Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Detailed Written+Video updates of Geet 03/21/2011

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21ST March 21, 2011


Video for Today's telecast from Sony:



Hi all:


Good morning and welcome to the new week on Geet's fourm..


Here we go with today's update


At Khurana Mansion


Geet is combing her hair sitting at the dressing table in beautiful Maroon color outfit looking fresh and beautiful.  Dadima walks in and calls her lovingly..... Geet looks up to see dadima approaching and putting her comb down stands up and comes near to dadima who praises her look saying Geet my child you look beautiful today.  Geet acknowledges that with a slight smile and thanks her saying may I ask you something.. Dadima nods her head.  She says why did Maan call me at the Farm house?  He could have meet me at home too right?  Dadima looks around to find an excuse and says smoothly..  I do not know the details about it but I got the message and I just came to give you that and anyway you know Maan..  we never could know what he says and what he thinks.  But anyway are you ready?   Geet smiles and nodes her head.  Dadima caresses her hand lovingly saying then I will go and inform driver.  Saying she walks out of the room.   While Geet once again goes to the mirror to have a last look and tidy her hair.   Her gaze falls on the picture of Maan on her dressing table.  She extends her hand and lovingly picks up the photo and looks at it caressing it fondly..  She as it is talking to the picture says I know why you are calling me to the farm house.  She adds ..... you want to surprise me and let me know what is in your heart.  And then with a tender smile she says.  You always find the way to see the smile on my face.....   and adds with a teary eyes and a smile...  I love you Maan then she closes her eyes as if basking in his love and hugs the frame to her heart and stands there for few moments.


Office of Khurana's construction..


Adi is looking at some file and Dadima walks in.  Adi looks up to see Dadima and says oh Dadima you are here?  Dadima asks about Maan's whereabouts.  Adi says he is busy with the presentation at Goregoun office and he has told me that he will be switching off his phone during the presentation.  Dadima knows her grandson and asks how long this presentation is.   Adi says he has no idea.  Then Adi says but what is the matter.   Dadima says nothing serious.. but then smiles and says oh tell him that after his work is done he should reach farmhouse around 2..  Adi has little confused expressions..  but then dadima smiles and says oh Geet will be waiting for him there.  Adi then smiles and says ok I will message him and as soon as his meeting is done I will call him and tell him that.  Dadi thanks Adi and leaves the office.


Dev is standing near the staircase and thinking.. a person comes and asks him if the arrangements are ok?  Dev smiles and says yes it looks perfect.  Another one comes and asks about some red cloth.  Dev says oh keep it there.   Dadima is shown sitting in her room on an easy chair with a huge grin and calls Dev.  At the farm house Dev receives the ring and reaching in his pocket he picks up the phone.  Looking at he caller ID his face breaks in to smile.  He says yes dadima.....   dadima says with a smile..  Good news son..   Maan and Geet will reach the farmhouse by noon..  hearing that Dev smiles broadly and says thank you Dadima..   He disconnects the phone mumbling with a smile.....   I should leave the premises before they arrive.....


In Annie's office she is with her team of Romeo and Manisha instructing Romeo to go and check the location before anyone reached there.  She says with a smile that though Sangram has said that it can occupy 2000 people but I do not want to take chance.  Then she turns to Manisha but he was in his own world.  She calls him little loudly and he gets startled and looks at Annie saying yes baby..  She tells him to look after the arrangement for the supply of 200 kgs of flowers.   He says ok.....   and the office girls walks in with a flower bouquet saying Annie m'am these are for you.    She keeps the file aside and receives the bouquet saying oh wow this is so beautiful who must have send it?   She keeps it on the table and Romeo says oh look there is the card and you can find out.  Annie picks up the card..  it says to the most beautiful girl on the earth from his friend.....   Manisha says oh roses how romantic.....   Annie picks up a rose saying in her heart Arjun I know it is you as yesterday you saw me with Sangram.  So I do not need to ask who could be that friend..

Manisha just drools over the scene and Romeo looks on.....   Manisha asks Annie at least tell us which of your admire sent you these roses..  Playfully Annie says with a smile oh shut up do and do your job.  Both of them leave the office and Annie keeps on looking at that single rose and her hand and thinks about her loving time with Arjun during the time of Maaneet's wedding Sangeet..



