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piya-jiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
really namy its long os but i will enjjoy reading it

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khushboo_AN

Nammy, that is HUGE.

Will read later.


lol.. i knw i knw that was HUGE.. lol.. well, that is my forte cum weeknessEvil SmileLOLLOL..
It was a joke hanEmbarrassedLOLLOL
Will be waiting fr ur comment:)

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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@Nehu, glad to know that this wasn't the scene you were talking about.. yey so we'll get another scene soon.. That's nice.. I know buddy typing is the most tedious task.. Who'll know better than me considering the length of my OS!..;) lol..
Buddy, take ur own time n post it at ur convinience.. I'll be patiently waiting :D

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anotheranfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
@neha: Nice one shot.. too short though :) bechara abhi..  i guess he is still hungry :)

@namy.. what a briliant OS.. liked it. Its only A who can make mistakes and accept it so easily and then move on :) Was great to see him proposing :)

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cherry_an IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged

awww  thz so beautiful nammy swthrt..Hug

thanx a ton dear...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
n c ma badluck i think m the last one to read it..OuchOuch
nobody haz gifted me such beful os on our AN.. ths iz indeed best gift of ma life..
m so touched bebz.. i cant thnk u in wordz.. n dont knw hw to thank...
m very bad to write this.. but stil.. *ress *
maaf krdey ths week when ill b free wil gv u detaild comment sweetz u deserv much mor , but i cn gv only ths.. that too u wil hav to wait 4 Tongue Ouchsorry..
muaaahh... pappizz...Heart
*res res res*Embarrassed

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by namy_an

@Nehu, glad to know that this wasn't the scene you were talking about.. yey so we'll get another scene soon.. That's nice.. I know buddy typing is the most tedious task.. Who'll know better than me considering the length of my OS!..;) lol..
Buddy, take ur own time n post it at ur convinience.. I'll be patiently waiting :D
@bold Hehe you'll surely get another one but not soon. I told you na that it was meant for 150th FC and looking at the speed at which our FC is moving, you're surely not going to get it soon...LOL
@red you'll have to buddy, aur koi choice b to nahi hai na...Wink LOL
@pink haha, yes you can definitely, it was really long... You really deserveClap

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
First of all, Namy, you really deserve an applause for writing such a long OS Clap  It was really cute yaar. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Abhi adjusted brim of his glass and shook his head. " Dr. Nikita if you've done with your staring, please take your seat". He said in amusement. 


"But why you haven't worn your lab coat?"

"Huh?" She knew her expressions conveyed her shock and disbelief. 

"Nikki you are on duty. Don't you know as per Sanjivani guidelines, every intern is expected to wear a lab coat during their duty hours". 

Oh God, can he ever think against that professional attitude of his?Angry Typical Abhi!

Abhi gave him a long hard stare. "I'm impressed. You are becoming matured. I guess my company suits you"

Well indeed..ROFL ROFL

"I was searching for my night robe." She blurted before she could stop herself. 

"Oh, so you have got this bad habit of not to keep such thing handy?"

Blushing Blushing

"Nikki I'm sorry for not being the first person to wish you a happy Birthday. But isn't it good that I'm the last one to wish you?" Abhi spoke genuinely. 

Namyyy, this is what I always do, you know that...Had planned the same for Chaitu's I remember I told you that.

But I loved it the way you used it. Well according to me, it's the best excuse you can ever make and get away easily..Wink And when you've someone like Abhi in front of you making that excuse, the only thing you can do is just melt...Embarrassed

"The last time I checked it was a dazzling diamond solitaire ring."

Ahhh, the naughty Abhi!!

The whole proposal portion was ahhh, just the perect... I loved it to the core...

"Oh No Nikki, Don't expect me to kneel down and propose in the most ridiculously filmy way." Abhi made a disgusting face and continued, " I would rather prefer this." He took her small palm in his hand and slided the ring in her ring finger. "Done." 

Well, you can not expect much when it comes to being romantic..*sigh* But ya, he atleast tries to be...LOL

"Thank you." Abhi smirked. Nikki puzzled whether she spoke her thought loudly. 

"Aap khush huwi, hum isikie liye jeetey hai." He spoke sarcastically.

 Now that's the key, you always use some of these punch lines and win my heart. It becomes so easy to imagine...Ahhh, kya din the wo!!! *sigh*

Sorry for going off topicEmbarrassed

In short Namy, it was fab...Do write some more OSs...

