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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ANrucha

Hey lol that as very cute n funny LOL...  really cute one Nehu :)))

loved it! Thumbs Up

Yeah yeah Nikki will never change... LOL 

btw Abhi ko bhuka hi sona pada kya?? awww...OuchLOL

Hey thanks Rucha...
@bold what do you think?LOL

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Khushboo_AN


They had something like that a while ago in Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah LOL

Nice, nice...why can't they have omlettes on a Thursday? Poultry strike? ROFL

And who has omlettes for dinner, anyway? They're more like appetizers LOL

Nice, nice...loved it Nehu!

First of all, I'm still Shocked that you guys liked it. I mean I didn't like it myself. But since I typed it to socha mehnat waste kyu karu that's why I
@Red Really? Well I didn't watch that show but thanks for info...Big smile
@bold Poultry strike nahi yaar, I don't know about others but we people here don't have eggs or other non-veg stuff on mondays and thursdays because of some religious reasons.
@Italics Well, I've just written this, it's Abhi who has said that so ask him, not me...LOL

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@Muni Thanks for your lovely comment. About your suggestion on writing an ff, well I always wanted to write one but then I know I would never get time to give you people regular updates that is why I dropped the idea of writing ff.Ouch
@Mitzi thanks for your comment and Nikki being mean, umm I don't know...She acts like that many a times...
And thanks to everyone else for liking.Big smile

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Hey Nehu, That was very sweet and cute scene... Your scene was long due.. I know presently you've got very busy schedule but I'm happy that finally you posted it.


Loved AN little convo cum argument for the dinner.. It's utterly amazing that they don't have to search for the topic to have an argument.. lol… I wonder Nikki will ever change?? Poor Abhi.. Dinner menu kya puchh liya.. Afaat aa gayi.. Scene was just cool.. Loved AN's cuteness.. Do keep writing as and when you get time..

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Nehu .. Nikki is mean sometimes but not in this OS ... just silly heheheh
Khush in north india ... people avoid non veg on tuesday and thursdays ... but mostly tuesday

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Hey Guys, this OS is a small birthday gift from me to our dear friend Cherry.. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.. Please bear with its length..  As I said earlier, I don't understand where to stop when I start writing something on our beloved AN.. Apologize if u find it very long.. 


Hey Cherry, here goes your birthday gift.. Hope you'll like it…Umm sorry for posting it little lateEmbarrassed I know u won't mind at all..  Aise hi formalities kar rahi huTongueLOL


Thanks & cheers,


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Scene wriiten by Namy (Cherry's Birthday gift)
Two weeks had passed since they confessed their feelings for each other. Still it feels like it was just yesterday. Since the day of their confession, Nikki noticed that Abhi preferred to keep their relationship strictly professional during duty hours. In the office, he was still the same sadu, pig headed, stubborn and arrogant bossy self. And she was the same irritating, prankster yet somewhat sincere intern. But today it was her first Birthday after their confession.. Atleast today she was expecting him to behave little out of the way.. Something more than just a workaholic, no- nonsense boss.. Nikki felt nervous at that thought. She checked her appearance hastily. Today she'd worn very stylish red color silk chiffon tunic kurti with a matching legging that made her look pretty and elegant. She wanted to look her best today.. Best and beautiful in Abhi's eyes.  Nikki smiled blissfully as his alluring face captured her thoughts. She shook her mind and made her way towards the locker room.

To her surprise, her gang greeted her cheerful and festively. As everyone praised her for her look, she abandoned any notion of doubt from her mind. Ridhima was the last one who wrapped her in a tight hug, "Oye hoye Nikki tu to waddi changi lag rahi hai aaj. Kya baat hai hun?" Muskaan asked teasingly nudging her shoulders to Nikki.

 "Sab ko teri tarah junglee billi nahi dikh sakte na?" Rahul spoke sarcastically.

Atul chuckled at his statement and spoke innocently, "Nikki tu na aaj Anjali ke jaisi dikh rahi hai.. Very stylish."

"Shut up Atul." There came answer of Anjali.

