Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Index to Takes

takes on pg 5 as well..

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perfect shibz..   Thumbs Up 
Despite  arjun's heartbreak  I loved the episode today ,   looked like a climax to this track,  finally dhondu ka  kalyan hoga  aur sath sath  Arjuhi ka bhi.   I wonder who will speak up first tomorrow arohi , D, Archi  or will we see more of arjun's anger ,  either way  I hope it ends this track and befoer the new  family drams starts  arjuhi  reunite and spend some lovey dovey time. Embarrassed
line that gave me hope that all cld be well tmrw  Jay's  'holi ke din to sab apne gile shikve bhool jaate hai '  ,  I hope this happens for arjuhi tmrw. Embarrassed
First part was okay until  arjun came up to their room.  aro needing invitation to go the party in their home Confused till now she has behaved like it is her kingdom to ab kya hua, as per her nature she shld have done chutti of all organisers and did it herself.    Dhondz coming directly to aro's room Confused  and sitting there eating snacks  expecting arohi to  listen to him Confused I mean even before the bhaang hit him he thot she didnot have anything better to do in her home than listen to him Ermm.  lagta hai serious  ' attention deprived seeking now at any cost '  syndrome  hai  isko .
Arjun coming up at the same time and arohi telling him she cannot and that too since dhondu is inside D'ohOuch   it cant get any worse than this Dead and arjun's reaction  hitting the door and leaving ClapBroken HeartCry  .   He is still a gentleman  that he left ,   if not he would have broken that door and tapkofied dhondu .    Arohi's  silly decision to cover for dhondu was wrong Thumbs Down  it was not at all needed ,    arjun was angry on her in the morning even then he came up to take her down so she shld have just come out and told him everything ,  utne chote  bacche  Raj ko akal thi lekin arohi is even chidish than raj may be Confused.   but  atleast then she realises 'bahut jyada ho gaya' and comes down to be with arjun . Thumbs Up.    Kritka was wearing the white one  from kmh1 title track na .  it was beautiful and she looked so pretty Embarrassed
Super loved the song and the dance ClapClap .  the singer's voice  suited  Karan a lot and also suited arjun singhania's personality. Thumbs Up.   Both danced well  .  lekin  all this was a dream Unhappy.  there was no color on either of their faces Ouch  but ppl arnd them were enjoying.  Dhonds makes his entry again and may be even arohi was happy that he was going to tell that he loves archi but  he fell in the tub Angry ullu ka patta Sleepy.   beh  gayi baat paani mein .   But by the looks on arjuhi's  faces  I think some one is going to blurt out tomorrow  and  end this MU.  or  eat bhang wali snack in their room and have a confrontation  he hee.   kal tak  yahi kaam hai humari guess karo kya hoga.  LOL
kumud  and  micky planning to steal  papers from rudra's study and kumud wants rudra to be out of the house of atleast 2 hrs.  that means  rudra  ghar bahara jata nahi hain kabhi Shocked  darpok chor ROFL.    both of them waiting for jiggys entry means scene kal bhi continue hoga.   CVs  aap logo ne decide kiya ki nai ki arjun ki parents kaun hai , until then aise kheenchoge ?
request to CVs - please  dont  separate them now,   its been hell of a time for them both , reunite them now.  baad  mein  villians ko lekar aana.  let them have a happy  life  for a while.  

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love_kuki IF-Dazzler

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Reserved for my twinny!! Aksh!!

Aksh!! aaj to CV's aur dhondu-Arohi ki band baja na banta hai!! chal tu aur mein dono shuru ho jate hai!! Evil Smile

Following take is written by Aksh!!

Hug"uth gayi? DRAMA-QUEEN!!" LOL

Arjunnn!!D'oh is khotte da mein kya karoon!?! i wud have loved if he had continued his maun vrat.. n acted as though it dint affect him that arohi did all the talli-nautanki in the party!! just sit back n watch arjun.. u being silent itself will bring out all the answers in arohi that u seek!! she cant stand being u of all ppl, even worse abt her not being in love with u!! Evil Smile

aaj, arjun ka intensity was the same as the romit-hero the dog scene!! looks like hez not angry with her.Confused.just irritated with her bachpana!! LOLam a bit confused by that.. i think am gonna attribute that to the BG here.. it was setting a fun mood until arjun said "tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti!!" again..arohi just about said it, n stopped!! Ouch

loved how arohi tried to hide behind her hangover but arjun saw thru that!!Evil Smile n then raj - cutie pie..bechara, dad ki daant khani padi..par arjun toh haq se daant raha like! me like!Hug  during arohi's rant about her yearly holi memories, it was funny the way arjun was giving all those wary looks, trying to see exactly how much of those aansun were from a magarmach!! arohi cutely hinting to arjun to throw a party n invite her! me super like!! arjun khisko-fying from there without inviting super duper like!!Evil Smile

