Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge[21/3,epi-104]changes made do read. (Page 2)

Pranii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
i soo hated it while reading the updates and comments yesterday, but on watching the episode today i found it very very sweetEmbarrassed

hmm so we r left to see what is Arohi's-"kuchh zyada"


when i read the update yesterday, i was soo sad and disappointed. U guys r so true, there wasnt any need for new MUs to be added. But then these will be cleared at the same time when Dhondu-Arohi MU will be cleared so i guess its okEmbarrassed

Well i have two complains to the CVs, the very same ones that u all have
1. Why do they drag everything? First the wedding drama was too much, then the comedy track was overdose, and now this Dhondu MU track. I really hope  Arjuhi get united asap with this Dhondhs MU ends and any other MU starts. Please CVs.

2. Lack of Continuity- Arjun leaving Arohi like that in a drunken state didnt make sense to me. SO i thought we wud get a sweet scene where Arjun comes to take care of drunken Arohi. But nothing like that happened. Well, i agree everything doesnt happen like we wish but when we dont get a continued scene then it is very disappointing no matter what follows next coz it doesnt match the expected scene which we have built upon since so many hours.

Coming to what i liked in the epi-

I missed the first part, and got to watch only from Dhondu eating snacks scene. Who invited him to the party when Arohi herself wasnt invited is out of my head.Confused Arjun coming to call Arohi was too cute and the happiness on Arohi's face when he tells that she can come if she wants toHeart. aww she was so sad while telling Arjun that she cant come outside. Loved this whole scene. Kritika di u were too goodHug.And i love it that though the plan failed, Arohi did try to clear the MU.This was the best thing for me in the epi.

Romit-Sanchit-Simmi scene
- Again dragging hereAngry Why dont they end it for once and all?Dead But really like these guys, so it was nice to watchEmbarrassed By the way, more than Romit and Sanchit, it was real fun to watch Mikhail's expressions in the background while they were talking to SimmiLOL

About the dance, i dont know why it was there. Seemed so unnecessary and out of place and it lacked the fun and energy for Holi dance. But seeing Karan and Kritika dance was, obviously, very sweet, especially Karan.Day Dreaming

The BG tune throughtout the epi was perfect which made the epi more sweeter for me.Thumbs Up

The Holi party isnt over yet so m still hopeful for some sweet, happy moments in tonight's epi.Big smile BUt then we hardly see continuity in the show, so m scared even to hope that Arohi will still try to clear the MUOuch Yet cant go out of habitTongue, so cant stop expecting.Embarrassed

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
res...though don't have much to say about today's epi Stern SmileLOL
sab meri gaddi main baith jao...that dhondhu needs to be taught a lesson

i swear the singhania house is an open house...people just turn up whenever they feel like it and that too so freely Stern SmileLOL

p.s. shibz fab idea Star


ok me gonna do a fatafat take today...can't be bothered to write a full take coz the epi wasn't worth it for me to put my brain cells to work and churn out a decent everything has flown outta my mind LOL  so just gonna write a lot of nonesense, bear with me guys!!! Tongue

epi starts off with a broken hearted and angry arjun and arohi and dhondhu just added fuel to the fire Angry seriously i wanna give that khotte de puttar such a ghumake that even google won't be able to find him...and arohi *grabs her shoulder and shakes her vigorously* tumko kisne kaha aur jhoot bolo?? tum jaanti ho yeh khotte ki vaijaise tum apni pyaar ko kho sakti ho...then why are you continuing to lie...i know CVs don't know what continuity is but no need to do the job for them AngryD'oh please CV's...misunderstanding ko ek hadh hoti hai!!!!Sleepy

*jannat calms down* LOL

on a serious note there was no need for arohi to lie like that.....with shefali being an exception her choice of friends is just Thumbs Down not worth it Sleepy especially to lie like that for a selfish friend that with being fully aware of the fact that this could infact result in you losing the person you love!! Thumbs Down

loved the dance and song used Thumbs Up but at first i thought...what the hell is going on  Confused  but then it clicked my mind that...yep!! this is definitely a dream LOL

micky and kumud making a plan 
to churaofy the papers which contains the secret about arjun's past!! *rolls eyes*.....kumud-micky-pignesh= the terrible trio!!!

