Thendral Monday 21st of March 2011

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged


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Janani20 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Thank you for the super fast and very detailed update Theiva akka.

Super! Today's episode was amazing, after a long time. Stupid family reading books, like they have brains, hmm continue continue, soon you lot will be asking money to buy a single book. I am glad Deepa made the correct decision, by taking Thulasi to Sudha. Hopefully, that scene from the promo will be shown tomorrow. I am so excited to watch tomorrow's episode, not only tomorrow but the whole week. I'm sure this week will rock! Tamizh knows very well that Thulasi won't accept to release VR, with mulusamantham. That is why he planned to say she is cute. Wonder if he really would have said that if there is no need to ask about VR, he would just completely ignore her and talk with his thickest friend. I guess, Tamizh would have decided to stop somewhere in the middle of their bike ride, to talk about VR to Thuasi, that's probably why he was in a hurry. Fantastic Thulasi! Your dialogues were awesome! My goodness, Tamizh can't figure out his wife's derisive speech? No wonder he is a dumb fellow. LOL, but the way GW and Pyscho stared at Thulasi was funny.

Part 2 was great to watch. Wow, I never expected that scene with Thulasi talking about the kai regai thing, would come up today, but still I was so happy. Charu deserves all those words from her and now she should understand how much love and attraction Thulasi has towards her intimate hubby! Aiyoo Pyscho! Who is the jobless person? It is you! Always hanging around at unwanted people's houses and not doing any housework or anything. First go marry a guy, then come to Thulasi with your goody goody act. Thulasi's last dialogue to Charu was a super duper nose-cut! That scene was very beautifully shown and Shruthi's acting and facial expression was chance-less. The only negative fact is now Charu will be extra careful with Thulasi and could extend to harm her, but I think before she attempts that, the killer will try to do that.

Sundari's scene was interesting and will be more good to watch in the upcoming episodes. There is no wrong in Sundar's anger, the manager should understand that and asked her later what the problem was. Anyway, what to do. Bhuvana is a shameless creature and she goes well with Charu! I wish she is her darling mummy. I really do hope Sundari to be Thulasi's mother. I still have the doubt as to why Bhuvana is willing to live with Laxshman and why she left her previous husband. That suspense is still to be shown. Once again, Shruthi's acting was spectacular, I could just praise her all day, hehe. Not only her, but the villi role suits Shrividya and she has done a good job too. Yuvarani as usual was pretty!

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Arizes. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Thanks Theiva for the wonderful update.... Clap
Good episode after a long time...Good start for the week..ClapClap
Wow....Thulz StarStarStar....
TA....unaku ippo thaan Thulz kannuku therinchala....OuchOuch.....over vazhisal...thudachiko man...
Best dialogue...."Did U ask Charu....ROFL".....Thulz....a straight shooter....
For first time TA was shown innocent....LOLLOL.....he did not understand her sarcasam...or must be this way....he must have never expected her to be sarcastic....LOLLOL.....(TA brain non functioning theriyum...athukaga ippadiya....Shocked)
Even before going to start her classes from Sudha.....Thulz has started doing her home works...Tongue
So deepa is taking Thulz to Sudha....lets see what their meeting is upto...Confused
The way Charu was running behind u needed this....kozhupu konjam korayum nu way......again a drama....AngryAngryAngry...
I was thinking if Thulz wd fall for her drama again.....Good Thulz.....Ur experience with Vel is felt  here....Clap....
Thulz last peice of dialogues really need aClapClapClap....
The thing Thulz know what Charu is upto but not showing up...
Charu doubts if Thulz knows her intentions but her questions are still unanswered....
Thulz way of approach to Charu  is really cool and thats the way Thulz....
she was not sarcastic..she was not angry....she was not funny....but Thulz was Thulz all thru the way she was talking to Charu.....StarStarStar.....excellent portrayal of Thulz Character....
LOLLOLLOL....TA better luck next time to open up VR matter........See U had a motive to take to her and appreciate her beauty which we disliked from u for the first time and again...we did not want u to take her in your bike...LOLLOLLOL
TPS Vs Bhuvana.....So the heat has started here.....Shocked

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Smiles-20 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Thanks Thieva for the wonderful and super quick updates!