Once again good job..Thumbs Up

PS why don't you post your OS that you wrote for Sheena (on her half birthday celebration) here. I think, most of the people of the people haven't read that. That was also damn good.

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Helllooo Lovelies...remember me?

I missed you all and am sorry for disappearing but as an apology I have an OS for excuse me if it doesn't make sense as I am low on sleep, stressed and totally outta my element!1

Khush babes...this one is ur bday gift and hope it is spicy enough...enjoy...n hello I am waiting to hear from you all.

Abhimanyu Modi, the head of Sanjeevani was in a thunderous mood and everyone around him was trying to deal with him as less as possible.


"God knows what has gotten into him" one of the nurses spoke to the other after he had just passed by after giving an earful to one of the ward boys on hygiene.


"No idea…he usually is reasonable but god knows what changed" the other nurse shrugged in reply.


Abhimanyu went to the nurse's station where all the interns were gathered and his eyes fell on the reason for his black mood. She was hardly 5feet and if an inch, with gorgeous long hair flowing in its full beauty and huge dark khol rimmed eyes which seemed to pierce into his. Right now she was laughing at something Rahul had said and he had just pulled at her hair which his hands were itching to feel and he knew for a fact that they must feel like silk. Like her skin would.


He really needed to stop thinking like this and get a hold on himself. He took a deep breath and walked towards the group which immediately silenced and sent a smile his way. He returned a semblance of a smile to them and inadvertently his eyes shifted towards Nikita who looked at him with a shy smile.


This group of interns had given him a real hard time when he had started in Sanjeevani but after 6 long months and several stupid and torturous pranks later, he had earned their respect. He had accepted each of the interns with their idiosyncrasies and they had accepted him as the head and boss.


"Dr. Nikita" his baritone made her lift her big black eyes questioningly to his, "Please tie your hair…..this is a hospital not a fashion show" he snapped and a flush crept up her cheeks and her mouth fell open in shock.


Riddhimma, Muskaan and Angie too looked at him in shock but he couldn't move his eyes away from the slightly flushed face in front of him.


"Dr. Modi….this is not school" Angie couldn't control herself and burst out.


"Dr. Gupta….this is even stricter than school…this is a hospital and here you do as you are told….and also….no heels either…I can't have you ladies twisting and ankle and creating work instead of helping with work" he snapped and the girls looked at him as if he had grown another head.


"If that is clear ….I want you to hear your duties" and he proceeded to outline each interns week worth of duties.


"And Dr. Nikita you will assist in autopsy" he told her and saw shock register on her face and she nodded lamely. As soon as he was done he turned on his heel and walked towards his office.

"What happened Nikki….he seemed to be mad at you" Muskaan asked and Nikita shrugged.


She thought that they were friends. Well, she was insanely in love with him but that was another matter altogether. She thought that he actually liked her in spite of all the pranks she had pulled on him and the fights they had had but now she was doubtful. She needed to know what had gotten into him, so she hurried behind him.


Abhimanyu sat with a thud on his chair, massaging his temple. He knew what the hell was wrong with him. He had gone and fallen in LOVE with Nikita Malhotra. She was simply beautiful, naughty and a total child at heart with and air of innocence and that particular thing had tugged at his heart.


He knew that she had been in love with Armaan but instead of a jealous lover she had helped Armaan and Riddhimma unite by being his loyal friend. He also had noticed that while doing so she had actually realized that she had never loved Armaan enough to even fight for him. It had made him glad that she had gotten over Armaan and then he had seen the bubbly and naughty side of her.


Last night when they had all gone to an impromptu bachelor and bachelorette party for Armaan and Riddhimma and he had seen her smiling at other guys, he had finally understood that he had fallen hard for the little dynamite.


The whole problem was that he knew that she would not love him and that he was wrong for her. First up there was a 6 year age gap between them and then she was his intern and then she was a free spirit and he was a recluse. He released a breath and shook his head. This was a wasted emotion; he tried to convince himself when there was a soft knock on the door.


"Come in" he said crisply and in walked Nikita and he looked at her questioningly.

"Dr. Modi" she took his name softly and it irritated him that she didn't call him Abhimanyu during office hours. He needed to hear his name on those soft lips which he noticed were trembling slightly. He had this insane urge to put his lips on hers and make her tremble in his arms for him.