yeh saala, khotte de puttar...couldn't he finish his sentence at least before falling in the pool??Angry
great!! this will provoke arjun even more because he thinks it's arohi Ouch

ok so today we saw an addition of another misunderstanding to the pile of misunderstandings (like there isn't enought of those doing the rounds already, another one crops up Wacko)

waiting for tomorrow coz it can go either way...
one being being more misunderstandings cropping up and the other  being the 'big bang' where everything is disclosed about archie and dhondhu.
i'm really hoping that it will be the latter option because enough is enough!!! Ouch
so lets see what happens tomorrow!!

loved karan and kritz Star
both of them were looking fab...especially kritika today in that white salwar kameez!! StarStar

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
res........Evil Smile

as expected that was a dreamLOL kitni dreams hainStern Smile

I am disappointed, when i thought the MUs were diluted, there are new ones created!!Sleepy
This is soo not required!! If the CVs cant think of how to carry on the show once Arjuhi unite, then please take ideas from us.. Its Kitani mohabbat hai..we want to see what the duo can do after they are completely drenched in love where there is no place for misunderstandings & not deal with it life long!! & the latest MU in the block, with Arohi & Dhondu in the same room & Arjun getting furious is an age old gisa pita MU!!! I hope this will not spoil the uniqueness of KMH.. Very upset to think about it..Angry 

Also we Do not want a new problem coming up from Arjun's past or from Gauri before Arjuhi uniteHeart ...learn before u lose out on viewers!!

I dont get it, Archi is now ready to go with Dhondu, then why the hell is Arohi still hiding it from Arjun & Jay?!! Would they force Archi to marry Jay?!!Confused kan patti pe bandhook rakke?!!Stern Smile

Hope there is a valid reason for why Archi denied Dhondz' love n agreed to marry Jay... ya ye bhi Arjun knew Raj's secret(par kab se? n why he never bothered to tell anybody in the family?!) ki tarah half baked hai?!!

& YES!! I want the MUs to be cleared before the 6 days or 3 days, whatever is the time limit to Dhondu's 'mission'-take Archi away..
why should Arjuhi's confession be based on whether Dhondu is successful in his mission or no?!!


I missed a few seconds of the show today...was there continuity?!D'oh CVs, Directors, editors..please take care of continuity...Ermm "Kitani.....2" may be the only show that has a huge problem with continuity!!

I absolutely absolutely loved Raj today...Star of the epi for me...baaki sab ne disappoint kar diyaAngry how i wish Raj dint listen to Arjun n just sprayed colors on himEvil Smile but loved the way Arjun yelled at RajLOL ..liked dadi's scene as well..

In the last episode when Kumud asks Jiggy to find out about Arjun's past, i was like how the hell will he find out, the secret which only RPS knows?!! until he makes RPS speak out the truthSilly  seems like they realized it today... So the ullus of Singhania house planning to steal some papers!!Confused Confused Arjun's life history clue on some papers?!! soo filmy...!!Tongue

Ha ha...when the dance began, kya thumke the Arjun ke!!LOL Glad that the entire sequence turned out to be a dream otherwise by the end of the sequence Arjun had completely turned into KaranLOL LOL Looking at him throwing ppl into the tub, i thought editor ne fir gadbad kar diyaLOL LOL offscreen shots ko KMH mein add kar diyaLOL LOL Thank Goodness bhaang peeke bhi ppl were in their senses..

Liked the dance sequence & the songs chosen...
Arohi looked pretty & Arjun handsome as everEmbarrassed

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
reserved .dissappoined Cry

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Res....really hope to updaate my take todaay 

hi guuys: Shibz, Kavya Di,Aksh, Kuki ,Anju ,Jannat, Rosh , ari , Pranii & All  Hug

DREAM SEQUENCE Confused Real Wala Daance Kab Hooga Yaar ??? 

