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Originally posted by mitzification

Shalini ... that was such agood VM... loved it absolutely !!!!!!!!
do carry on making vm's where Nikkikeeps dreaming of ABhi
Also love ur other vm's ... mora piya hehehe

Thanks so much mitzi. I m total saddy so my vmx is also like thatLOL
Well i ll make it if i find song depict their emotions.Wink

Originally posted by mitzification

Shalini now write an os to go with this song naa

why don't u write if u got idea from my vmx. I m not getting proper time to write update of my AN ff than hw can i think about OS.Ouch

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Hello Guys,

Am back again with an OS and a vmix.. It's a small gift from me to my very first IF buddy Nehu_1 on her Birthday.. I hope you will enjoy reading it..

Apologise for any typos and grammatical errors.. Have written it in a bit hurry..

@Nehuuu, Many many many happy returns of the day!!!Hug Sorry for being little late in posting my wishes, buddy.. Here goes your gift(s)… An OS and a vmix.. Hope you'll like it…

Happy Birthday buddy*Hugz*

This scene starts after boxing match.. when Nikki takes injured Abhi home and tends his wound.. Abhi asks her few questions that makes her uncomfortable.. Unable to answer his question, she asks him what he wants and he answers 'you'.. That he has won right over her.. Angrily, she corrects him.. tells him that he has only won right to work with him.. and she runs off from his house….


Scene written by Namy_an


Lying in the bed at the night, she recalled Abhi's one word reply "You".

Inordinately tired from his intruding questions, she had asked him what exactly he wanted and he had answered "You"….  His blatant reply had hit her hard. It had evoked strange feelings inside her. It had made her strangely terrified, scared, confused, yet relived and wildly attracted to the man she barely understood. Those feelings were anew to her.. But now everything was making sense to her.. The truth was that she was falling for Dr. Abhimanyu Modi. He had power to make her nervous, jumpy, furious, happy, sad, excited, and vulnerable at his whims. The tears started to her eyes and her heart ached with wrenching sobs. What should I do Abhi?  Abhi.. She whispered his name again and the calm of tears broke away. Pulling her pillow around her face she cried into it. Finally she was past thinking and it was no long before the accumulated pressure of the day took its toll and she sunk into slumber.

Unable to sleep anymore, Abhi lay motionless in his bed. One arm crooked behind his head, he stared the ceiling in the dark. Despite gulping strong doses of painkillers, his body was aching badly. He didn't know want to think and what to believe. He didn't want to think what happened in his house just a few hours ago, but it seemed inevitable. Once again, Nikki's last words revolved around his mind "You have no right over me. You have just won a right to make me work with you in the project. That's it."  What kind of game she was playing with him? If she didn't feel anything for him at all then why the heck she was crying when he was in pain, why the heck she dropped him home and tended his wounds? He hit his palm on the bed. A pain shot through him. He tried to blot those words out of his mind but they stayed, taunting him, forcibly reminding him his imprudence blurting "You" when she had asked him what he had wanted.

He sat up in the bed. God, how had this happened? Out of all beautiful women he'd ignored in his life, how had this one managed to get under his guard? Obliviously, he was behaving like teenager in the last few days. That was altogether different thing that he had never acted like teenager in his teen age. He gritted his teeth in frustration.. Enough of nonsense..

Finally, he made up his mind, set his course of action. Now it was time to do reckoning.


Next morning all interns were summoned to the Nurse station for some important announcement. Too nervous and self-conscious to meet Abhi's gaze, Nikki nibbled on her lower lip. After a while gathering her wits, she lifted her eyes and watched Abhi. His features were taut and his face was expressionless when he spoke.

"Well Doctors, there's a good news for all of you. Last night I've given a serious thought to all your chaos." Abhi paused and lifted his eyes to Nikki," And I have decided to relieve Dr. Nikita Malhotra from the 'New Sanjivani Project'.  So, Dr. Nikita Malhotra is no more associated with 'New Sanjivani' project."

The colour drained from Nikki's face and she looked down, swelling a lump of emotions in her throat. Everyone was in a motion to congratulate Nikki but Abhi's stern voice stopped them in their track. "Behave Doctors! I haven't yet finished."

