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Epi Discussion Thread | 21st Mar-25th Mar | LU Pg 102 (Page 91)

AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Did you guy SERIOUSLY find this a RUSHED epi from ANY angle??? Seriously??

That time clock was randomly being reset soooooo many times and I toh found most of it to be going on a typical LTL drag speed.....LOL.....nothing out of the ordinary.....or maybe my expectations were brought much down after the halla gulla all day of how this epi was rushedLOL

I mean the first 5-6 minutes Kala just kept on blabbing....uske baad bhi a couple of minutes went in Dutta moving forward as if wanting to go to N-B-AS.....uske baaaaaad jaake he decided to fool Kala with the whole 'maine haar maan li' bit.....they built up the anticipation to this entire thing.....nothing felt rushed there......

Good to know that Kala atleast INITIALLY looked skeptical when Dutta jodoed his haath in front of uske baad toh her pride and ego as always made her underestimate Dutta.....she has been foolish like this before also.....when she is under the misconception that she is under complete control and has brought everyone else to their

MR and AG ki chemistry is WOW.....finally Kala-Dutta in the same frame together.....the entire hug bit.....just amaaaaaaazing....especially the transition in MR's expressions.....Day Dreaming.....WHAT a moment! And Kala going from smug taunting to shocked that Dutta managed to trap herLOL

All of the reunion hugs were sweeeet! I didn't find anything lacking with the DN hug....on the contrary it was MUCH better than that random one after Dutta comes back to the basti after killing Chaaskar....the random hug when Nakku suddenly grew 3 feet in heightLOL.....this one I liked more....even though Dutta was looking at Kala on the ground, the way he just had his arm around Nakku so comfortingly was very sweet.....and I guess this isn't the time for extended convos like Mash pointed out......a LOT of action going on....

The hugs with AS and Baaji were soooooooo sweet too.....cuz he was smiling and so happy to see them....I LOVED the one with Baaji....awww DuJiiiiiHug  Just felt SO good to see them back together.....

And the last half was very action packed ofcourse with the great Ullu waking up to do "Sudarshan ka vaaaaaaaaar"WackoROFL.....ROFL....and so Suds get the honors of bumping of the MEGA WHINY Seema....Yay!ClapLOL

Oh and yes Suds ki dhulai by Baaji......I'm glad the writers put this in.....Baaji deserved to have his go at Suds too for all that he's done to him! Oh and the Kala-Baaji tussle for the so much interaction b/w some of my fav. pairings in this surprise....haha

And then the very end.....Kala is deffo having a major meltdown again like in that maha epi in Feb.....MR's expressions were amazing in that last scene again and the precap looks even more fab.....powerful moments b/w Kala-Dutta.....I'm so intrigued to see how this goes down tomorrow.

Awesome epi.....I enjoyed watching it.....

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

Joined: 28 March 2006
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

The precap gave me the feel that tommorrow we will again see MR & AG at their best when they will have the much awaited conversation.Already i could see tears building up in Dutta's eyes seeing his tai in such condition & Kala on the other hand looked like a person who is bordering on loosing senity.

Yep I think tomorrow's Kala-Dutta scene will be awesome....Kala is deffo teetering on the edge again with that crazed yet defiant look in her eyes shining with tears.....refusing to admit defeat.....and Dutta is emotional the situation....pitying her for what she never how she's alone in the end.....but Kala doesn't want to hear this or believe it.....she refuses to.....

I wonder how Kala will get defeated again....who will take the gun away from her this time.....

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neets_ltl Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
I haven't even watched the episode lol, too much coursework, can't read any of your comments, but will try to finish off my work and update later...LOL

