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Epi Discussion Thread | 21st Mar-25th Mar | LU Pg 102 (Page 98)

ziks Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

Originally posted by ziks

Originally posted by neets_ltl

Thanks Fatty: This may come across as a bit weird but the sheer attractiveness of both MR and AG is just mind blowing- the fact that they look so good together, forgetting the sibling r'ship.....I mean they are two good looking people, in 1 frame, portraying 2 epic characters...something about the promixity with which they are standing was quite something....maafi (Naku ishtyle) agar kuch ghalat likh diya.

I don't look like any thing  . These two Looks like awkward  couple .   Iam sorry I even don't want to think them like  this .  Keeping aside sibling relationship  on off screen also Ashka looks much  much older to MR .  

I have seen many off screen moments also she absolutely looks much much older to him  like auntie .

She is not at all suitable to MR . She is much much older to him .  And chemistry wise  also  there is nothing nothing nothing  such chemistry between them . 

They  does n't suit each other  in any aspect . Their pairing such a nonsense . Pairing of young  handsome man  with such a middle aged lady .  I don't know her age but she looks like that .

If we see  every one in that view if any lady  comes  that much close  to MR it all looks like every one have  chemistry with him . Even roops, leela , Madhu   also . 

But he has real chemistry only with Mahi .  Sizzling chemistry  wonderful chemistry . Other than Mahi no one suits him  in LTL .

I think your missing the point but fair enough, we're not really looking at them in like a lovey dovey way, it's more of 2 attractive people in 1 frame. There is chemistry in terms of how 2 strong characters face off and the sparks that ensue. Obviously MR and MV look good together Smile

Oh i think that  you are seeing them in a lovey dovey way . Sorry Neets i could n't understand  may be

But ya Really Mishal and Mahi are the best couple  so far i have seen . Each atom and molecule ,ions   in their bodies  seems to be made for each other .  Embarrassed Sorry if iam talking too much .

I feel like that . Much depth in their chemistry so that each of them have the relationship with otherone since many births .  Smile  Iam saying something over naa ?

droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Finally Finally watched the episode!
Mind blowing - Star of today was definitely AG for me! She just stole the show from everyone today including my fav MR - Dutta. She was just top class as the so called victor in the first half and then the vanquished in the second half. Her expressions were just too good!
There were some major "timing" bloopers, where they first showed the clock going super fast, and then it suddenly slowed down when Seema was pleading away to glory :) LOL
MR played Kala well, and the angst he potrayed at having to do this to his own sister was just brilliant. It was killing him but he had to be stoic for the rest of his family. So Dutta Bhau!!! I just CANNOT imagine anyone else playing this character.
Baaji, although he whacked Suds, was not his usual menacing self, I felt today, his character needs to gain some importance and I was a tad bit disappointed with that.
Seema to me actually for a change didnt ham today, and was actually decent.

I have to agree with others here that MR and AG make a fantastic on screen couple - their heights match well too and very "good looking" together, albeit they are siblings on the show, I think they can make a good romantic couple too, brilliant performances today.

Looking forward to the clash of the titans again tomorrow!

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mozart66 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kshreya2002

Originally posted by sub_rosa

Originally posted by kshreya2002

Originally posted by sub_rosa you guys seem to be convinced about MR's exit and his new project...and also the approximate time of this supposed 'exit' of hisErmm

I won't believe another word uttered by these nameless 'birdies' and chughalkhor aunties...and wait for MR or HT to clear the air, which they surely will if anything drastic like MR's exit is around the cornerSmile

I dunno if they will Rosa...but I hope you are right. Atleast MR should speak up...
Btw could it be that his exit is only temporary? They pulled a similar stunt in Uttaran when the lead went missing. There were so many rumours floating around. Finally it turned out that she was on a holiday to USA. Maybe MR also needs a break for his film?

How can you be so sure that he has a film in his kitty? Just because the article has mentioned a specific PH? In today's world you can say anything about anybody and get away with it! And then MR did say that he has been receiving offers...may it's one of those? Remember, he had very distinctly said in both of his recent interviews that he HAS NOT taken up anything! I chose to believe him rather than any random 'birdie'!

I strongly believe that he'll be back soon! Do you see any preparation for a track without him? All I can see is a new track that won't make any sense without him! They can't possibly show us AS and NS ka lagan while Dutta goes missing and Naku goes insane.

There are certain people who are trying very hard to force him out of the show...and put the blame on him! This is for sure.
Now we finally know the truth behind the show's title.
Coming to MR's filmi aspirations...I cannot get his 'Saas and the City' interview out of my mind where the man himself spoke of his Bolly dreams and that his producer always knew abt them. Even if he doesnt have any offer on hand but the truth is he hasnt committed to LTL either. Which means he is free to leave whenever he choses. Under such circumstances can the makers plan for say a 3 month long track around him?
I just wish they closed the show instead of this 'will he or wont he misery'. For now I hope both TB and TC have got it wrong abt the Dutta goes missing news. Its too early.Ouch
@Bold: There is no harm in having aspirations in life! Most of the actors have a Bollywood dream. Nothing wrong. But that does not necessarily mean he isn't commited to LTL because he was signed up as main lead so obviously he knows the responsibility of carrying out his role till the end. Nobody knows what his contract says. Only he knows. The walking out of the show part more or less forced decision on him. He hasn't got a film in hand yet and he knows that. Why would he then give his 100% if he was MORE interested in the film? He could have straight away done a film. He LIKES acting and that's how Dutta became an iconic character. You are right though that TB & TC ALWAYS get things wrong. They don't bother to verify and just keep feeding the gossip mongers with the juicy tidbits of stupid, stale news. They just have to see a scene being shot with bombs being planted and they jump the gun and declare Dutta dead in a blast! When there were strong blasts to blow away the family! Well wait and watch is the only thing we can do right now and I know it is KILLING. I sincerely agree and wish that "will he won't he go" misery is put to rest and the channel stops playing with viewers emotions. This cat-n-mouse game is far deadlier than they think.