Part 2:


Annie's happy flashbacks are still on bringing tender smile on her face.....  Arjun walks in calling Annie?  That startles Annie and she looks up to see him standing at the door but her finger gets pricked by the thorn and  she gasp a little looking at the dot of blood on her finger.  Seeing her expressions of pain Arjun rushes inside and comes by her side and and takes her hand in his and wipes the blood from her finger.  His natural response to her state of pain makes Annie smiles and she keeps on looking dreamily at Arjun while he keeps her hand in his and wipes the blood from her finger tip.  Looking at the concern on his face for her wellbeing Annie is totally elated and she brings her hand keeps it on his.  Arjun brings his gaze to her smiling face and realizes what he was doing and withdraws his one hand but he still hold her hand with one hand wiping the blood from her finger tip..  Suddenly they here Sangram calling her Anweshaji..  and they both step back.  Turning Arjun sees him at the door.   Sangram comes forward asking if she liked the roses.....  Arjun and Annie looks at each other.  Sangram repeats the question asking Annie if she liked the roses.  Again she looks at Arjun who kind of gives her an angry stare when she says yes of course I liked the roses.  Annie was holding her pricked finger which catches the attention of Sangram who comes forward and says oh what happen to you?   Then he looks at the rose in her hand and realizes that this due to the thorn of roses he brings his hand up and smoothes his hair back saying I made a mistake I should not have sent you the roses..  The genuine concern on his face makes Arujn mad and turning he pushes the chair back and walks out of there and Annie keeps helplessly looking at his departing back.  Sangram still is feeling bad about it and then he snatches the rose from her hand and throws it away saying from now on I will not sent you roses.  Poor Annie says oh that's ok do not worry about it.  May I offer you some tea.  Arjun was standing behind the door and keeps on looking at them and really feels madly sad and walks out of there.


Adi is in his office and Dev walks in saying hi Adi.  Adi was surprised to see him and says oh Dev sir how come you are here.  Dev just smiles and asks about his brother.  Adi smiles and says that he is at goregoun office and is unreachable.  He is trying to call him since ling too as I need to give him an important message too.  But his phone is switched off during the presentation.  Dev is bit worried and mumbles now what should I do..  Adi says did you say something??  Dev says oh nothing and walks out of there.


A car is approaching the driveway and stops.  Geet embarks from the car.  Her phone rings..  It was dadima caling Geet  she says Geet you did not tell me if you reached the farm house or not.....    Geet smiles and says Dadima I just reached and just stepped out of the car.  Dadima smiles and says ok daughter be happy..  Geet was a little surprised by that but just neglects it and turning walks toward the farm house. 


Arjun sitting in his office and his mind goes over to the handshakes of Annie and Sangram and her smiling face while talking to Sangram..  That really disturbs him.  Nitya walks in and calls him but he is oblivious to her presence.  She calls him couple of time to bring him to present..  She asks if he was ok..  Arjun asks her what is the matter.  She keeps the file on his table telling him that I have arranged for the light arrangements and new quotations we just have to see and finalized the designs. But I have a little problem as Anwesha is not in the office.  Arjun asks where did she go?  Nitya says oh she is out of the office may be with Sangram.  That makes Arjun more irritated.  He says why cannot we finalize the lights arrangements without annie.  Nitya says dramatically but the final decision has to be Annie's right?   Arjun is more rattled and says who told you that.  I will finalize the designs for lights.  She says ok the final designs are in the store room so come and finalize it.  Nitya keeps on looking at him with a slight cheeky smile while Arjun thinks on.  He says you go ahead I will be right there.  Nitya stays for a moment or two drooling at Arjun and then leaves his office.


MSK is with few people with his presentation saying this project is for the middle class people and is very important to us and there should not be anything amiss with that it should be same as shopping mall parking area or hospital.  His phone is on the table and is switched off.....  Adi is trying to reach him but he is still unsuccessful..  Dev comes in and asks if he got through.. Looking frustrated Adi says no he could not get through but he will send one more SMS to him.  Dev looks worried thinking oh it will be a problem if I am not able to tell bro about this.  All my work will be in vain and by now Geet also must have reached the farmhouse.