With a supreme effort, Nikki glanced at Abhi, whose irate gaze was now fixed on Armaan.

"Well, I will definitely need a dedicated intern to assist me in this project." Abhi spoke. His lips twitched into a dangerously sly smirk as he travelled his gaze from Armaan to Ridhima. "Dr. Ridhima Gupta! Dr. Ridhima will assist me in this project. Congratulations Dr. Ridhima!"  Abhi finished and looked back to Armaan

Momentarily, everyone was frozen to their places by that unexpected announcement. Dazed by his announcement, Nikki could only gaze at him, the substance of his announcement reiterating in her head.. It was a calculative thinking.. Nikki didn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that he was killing two birds with one stone.

Armaan's eyes spark with anger when he spoke, "Dr. Modi, Ridhima will not.."

Abhi interjected icily, "Hold on Dr. Mallik, so far as I know Dr. Ridhima doesn't need a spokesperson." " Right, Dr. Ridhima?" He adjusted rim of his glasses.

A knot of fear and panic grew in Ridhima's stomach as she started, "Dr. Modi, I am already overburdened with…"

Abhi interjected again. "Don't you worry Doctor! Dr. Nikita Malhotra will take over your duties." He shot an acid disdain smile to Nikki and then to Armaan. Challenged them..  Nikki swallowed insult and Armaan gritted his teeth.

"Any other questions, Dr. Ridhima?" Abhi probe.

Nikki looked from Abhi to Ridhima, to Armaan who was growing angry with every passing minute. Ridhima wet her lips nervously and nod her head yes, studiously avoiding looking at Armaan.

"Great." Abhi replied, his eyes were fixed on Armaan.

In your dreams Modi.. I'll make sure Ridhima will not work with you in your so called project...Armaan glared back, challengingly.

We will see Mallik.. Abhi twitched his lips slyly.

"Doctors, now you can get back to your duties. And Dr. Ridhima, See me in my cabin in five minutes." With that Abhi turned on his heels and left with a victorious smile hovering on his lips.

What a start of a day!!! Nikki's eyes spark with a mixture of humiliation and fury.


In the lab, Nikki stared at her pager aimlessly. She was feeling furious, humiliated, disoriented, and restless.. all at the same time... What right he had to remove her from the project just like that? Oh yes, he was 'the boss'! So what? It didn't give him a right to throw her out from that project at his whims.. Without providing a genuine explanation for course of his action.. Gloomily, she checked her wrist watch. To her increased frustration, it occurred to her that from last two hours twenty five minutes and thirty two seconds he was with Ridhima. What the heck he was discussing with Ridhima for so long? He never felt the need to have such a long project discussion with her when she was assisting him.. Nikki felt more agitated at absurdity of her thoughts. What was it to her that he was devoting more time to Ridhima.. Of course in a professional capacity.. Arghh she wasn't able to put her finger on the reason for her distress. She found tears were starting her eyes again. She hated acting like emotional fool for the man who barely cared about her feelings. Solemnly, she felt need to confront him. She knew that her aching heart wouldn't rest in peace until she got the answers of her questions. Gathering her wits, she strode towards his cabin.


Abhi massaged his aching temple. Hell! His scar was bleeding again. Swearing under his breath, he removed the first aid box from his drawer. He barely removed the band aid when his cabin door slung open.

"What the…" He stopped as he saw Nikki stomping inside his cabin in an undeniable huff. She was the last person he wanted to see at that moment and he gritted teeth in annoyance.

Nikki's eyes roamed around. "Where is Ridhima?" She blurted.

"Whattt..?" Abhi was taken aback.

Nikki's eyes riveted to his temple. "Oh! You are bleeding."  Even before Abhi react, she rounded the table and stood beside him. Her hand reached out to touch his scar.

Dazed, Abhi grabbed her wrist in midway. "Excuse me!" "What do you think you are doing?" He asked scornfully.  

Nikki's nervous gaze shifted from his eyes to her wrist and back to his temple. Abhi let go of her wrist.

"Abhi, y..our wound.. It needs Band-Aid." She hesitated.