"You are right Anjali." Muskaan intervened and glared at Rahul," Abey machhar tu pehle apne app ko dekh. How many times do I need to remind you to shut your big mouth? Kabhi sach mai makkhi ghus jayegi andar." Muskaan giggled at her lousy joke. And everyone shook their head in annoyance. 

"Ab tere purane jokes pe kisiko hasi nahi aati." Rahul mocked a smile. 

"Abey cheeti, haathi aur tere pe kiya gaya joke kabhi purana nahi hoga." Now Muski's that comment made every one laugh out loud.. That irked Rahul and he prepared himself for the battle.

"Guys guys guys, please stop it now. I don't want any fight.. atleast not today." Nikki intervened before muski-rahul turned locker room in wwe ring.

 "Right." Ridhima seconded her and stepped forward to hug Nikki "Happy Birthday Nikki. Dr. Modi is going to get clean bowled today with your look." She murmured in Nikki's ear.

"Thanks Ridhima!" Nikki widened her eyes gesturing her to not to tease her. 

"Aww you look exhausted Ridhima." Nikki noticed dark circle below Ridhima's eyes and spoke sympathetically.

"Yes Nikki. I was busy last night in labor room with couple of deliveries. I just stayed back in the morning to wish you. Now I'm craving for sleep".

"Oh Ridzi, you are such a sweetheart. By the way where's Armaan" Nikki spoke tenderly at her friend's gesture.

"Hukam mere aka err Birthday girl..." Armaan's cheerful voice echoed in the locker room. Armaan walked towards her and gave her a quick hug.

 "Happy Birthday my best friend!" He spoke blissfully.

"Where's my gift?" Nikki asked sheepishly while coming out from his hug.

"You will never change Nikki. Actually I wanted to give you this tonight.. in the party.. Hmm but basket insisted to not to annoy you with the suspense." Armaan handed her a gaily wrapped box.

"Umm Armaan I won't be able to throw a party tonight." Nikki shrugged.

"What? Why?" Everyone asked in reunion. "Umm guys I'm sorry. Please don't get disheartened. You will get the party tomorrow." Nikki announces.

"But why not today?" Armaan intervened.

"Armaan, umm do you remember my cousin Simran? Umm she has come down in Mumbai to meet me. And she wanted me to be with her tonight." Nikki lied.. what if Abhi'd planned something especial for her.. She wasn't going to take any chances.. atleast not today.. Beside it wasn't a total lie.. She had a cousin named Simran.. She soothed herself for telling a lie to his best friend.

"Okay, then call her for the party." Armaan suggested a solution.

"No Armaan. She won't come.. Umm she has planned a girl's night out with me and she.." She swallowed hard as she didn't know how to convince Armaan. To her luck, Ridhima came to her rescue. 

" Armaan will you please stop pestering her today? Beside I would be more than happy if Nikki throws party on some other day.. As I've got a night duty tonight". Ridhima finished as a matter of fact.  

Nikki thanked her with a blink of eyes and Ridhima acknowledged it. Armaan raised his hands in complete surrender.  " Okay, whatever you say basket. But I want a party or else you aren't getting that gift." Armaan teased Nikki by sapping a finger at the gift box. "This one is mine..." Nikki wrinkled her nose and mocked a frown. 

Armaan pinched her nose softly and hugged her again with his dimpled smile, "I wish all your wishes become reality Nikki.

Was that possible?  Nikki wondered in his embrace.  Right now I've only one wish..   At the same time her page beeped Abhi's message.. Did that mean  Armaan's wish worked.. That hope made her smile widen..  

Excusing herself from her gang, she paid a quick visit to washroom. Straightening her slender shoulders, she walked toward Abhi's cabin. She knocked and entered inside. Her breath hitched as her eyes caught sight of the person sitting there. Today Abhi was looking much younger and handsome than usual in his Pink color shirt, the shirt that emphasized width of his broad shoulder. She looked at him in an utter amazement.. How could he look such devilishly handsome even in that girlish pink color shirt??.. As his look enchanted her, she had to remind herself to breath. As if Abhi read her thought, he looked up from the laptop screen and she found it difficult to hide her reaction. She knew that she had been caught off guard. Swallowing hard, she stared back at him without a blink. 