OK …this was enough. He needed to stop thinking like this.

Nikki stood there wondering what his chocolate eyes were trying to hide as she had seen an emotion she didn't recognize.


"Dr. Modi….I" she walked in and he stood up immediately and walked to be on the same side of the table as her.


"What?" he asked harshly and she looked at him sharply, her eyes opening in alarm.


"I….please can you change me from autopsy" she spoke softly, twisting her hands and looking at him from under her eyes.

Nikki did not recognize the man standing in front of her. He somehow seemed different, more like a predator who was watching her carefully rather than the boss she was used to who at least talked to her normally.


"Why?" he asked moving a step closer. She could feel the heat radiating from his body and also feel the electricity between them. She immediately lowered her eyes so  he couldn't read how his closeness made her feel.


She was trying hard not to let his closeness affect her when he took another step closer and Nikki couldn't control her blush but she refused to look up at him.


With her eyes lowered and looking at her feet, she tried to calm her racing heart and softly replied, " I ….I …hate it….it scares me".


"You are a doctor…are you kidding me?" he reminded her, refusing to believe her excuse.


"I know….but please…anything else" she said, refusing to meet his eyes, which infuriated him. She was avoiding looking at him and he was sure now that she was lying.


"Am sorry Dr. Nikita….you have to do what is told" he refused to give an inch. He wondered if she had read his feelings for her and was trying to use him since he had heard many times from her that she wasn't afraid of anything.


"Please" she requested him and finally looked up to meet his eyes and his narrowed. She didn't want to tell him how scared she was by dark and dead bodies. Yes she was a doctor but she hated autopsy and the smell associated with it. That was the reason she had chosen psychiatry instead of any other branch.


"Am sorry….no special favors" he loved her like crazy but his professionalism stopped him from helping her. Or is it that she doesn't love you and you are taking revenge? His mind questioned.


"Abhimanyu" she finally spoke his name with such desperation and touched his arm that he whipped towards her with eyes blazing. Typical woman. Once they knew you liked them, they started using you.


"Dr. Modi" he reminded her and she took a step back in shock and nodded swallowing. She had thought that he liked her and had put their past behind them but suddenly the man everyone dreaded, the ruthless Abhimanyu Modi had come back in full force. She had been wrong. He had forgiven everyone everything except her and her heart broke as she saw the hate blazing in his chocolate eyes for her.


She loved him desperately but she was not going to beg. She was going to tell him about her fear of the dark but now she changed her mind.


"Ok….sorry" she mumbled and left without looking back.


From the next day onward, Nikita tied her hair into a braid, making her look like a school girl and accentuating her youth which pushed Abhimanyu to come down on her harder.


Suddenly he started finding fault in everything she did and whenever she was near him, his temper soar. It scared Nikita, whose heart broke at his devious behavior and she started avoiding him.


"This person is already dead…..he won't eat you" he snapped at her when he saw her hands tremble while doing autopsy one day.


She tried to calm herself and waited for him to leave and then gave in to a good cry after he left from there. Things were getting worse to the extent that the moment he saw her, he forgot what he was doing and reason or no reason charged on her. He didn't ever let Nikki utter a word in her defense and when she tried to say anything he always left.


"What happened Nikki?" the girls asked Nikki. They knew that she liked Abhimanyu and had paired her off with him in their group but now the tables had turned.


"I don't know" Nikki replied brokenly, "he hates me….my luck" she said trying to control her tears.


"Oh….Nikki…he doesn't but now I am worried that he will refuse to be your partner in our sangeet" Ridzi fretted.


"No Ridzi….he is your friend and he will never hurt you….and I will never hurt you….don't worry on account of us" Nikki tried to pacify her friend with a lie.


"I hope so" they all prayed.


The sangeet rehearsals were a living nightmare for Nikki when no one was looking. Abhimanyu found fault in her every step and refused to do the steps which needed for him to hold her close. At the end of her tether and fuming with anger she decided to confront him but he left before she could do that.


Nikki was still upset on the day of the sangeet with Abhimanyu but more so as she had found out that she was supposed to wear a saree and was late to top it. For the life of her she didn't know how to tie it and the other girls had dressed and were practicing.