EDIT: 2 things I knew were going to happen as the episode progressed: Dutta asking for forgiveness (even if it was a psychological game) and Dutta twisiting Kala around as a result of that hug he asked. What a moment that was LOL Not to bring up any gender stereotypes or anything, but a man will always defeat a woman in terms of sheer strength, toh yehi jaayaz tha in terms of turning the tables. Seriously, the way in which he stepped forward and they embraced, I knew EXACTLY what he was going to do.
Tearjerking moment: Dutta on the floor, an act it was, but the pain on his face, the dialogues, just top notch. It hurts to hear the of the news making the rounds today. Urgh! Why am I so attached to this show? Cry Also loved the way Dutta ran towards AS et al but stopped in his tracks. The way Baji said, we'll laugh dying for you. Just emotional stuff.
Loved Kala's whimper as Dutta held her during those lines he spoke. LOL
Kishore's quick thinking stood out in terms of throwing away the guns in the water- Thumbs Up
Baji was awesome- beat Suds up yipee! In the midst, although Dutta came across to be a little lost in terms of reacting to Kala with the gun in the end...I guess the loss of Seema hit him a little hard- despite what anyone says, he loved her first. Glad Seema understood what betrayal means- I was hapring on about it 2 weeks ago. Brain cells in gear only a little too late. R.I.P- in hell.
Hugs all around happy families, loved the shabaashi pats on Baji's back by Dutta. Loved Dutta's big grin. Bit too happy though considering the enemy wasn't down and out completely- complacency my friend is not good. Naku- where on earth is a doctor going to come from to aid Seema? LOL Pathetic dialogue considering the circumstances - lil harsh I know, but really, doctor D'ohSeema saying 'give him love'- well done, he kinda needs all of that now, considering the torture you supplied. I think thats it. Excuse the pace, may have missed out a lot, time is of the esscence. Brill episode, but thoughts regarding off screen issues were lurking in the back of my mind.

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by incandescence

Originally posted by preety_219

The man desreve respect for the way he folded his hands in front of her & pleaded to leave the family alone.There was so much grace even when he went down on his knees.When he was asking forgiveness,kala was least affected.But,the moment he said -never i have bow down & accepted defeat infront of any one.There was sudden change in expression on Kala's face.AG was too good,the way he made sound-AH.As if like this is what she wanted to listen & now that she heard it,she is super happy & flattered.
But the moment he got up to hug her,his face took blank expression,like he was calming his nerves before his next move.The sudden swift in facial expression was carried out so well by MRStar. Word!! That was one hell of a fab scene. Really, even though he was on his can't take away from his sheer POWERFUL and regal personality....and yes there was a definite shift in Kala's expression when Dutta accepted his defeat...those dialogues by Dutta fueled her power hungry nature...but again...the hug was such a stupidddd move by Kala...though I'm not complaining...because that hug and the scene following is worth watching...

Oh wordddddddd with both of you about this scene! I could watch that scene over and over again too just to see that sheer GENIUS transition of expressions by MR.....I really have no wordsDay Dreaming

And yes I also found Kala's transition to agreeing to the hug believable.....Dutta had weighed the entire situation in his mind in the time that Kala was blabbing he knew exactly what points to hit on to pander to Kala's ego and pride so that her head swells enough to make this telling her he's never bowed before anyone....calling himself the son of her father's murderer.......they actually showed the intelligence of his character and reinforced how Kala's pride and ego always turns out to be the reason for her downfall......I lovedddddddd this scene.....I thought it was well written.....

Yeah there was a bit of an editing glitch in the shot when he twists her arm behind her back and for a second it looks like he's just loosely holding herLOL.....but overall the scene was great....I can overlook the little technical errors....good execution otherwise for a scene where a lot was going on many factors at play.

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
A Kala and Dutta hug! Two arch-nemeses whose face-off has been sooooo long awaited, who were expected to have so much spark and damn right, they had that spark...LOVED the genius touch of the hug...only in LTL! LOL So many diametrically conflicting emotions there, so many variables, so much unpredictability on which one of them would flip first and how Clap 

MR did that countdown portion SOOOO frikkin' brilliantly :worship: The tension was so extremely well placed in this episode and I was just taken especially at this moment with HOW Dutta oozed the urgency of 'we all blow up and go down together, or none of us do' from his body language, expressions, and voice...Kala is one tough cookie though, she handled it up to three...someone like Seema would break at 7 LOL 

Kishore gathering all the guns and throwing them in the pond, classiccccccccc :rolls: And Suds' ki timing toh check karo...jaga bhi toh apni SHIFTY eyes ke saath full form mein! LOL God knows for how long he was pretending to be unconscious LOLTongue For once, uska KOI toh nishana kahin laga! LOL And Seema died...what more can I ask for? LOL What I LOVED was the fact that they brought out HER asliyat in front of everyone before it too, fantastic move Clap...aur kahaan Nakku pagal wanted Baaji 'gaadi nikaal' Rao to bring the doctah while he was doing Suds' ki dhulai LOL 

Perfect episode for me because SO many of the things I've wanted came true and there's nothing more I could ask for...Dutta and Kala's charged face off, Seema died, Baaji beat Suds up, Baaji-Kala in one frame fighting for the gun (Kishore ne woh ek kaam bhi pura nahi kia sab guns ko paani mein phekne ka! LOL), and an awesome ending with Baaji getting shot in the leg and palti hui baazi once more Clap A special hand to AG too...she has seriously brought it everyday as well...and especially in the later half of today's episode, she looked magnificently like a crazy and thwarted woman on the edge whose will NEVER dies...loved it!