So happy to hear that Tulasi is being bold and strong.  Her timing and dialogues were perfect today.  I loved how she indirectly played with both Tamil and gave a nose cut to Charu. 

Looks like Tamil is starting to think about what Charu said about VR case.  He knows that Tulasi will be really disappointed if he asks her to let the case go.  Was he trying to be nice to her on purpose and said that she looked really nice today and use the bike ride to talk to her about the case??  I didn't like how he was being nice today...I hope he does not use Tulasi just for the sake of the others.  Yes, he really has lost his brain...atleast he didn't yell at Tulasi for being sarcastic or anything.  Looks like faith does not want Tamil to ask Tulasi about VR there is no petrol.

In this episode Tulasi lied straight to Tamil's face even though it was a white harmless lie.  I just hope TT continue to be true to themselves and speak everything straight forward since we don't want any problems.  When will Tamil go back to the bank????  I hate seeing him at home doing nothing with the other useless creatures.

It was funny how in Tulasi's dream, Tulasi was left standing alone on the road but today seeing Charu on the road was super.  She looked really scary today though...and I found it irritating how she was yelling Tulasi's name so many times on the road.  I wanted Tulasi to just run away from her.  The 'bye' from Tulasi to Charu was funny.

Charu is smarter than we think.  She knows perfectly that Tulasi is up to something and is trying her best to stop Tulasi from winning. 

I hope tomorrow Sudha gives Deepa and Tulasi good advice on how to plan their next moves.  Lol...I still find the promo scene really funny how all three of them were so excited about how to deal with GW and Charu.

TPS vs Bhuvana was interesting today.  I think Bhuvana has more 'power' due to her status in society but I want Sundari to fight back.

A good start to the week...

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Pearl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged

Thanks Theiva for the nice and detailed update! Clap

Awesome episode! TA oray asadu valliyal today! Tongue
omg! when thulasi said, "did you get permisison from charu for dropping me?"Wink, even I was
literally shocked at her direct attack but in a way nobody finds fault with her, specially our TA. He did not understand the sarcasmConfused. But good reply from ThulasiClapClap.
Pottu thakku Thulasi! Just enjoyed each and every line she spoke to Charu. She totally grilled Charu today. After a long time, loved to see the "pei arancha" Charu faceWink. haha! Charu, u really deserve it.LOLLOL
TPS and Thulasi char resembles the same. Hopefully TPS is her mother.Big smile
Nobody can react to Thulasi now as they need favor from her. Wow! I really like it... TA will be behind Thulasi konjufying her as he knows how she will react to the favor.LOLLOL 
Big transformation in Thulasi character! Nice.ClapClap

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srima IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Thanks Theiva for the update. At last Tulasi acted with some sense. Nicely made Charu Soorpanakai Clap [nose cut]

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Shemmo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Thanks Theiva Akka for the wonderful and super fast Update!!Clap U got a super Epiii!!Dancing

ThulsThumbs Up....WOWOWOWOW!!!!....Thuls was just super!! Great..Keep it up!!StarStarClap She was very bold and OMG her mindvoice was just perfect and funny!! The way she ignored TA was funny too!!...And i cant blv is that our Thuls??ShockedClap U stole the show!! Really TA sonnamathiri she was looking pretty as always!! And the way she was talking with Charu...Hahahha..Her Apdiyaa was funnyROFL I was watching this part again and again!! Thuls be always bold!! Hahaha..She was very happy when TA bike was not odufyingLOL But TA need this, how he was threatining her b4!!AngryLOL Her last qn to Charu was very funny asn true too!! Thappu panna nenjam thaan kurukurukum!!Big smile Btw Thuls is lying to TA!!..Yes Thuls nalla mudivu!! He was also doing this and still doing!! But i hope Charu wont get to know about that..She will make a drama and namma intelligent hero will ask question to Thulasi!! Approm maybe fight!! But i think Thulasi will samalichufy him by saying she only met her to talk about Lav and GW matter!!