"I know that." Abhi grunted sardonically, later surprised noting concern in her voice. Why the heck she looked and sounded worried. He pointed his eyes towards the first aid box and then glared back at her. "That's what I was doing when you barged into my cabin without a knock. Why are you here, Nikita?" He asked exasperatedly.

Nikki opened and closed her mouth like a fish. "I.. I wanted to ask you something." She spoke and swallowed.

Abhi stared her for full five second. "Shoot." He finally spoke.

Nikk's eyes lifted to his wound again. "It's distracting. Let me band aid it." She asked earnestly.

Abhi was astonished noting earnestness in her voice. "I don't need your tending Niki..ta. Neither I needed it last night nor do I need it now." He finished mockingly.

His cold words hit her hard. Torn between concern and anger at his attitude, she tried to sound polite, "Abhi please."

The sound of her calling him by his short name jolted him, again. He felt his resolves sleeping. To add his discomfort, she looked at him as if she indeed cared for him. She was a pro in giving mixed signals.  He clenched his jaw in frustration.

"Finish it fast." His voice was fat and cold when he spoke. He didn't make any attempt to hide a clear intent of getting rid of her as quickly as possible.

Nikki's hand reached for first aid box and he closed his eyes, refusing his mind to feel anything.  He found it prudent to deal with her with closed eyes when she was acting all caring.

Nikki finished with her task as quickly as she could. Remorsefully, her fingers lingered on the band aid for a while. She did feel responsible for his wounds. Once again the same guilt hovered in her mind. The one thing she now knew was that she really cared for him.

Abhi opened his eyes abruptly, his gaze lifted to hers and she removed her hand from his temple. He got puzzled to notice the emotions that played over her face ranged from hurt to resentment, then settled into something that looked unnervingly like despair.

She couldn't hold her questions in any longer. "Why did you remove me from New Sanjivani project? Why did you take me in the first place when you didn't find me capable enough to handle this project?" She asked gloomily.

Abhi narrowed his gaze. Nikki thought she saw a flash of sympathy in his eyes, but it disappeared as he spoke. "I was mistaken Nikita. But now I have realized that Trial and Error method doesn't work as far as you are concerned." He mocked.

Fury erupted through her at his rudeness.  An angry retort sprang to her lips, "What do you mean by that?"

"Exactly what you understood!" He spoke evenly.

Stiffed with anger, she returned his thunderous stare with an equal fierceness. "Oh, so all of sudden you found Ridhima more proficient than me for this project?" She countered.

She had a point but he ignored it. "Nikki, the last night you made it very clear you don't give a damn to this project. Then why a sudden change of heart?" He reminded her icily.

"No. That's not true.. I.. Last night.. I.. " Nikki stammered helplessly.

Abhi studied her for a moment. He noticed a tinge of distress crossed her face when she stammered. His chest tightened and for several seconds he fought for control. His eyes roved unconsciously over her features again. Few questions fitted in his mind.. Why she was all worked up? Wasn't that what she wanted from him from the beginning? Freedom from this project.. Or he should rather say freedom from him.. Abhi forced down a lump of emotions.

"Contrary to my nature, I had let my heart govern my mind for a while but it was a terrible mistake." He paused and continued," After last night I have decided to think from my head." He finished sardonically.

His last words stopped her every thought, every protest, every clarification. For a moment her mind went blank. Blankly, she gazed at him, utterly unable to speak.

Abhi shifted his gaze back to his desk and started collecting his things. "I hope you have got your answers, Nikita. Now if you please excuse me, I need to work."

Nikki stared at his taut posture and she realised that she wouldn't be able to speak without her voice betraying her. Gulping a lump of emotion, she turned on her heels and walked out of his cabin with a heavy heart.


Trying not to feel anything became increasingly impossible as the evening wore on. Despite her best efforts, she wasn't succeeded in shoving aside disturbing thoughts. She didn't understand why her heart was still justifying his behaviour. She opened her locker angrily and her eyes widened in a shock seeing 'Sanjivani – Past record and synopsis File' in her locker. Frantically, she realised that it was an important file and Abhi might need it in the meeting. She quickly inquired about Abhi and Ridhima's whereabouts. To her misfortune, receptionist informed her that they had already left for the meeting. Without another thought, she strode out from Sanjivani.


