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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cherry_an

Originally posted by Khushboo_AN

LOL tu sab jagah shock hi ho jati hai kya menu dekhke?

Kyunki aaj kal tujhe online dekhna aur bhoot dekhna...dono ek hi baat hoti hai LOL

wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Watch this out!!! I think u havent seen it

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged

I've actually written something...not just one, but two poems! Shocked I was in hibernation for long, but I just wrote them down and I therefore consider it your duty to read it :P

I've posted them in my blog:

I know, I suck at poetry...but still. Embarrassed Help me improve! Do read and comment. It means a lot.


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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Hi cherry , though I dont like sad AN stories , I absolutely love sad VM's on them ... and I have seen quiet a few of ur VM's and love them a lot too !!

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
 Scene written by Mitzi no 2
Hi Guys,  I am here with a new one shot based on AN ... it's a bit unconventional ... I hope ou like it.
It's dedicated to Pra  whose wonderful peice for AN writing challenge inspired it. I continiously read it 5 times ... I loved it so much .
  'The Ambimanyu Modi' ? , Armaan knew his friend was a highly sought after lawyer but he didn't know that he would receive such a reaction from his new neighbour and now dear friend Nikki . She had been surprised that he knew 'The Abhimanyu Modi' , someone whose cases they studied in their classroom . So he had decided that he would introduce her to his friend when he next came to meet him and he had done just that.       
Abhi had come to meet him and he had called Nikki over on some pretext , he didn't want to make her conscious by telling her beforehand. In the time between the call to Nikki he thought it best to inform his friend about it though.  Nikki had reached Armaan's door and had pushed it open half way when she heard a strangers voice. " Not one of those girls again Armaan , I don't know why they keep wanting to meet me ." 
 Nikki was shocked to hear him but it was already too late as she was already half way inside . A jolt when through them as their eyes met , Nikki at the moment mistook it to be anger at this insanely handsome but rude man. Sure she had a crush on him ...had it since years now , as if to irk her furthermore he was even more handsome than she had imagined . He had all the right in the world to be arrogant ,being the super achiever that he was . But he had no right to insult her like this . Yes, she had been acting like a love struck teenager but she had no intensions of following him around starry eyed... he could have been courteous atleast.
Armaan introduced them and formalities were exchanged and she left hurriedly giving some excuse .
For past six months Nikki had been working at 'Mehta and Associates', her heart pounded with the implications of this. This was the very firm where 'he' held a senior position . What would happen if they came face to face. How would she handle it? 
 She still had was not over her school girl crush on him . For the past eight months she had tried to convince herself that he was rude , arrogant , stiff ...but her heart refused to snap out of it . Everyday her hear beat at an enormous speed with the fear of seeing him, sometimes is ached dully from longing for a glimpse of him. To some consolation she had not seen him yet. And to some disappointment too. She was on a useless mission, for as far as 'The Abhimanyu Modi' was concerned ... Nikita Malhotra did not exsist... and to her , he existed in ways she could not even clearly comprehend herself .
Nikki entered Mr Mehta's cabin and stood frozen as she saw him . Their eyes met and a bolt of lightening went through her , every part of her being vibrating at his presence. What was it with her and her school girl crush specially when he was oblivious to her exsistence ?
Mr Mehta explained why he had called her " Nikita you must know Mr Abhimanyu Modi . You will be assisting him on the Ramanuj case... Mr Modi ... Our very competent intern ...
" Nikita Malhotra' . Yes he knew her . Infact he had not forgotten her for even a day . Something had happened to him that day...the first time that he had seen her ... that beautiful face , those soulful eyes ... those luscious lips.. He met so many girls in his life ...yet why he felt this immense attraction to her ...the answers evaded him.
She had not forgotten the insult she had suffered at his hands ,but the memory had done nothing to dull down her feelings for him . Knowing him was another thing , working with him at close quarters was not helping her get over her infatuation . The man was an enigma ,handsome , rich ,accomplished , sharp ,cunning .. he was all this and more. Why was he so arrogant when Mr Mehta who was also a top lawyer was so kind and fatherly ... Well Mr Mehta had achieved his position in 40 yrs and Abhimanyu Modi in only 8 years...