Abhi adjusted brim of his glass and shook his head. " Dr. Nikita if you've done with your staring, please take your seat". He said in amusement. He noticed she was looking different today and she was blushing constantly..  What' the matter? He wondered. She opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again and struggled to find her non-existing voice. She felt embarrassed and nervous at the same time. Sadu.. arrogant. .jerk..   She cursed him and that helped her to compose herself again.

"I wasn't staring." She hoped she sounded genuine. 

"O really? I noticed that." Abhi sighed smilingly. All of sudden he remembered something and continued," Well, I don't have time for this Nikki. I've got a very urgent meeting at 4 o'clock. I need your urgent help in the draft presentation." Abhi spoke sternly while shifting back his eyes on the laptop screen. 

Help?.. He'd called me for the help.. But what about my birthday?? What about planning an evening out.. Her heart sunk in despair.

"Okay, look Nikki,  I've mailed you what points needed to inserted."  He spoke looking in her direction again.She looked little distressed. "What's wrong Nikita? Have you even heard what I said? " Abhi queried. Nikki simply shook her head, "Umm its nothing." 

"Nikki look, this meeting is indeed very important for me. Will you be able to finish this before 3 o'clock?"  Abhi asked in a soft, yet strictly professional tone and raked his hands through his hair. 

Nikki shook his head again but this time in affirmation," Yes, I think I will." 

"Ok Nikki, you can leave now. Please make sure you've covered all the points that I've suggested."   

Had she heard little panic in his voice? He looked stressed out.. But she deserved Birthday wish atleast.. Was that too much to expect? Nikki turned to leave with a heavy heart but Abhi's soothing voice raised flicker of hope inside her heart.

"Nikki you look beautiful. " Abhi complimented her with a smile.

"Thanks Abhi". Color crept on her cheeks as she spoke. 

"But why you haven't worn your lab coat?"

"Huh?" She knew her expressions conveyed her shock and disbelief. 

"Nikki you are on duty. Don't you know as per Sanjivani guidelines, every intern is expected to wear a lab coat during their duty hours". 

So the arrogant boss was back in action.. She gritted her teeth.. Here she was hoping for some tender words and what all he had to say was where's my lab court?.. Indeed a jerk.. She repeated it as a mantra. That mantra soothed her aching heart.. 

She gave him a look that spoke volumes. "Well, Dr. Modi, my duty hours hadn't started when I got your message. And I rushed in here to check out reason for your page. But I guess 'discipline' is more important in your dictionary than 'sincerity". She knew that she sounded rude but she was beyond caring now. 

Abhi gave him a long hard stare. "I'm impressed. You are becoming matured. I guess my company suits you" Abhi chuckled and sobered in the next moment, "Okay, get back to the work. And you do look nice today". Abhi spoke tenderly this time. 

Nikki rushed outside his cabin as quickly as possible. Her eyes turned misty.. Why did I fall in love with such an unromantic man??.. Who didn't even know how to compliment a girl?? Well, Nikki jaisi karni waisi bharni.. You were after him like crazy since the day he joined Sanjivani.. now suffer.. She chided herself and struggled to hold back her tears. 

Abhi watched her as she left his cabin in an obvious huff and he wondered what he'd said to upset her. Well, that could wait.. Today's meeting is his priority right now. He sighed and got back to his work.

The day turned out in the most awful day for Nikki. The first half of the day she was busy in making presentation and then later, she spent the time in cursing Abhi to the core. Somehow she finished her duty and rushed back home to curse him little more.