Mr. Patil, PA of the Hon'ble Minister, got up abruptly from his chair. "Dr. Modi, this is really very unprofessional on your part to forget such an important file. You wasted our precious time today."  He spoke and signalled other three financers to leave.

"I am really sorry Mr. Patil. ..Just give me few minutes. I'll arrange.." Abhi spoke hastily but Patil stopped him.

"Stop it Dr. Modi. We don't have that much time. We are busy people. Let's leave gentlemen." Patil spoke in a professional tone.

When everyone left, he halted near Abhi and whispered, "Arey Dr. Modi, Presentation bhale hi aap karte. Par apni intern ko to sath le ate."

Abhi clenched his jaw and curled his fingers into a fist as he felt his temper rising.

"Doctor sahab, Sabka dil hi behl jata.. aur aap ko file lane ka time bhi mil jata." He laughed shamelessly.

Patil had nerve to speak something as disgusting as like that in front of him. Abhi felt his temper crossed the limits of his control. Taut with anger, he grabbed Patil by collar, "Enough of your disgusting behaviour. I will never ever tolerate any kind of disrespect towards my interns. You got that Mr. Patil? "He growled lividly.

Drilling his fierce eyes into Patil's fearful eyes, Abhi hissed," Consider this as my first and last warning." With that he jerked him away and shot him threateningly furious glance.

Horrified, Patil staggered backward. "H..ow dare you touch my collar, Modi? I.. I'll see you Modi." He stammered and rushed out from room, barely managed to keep his balance while running.

Abhi banged his fist on the table, "Ridiculous man."

He took a long breath to control his temper. Swearing under his breath, he picked up his papers and left.


Nikki got out from rickshaw and ran inside the gate, straight into a solid chest of a man.

"Watch out!!" Abhi was startled by a sudden collision.

Instantly, Nikki recognised the voice and looked up. "Abhi.. thank God, you are here." She breathed in relief.

No.. Not her.. No way.. God, have some mercy.. Abhi took a step back. "What are you doing here?" He asked in exasperation.

"Abhi, this file.. You forgot this file." She spoke.

"The file'!" Abhi mocked, hands on hips. "I forgot the file that was lying with you. And you brought it here for me. How thoughtful of you, Dr. Nikita! But let me enlighten you that I have lost the project. So.. Congratulations."  He taunted her.

"What?" Nikki asked in angry disbelief. "What did you say?"

"I said I have lost the project and all credit goes to you." He spoke with gritted teeth and turned to leave.

She had enough of his tantrums. She caught his wrist, he turned to face her. "How dare you accuse me like that?" She asked angrily.

"Get off my hand" His gaze locked with hers.

"First tell me how dare you accuse me like that for YOUR forgetfulness?" She flung back.

Abhi jerked his wrist from her grasp and grabbed her by shoulders. His fierce eyes pierced hers as he spoke," How dare I accuse you like that?" He laughed harshly. "It's not accusation Dr. Nikita Malhotra. It's truth. You are the sole reason behind my ridiculous behaviour, my forgetfulness, my failure. It was indeed a terrible mistake of my life when I chose you for my most ambitious project. I trusted you and you proved me wrong. I got dependant on you and you made me forget the important things. Why didn't I listen to the alarm bells that rang in my mind when I chose you for this project? But I guess I was needed this kind of wake up call." He finished bitterly and jerked her away.

Nikki didn't believe what she heard. She stared at him with a strong desire to throw something at him. It was arrogant, rude, and completely obnoxious and hell humiliating statement. Finally the day's frustration and that unfair attack sent spark of anger in her eyes.

She said savagely, "In the first place, I brought this file in a hope that you would show little courtesy towards my effort. But here you are accusing me for no fault of mine. Nevertheless, you ruthlessly threw me out from the project; I brought this file just to save you from any kind of embarrassment in front of financers. And you are throwing such disgusting words on me. Fine. Very fine. If you feel that I am the reason why you have lost the project then I would get the project back for you.." She hit the file on his chest.