passing thought..yeh scene agle din ka hai kya..these two dint change!?!?Ermm

but ..wait a min.. rewind..yeh arohi ne kya agar woh ghar jaayegi, toh woh isse lautne nahi denge, wahin rok lenge.Shocked.we knew she has said 'no' to coming home but we dint know ullus were making active effort to get her back!!LOL chalo someone is listening to our rants here in the ML!! thik shez fighting her family n sticking around here..Party i wish arjun over hears arohi refusing her family ..atleast on fone!!Day Dreaming

arohi.. bechari arjun ke pair pad gayi.. toh arjun ne party me aane diya..Wink ab arjun ko convince karne ke liye bohot papad belne padenge..Approve."vaise bhi, 3 din baad toh sab kuch clear ho jaayega na!!" par unn 3 arjun tujhe itna tadpaayega!! me cant wait!!LOL

hehe chachundar #1 n chotte daddu r discussing how pignesh hasnt shown up yet.. inke brilliant plan ki tain tain phus jo hone wali hai!!Evil Smile 
finally micky ne ek pate ki baat ki..RPS jis raaz ko chupana chahta ho..aur chupa bhi raha hai toh itne saalon se.. toh koi uss baat ko ek-doh dinon mein kaise jaan sakta one other than arjun the Don can get to it!! Cool that too only if RPS wishes to reveal it!! toh lage raho bevakuf villains ki fauj.. !! LOL
n there u go.. jo ek min ke liye micky ke dimaag ki batti thodi flicker hui thi..woh bujh gayi..hez asking kumud to steal from RPS!! ROFL yeh dono hamesha aise hi karte hai..chachundar n chachundar ki mom..when kumud wanted to throw out arohi, she was afraid n called up on her nikamma son.. now micky is asking her!!Clap see atleast it wud have worked to some extent if he had asked arohi!!Wink khair chaddo!! ab aayega mazaa..who will catch kumud red-handed??Day Dreaming RPS!!? nahi..arohi!! apni saas ko mazaa chakane ke chakkar mein will she find out the secret toofan heading arjun's way? or will kumud be caught at all?

next stop: holi hai!! always luv daddi n Raj!!Thumbs Up best combo this season.. next top combo.. daddi n sade muh wale Arjun..especially when conversing in panjabi!!LOL n yeh lo..arjun is not that much pissed of with arohi that he wont atleast listen to daddi!! but wah.. kya logic hai..LOL "meri bahu nahi hai"!! Clapbut nope..daddi not gonna listen..bhijava diya sade muh wale Arjun ko apni satki hui bahu Arohi ko le aane!!LOL

n arohi's self-talk.. loved her optimism..Thumbs Up "acche se invite nahi kiya toh kya hua.. invite toh kiya na!! mein uski jagah hoti toh khudko invite hi nahi karti.. aur important baat yeh hai ki aaj holi hai, aur mein holi wale din arjun ke saath hongi"  Kritz looks very adorable here..Wink panjab di kudi.. vaddi soni lagdi hai ji!! me likes the arohi-kumud chemistry here too!! kumud, seekho apni bahu se..tune usko spiked pakode diye..phir bhi usne happy holi bola..woh bhi smile karke!!Cool

why kumud dint grab on to the fact that dhondz came to meet arohi??Shocked can rub salt in arjun's MU wale wounds na??..but ofcourse..unko apne sade hue plans se phursat mile toh na!!D'oh

thik hai thik hai...joote mat maaro..tum logon ki tarah meinne bhi ekta ke bohot shows dekha hai!!..toh thode ideas aise sade hue bhi honge naa!!ROFL

vaise coming bak to mom-in-law..isko chori karne bheja tha na micky ne..Ouch toh what is she doing in arohi's room with snacks!!? Arohi..uLLuwaliya..dikhta nahi hai kya.. why it dint occur to her immediately that it might be a trap Shocked..i dun know..but i guess she dint have time to think abt it before the kabootar flew in.. still it has its uses..Wink to give one more useless reason for arjun to be upset with arohi.. n yeh koi aisa vaisa reason thode hi hai.. kabootar#2, ullu#1 ke saath devdas#1 ke bedroom mein bhaang vale pakode khaa kar apne parr maar raha hai!! ClapClapClap

dhondz!! k am sorry Saurav..but i dint like ur bhaang-mode rant!! it wasnt buy-able!! it was hilarious..but the expressions cud have been better..i guess am just too used to KK2 giving perfect expressions during their talli-modes!!Embarrassed or maybe bhaang's intensity is not as much deep as arohi's vodka-water LOL