Nikki decided to skip diner as she wasn't feeling like having anything. She checked the time and it was pretty late. Whole day passed in cursing Abhi, yet she felt she wasn't done with her cursing. She changed into her nightwear with her ranting. Indeed sadu!!, how could you do this to me Abhi? How could you be so ignorant about today?? All of sudden she started feeling depressed and vulnerable again. Her eyes turned misty as Abhi's smiling face haunted her again. She chided her mind for conjuring up such disturbing thoughts.. Get a grip Nikki.. It's not the end of the world.. I know what you need right now.  She ran towards kitchen and removed a carton of his favorite Chocolate chip ice cream that she had kept especially for such a foul mood. To her dismay, her favorite ice-cream failed to sooth down her aching heart. You are going to get the same treatment on your B'day Abhi. She muttered under her breath. But when is his B'day? Oh No! I never bothered to find out. What if we both share B'day on the same day and he was expecting me to wish him first?? Oww was that the reason he looked umm nice.. She puckered her nose.. In the next moment she started blushing as she remembered how he'd caught her off guard today when she was checking him out.. Arghhh.. this Man!! Nikki, you are a nut case because you have fallen in love with a stonehearted man.. Now suffer.. Unshed tears started rolling down from her eyes. 

On the other side, Abhi reached back Sanjivani around nine o'clock to collect an important file for tomorrow early morning meeting. He had had a very busy day and his body craved for rest. However, as he started going through the file, out of a habit he lost the count of time. A knock on the door made him realize that he was still in Sanjivani.  He massaged his nape and spoke reluctantly, "Come in". 

Ridhima entered in his cabin with a file in her hand.  

"Dr. Ridhima? What are you doing in Sanjivani at this hour? ". 

"Dr. Modi, I've got night shift. I didn't know you were working this late. Umm you look tired" Ridhima spoke concernedly. 

"Oh.. yes.. had a hectic day. Anyways I think I've done for the day". Abhi spoke reluctantly and closed his file. 

"Umm Dr. Modi if you don't mind, can I ask you a personal question?" Ridhima ventured.

Abhi narrowed his gaze, yet shook his head in affirmation. Since past few days, he found himself on very friendly terms with Dr. Ridhima. He had discovered that he could trust Ridhima, as far as his personal life is concerned.  

"Dr. Modi how was the dinner date? Umm I mean I hope Nikki had a great time on her Birthday."  

"Hmm.." Abhi replied reluctantly, still massaging his temple. As the gravity of Ridhima's words began to sink in, he got up abruptly from his chair," what? What did you say? Birthday? Nikki's Birthday? " He asked in disbelief.

"Yes Nikki's birthday." Ridhima spoke in puzzlement. "Oh my God, now don't tell me Dr. Modi that you have forgotten it was Nikki's birthday today. Oh no that's why she was in a strange mood when I called her in the evening." Ridhima terrified. 

Abhi sank back in the chair and racked his hand through his hair. " Oh Man! This "new Sanjivani Project' is taking a life out of me. Why the hell no body informed me about her Birthday?" Abhi scowled. 

"Don't you think you are supposed to remember your 'to be fiance's birthday'" Ridhima blurted out before she could stop herself. She knew that Abhi was going to propose her for the marriage soon as he'd asked her about Nikki's taste for the ring just a couple of days back.  

To her surprise, Abhi didn't seem to mind at her blurting. He was too preoccupied in building up some plan. 

He knew what he had to do now. He got up from his chair and checked his wrist watch. "The day is not yet over Dr. Ridhima." He spoke cheerfully and continued, "Dr. Ridhima, I need your help in this."  

Not waiting for her positive reply, Abhi explained her plan of action. He grabbed his car keys and a small box that he'd kept in his drawer and made his way towards the door. 

He halted at the cabin door and turned his face towards Ridhima. " Dr. Ridhima, next week we are planning for a medical camp near Panchgini. I'm thinking of putting Dr. Mallik's and your name in the list of Doctors."  

" Dr. Modi, are you trying to bribe me?" Ridhima couldn't believe he could tease Dr. Modi like this. 

"Umm guess what, I don't keep debts." Abhi shrugged his shoulder and walked out side with a smile on his face. 

Ridhima shook her head. "Nikki, I'm really happy for you. He is a perfect match for you." Ridhima smiled and left from his cabin to implement Abhi's plan.