"Huh!! Project wapas layegi." Abhi grabbed the file in his hand and laughed bitterly.

"Yes I will do that. Now you just wait and watch, Modi." Nikki challenged him. Abhi stared into that uncomfortable mixture of pain, hurt, and challenge. She blinked her eyes as if she was fighting back her tears.

Abhi's heart flinched. He sighed and racked his hand in his hair in frustration. "Look Nikita, I have no interest in getting into any pointless arguments with you. So please spare me tonight."

Nikki gave him a quelling look and turned to leave from there as quickly as possible.

Warily, Abhi's eyes roved over their surroundings and it occurred to him that it was pretty late. Hastily, he reached out and grabbed her wrist. She spun and stared at him, flummoxed.

"Where do you think you are going?" Abhi asked angrily.

"What?" She spoke in disbelief.

"I'll drop you home." He said shortly.

He had nerve to insult her then act caring. "No. Thanks I don't need your help." She made futile attempt to jerk her arm free from his grasp. "Leave my hand."

Abhi warned sternly, "Stop your nonsense. This area isn't safe."

"Why do you care? And I can take care of myself. Just leave my hand." She said flatly.

Abhi took a short sharp breath and simply dragged her towards his car. She kept on protesting and making an effort to free her wrist. Not paying any heed to her futile protest, he settled her inside his car and closed the door with a bang. He walked over, threw the file in the back seat and got in driver's seat.

Nikki turned her face and looked at him fumingly. The tingle of his fingers around her wrist lingered there and she massaged her wrist unconsciously.

"You aren't that fragile as you try to portray yourself." Abhi taunted her and she stopped massaging her wrist.

She railed against his arrogant high headed attitude. "W.. hat do you think of yourself, han? You are my boss in Sanjivani.. Not here. Stop ruling my life." She turned and made an attempt to get out from car.

Abhi grabbed her wrist once again. " Chup chaap baithi raho samji." He yelled at her. "Jab dekho tab bolti rehti hai. Bolti rehti hai." He finished disdainfully and turned towards her.

Holding her gaze, he leaned towards her. Nikki's breath caught in her throat. What he was upto? His eyes intrigued hers as he stopped just few inches away from her face. Nikki realised that his nearness made her blood rush faster, her heart raced. She wanted to lean back but her stubbornness didn't allow her. She wouldn't be intimidated. To her further discomfort, she discovered that his nearness should have been unpleasant, but it wasn't. Still holding her wrist, he reached for the seatbelt with his free hand and pulled it across her body, carefully locking it into place. Then he let go of her wrist and straightened up in his seat.

Nikki released a breath that she was holding from long. Unconsciously, she put her palm on her heart to shut the sensation he was stirring inside her heart with his nearness. Her gaze lifted to rear view mirror and she noticed his lips twitched in a smirk. He had audacity to smirk. She felt her temper rising again. Pata nahi kya samjta hai apne aap ko.. She muttered to herself.

Abhi shook his head and put the car into gear. He drove the car in silence, recalling the day's events. With her beside him, every day was a new challenge for him. He shifted his gaze to her through rear view mirror and found her starring ahead blankly. She looked little pale and there were visible dark circle under her eyes. She looked vulnerable and he felt his chest tightened again. What was done was done. He had lost the project and it wasn't her fault… entirely.. It wasn't fair on his part to throw his frustration on her and blame her for his forgetfulness. She had indeed tried to help him by bringing that file for him..  Strangely, he felt guilty for his action.

Nikki stared the road ahead as her mind got busy in making plan of action for tomorrow. She made up her mind that she would do anything in her hand to get the project back. She would prove this arrogant, unscrupulous man that he was wrong in his accusation. Her gaze reluctantly roved over his features through rear view mirror. He looked tired and exhausted. Stress had creased his forehead and his sparkling eyes looked gloomy. Her heart sunk in despair. She knew that he was very optimistic about the project and somehow she was responsible for the outcome.

Thirty minutes later, he smoothly stopped the car outside her apartment. "Leave." He spoke shortly, still looking ahead.