TA..ARG, Lav selfishness infect panniyachaa??...U was also only nice to Thuls becoz of VR matter!! ARGG! But Thulasi was ingnoring you...HahahahahahROFL You deserve this.. Kadavul Kannai Thorandudar...Hahahaha...He was jollufying with her!! And argg Charu too understand what Thuls was saying but he not!!...ARG Please give money to bank and take ur Brain back man!LOLAngry TA was just selfish today!! I hated him today..Nalla ice veikurar!! I think TA character is not going to get strong until Charu track ends!!

CharuROFLROFLROFL Ithu kaanuma illa innum koncham venumaa??LOL Hahahaha...Charu is going to loose weight if she follows Thuls everyday like this!LOL Hahaha...Her expressions were hilarious!! WOW....Charu i like this you more than last weeks CharuLOL  Ahhhh...Im soo happy!!
Hahahahaah Charu this is not the old Thuls...She is gone saamiyarLOL Ithu namma puthu Thulasi..Avangakittha un Thillalangadi work ellam work out agathu maa!! Try it with ur SS TA!! He will only listen to you...Even if u ask him shall i kill you..He will agree becoz he is a loosu now!!LOL
OMG Hahaha....Romba thaan sentiment-ahh pesina!! LOL...Hahaha Thulasi is no more going to fall in ur trap..!! U can try anything now!! Viewers got Vidivu Kaalam!!

ARGG..Stupid Boss of TPS!!...But their staring was nice!!...But TPS koncham amaidiya irunthukalam...Still hehehe she is also right!! Bhuv GTH!!Angry

Soo they are going to meet Sudha??..Haha sooper!!

After a long time im writing an essay!!LOL

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Nixkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Thanks Theiva Akka for the Super fast & Wonderful Update with Lovely Comments as usual!!Big smile

This whole episode is very good after a long time. Thulasi is the Star of today's episode. i thought psycho is going to faint when TA said Thulasi look so cute on that dress but TA you too started to praise her to open VR's matter?Angry. ROFLROFLi burst out laughing....when Thulasi said did you ask Charu to go on bike..i totally didn't expected....psycho and GW paavam head la idi vizhuntha maathiri parththaangaROFL. Charu early morning bike petrol ai drink pannitaanga pola instead of bed coffeeDead...Thulasi you should have walked even faster...velai vetti illamal summa eating at TA's house..should have made her run like that for at-least 15minAngry. Psycho disturb aayitaangalaam when Thulasi said TA to take her on bike...avanga avlo nallavanga nu thinking...didn't she always want to go ride around Chennai.

Why this psycho talking like she is some thiyaagiConfused...Ms.problem is telling that she is not problem but rest who talk aamAngry...this psycho is again and again trying to cover her real intention in the name of praising herself thinking Thulasi is still dumb to urugufy for herAngry...i think psycho probably thought she wasted 10min on her life time talking to Thulasi...her sympathy seeking chitchats failedDead...for once i enjoyed seeing Charu's faceDead. Charu go back to house and think hard as Thulasi said. On the whole Thulasi's dialogs to Charu were too good, also her mind voice, hope to see more like this and not Charu's evil smile, psycho should not even smile from todayAngry.

I still feel even before TA talk to Thulasi about VR...she is going to say yes to Nithesh's dad when he visit them and going to ask to accept N&L in a nice way...and as Theiva Akka said i think this psycho and her athai are going to make up a story after they get to know that Thulasi met Sudha..which will in-turn going to create a fight between T&T..Confused

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