She sat with her head in her hands, crying uncontrollably. The anger, tiredness and frustration seeping through her eyes. She didn't understand why her life had suddenly turned into hell since the past two weeks. What had she done?


Abhimanyu was fuming at Nikki's absence and started to look for her. He wanted to throttle her for standing him up when he walked into the room and stopped at the sight in front of him.


Nikki was sitting in the blouse and petticoat, wearing the jewellery, and wiping her tears and trying to wrap the saree. He drank in her slim body, etching every curve in his memory.


"Oh god" Nikki moaned struggling to wrap the saree. "Someone help me" she screamed and Abhimanyu silently walked towards her. He stopped right behind her and then his arms went around her slim waist and she became suddenly rigid and looked up in the mirror, her face registering shock.


"I can help" he whispered in her ear and saw her tremble visibly. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish but she didn't move.  He touched her waist and heard her gasp and met her eyes in the mirror.


His hands then slowly and deliberately moved towards her navel and he placed his hands on her hands and started helping her make the pleats. She moved under his touch but their eyes refused o leave each other. He inched closer and she bit her lower lip. He saw awareness and desire creep into her eyes and that thrilled him.


She wasn't immune to him and the anger of the past two weeks vanished. His lips touched her ear and her body went lax in his arms.


"A…Abhi…Abhimanyu" she choked, trying to regain her composure or a semblance of sense instead of melting in his arms.


"Shhh" he whispered devouring her with his eyes. He loved his reaction to him and he continued helping her with the saree, his hand poised to push in the pleats. She moved to take them from his hand when he slapped it away and moved to push them in and Nikki stopped breathing.


 This was such an intimate gesture and she was madly in love with him but he was ….what was he doing? The question arose in the haze of pleasure. Nikki immediately  snapped out of it and pushed him away, clutching the pallu to her trembling form.


"What are you doing?" her voice cracked and tears welled up in her eyes. "Using me?" she threw at him.


"No….but I was dying to touch you… make me crazy Nikki" he replied huskily and pulled her in his arms, her pallu falling away.


"Ab…Abhi" she tried to push him away but instead being held tighter in his arms.


"I love you Nikki… make me go insane" saying this he did what he had been intending for weeks. He took her mouth in a kiss and slammed her against his body. His passion took over and Nikki melted in his arms. Had she heard right? Had he said he loved her? He brought her closer, his hunger increasing, his hands went into her hair and he tugged it and when she bent back, he gave a smile against her mouth as it gave him deeper access to her mouth.


He devored her and let her go only because they needed to breathe. His thumb slowly roamed over her swollen lips, his eyes refusing to look away.


"Abhi….stop" she tried pushing her away but he bent his head for another kiss but Nikki moved her face.


"No….wait…we need to talk" she pushed him away and tried to wrap the saree around her soft body.


"No" his hand stopped her and she looked at him astonished.


"Abhi….please….I" she begged him silently and he let her wrap it around her looking at her actions with regret.


"What is this" she started when he abruptly turned away from her and her heart lurched. It came back to normal when he locked the room and came back.


"I know….this is a shock and am sorry I couldn't…..couldn't control myself" he started apologizing.

"But Nikki…..this can work…..I mean can't this work?" he was talking randomly and Nikki tried to hide a smile.


"What this Dr. Modi?" she asked and saw paing flash in those eyes and she immediately regretted saying that.


"Us…..but I guess not" he snapped and started turning away when she took his hand.


"Us….I thought you hated me….you were so cruel to me….now you are terming your desire as love" she couldn't resist.


"It is love dammit" he pulled her to him and she gasped.

"Don't play with me darling" he snarled.

"You played with me Abhi….past two weeks….do you know how much it hurt" she asked him and his eyes softened.

"I was trying to keep you safe….from me" he told her.

"That is impossible…..I don't want to be safe from you" she replied back and saw surprise and then happiness flood his eyes.

"Why?" he asked and then kissed her hard.

"Coz I love you too" she replied shyly. He closed his eyes and laid his head against her.

"I am sorry Nikki….I was …I hated the fact that you wouldn't….theat was why I was so mad" he whispered.


"You are crazy Abhi" she rebuked, reveling the fact that she was finally in the arms of the man who was her whole world.


"I am….about you….lemme tell you just how much" and he proceeded to do just that, forgetting about Armaan and Ridzi entirely.


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