Nikki was startled at his tone," Huh?" She then looked around. "Aww.."

"Please leave." Abhi repeated his words.

"Jab dekho tab order dete rehte ho. Nahi jaugi. Yahi baithugi. Kya karoge?" She looked at him sharply.

Abhi made a disgusting sound in his throat. "Gosh, ye ladki ki problem kya hai? Pehle to car mai baithne se problem tha ab utarne me problem hai." He muttered in irritation.

"Hun? What did you say?" She probed.

Abhi banged his palm on steering wheel and unlocked his seatbelt. "Fine."

Nikki narrowed her gaze. He turned and his eyes bored into hers, he leaned towards her, again. Nikki felt the similar fluttering inside her stomach and heart. "Umm.." She quickly unlocked her seatbelt. In a fraction of second, she climbed out from car. Locking door behind her, she stood before him.

Abhi stifle a smile at her action and straightened up in his seat.

Nikki stared at him," Jaiye." She bit out.

He cleared his throat," Go inside."

Nikki straightened her posture, "I don't wish to go inside." She spoke stubbornely.

"It's pretty late, Nikki. Just go inside."

"I won't."

Abhi sighed annoyed," Fair enough. If I can make you sit inside my car then I can also…" He left his sentence unfinished. Quickly, he turned off car's engine and reached for his door lock.

Nikki's was shocked. What would he do now?.. "Wait." She spoke abruptly. She fidgeted with her duppatta. "T..tum samjate kya ho apne aap ko, han?" She stammered sulkily.

Abhi kept on starring her sharply. Nervously, she tore away her gaze and turned on her heels.

Abhi couldn't help but smile this time. "Umm Nikki." He called out. She turned again with a pout.

"Nikki, There's no need to talk to Patil for the project. I have accepted the fact that we have lost the project." He sighed. "And you don't have to do anything." He spoke genuinely.

"I will do what I need to do. I don't need your instruction." She snapped back.

"And exactly what you will do?" He spoke in exasperation. His eyes challenged her.

"Just wait and watch." She replied. Her eyes held his challenge.

Shooting him a confident look, she turned on her heels and stalked towards her apartment. Abhi stared after her and blew out air. He knew that even though she was clueless right now, she wouldn't back off from his challenge, not when it came from him. Get ready for another challenging day Abhimanyu.  He shook his head and racked his hand through his hair.


Here goes the vmix… It's one of my fav number.. Wish I was your lover by Enrique.. I hope you'll like it..


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pra19 Senior Member

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Hey Namy ,
Loved the OS and the Vmix . It was so so good.  It was a good thing I logged in today . I found your brilliant OS ( and am probably the FIRST one to read it Big smile) and learnt of Nehu's birthday.
Happy birthday Nehu ,
Hope you had a great day . Have a great year ahead and may all your wishes come true.

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Nammy I am so impressed its sooo good.
you have matured in ur writing plus u have become an expert in weaving stories like honey and mich ... and now thers more depth in ur writing like Pra 

Edited by mitzification - 20 February 2012 at 9:38am

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mitzification Goldie

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aur likho naa nammy ... im sure Abhi has more bruses Nikki can tend too and she can feel more jealous and left out by Abhi and hurt by his rudeness
mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged
now days reading fiction thread one , have seen Mich giving many versions to her scenes ... why dont u give aanother version to ur os after this scene :
Abhi shifted his gaze back to his desk and started collecting his things. "I hope you have got your answers, Nikita. Now if you please excuse me, I need to work."

Nikki stared at his taut posture and she realised that she wouldn't be able to speak without her voice betraying her. Gulping a lump of emotion, she turned on her heels and walked out of his cabin with a heavy heart.

beautiful juncture cause Abhi is angry n hurt and nikki is jealos humiliated n vunerable ... want u to play with these emotions more ...
n not get these emotions masked by their silly fights n ego
Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Again. Embarrassed

Don't kill me! *sheepish grin*
ashaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2012 at 12:38am | IP Logged
namy i did't know that u write OS
being a lazy girl did't read it i will watch the VM when my net becomes fast


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