Here Geet is approaching the closed milky doors of the farm house..  She pushes open the door and steps in..  looking fondly at the things.....   she comes further in and comes down couple of steps..  a slow smile comes on her face.....  She sees a table decorated for two and completely surrounded by red floating curtains..  she looks at all these arrangements and smiles dreamily and approaches the area.....


Part 3


Geet is standing at the threshold of this decorative room and looks around pleasantly at the red floating curtains and red curled ribbons..  She looks at the table draped in white table cloths with rose petals on the peripheral of the table and a card with a single red rose on the middle of the table.  She comes forward and looks around and feels happy and strokes the red ribbon hanging from the ceiling.....


She softly picks up the red rose and a tender smile comes on her face she hugs the rose to her and then looks at the card and pulls the red page from it and reads on..  it says Geet we started our lives together with our baby..  it was the foundation of our love..  Geet lets now..  Once again let's now start the new life together.....   seeing those bold writings of her husband and the love oozing from them makes Geet emotional..  she smiles tenderly and hugs the card to herself.   The word Maan just springs out her lips.  Hugging the card to herself she looks around.  She as if now too so anxious to meet her man who so tenderly wants to ease away her pain and bring new joy in her life..  She just cannot wait anymore for her Maan and thinks in her head..  Maan where are you?


Maan dear is still held up in the presentation.....


The client is too happy with the presentation and compliments Maan saying now I have come to know why people love your work and are your fan.  From now on I would want all our projects to be handled by your company.....    Maan smiles satisfactorily while the client talks among themselves praising his work.


Maan picks up his phone and puts code to unlock and sees Adi's message..  which says call me urgetntly..  It's an emergency and another message saying Maansir??  Maan looks worried and calls Adi right away.  Adi picks up the phone..  Maan says yes Adi what's the matter?  Adi says Sir try to reach the Mehroli farm house asap.  Maan says but why?  Adi says because Geet is waiting for you there.  Maan was surprised and says but why is Geet waiting for me there?  Adi says Sir I do not know any details but I was told to give you the message that you should go to farm house as Geet is waiting there.  Sir please go asap.  Maan disconnects the phone and thinks to himself that why does Geet wants to meet me at the farm house.  Anyways let me go and check that saying he leaves the conference room.


Geet is seated at the table and is thinking about all her special moments with her Maan..  she remembers the hay fight in truck and her in Maans arms and she is caressing his cheek then she remembers her hug she gave Maan when he narrated their journey of love together.  She remembers couple of their hugs and lastly the hug after the song Jivan ki bagia..  She is now getting restless..  she wants her Maan with her right away.....  she now starts missing him terribly..  Once more her gaze goes around the room to find if Maan is there.....   Suddenly she hears the soft footsteps and a slow tender smile comes on her face slowly she gets up from her chair waiting.....  and as she feels someone's presence behind her she turns with a tender smile.....    but looking at the person standing there her smiles vanishes and she looks at Dev with a confused look..


She looks at Dev with little irritation and says You  and here.  Dev is not able to look directly at her and stammers a little saying actually I came to tell you that Bro might not be able to come here he hesitantly adds that he is busy in the meeting and the message could not reach him..


Geet is now angry and irritated she asks angrily how do you know that Maan has called me here and then she thinks loudly that if Maan is busy in the meeting then why did he call me here.  Dev stammers a little and says actually bro did not get the message that he needed to come here.  Geet is more confused and says what do you mean?  And then she looks around little worriedly asking then who made all these arrangements?  Dev looks down and says softly I did.  That draws Geet's attention to him and she gives him piercing look and gives him a silent look. 