Working with him , it was hard to keep up with him, he worked 12 hours straight , went home late and expected his assistants to come in next morning having worked on his briefings.. Nikki worked hard to comply without complaining.
"You did good work Nikki " he complimented her one day.  
  "Nikki' he had called her 'Nikki' and also complimented her on her work , surely she must have done some great work to earn this one line of praise from him .
Sometimes working together their eyes would meet , their hands would touch , sometimes she felt his intense gaze on her. Did he want  the same thing from her that she wanted take the eyelocks and the hand graze further ...?she waited for it to happen , longed for it but it never did.
What was happening to him , first he could not forget the beautiful young girl he had insulted at Armaan's place , was it because he felt guilty of  hurting her ? But now , working with her , if it was just guilt he would have been able to control his feelings ..but no ! He felt attracted to her , felt like staring at her beautiful face all day long , when he saw her smiling something happened to him , to see her sad after he scolded her for something made his heart tear with pain , if she was late in coming for even a few minutes he would get restless. Her presence brought a calming to his  heart , he felt more rested more relaxed in her company .
 But these were stupid feeling no ? He was not supposed to feel this way for her ... she was a kid after all just out of law school , fresh and confident in her youth and enthusiasm for life... he knew his life was nothing to feel enthusiastic about and confidence was just a mask needed for survival. When he saw her beautiful determined young face ready for life's challenges he sometimes prayed that life would treat her well and not replace those beautiful and innocent curves of her face with the contours of disillusionment that life so often offers and replace the soulfulness of her eyes with sadness.                                        
   He knew he was on a wrong path and he should seprate her from this project before his feeling went out of hand and later caused him pain but he wanted to keep her near ...Just for this project  he promised himself ,then he would let her go and forget about her. But for now her presence was almost healing for him.
Then one day they had to go on a trip , a small 3 day trip to Pune for some work , sitting in 'his' car, her being screamed at the closeness , his perfume , him . The whole journey had her feeling on edge, distraught, waiting for something to happen. In the evening there was a knock on her door , she opened it to find him standing there . He came in and sat at the table discussing the case. Nikki was jumping with expectation . To her disappointment he got up after the work finished and made to go out of the room , Did he not feel for her at all what she felt for him, so many times she had felt the intensity in his gaze . A cry bubbeled in her heart seeing him go away 'mat jaao Abhi' her heart cried out to him . Did he hear her? He seemed to slow down a bit.  Abruptly he turned and caught hold of her, pulling her in his embrace and then his lips descended on hers. He was kissing her all over , her eyes her cheeks ,her lips ...all the months of longing culminating into this, his dam of restraint having broken. Still holding her ,they tumbled on her bed. She closed her eyes in complete surrender and her whole body trembled with anticipation . A memory flashed in Abhi's head... his constraint ... their positions , their age difference ... with a will power he did not posses , he moved away from her and out of her room.
Arman told her everything , his marriage to the socialite Karishma .. they had been married for 6 years and had separated after six months , she wanted to enjoy the benefits of her status of being a rich man's wife while she swung around on the arms of new men every week , she would not divorce Abhi unless he parted with half of his wealth as alimony . Wasn't it the biggest irony a top lawyer himself stuck in a case like this ...such were the rules of our country. He was fighting his case for the last five years and was determined to fight and not let the vile woman lay her hands on even one rupee of his earning.  And also make her pay for the hurt and humiliation and damage to his pride and prestige she had caused . This explained his attitude and personality ,what she had taken to be rudeness was but a reaction to this miserable secret.
At work he was rude with her, insulting her, anything to keep her away from him, to try and have some control on what he felt for her . But Nikki took it without complaint , she was calm with him ,swallowed his insults and never said anything ,yet never backed down .
 Both understood this game well : He felt passionately for her but wanted to keep her away , she felt the same and would not back down.