and now bak to class.. yeh banda kya karta rehta hai... isko agar arohi se baat karni thi, toh phone kar leta..Angryaur thik hai, holi pe friends se milna acchi baat hai..par isko kya suji ki arohi se milne uske kamre me tak chala gaya!!Shocked aur iss baat pe toh arohi ki bhi class leni hai.. given that arjun thinks she loves dhondz, given that arjun cant stand the sight of dhondz, given that she herself loves arjun n wants to some day confess that to him.. doesn't it occur to her that the last place to be found alone with dhondz is her n arjun's bedroom!!! Angry

thik hai, even if he saw u there.. whatever happend to opening the door and telling him that dhondz was high and she was trying to prevent a disastrous party!! arjun is not ignorant to the saas-bahu nok jhok going on in the house..he wudnt have put it past kumud to give arohi spiked snacks either!! and unlike the kabootaron ki fauj, Arjun DOESNT have a pumpkin for a head, thank you very much!! so why not just tell him the truth!!Angry and agar yeh bhi nahi karna tha..toh why dint u just let dhondz yell his head off about loving archi!! Shockedyeh kehna zaruri hai ki "mein bahar nahi aa sakti!! mein bahar nahi aa rahi hun, mein andar hi hun iske saath!!"D'ohD'ohD'oh

bechara arjun.. usko tu andar aane deti naa.. toh instead of banging the door he wud have baja-ofyed dhondz head!! Evil Smile toh jaakar apna saara gussa angry young man banke dikha raha tha..season 1 me cutout laga tha..yahan yeh mahashay khud khade ho gaye!!Clap

bechara raj, dad ki haalat dekhkar samajh gaya ki kya mamla hai! so chala aaya mom#1 ki batti jalane..awesome job by Sami again..StarThumbs Up while i find all of raj's parts cute.. but isnt it bohot zyada to get a 5yr old to make arohi realize ki 'yeh bohot zyada ho gaya?' how ever much the kid is intello n all.. uski shaitaniyan i can buy.. not him giving so much love advice.Ermm.Thumbs Down. jay was there na.. why dint he come n talk to arohi..or even daddi!!Shocked

but raj aaya aur arohi ke dimaag me phir se tubelight flicker hua.LOL.. but kya idea aaya??..woh toh mujhe samajh nahi aaya..Ouch bohot zyada kya??Confused did she feed the rest of teh pakodas to dhondz too so that he can come n make a full on tamasha n scream out that he loves archi??Confused shaayad kal pata chalega!! ya shaayad mere hi dimaag ki batti gul hai!!Embarrassed but agar tomorrow if they start up from the next day.. CVs r gonna look especially woe-begone!! Angry unhe phir arjun bachaye!!Evil Smile

angry young man standing in a corner!!LOL arohi coming in and putting rang on him..Wink.seriously my laptop ws in danger of being thanku ji today!!ROFL arjun breaking into song n dance!!! toh yeh arohi madam ke colorful reunion ke sapne the.. kitna underestimation hai puttarji.. u din think u wud just go cutely show ur masti and put color on him.. n he wud start singing n dancing!!LOLShocked but i liked the rashi-raj bit.. atleast kisi ke sapne me toh rashi darling ke happy moments dikh rahe hain!!Clap n it also reflected what kind of family arohi imagines herself to be in, in her head!!Thumbs Up arohi, hopefully by next holi, tumhara yeh sapna sach hoga!!

the end!! how i wish it were the end of that ridiculous MU.Cry.but nope.. dhondz maharaj "i love.. i love.." ki nautani karte karte rangeen pani ki tanki mein gir gaye!!D'oh n the MU continues.. i wonder if archi-dhondz will out themseves tomorrow..or will Jay find out.. but nahi.. CVs cant end this problem until the next one starts.Wink.n the RPS-outting-Arjun's-past problem hasnt started yet..coz piggy hasnt arrived with the necessary facts!!LOL

luved KK2 performance!! mein bhi yahan seeti baja rahi thi!! i liked the bits of the real holi footage they showed with the KMH team having fun!! awesome job by everyone..Clap mere saare fav chars dikh gaye aaj.. arjuhi, raj, daddi n Jay.bas RPS nahi dikhe!!UnhappyLOL n all my fav bash-able chars.Wink. the rest of the singus..LOL thnx ullus..u decided for a no-show on Holi.. Happy Holi guyz!!Hug

p.s. finally rom-san told simi only to be misunderstood!! but as usual tune out hogaya tha.. these days i hear them as though from a distance from a badly tuned radio!! i hope some day they'll completely turn themselves off at the sight of me!!ROFL