Nikki checked the time and sighed.. Time for bed.. She jumped in the bed and crawled under the covers and reached for the bedside lamp. As her eyes fell on 'the object of her disappointment, she couldn't stop herself for cursing him for the last time. She took the frame in her hand and snapped finger at Abhi's smiling face.. How could you be so ignorant Abhi?? You didn't even bother to find out the reason behind my trendy look today.. !!  A mixture of anger and disappointment settled in the pit of her stomach as she felt her mood dip once again.. Haan haan bohot hasi aa rahi hai na? Haan haso!!  why will you remember my B'day? You will prefer to remember anniversary of Sanjivani instead, right?? I hate you!! Can you hear me I hate you!!

 At the same moment, her cell phone rang. She checked the name and had a sudden impulse to shriek with laughter, a mad urge to do dance like crazy..  So, finally you remembered it!! Omg!! Nikki get a grip..  She took a long and steady breath and composed herself. She picked up the call and tried to sound hoarse as if she got up from a deep sleep.. "Hello'  

"Hello Nikki, " Abhi sounded panicky. 

Nikki's heart gave a little jolt noticing panic in his voice. She sat up abruptly. "Abhi, is everything alright? Where are you? She queried. 

"I'm fine. Tell me have you already gone to  bed?" 

"Yes.. umm I mean No. umm I'm in my bed err I.. mean I haven't slept yet." She stammered.

"Hmm.. Now get out from your bed and get to the main door." 

He sounded different.. There is no possibility he'd called to wish her B'day.. Something is terribly wrong.. A tiny shiver passed straight up her spine. 

 "Huh? What?" Nikki puzzled. 

"Nikki you ask lot of question now do as I said. I'll be there in about less than a Minute" Abhi ordered in a stern voice. 

"Abhi I.." The line was already disconnected from the other end. 

Less than a minute?? Oh God! She literally jumped out from bed. Where the hell is my night robe? She tossed her bed sheet to the other side. Ab ise bhi abhi gayab hona tha? She muttered. The bell started ringing.. 

Omg! She gasped.. The visitor was desperate. The bell rang again.

 "Go to hell don't show me your pinky face again." Nikki cursed the poor robe this time. Bell kept on ringing and she was left with no option but to hurry up steps to the main door.

"Arey baba coming." She yelled while running towards the main door. 

She opened it abruptly and snapped back, "Ever heard of something called 'Patience?" 

Abhi's gaze roamed over her small frame. He marveled how feminine and delicate she looked even in that pink tank top and white pajama. She was one of a kind. He somehow managed to mask his amusement.

Was there a flicker of amusement in those luminous chocolate brown eyes? Nikki narrowed her gaze and searched for some clue for his unexpected visit. But she knew that the person stood in front of her had done mastery in masking his emotions all the time. 

"Can I ask you why are you here?" Nikki ventured folding her hands over her chest.

 "Can I ask you what take you so long to open the door?" Abhi countered placing his hands on his hips. 

"I was searching for my night robe." She blurted before she could stop herself. 

"Oh, so you have got this bad habit of not to keep such thing handy?" Abhi couldn't believe he was teasing her on such a ridiculous thing. 

"Huh?" Nikki glared him in disbelief and continued," Well, nobody visits me at these hours of night usually. And I don't prefer to sleep with a robe on." Nikki couldn't believe she was giving explanation for such a lame topic. 

"Okay! Grab your key. You need to come with me." Abhi spoke in a serious tone.

 Nikki's heart felt as if it lodged in her throat. "Abhi, what has happened? You are scaring me." 

"Nikita you are a doctor. You should be ready for 24*7 for on duty call without panicking. By the way there is this patient of your's.." Abhi deliberately left the sentence incomplete. 

"Who? Ramdin? Omg! What happened to him? He was okay when I left. Abhi, I visited him before I left. Oky give me 5 minutes. I need to change". Nikki spoke hurriedly and turned abruptly.

 Abhi looked at his wristwatch and shrugged, "No need. We are getting late. Just grab your keys." 

