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dreamer_dreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
i agree with you
these TRPs ruin all the grt serials
have stopped watching most of my fav serials because now the storyline is boring and stupid
but i think 6 months is really should b about a yr or so

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zaaratq IF-Sizzlerz

Crazy Creative Minion
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 3:06am | IP Logged
@TM, GREAT POST FIRST OF ALL.. This is a post everyone on forum and everyone related to indian television drama should see... Im from singapore and from non-hindi speaking family.. None of us speak or understand hindi.. Well even bollywood, it didnt exist in my life.. Till i saw a movie called Mujhse Dosti Karoge.. Yes believe me that was my first bollywood movie.. Then, from there i slowly started watching bollywood movies.. I was still into tamil(i speak tamil) movies.. My mum was a fan of rishi kapoor.. So there was a time i was so into bollywood.. Everything.. So due to that i was quite active on youtube.. Thats when i got introduced to hindi tv dramas.. From a fren on yt.. I used to get intrigued to watch them.. I was intro to dill mill gaye(starone show).. Saw some episodes.. But got bored.. Back then, it was just starting.. Didnt get interest to watch further.. Then came a list of star plus and other channel shows.. I rmb kyp, kzk, kdmhmd, etc.. They were very popular on yt then.. I didnt know such dramas existed.. Didnt know an ounce about this so called T-R-P ratings.. I got disinterested to see dramas after that.. Because all stories are the same.. Even bollywood was not better.. I went back to tamil filmdom.. Many movies in tamil were better off according to stories.. But tamil dramas was shit.. Something similar to hindi dramas.. I cannot stand any drama back then.. But i still continue to catch some episodes of good, appealing dramas... Forgot their names.. Until that day, 17 august 2010... I came across a drama called geet hui sabse parayi.. It was a fresh story.. I loved the social message.. Well because of that drama, i got into here, able to catch some dramas earlier aired.. Like the ones mentioned by TM.. Slowly, i got to know that most dramas are surviving on a thing called T-R-P.. Well, i have to agree this trp thing is really killing a story.. Well atleast thats what i felt while seeing geet now.. This show i can swear, the best i have seen.. It has a great concept of nri marriages, honour killing and about a 18 year old gal's fight thru her merciless family and society.. About her journey.. When i got first intro to this drama, i went to wikipedia to check its story.. Then i saw that there were other good concept stories like balika vadu, yrkkh, uttaran, and many others.. Saw them.. At first i loved them.. Then it just went haywire.. Im still new to hindi show and drama.. But i know that such good dramas are destroyed because of the trps.. How can they depend on such ratings to keep a drama going? I maybe be biased here because i love(hopelessly still love) geet and its special to me because it was my first drama that i actually sat dwn watch it and became crazy over it.. It used to be great.. I used to look forward watching it.. Not just because of the chemistry the leads share.. But mainly because i loved the concept and the social message about strong woman that it showed.. Lately, the drama has been butchered too.. Too many illogical subplots... Im also upset my favourite show getting into such state.. I have to say, its not only to blame the trps but mainly the key player in this line.. Yeah, im talking about ekta.. She has monopolised the industry in such way, that some dramas which has better plot than her dramas sadly doesnt get the same treatment when comes to trps.. Lets take starone as a whole.. The channel, a youth-based, doesnt get to enjoy same privileges like other channels.. Why is it so? Actors from starone dramas are more talented than all other actors on other channels. Yet its only other channel actors get awards.. This industry is not just dominated by trps, but also the key players like ekta kapoor.. I have nothing against that lady.. Im not sure how this trp ratings are calculated in india.. Is it from every household or just a selected few? In that way, thats unfair.. Now because of trps and because ph need to intro another drama, the cvs have been forced to change the storyline.. This doesnt happen with just geet alone, but also dmg, naidl, dsdv to name a few(there are many others).. Trp ratings says that pratigya is very popular.. But i don see such popularity on internet.. Infact, i feel more starone shows are popular on net, and thus more popular in countries other than india.. Many can reason that internet is more popular with youth so the youth-shows that starone is based on gets more fame from youth.. Well thats a total misconception because as far as geet concerned(i know since im mostly active on geet forum), there are a couple of old people who catches the show.. Now because of the trps what happened to geet, the once-glorified show?? Its failing badly, becoming another saas-bahu story, from the youth-based romantic, logical story, now we all get unrealistic weak potrayal of the lead character.. Not the fault on the actress though.. Infact, drashti dhami and gurmeet choudary are very talented, and its so sad to see their talents being wasted in geet, where its only popular on the net.. But not with trps.. Maybe thats why the ph has started on another drama.. And focusing on that drama, left geet high and dry with same old sets and old costumes.. All this trp things are nonsense, they not only destroy the story's essence but also kill the chance of getting some rocking performance from the leads.. Some actors talents are wasted not just because of trps but the domination of the channels itself.. I still don get it why trp only include people watching from india.. Do they even include people watching hindi dramas from other parts of the world?? In my opinion, starone is not exactly a bad channel, it has produced some good shows like geet, lnmdj, rbo and dmg(season 1 and 2) is good too.. Yet only ekta directed or produced shows gets the trps.. But we cant do anything about this trps because its being controlled.. We can only voice out our opinions.. Sadly, we cant change things in this industry.. Everywhere, every industry, such things happen.. There will be a person dominating, which doesnt give chance for others to shine.. And unfortunately, thats what happening in hindi dramas.. But we cant keep blaming the trps or the people behind it.. Maybe, people in india, esp the middle-class middle-aged housewives(the regular audience of tv dramas), are more interested in the boring stuff, and do not complain much and still continue seeing the same old-concept dramas.. This may have given a perception to the industry players that their drama is popular.. But they are not understanding, they also cater to other age-groups and esp they forget that people from other countries also watch the dramas.. However, now all we can do is just keep hoping a miracle will happen.. Right now, thats what im waiting for in geet.. Hope my favourite drama doesnt turn out to be like dsdv or naidl, where due to low trps, it has to go thru an abrupt end or an unnecessary leap.. If there is a reason why, im still in forum and see geet is because of gurmeet and drashti(the leads) and also because of the many great frens i have made in here.. Otherwise, i wont be here to give my 2 cents worth here.. Anyways thank you so much to the TM, this post is much needed now, as many shows now with good storylines are being misleaded by trps and gets the axe to satisfy trps.. Now tv has just become another bollywood where money does all talking..