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fuzzyface IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:16am | IP Logged
I just  watched 22nd and 23rd March episode,  oh my where do I begin, so many things happened.Big smile

But first things first, Dutta so valiant on a horse with sword and fighting. He was super duper cool and awesome. Day Dreaming   They shld have made LTL set in Medieval times, it wld have even cooler.
Kala my dear, oh  Kala looked so regal on the chair, she was the epitome of the Red Queen. Day Dreaming  

Ok now that's out of the way, coming back to the episode, Seema is dead *hooray*Party but bechara Dutta had to watch his ex love die in front of his eyes. Even Dutta cldn't kill her after what she did to him but he was very sad and speechless that Seema died. Somewhere deep down inside he still cared for I think. (don't get me wrong, I am not saying she means anything to him but there were feelings and memories of them)  Sudarshan is going to pay for this heavily Evil Smile Even Leela was like you're screwed Suds!

Dutta and Kala face off wah wah, it was spicy Tongue. Kala and her sociopath behaviour as portrayed by Aashka was to the core. Her cynicism and sarcastic expression were spot on.  However what I found interesting was their hug, Kala wanted him to worship her and embrace her for the first time in her real avatar. All these while she was pretending but she wanted to hug him so he will feel her hatred but well played by Dutta coz Kala never expected him to ever threatened or hurt her. I know Dutta won't hurt her,  Kala was right, she cld still see love in his eyes for her,  I mean after all she was her lovable Tayi.  Broken Heart

At the end Dutta just gave up, he came to losing everything and Seema is also dead,  he asked Kala to just finish him off  and finish the whole battle.  He stood in front of her as a broken man, it was sad for him to see her resort to such horrible things. Broken Heart I think if she had asked him to give his life for her sake, he wld given it out of love, which Kala will never understand.  I know Kala won't shoot him, she can never do it, she will break down for sure. Kala is going to the loony bin LOL but I still love her though, what a crazy evil psychotic devil's advocate she is.Embarrassed

A special mention to the world's most useless of all useless bodyguards ----The ChickensROFL. Dutta shd fire his human resource manager for these chickens, I mean they cldn't get it right on team Dutta or team Kala ROFL *buck*buck*

Edited by fuzzyface - 24 March 2011 at 4:24am

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

Thanks Fatty: This may come across as a bit weird but the sheer attractiveness of both MR and AG is just mind blowing- the fact that they look so good together, forgetting the sibling r'ship.....I mean they are two good looking people, in 1 frame, portraying 2 epic characters...something about the promixity with which they are standing was quite something....maafi (Naku ishtyle) agar kuch ghalat likh diya.
sorry for beech mein ghusing..but u didn't say anything wrongBig smile..they looked amazing...and I dont want kala to die..I want her character to stay..the relationship of Kala-Dutta is just something special...

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Pyari_Zahra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by incandescence

Originally posted by Pyari_Zahra

Malaal means dukh- grief/pain/suffering Tongue x

Ah, no it doesn't. It means 'regret'. Not everything in this WWW is correct, my dear.
Oh, no, I asked my mother ShockedROFL Looks like she's not as knowledgeable regarding Urdu as I thought ROFLROFLROFL I shall tell her about this LOL Thanks for letting me know- 'regret' actually suits the show better. x

Edited by Pyari_Zahra - 24 March 2011 at 5:35am

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

Well yes I think so in terms if bringing relief to us as, in terms of how things eventually panned out! But I think the episodes have been very consistent overall. Friday may bring the familiar surroundings of PN back on screen DancingCan't wait even if temp LOL We need to see Dutta take Naku to his room, we need someone actually saying it's time for a puja- step forward AS, she'll do the honours LOL,  Dutta needs to a get some sort of grip on business for Guru's entry to be justified and by the end of next week, Dutta vanishes LOL

Word @ bold, and ESPECIALLY red...this is why the TB article was actually relieving for me...after whining about the crappy conditions in this battle wala sets, I was hoping only that we get a shift from it, even if for one last time, and we're going to have it...super happy about that! When DN come back to PN, it's truly going to be full circle...Day Dreaming Funny how I already feel 'nostalgic' about how that moment is going to be LOL It's going to be soooo good to see them all TOGETHER and having a breather...time to look at each other and say things! Hopefully before the pooja, fingers crossed!

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by fuzzyface

They shld have made LTL set in Medieval times, it wld have even cooler.
Kala my dear, oh  Kala looked so regal on the chair, she was the epitome of the Red Queen. Day Dreaming  

WORD! I swear LTL could easily be a historical....the characters all have that epic feel to themLOL

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