Nikki shook her head and gave up idea of changing. Taking a fortifying breath, she ran inside and grabbed her keys. To her luck, she found her red jacket lying on the couch. She grabbed it, stuffed her arms into the sleeves and headed for the door.  She knew she looked funny, but she was beyond caring. Right now her patient needed her attention. As she settled in the car, Abhi drove the car in a complete silence. Nikki too decided to not to ask him much as he wasn't much informative. In less than twenty minutes they were inside the Sanjivani. She followed Abhi as they made their ways towards the elevator. Abhi slapped the button for the top level and noticed Nikki lost in her thoughts. Just couple of minutes and I'll relieve you from your misery.  Abhi apologized with apologetic gaze.  Thankfully the elevator came to a halt and she stepped out from the lift, still her mind was not focused to her path ahead. But suddenly she noticed that they have reached to the terrace instead of 7th floor.

The terrace was surrounded in the dark except flicker light of moonlight. Nikki turned hastily and bumped into Abhi, who'd just stepped out from the lift. She gripped Abhi's arm in fear.. 

Abhi steadied her and asked mockingly," Where do you think you are going?"

 "Abhi can't you see we are on the wrong floor." All at once Nikki began to feel uptight. What's wrong with him??.. Had he lost his sense tonight??

 "I know where we are Nikki. It's beautiful here, isn't it?" He spoke as a matter of fact as his hand reached for switching on the lights. 

As the lights flickered on, Nikki glanced back. Her huge black eyes widened in shock cum surprise as it notice her surroundings. 

The terrace was decorated with few red and white colors heart shaped balloons.. Soon her eyes fell on the beautifully decorated Chocolate cake that was lying on the centre table.. She devoured it with her eyes without a blink.. was she dreaming al this?? Taking a shaky breath, she left Abhi's arm and walked toward the centre table. Her heart started dancing to see such a wonderful unexpected surprise. The surprise made her momentarily dumb. Abhi's eyes were following her each and every movement. As his eyes fell on the well decorated cake, he sighed.. Dr. Ridhima, I think I owe you more than what I planned.. Well, Dr. Mallik you've got lucky this time.. He sighed again and blew air out from his mouth.

Taking another shaky breath, Nikki ventured to look in Abhi's direction. Abhi shot her a charming smile. She felt cold feet as Abhi's Chocolate brown eyes held her gaze as he made his way towards her.

 "A.. bhi t..his.." Nikki stammered and searched for her voice. He was standing too close to her and she felt breathless.  

Abhi looked at her tenderly as if he knew exactly how she was feeling at his unexpected surprise. 

Abhi's hands on its own accord rose and cupped her cheeks. Nikki's hands rested on his chest. He bent down his face and Nikki closed her eyes softly. Abhi gently brushed his lips over hers and murmured softly," Happy Birthday Nikki."   

A cold shiver passed through her spine as she sensed him removing his hands from her cheeks and held her slender waist. His silky soothing voice filled her ears and she opened her eyes reluctantly. 

"Nikki I'm sorry for not being the first person to wish you a happy Birthday. But isn't it good that I'm the last one to wish you?" Abhi spoke genuinely. 

Nikki noticed flicker of tenderness in his eyes and she had no strength to retort back after such a beautiful surprise. However her naughty nature prevented her from giving in so easily. 

"Don't you think that's a lame excuse?" She gave him a mock frown but her voice sounded little shaky to her own ears. His hands on her waist weren't making it easy for her to snap back. She struggled hard to tear away her gaze and to move out from his hold.  

She looked so beautiful and flustered and little irate that Abhi almost laugh out loud.

 "Don't be a spoilt sport Nikki. I can make out from you face how delightful you are right now" Abhi teased. 

"Abhi!" She wailed as her spine was beginning to melt at his intense gaze. She looked down as color started creeping on her cheeks. 

Abhi chuckled and held her chin with his hand. He made her look up and sombered. "I'm sorry Nikki. Truly I am. But I'm happy that made it before twelve. Umm that reminds me that we need to cut the cake." 

Holding her slender shoulders, he made her turn slowly. Silently, he removed a tiny object from his trouser's pocket and curled his finger around it. He put his arm around her slim waist and with other arm he made her hold the knife.  Nikki was having a hard time to focus on anything. Today she'd witnessed the other side of this most unpredictable man. He was warm, tender and wonderful tonight. She was enchanted to stay back in his arm like this forever. Was she dreaming too much tonight?  She pinched Abhi's arm around her waist with her free hand. 

