scene no 3 witten by Mitzi
Hi this is a scene written by me and Prash for Namy's bday ...
Happy belated bday Nammy
Things had changed when Nikki fell down the stairs . That single incident had made Abhi get in touch with his real feelings; but it seemed Nikki would never be over with her games. or else what could explain her  behavior in the badminton court...

 Of course she had gone to meet him , inspite of all the insults he had heaped on her , she had followed her heart and gone to see him , but that SLD had crashed in . She had tried to explain to Abhi ,but what was she supposed to do , shout in front of SLD that she had come inspite of her badly hurting foot ,hiding from SLD and her friends .

She had come inspite of her injury and inspite of his insults ,but to her misfortune SLD had caught her in the lift and helped her walk to this place when she had been unsteady on her feet . Obviously SLD had at some point decided to walk in and check out where her shishter was going all dressed up . Somehow limping on her hurting foot Nikki had gone back to her bed and spent a sad and angry  night in the ward.


The next day she had brightened up seeing him and wanted to reach out to him ,only to be dissapointed as  'he' had brought a nurse along, He stood aloofly supervising her bandage , she tried to catch his attention by coughing but ... true to himself he had asked her to take some medicines for her throat ...'sadu'


Sulkingly Abhi was thinking that he was stupid to think she had changed , she was still the same .He had almost died seeing her collapse on the stairs. And in that new found realization , he had thought of giving her and himself a second chance ...but Nikki ...she would never change !
Only one thing had changed though ... the mad rage he felt agaisnt her was gone , he had been hurt by her attitude again but not as much as he was before ...and somewhere he felt relief ...if he was not as hurt before ..meant he would soon get over her , her antics would stop hurting him one day and he would be truly over her.

Nikki was sulking and cursing her luck lying in her bed at her house …..He had discharged her and advised her 6 days of rest and had gone back to the love of his life ... his work . What did he care for her ...just another intern !
"Abhi ! " ,  Nikki wringed her hands  , "Abhi abhi abhi do i explain to you ...that circumstances always come in my way ...I wish you would just listen to me ..."
 She decided she would call him.

Abhi's heart almost stopped when he saw her name flashing on his cell, but he quickly masked it with indiffrence " Yes Dr Nikita ...?" he said in the phone  drumming his hands on his table showing how indiffrent he was to this call. "

"Abhi .. I ... I ...that day ..."

 "Dr Nikita I am a very busy man ... is this a professional call or not ..?"

"Abhi ...if you would only ...

"Please Abhi ...listen to me once..kabhi to mujhe trust karo..."

Abhis heart missed a beat as he wished he could trust her. He wished what she was saying was true ;but he had been fooled once too much
" Dr Nikita ... I have a lot of work .. Please dont disturb me ..." he said and cut the call . Nikki kept sitting ,frozen in the same space

A tear slipped out of nikkis eye ...when would he ever trust her again ...

Three days later, she was back in office , restless .

Abhi walked into Sanjeevani and saw Nikki back to work , unthinking he ran to her

"Nikki  why are you back so early ... i advised you rest ... agar tumhare pair to kuch hogaya toh ... tum bhe naa... I mean ..."  He had been genuinely shocked and then realising his mistake tried to gaain some composure.
"Dr modi ...woh ...woh project..." Nikki tried to give an excuse.

Suddenly Abhi recoverd and masked his face with nonchallence but still a thought slipped in "Dr Nikita ...serious about her work ...", a small smile found its way on his lips .
He was concerned about her ...? " Some hope threatened to spill in but she stopped herself  'Yeah Nikki ... dream on ...',she thought with a pout .


She sat in her room thinking about the day ... it was so good to see him after so many days ... ok only 3 days but even 3 days was too much ..even when they were at their worst point in their relationship , not a day had passed without seeing him ..aur ab to ... if only ... par yeh Abhi bhi na...kuch bhe nahi samajhta ...stupid fool . Cursing him and her luck she fell asleep.


Next day Nikki came early and shifted his files from their regular place and jumbled up his appointments ... as expected she recielved a pager from him
" Nikki  yeh sab kya horaha hai ...; he shouted at her as she entered, his face angry .

 When had Nikita , the old Nikita been afraid of Dr Modi's anger ...? gone were the days when she trembeled under his gaze .

'kya hua sir ...?" , she smiled sweetly.

"mere sari files , mere appointments ... you are doing this on purpose ,right ?"

"No sir ... sir aap to jaante hain ... i cant risk my internship like this ... sir i hope you are not angry with me " , she said dramaticaly as his eyes widened .

"Nikki out !...just go ..." Irritated at her games
"but sir ..."

"if you want to save your internship just leave ..."

"This girl day ill kill her ," , he said to himself as
Nikki stood outside listening to him , a smile on her lips .

"Mission accomplished Nikki. It only gets better from here Dr Modi ."


The next morning Abhi saw Nikki and all the interns gather around the reception , giggling and surrounding Nikki who seemed to be blushing. Without any efforts from his side , he continued to look at them .