Then one day she came to his house to deliver some papers . She was in her  formal light pink coat and skirt .. yet this simple attire looked divine on her . His restraint and resolve  broke and he pulled her to himself and descended on her lips . She did not back down and he helped her out of her beautiful dress and made passionate love to her.                                                                  
 Afterwards Lying on his bed she had asked a question which she regretted for months to come ' Abhi , why don't you divorce your wife ...?'
   He had gone away , just took a long leave and was gone no one knew where , why had she made such a big demand of him . He was proud of his reputation , his status his wealth and she had asked him to compromise on that. His wife had caused him insufferable harm, had hurt his  pride and was now after his money ...who was she to ask him to give it all up , to let her go so easy and for what ? for this good for nothing society . Why should he part with his hard earned wealth for a lying deceiving , promiscuous woman . Why had she made such an unreasonable demand from him ?
What she felt for him was beyond the limitations imposed by this stupid society. Had the society come to her rescue when her parents had died, would they take care of her when she was ill , when she was lonely and old. Was the stigma of society bigger than her feelings for him ? She searched for the answers to these questions as her heart cried at the loss of another loved one ... one she held closest to her heart.
Then one day she came back to her house and he was there....STANDING AT HER DOOR. He came forward to hold her as her feet buckled with shock and joy. He held her and helped her inside. She would never let him go away now , she held on to him with all her life. Soon they were caught in a passionate kiss , which was driving her mad with desire. She had waited this forever. She kissed him back with passion and gratitude for being him , being in her life. He kept kissing  her as he carried her to her bedroom.
They lay on her bed , Abhi was playing with her hair, brushing it away from her face . He started to kiss her lips in soft bites and spoke in between "Nikki I have done it" Her heart stilled in anticipation "... I have divorced my wife" A jolt of shock , joy and gratitude went through her ...he had done what !...He continued kissing her and finishing his story " It was difficult for me Nikki ... I am used to luxury and security of wealth you know" He said with  a smirk .
Yes she knew that , not only that but it must have hurt to let that woman walk away with his wealth and it must have hurt his pride too and the unfairness of it all ...but he had done it anyway , done it for her .But before she could understand the impact fully to reply , to say something , he again started expressing his love for her.
"Abhi ..." Nikki called out and Abhi rose on his elbow and looked into her eyes . He studied her eyes , was lost in their depths , they shone with deep emotion he knew for him ...
She wanted to tell him that she was grateful for what he had done for her , for the love and joy he had brought to her life. To tell him that she loved him just as intensely , to tell him that she would have defied society and her own values to show him how much she loved him . Yes she would tell him all this soon but for now the immense relief of being with him , the great joy and fulfilment he had brought in her life and the healing of his love was making her drowsy and she fell into the first deep , relaxing ,healing and secure sleep in ten years...

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Mitzi finally got to read an OS from you after so long but tell me first what happened to the one whose sneak peak you had sent me, I'm waiting to read that one too.
Coming back to this one, liked your OS, a different background for AN, me like!Wink But I agree with Rucha, you seemed to have finish it in a bit of huff. 3-4 parts me split karti to hamein wo b chalta.WinkLOL Anyways, loved your OS.Big smile
Keep it up.Thumbs Up

PS Ab apni dusri ffs b update karo.


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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Hey Mitzi..woah! something new n refreshing...enjoyed reading this scene... :)

bt I think u have rushed into completing this story...u cd have make a new ff out of it.wid charecter sketch n all.. (for ordinary people like me LOL)...or mini ff..wid 4-5 parts.
Story was progressing too fast here.
Anyways u wrote this scene...i appreciate ur efforts..n im glad i got smthing 2 read on AN.. Thanx 4 dat!!Big smile

PS im missing ur GMEOY ...hope we'll get an update soon. :)

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Thanks Nehu and Rucha for ur sweet words, I was not v comfortable and sure of this story ... its kinda bold no ? heheheh
yaar I really dont see wher  i could have stretched it .. i am not very good at expanding scenes like my friend Nammy ... :)

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