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poetic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
@ Shobha (since everyone else is calling you by that name LOL) -
I too don't have any idea about what's happening in Laado, after the Leap, at far as visual is concerned. When the news came out about the Leap, I decided that I would stop watching it once the Leads were dead, and I kept my promise (I am mighty proud of that actually). I hear in bits and pieces from 1 or 2 friends and I am completely disillusioned. Wonder sometimes why the PH and CH decided to go with the Leap? Tos how all this absurdity, especially when the story before the Leap had still so much to show. We all have been patiently waiting that a day would come when some positive message would be given out by the Show (even it is part fictional) but that never happened. Only we were jolted from one stupidity to another. The Show doesn't exist for me anymore, though it's still getting the TRPs. And, now after the leap, ( I hear) the same story is being repeated, albeit in a different way. So there goes creativity out of the window. Dunno why, but I will always hold COLORS responsible for destroying a Show with a good storyline and for killing off the Leads unnecessarily, and thus destroying everything.

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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by poetic

Dunno why, but I will always hold COLORS responsible for destroying a Show with a good storyline and for killing off the Leads unnecessarily, and thus destroying everything.

  Problem here is that Channel+production house have to kill the leads because after leap they do not want to be the parents of children who are older to them or say same age, because of this sometimes change the actor with plastic surgery...Funny thing is our serial makers are quite smart where medical science is concerned ,as they have never heard of DNA test.....SO In the TRP race this funda comes handy.....Because of this TRP race, with illogical tracks They really make fun of viewers intelligence.....Color started with good social issue based soaps but gradually one by one soaps went haywire, issues were lost somewhere..In all this TRP game ,viewers are taken for merry-go-round ride......

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Raconteuse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by poetic

Dunno why, but I will always hold COLORS responsible for destroying a Show with a good storyline and for killing off the Leads unnecessarily, and thus destroying everything.

I hope I won't divert from the topic here, but @Bold - Thats exactly the problem with Colors channel, not only one show but for majority of their shows which are/ are not currently on air.. Butchered is the right word for what they did to YPNHK. It was started with such a promising storyline and they destroyed it completely with their interference. We were taken for ride with such idiotic and crazy twist and turns , to top it all, They didn't even give it a proper ending.Sleepy
I haven't seen NAIDL, but have heard that viewers weren't happy with the killing of leads. They are now destorying LTL ( from the comments I read on IF ) despite it doing so well in their beloved word "TRPs". They pay absolutely no heed to the messages viewers like us send them. Simply do not understand their strategy of working! Its as if they are more interested to satisfy themselves rather than their audience!Angry

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--Pooja-- IF-Dazzler

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Another prime example of a butchered story line is PKYEK on Star one....D show started out in such a promising way n a very interesting storyline....i loved watching d show  but now i stopped watching it....d story no longer makes any sense n on top of tat there r so many characters added it becomes difficult to understand wat is wat...

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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 August 2010
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Sorry to say but i think this all Drama about TRP,s started with K brand.....No doubt about that in the starting this brand has given some good soaps ....After that it was a competition to out do the Bold& beautiful , because of that illogical tracks were introduced ......Every PH started to follow the same trend were in the race to out do the other....Thoes  who were trying something different  were left behind....Now its a cut throat business, thats why some good soaps with contents have to compromise and the real contents are lost in the way......Even channel has its say in the story  line , as per TRP ,  tracks and twists are added,result of that creativity suffers and the Production house has to toe the line per the channel whims....At the end of the day its all for the quick gains for both channels and Production house , but loss to the creativity of actors and the poor viewers

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jasjotbains Newbie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
We would prefer serials which are informative and thought inspiring,rather than the crap that comes these days :!!

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