"Nikki , these are really gorgeous . Who sent them ?" , Muskaan asked and Abhi saw that she was refering to a bunch of bright and beautiful red roses that Nikki was holding close to herself . Those red roses made her look even more striking and Abhi could do nothing to stop his staring . A slow anger and irritation burning him , he wanted to know who sent flowers to her .

"I don't know Muski . It just says , " From your secret admirer"  , she said naughtily, completely aware of how Abhi was watching them all.

"Secret admirer ? Wow ! How romantic ? Who could this guy be ?" , Anjali asked .

"I don't know ." , Nikki said with a shrug.

"Are kahi ye wo to nahi . Ward no 32 kaa businessman . That Harvard pass out . He was lattu on our Nikki . " , Atul said loudly and they all looked at him and nodded .

Nikki saw how Abhi had still not moved away from where he was standing .

"Oh that guy . He was cute and very sweet. But whoever he is , he has managed to impress me . I am sure if he comes and asks me out , I will eagerly accept ." , Nikki said , smiling even more mischievously .

"Nikki ?" , they all chirped simultaneously , surprised at that sudden statement.

"Aur nahi to kya ? Someone likes me , admires me ,sends these pretty pretty flowers . What's not to like ? " Itna romantic hona har kise ke bas ki baat nahi , aaj kel ke ladke to bahut arrogant hote hain ." she said looking straight into Abhi's eyes.

"Waah Nikki . Tum to badi smart ho ." , Muskaan thumped her on her back.

"Haa guys . i have decided to stop going after things that I will never have and rather become an opportunist and grab things that come to me . Sahi baat hai naa ?"

And she had them all nod to her idea . Abhi was fuming with anger at how easy she made everything seem . He walked off from there in a huff .

Nikki felt a little disappointed at a lack of reaction from him for the rest of the day . Was he not bothered by her "secret admirer "?

She wrapped up her work and waited for an auto rickshaw . Armaan was supposed to drop her home ; but he was assigned some last minute duties . She had a bad track record in landing rickshaws and this day did not disappoint too . She was angry and frustrated at how none of them refused to stop for her .

"Stupid stupid stupid men . Every single one of them ." , she said to herself and shifted uncomfortably on the other foot .She should have been at home resting . What was she even doing here ? Oh ! She knew , she was missing a sadu man who did not want to do anything with her . "I hate you " , she mumbled to herself and closed her eyes for a few seconds . When she had opened them , she found the same man had stopped his car for her . She pretended to ignore him , but he stayed where was .

"Nikki come in . Don't make me come out ." , he had said silently , but she could hear the authority in that voice .She scrunched her nose and began to walk to the other door. He opened the door for her and let her in.

She winced with slight pain as she finally seated herself inside .

"Are you alright and how long have you been standing here ? "

"Why do you care how long I have been standing here ?" , she asked angrily .

He started the car and did not say anything . All along , Nikki sat wondering what exactly was going on in his head . She was so engrossed in his thoughts that she did not even realize that he had stopped the car and they were right outside her house . She unbuckled the seat belt and tried to open the door and get out of the car , aware of the throbbing in her knee . And then , he was at her side , easily lifting her into his arms , even as she found herself staring into his eyes deeply .

"Door keys ?" , he asked softly and she pointed to her hand bag , unable to take her eyes off his face .

Held in his arms protectively , she opened the door and he walked in . He put her on the couch .

Her leg hurt a little and she grimaced , suddenly anger over took Abhi and he shouted at her

"I asked you to take bed rest for a week. Why the hell did you come to office ? "

"I came , I came because I was missing you , wanted to see you ." , she had no idea why she had said that . But she was tired of keeping her feelings to herself . What would he do anyway ? Walk away from her ?

She waited for him to walk off . Instead , she saw him walk towards her . He sat down next to her . She saw her eyes go big big with shock then taking courage she turned her face towards him  

"Abhi , us din maine sumanlata ko nahi bulaya tha …mera yakeen karo ….. She just happened to get there , looking for me . I swear I did not ask her to come , would never have wanted her to come . Why don't you ever trust me , can you ever think that maybe I can be right … if anything goes wrong you blame me for it  ..." , he cut her off by placing his hand on her mouth , as she looked at him , awestruck by his sudden action.

When he let go off her mouth finally , she parted her lips slightly and felt his eyes roam hungrily over them . He  came closer to her looked into her eyes ….

"Aur meri files kisne cherein thein .." he asked

"Who … main …. Who … "she stuttered and then lowered her head.

A naughty look came in Abhi's eyes ..Nikki would never change would she , but this thought was so cute and warming his heart . he thought still looking at her but moved away and got up after a while . He walked a few steps away and then looking sideways at her he asked …" aur who , flowers ….. You think I can't bring you gifts and flowers ..koi tumhe flowers bhejega aur tum uske saath chale jaaogi …. You don't care for me , "he said with complaint in his voice ?

"Nahi Abhi! , who toh ….. who flowers to maine khud he bheje the !" She shouted getting up from the couch

"Wha…. " He turned around to face her.

She looked down and played with her hands "Ab tum mujhe itna ignore kar rahe the to socha ……"

His smile was  a big grin now , he Walked up to her and cupped her face, then leaning in for a kiss said …"Nikki tum kabhi nahi sudhrogi "

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