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damn.. thik hai.. i'll come up with soemthing for this Embarrassed sorry *kaan pakde* 
k guzy.. KMH me MUs dekh dekh ke..humare twin-connection mein bhi MU ho gaya LOL

o before i start my craziness.. 
@shibz, awesome idea to index the takes..else we gotta keep combing..ofcourse we dun mind that Wink plus am probably one of the ppl responsible for having the takes so isolated.. for the benefit of our more sane contributors n those silent stalkers..its better we have an index!!LOL

n we go:Day Dreaming

dekhna tujhe zaruri nahi, 
ke mein ne aur kuch dekha hi nahi!!
raah bhatakne ka darr nahi,
ke mei ne tere siva kisi se kadam milaya nahi!!
Kya kahun kaise, Kitani Mohabbat Hai!!

tumhe sunne ki chahat nahi, 
ke mere kanon ko aur kisi ki aahat nahi!!
tumse kuch kehne mein kabhi na mudi, 
dil se dil ke taar, jab se hai judi!!
Kya kahun kaise, Kitani Mohabbat Hai!!

yaad na karu mein tujhe, 
ke main na janun yaadein kya hoti hai!!
saansen meri kabhi thamengi nahi, 
ke tum hamesha mujhe ghere ho!!
Kya kahun kaise, Kitani Mohabbat Hai!!

duniya ke liye tum lado, par tumhare liye sirf mein
papa ke liye tum maro, par tumhare liye sirf mein
bhai-behno ke liye tum badanam ho lo, par tumhare liye sirf mein
ghar mein sabki dhaal tum bano, par tumhare liye sirf mein

Dil ke liye duniya de dun, Bas itni mohabbat hai
Ek pal ke liye zindagi de dun, Bas itni mohabbat hai

**** guyz, my take for the day is in the post above this.. its posted by kuki, written by me Tongue

*** n note to CVs.. plz let them have a 'maha-milan' before the judaii track so they have something more than memories from MUs to remember each other by!! let them have memories of being in love with each other, which was expressed and exchanged!! plz plz plz!!!

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channi_star Goldie

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res!!  good change in the lounge..  Thumbs Up
welll holi hai!! woohoo!!
i m quite dissapointed with 2dez was a cold strt 2 the week... Confused
god cv's y the hell r u aftr dreamz!!! i guess kmh2 season shud b renamed as 'kitni dreams hai' !! damn tired of dreamz...  LOL
luvd arjuhi in the beginnig of the epi...
arohi was lukin soo cute sleepin with softy...guess she gt a new tiny blanket for softy...LOL
Angry bhang ke snacks khane the woh bhi arohi ke room me aake...there was the whole singhania house...u wud hv gn 2 sum corner...ufff!!
by the way whu invited u!!
but nywayz i cudnt stop laughin on repeatin wrds dhondz said...
thankgod atleat dhondz n arohi thought of jay n his parents... Shocked
luvd karanikaz dance..but i think it was nt put in prop..LOLLOLLOL karan ur dance was a lil funny 2de n cutee too!!! seemed lyk u guyz were nt well prepared 4 it...
n  puttin evry1 in the tube was onscreen or offscreen??? seemed lyk they shot their offscreen masti...luvd it...   Wink
luvd daddi n arjun's punjabi touch!! dnt rem the lines..gonna go watch it again.. Smile
raj, raj, raj my cutie pie!!  Day Dreaming
ajj papa se daant khayi nah...but ur soo understanding.. u undrstand ur papa vry well!!
luv u 4 that!!  Smile
haha!! ajj raj neh apni mummy ko indirectly idea dedi...Wink
par woh uss kabootar neh flop kardi... Angry hw dare u dhondzz..coz of u 1st time my raj's idea gt flop... Ouch
guyz i heard mickey talkin 4 the first time!! Shocked
i mean normally he doesnt hv lng convos...LOL
ok nw gettin bak 2 the cv's:
i hope cv's shw the true meaning of holi... that is 'wash away all the negativity'  hopin 4 arjuhi's reunion in holi b4 kumud plays her nasty games!!
n i hope cv's dnt make it melo dramatic by kumud blackmailing arohi...lyk dk did in kmh1...
if this hpnz m surely gonna break into their office...OuchDead
jannat hummer ready rakhna... lol
guess arjun was wearin the white suit he wore in the photoshoot...n kritz was awesome!! punjabi kudi..  Wink
karan apni punjaban ko dekh kar happy shappy hogaya hoga..   Blushing
for the epi...
for karanika:

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     Somebody drown that Dhondoo in that tank plzz AngryAngryAngry why these CVs bring so many unwanted characters ..we still dont get it .WE ARE ONLY INTRESTED ONLY IN ARJUN AROHI Day Dreaming .
     Loved the begining ..where Arjun was confused of Arohi's feelings LOL..cute
      That Dondoo ..DeadAngryAngry felt so bad about Arjun ..poor Arjun getting all hurt in this Arohi's samajseva .so dont like it Angry
    That Daydream was soo ..cute ..Karan Kritika BEST !! loved their dancing Thumbs Up Clap.why it had to be dreamCry 

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