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

Joined: 28 March 2006
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by make-believe

Perfect episode for me because SO many of the things I've wanted came true and there's nothing more I could ask for...Dutta and Kala's charged face off, Seema died, Baaji beat Suds' up, Baaji-Kala in one frame fighting for the gun (Kishore ne woh ek kaam bhi pura nahi kia sab guns ko paani mein phekne ka! LOL), and an awesome ending with Baaji getting shot in the leg and palti hui baazi once more Clap A special hand to AG too...she has seriously brought it everyday as well...and especially in the later half of today's episode, she looked magnificently like a crazy and thwarted woman on the edge whose will NEVER dies...loved it!

Wordddd! This epi just had SO many of the things I'd wanted to see too.....I couldn't be happier....thoroughly enjoyed it!

You know I was just watching your Kala-Dutta VM again.....and no matter how awesome the epi was, it can't live up to your VMTongueLOL....anyways so that ending shot you've put in of Kala falling to the floor and Dutta pointing a gun at her?? Deja vu! The way Dutta pushed her and she fell to the ground in today's epi......ditto same! Bas ek gun ki kami thiLOL

Dude you gotta make another VM on them after this week's done....we're getting amazing epicness on this fact Kala deserves a solo VM after this....her interactions with everyone....Dutta, Baaji.....CHAASKARLOL

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome episode! Though I almost wish it wasn't so rushed, just so I could really absorb it fully. But I guess the urgency of the situation was such, that things had to happen fast at this point. 

I loved the whole transition we saw from yesterday's episode to today's. From yesterday, Kala being totally in control of the situation, to the end of today...where she is just SO desperate and just on the verge of breaking down. Even though she has the gun in her hands, you can tell that Dutta is still the one in control. She has that desperation in her if she is trying to hold on to every last bit of control she can still manage to have. 

Man the transition of emotions both AG and MR portrayed in the past two episodes!! ClapClap I have no words. I guess that's the magic of a perfect combination of two well written characters portrayed by two amazingly talented and in command actors. Clap

The moment I found so interesting...was when Dutta was pleading with Kala. I loved how AG acted there! There were slight tears in her eyes mixed with of course her hatred. There was just SO much going on with Kala in that moment. Dutta's words had a deeper impact on Kala there I felt than even Dutta was aware of. I loved how it was all so psychological at that moment. Dutta let Kala believe at that moment, that yes she was in control. He kind of added more fuel to her own delusions. Just so it would be even worse on her mental state when she looses control in the very next moment after. 

But what I also loved about that moment was how well Dutta really understood Kala. He knew her so well in that moment, better than Kala knew Dutta. The reason Dutta was able to get through to Kala like that, was because he knew her so well! He knew where her hatred for him stemmed from. The dialogue, "Tere pita ke hathyare ka beta tujhse keh raha hai" showed that. And as Kala watched her dad's killer's son kneel in front of her, I am sure she had that moment of triumph there. That is exactly what she had always envisioned would happen. 

And Kala of course was too overconfident as always. She thought she knew Dutta. She's always been successful in playing with Dutta's mind. Scheming things, getting her way without getting in any trouble all these years. And she really thought she knew Dutta well after all this time! She thought Dutta was still that lost guy...who couldn't always tell right from wrong. Who would still be powerless in front of his emotions...who couldn't deal. But she didn't realize that Dutta was now stronger than ever. His head was clear...and despite facing his sister, he knew what he had to do. Kala completely underestimated Dutta. She believed him when he said that he'd like to hug her one last time. She thought she had been successful this time as well, in playing with Dutta's mind...but instead it was Dutta who tricked Kala with the mind games this time. 