"Ouch." Abhi winced. "Nikki you are not dreaming this. Now hold back your horses and cut the cake". Abhi spoke humorously.

Nikki blushed hard and simply shook her head. Together they cut the cake. Abhi released her from his hold and she turned. Abhi carefully dig that tiny object in the softer side of a small piece of cake as she turned to face him. He offered the same piece to Nikki and emphasized his words, "Nikki, chew it properly before swallowing."

 Nikki narrowed her eyes at his lame instruction. She shook her herd whatever and took mouthful of the piece. As she started chewing it like a child, she sensed some hard object in between her teeth. She removed it immediately out from her mouth and horrified. She swallowed the cake hurriedly and chocked hard. 

Abhi reached for her but she stopped him by raising her free arm. Somehow she managed to stop her chocking. In a complete state of shock, all she could do was to stare that tiny diamond ring openmouthed. In less than fifteen minutes she again struggled to find her non existent voice. She opened her mouth, closed it and again opened it and spoke hoarsely," A..bhi what's this?" 

He couldn't stop himself giving her a wicked grin at the shocked expression crossed over her beautiful face.  

"The last time I checked it was a dazzling diamond solitaire ring."

"Are you going to propose me?" She looked horrified. She was definitely having a wild dream.

"I guess so!" Abhi amused, shrugging his shoulders. 

Nikki held her heart with her free hand and murmured, "I'm going to faint." 

"Wait, let me propose first. It's an indeed difficult task for me." Abhi took the ring from her hand and proposed with a straight face, "Will you marry me Dr. Nikita Malhotra?" 

Nikki swallowed and babbled, "This is not the way to propose." Her heart was doing double take at a time and she was feeling on top of the world.

"Oh No Nikki, Don't expect me to kneel down and propose in the most ridiculously filmy way." Abhi made a disgusting face and continued, " I would rather prefer this." He took her small palm in his hand and slided the ring in her ring finger. "Done."  He blew an air out from his mouth as if he'd accomplished a most challenging task of his life. 

Nikki astonished and startled at his sudden move. She looked at him openmouthed.

 "I didn't say yes." She spoke in disbelief. 

"You don't have to. Its written all over your face this is what you wanted me to do." Abhi mocked a smile. 

"You know Abhi, you are indeed a heck of an arrogant man, I've ever seen in my life." Nikki puckered her nose. 'Breathtakingly Handsome arrogant man she wanted to add.

"Thank you." Abhi smirked. Nikki puzzled whether she spoke her thought loudly. 

"Aap khush huwi, hum isikie liye jeetey hai." He spoke sarcastically.

Nikki couldn't stop herself for smiling blissfully as she remembered him uttering those words on the other night in Panchgini.

She gave him her most naughty bubbly smile. She was feeling happier than she'd ever been in her life. Stepping forward, she stood on tip toes and gave him a quick peck on his cheek. Without giving him time to recover, she hugged him lightly. Abhi puzzled and  put his arms around her. Nikki put her face on his chest.  

"I love you Abhi." She announced with all her heart. 

"Hmmm." Abhi hmmed tenderly. 

The Birthday that had started out so awful ended as one of the best memorable birthday of her life.


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Originally posted by namy_an

Hey Nehu, That was very sweet and cute scene... Your scene was long due.. I know presently you've got very busy schedule but I'm happy that finally you posted it.
Loved AN little convo cum argument for the dinner.. It's utterly amazing that they don't have to search for the topic to have an argument.. lol… I wonder Nikki will ever change?? Poor Abhi.. Dinner menu kya puchh liya.. Afaat aa gayi.. Scene was just cool.. Loved AN's cuteness.. Do keep writing as and when you get time...

Hey Namy, thanks for the lovely words. You know what this is why I love you, you know me very well.
And I know the scene was long due but this is not the OS I was talking about Wink I'll post that OS as soon as I finish typing tak ke liye isi se kaan chalao...
Now I have to read your OS, so let me read n enjoy...

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