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:26am | IP Logged

ok guys i am finally ready with my take. though it looks like not many are in mood of take or maybe holi nasha still on. come on guys we are very slow today.i am missing reading your takes.

ok regarding the episode my opinion is that i loved all arjuhi scenes.i dont think i find a fault in any of their scenes.i am sure you guys agree with me on this point because arjuhi add a bit of everything romance ,comedy.jealousy and of course the dance. i loved the dance today because it had an alag kind of masti to it like karan was dancing and not arjun which i enjoyed the most.i must say karan's dancing is improving day by day.and i loved arjun's punjabi tarka the way he talked with dadi was awesome simply loved him.
secondly i loved the arjuhi bedroom scene the arjun was confronting arohi proved he cant go to sleep without arguing with her so how could he let her her woke her up and was twisting his talks so he could get an answer from arohi regarding her jealousy reason but she was good at changing the topic. how innocently she was behaving as she does'nt know what arjun is pointing at very cleverly she was changing the topic which  annoyed arjun but kritika acted great i loved her way of getting out arjuns the way it is every girls plus point which we do very well when we dont want to answer or try to hide something. call it a girls hidden talent.
as of what i hate well no guesses to that question obviously its dhondhu. why did he have turn up that too uninvited.cant the bloke give arjuhi some space.all the time he keeps comming running to arohi like a cry baby.he is spending more time with arohi and hardly any with archana no wonder arjun is jealous.
and i am not even going to bother writing about mikeal & khumud scene because that was a waste of scene to scare us what else can happen i theese 3 days which i dont even to think about.
so thats me done with the take but waiting for others. and i have written in the order i liked the episode not in the order the scenes took place so sorry if i have confused anyone.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
the minute arohi put colour on  arjun..i knew the dance was a dream..Angry..Evil Smile
Dhondu...Censored..go to hell!!
and shibz..gud idea...Thumbs UpEmbarrassed
@Chandni, shilpa di, shibz, kavya...great takes guys....i agree wid all that u guys sed...Thumbs Up
duh..D'oh..such a disappointing epi today...Thumbs DownOuch...kya kya maine expect kiya tha aur kya dikhaya cv's ne...
First of i don't understand why arohi can't tell arjun the triuth about dhondu being in love with Archi..n that he wants both of them 2 pretend they r a couple...if arohi told arjun dis then life wud b easier...but i guess arohi doesn't want to tell arjun did cuz she wants 2 cause him pain na..?..AngryOuch..or maybe cuz she knows that if she tells arjun the truth..den he will tell let him tell Jay na...atleast it will save 3 lifes from getting ruined...D'oh...what r the cv's up too...Cry...why do they love the word "Misunderstanding's"...AngryAngry..and why does arohi need an invitation 2 go to a holi party in her own house?!!.....ConfusedD'ohD'ohD'ohi thot she was more smarter than that... n cv's...Arohi was supposed 2 b immature...not dumb....Cry ...n love was supposed 2 make her more mature n still have her innocence intact...duh
Dhondu coming to arohi's room without thinking anything abt what arjun wud think was so annoying...i feel like hitting dhonds in the head so he can get some sense...Angry..Angry...i really hate this dhondu...n he's got his Archi now..then why can't they just tell everyone and go way...Angry..??..Confused...n when dhonds in bhang drunk state shouts out I love A....n arjun misunderstands again...gets gussa n goes away...DisapproveBroken Heart..this is getting too much's please clear this dhondu thing...n in these 3 days clear all the MU's...n i mean ALL of them..Evil Smile...n please let us have a arjuhi maha milan as Aksh puts's time for arjuhi 2's time for their love 2 overcome all obsticles n not let any MU's come in their way...u made this show for it's hiugh time u start using some of our gud idea's n put them in the show n make gud use of it...
The dance and song was just great!!...perfect for arjuhi...infact it felt like i was seeinf Karanika dance n have masti...all the characters were playing themselves in that dream dance...Embarrassed...KK2 were supercute...n Karan's moves!!....HeartDay Dreaming
the scene wid Dadi n Raj were gud too...n Karan's punjabi is too gud...Clap
Im dun wid my short take today...Embarrassed

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
res..LOL.....Donkey Angry

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