When Dev had courage to look up Geet has already started to leave the premises..   Looking at that Dev says Geet please at least once please listen to what I have to say ..  Geet was really upset and irritated saying I do not want to listen to you at all'  Dev says please at least let me explain it.   Geet is now angry and says very rudely how many times you would explain your actions?  Why do you do mistakes that need the explanation?  She was so angry at Dev that she says how come you do such a rotten stuff.  You called me here and Maan even does not know about it'  Dev's condition was really bad he was not able to say a word against Geet's accusations.  She says heatedly do you know what will happen to you when he knows that you have called me here?   With a down cast eyes he says softly I have also called bro here.  Geet looks at him with a stricken eyes..   Dev firmly says and Dadima knows about all these.  That makes Geet thoughtful.....  Dev adds that actually with dadima's support we made the plan that you both will meet at the farm house.

Looking at her little calm expressions.....  Dev says.. Geet since last few days bro is very troubled and probably is not able to tell you what is in his heart.  That made Geet think further.  Looking at the note on the table Dev says softly that note also was written by Bro but he did not give you..  Geet keeps on looking at him.   Dev says when I saw the tension between you two then I thought if you guys would meet somewhere alone then you would be able to talk to each other and you would be able to share what is in your heart and everything will be well between you two..... 


I think that really made Geet think deeply about the situation she and Maan were in and how other people think about it.....


Part 4:


Dev takes a step near Geet and says.  Please do not misunderstand me.  I was just trying to bring you together and remove any misunderstanding.....   Geet catches the word misunderstanding and says misunderstanding??   Now how come you got the misunderstanding that there is a misunderstanding between Maan and me.  Look Dev know this one thing that there was never a distance between Maan and Geet and there never will be.  We are just going through the rough patch of life..  but what ever the roughness we have in our lives we have lived it together and we will live it together.  Then she sternly looks at Dev and says.....   What ever your intentions are or how ever they are just know this one thing. That to maintain my relationship with Maan we do not need a third person between us and specially not you she says sternly that I am telling you for the last time just stay away from our lives.....  saying she turn to leave.  But Dev says Geet I know that fact more then you guys.   Tears starts gathering in his eyes.  He says I know that after the things I have done to you, I should not have any rights coming near to you even after my death.  Stone faced Geet keeps on listening him.....   He says tearfully but I do have rights to repent.  He says what can I do to help you and bro???  I am just trying to help myself.  I have just tried a little to ease the burden of my guilt




We can see that Dev and Geet are talking..  Maan is approaching farm house.....   He stops seeing Geet and Dev..  You could read her lips says.....  Maaf kiya.....   but stay away.....   something like that.....




Well I must say a good episode..


Dev's plan seems to backfire.. 

He may end up creating little rift (may be to cover up Gurmeet's absence due to his vacation but that is totally temporarily so I do not feel bad) 


I think with the interference of Dev to reconcile Maaneet and though it may backfire on him but I am at least glad of the fact that Geet is coming out of her sad mood and will try to cheer Maan now as I think at least by the talk of Dev she has the understanding what people thought about them..


Oh boy love the way Geet says that there never can be any misunderstanding between Maan and Geet and they do not need anybody to reconcile them and they have been through a lot in the life together and they will stay together no one can separate Maan and Geet..  Oh Gosh it felt soooo Good to hear that and so great to see her love and her devotion to their togetherness coming out so strongly..  and I really felt great then I saw Geet hugging Maan's picture and try to appreciate what Maan is trying to do for her and also how much she missed Maan and their loving moments.....


Many may feel that Dev should not be forgiven but I loved the dialogue of Dev today that even if they do not want him around them, he has a right to repent..  Yes I do believe he has.  And I do hope that this will bring forgiveness and healing for Maaneet.  Though Geet would have tough time to make Maan understand it..  So let's see how CVs go about that..


Hope you will love the episode as much as I did as I feel that with this episode Geet has come out of her grief of losing the baby and will start her normal journey with her Maan


Have a wonderful day.....   love to all Eva






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Thanks buddy for your awesome updateWink It's appreciated.

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Thanx soo much :))

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lovely update so far eva di. oh and i love your profile picture.Big smile ur sooooooo lucky.

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thanx a lot di...loved it waitng for nxt part

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Originally posted by shalini01

lovely update so far eva di. oh and i love your profile picture.Big smile ur sooooooo lucky.
Thank you Shalini...  I thought it was high time I change my profile picture...  WinkLOL

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thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhClapClapClapClapClap

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