I really felt for both Kala and Dutta in that next moment where Dutta is holding that knife at Kala's neck. It was just so sad to see both of these characters in this situation. The dialogue of Dutta's, "Dekh tera ghamand tujhse kahan leke aa gaya Kala. Na tu apne pati ka pyaar samajh payi, na apni behenon ka, na Ayi ka, na apne BHAI ka." What a perfect dialogue! SO needed at this point! I really felt for both of these characters there. The fact that they were in this situation. Kala who was so blinded by her hatred to see the love her brother really had for her all these years. And Dutta being in such a situation where he was holding a knife to a sister he had always believed in all these years. 

And I just loved how MR/Dutta had more of a regretful expression than hatred almost. It was more that he felt sorry for Kala that she was so blinded by her hatred. This wasn't the Dutta who was angry at his other enemies. There was a sadness, a regret somewhere as Dutta was 'beating' Kala here. 

And the whole Geeta shloks added in to that scene were really impactful and needed I felt too. Since the whole point of that particular shlok from Mahabharata is having a clear aim towards what you are accomplishing. Not getting carried away in emotions. Which is exactly what Dutta needed to do in order to win over Kala. He need to really see her for who she was. He needed to understand her finally, which he does. Dutta realizes the extent of Kala's hatred, the reason for it, the implications of her actions because of this hatred and hence knows that what he is doing is the right thing to do. At this point, Dutta like an iconic hero, had a clear head. He knew what was right and what was wrong...and hence was totally in control. 

That contrast between Dutta who was in control as opposed to Kala who was slowly loosing it was really well done I thought. Thumbs Up

I loved the reunion too, though it was short. I liked the way Dutta hugs if it was just the most natural thing to do...for Naku to run into Dutta's arms like that. I loved how there was no added drama/effects there. Just a simple hug. So natural and in keeping with the situation. 

But the best parts of the reunion were those of Dutta-AS and Dutta-Baaji's. Aww. That smile on Dutta's face! Day Dreaming This is what is SOOO amazing about MR!! How he was able to portray so many different relationship roles within this little reunion moment. With AS, Dutta's expressions were so childlike. He was a happy child to be in his mother's comfort...yet he was also a good son. A son any mother could be proud of at that moment. And with Baaji, again MR was totally different in his expressions when compared to Naku or AS. The body language was totally different and it should be also. LOVEDDD the way Dutta pats Baaji on the back like that. SO SO adorable! :)) And their smiles!! Awww! It had hints of playfulness, friendliness of course, loyalty and so much love. Aww. SUCH a sweet moment all around! :)

Suds of course had to keep ruining the moment by beech beech mein appearing. LOL LMAO at the unintentional comedy he provides. "Yeh Sudarshan ka waaaarrrr" ROFL Sudarshan at his best. :P Yay for Seema finally dying. I also loved that moment where Seema was all sorry Dutta I betrayed you again and Dutta's expression was just all, 'I could care less about you right now'. :P LOL Loved Dutta's indifference to Seema there. And Kala's dialogue there was hilarious too, "Teri mashuka na tere dhai minute waste kar diye" ROFL Even I was like thanks alot Seema, way to prove yourself to be useless as ever! LOL But then she proved me wrong by finally being useful at the end when she dies. LOL 

Loved Baaji beating up Suds too! Cool I loved how when Kala gets the gun, Baaji just gives Suds this one big push! ROFL As if that one push was just enough for Suds. :P LOL Awww Baaji getting shot in the foot! :( I was wondering why at the end Baaji didn't do another one of those phenko a pathar things he did with Suds. *soching* LOL Would've been a convenient way to get that gun off of Kala's hands too no? :P LOL Guess that stuff only works on people like Suds. :P 

And finally, Dutta with his "Der matt kar Kala, maarna hai toh maar mujhe!" Cool So totally in control as always! The expression MR was giving there of hurt, anger, being fed up, more that I can't put to words...just awesome! Even AG with her helplessness even THOUGH she has the gun in her hands. Clap Can't wait for tomorrow! :D 

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-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:43pm | IP Logged

I thought the hug showdown was nicely done.....WHAT a contrast though and shift in dynamics....from Dutta backing away yesterday to him hugging her in today's episode......I guess they showed Kala's "foolishness" to highlight the smartness on Dutta's part LOL  LOL......we all know Dutta to be a powerful man but seeing that his weakness ultimately lies in his loved ones was quite a moment......amazing how he portrayed that fear when the kala gave the "phuljari" trailer LOL LOL  ..... and the "Brain freeze" he was having initially because of getting worried about his family... but then slowly conjuring ideas and being strategical  Cool Clap Clap 

And Suds lying around like a behosh gadha in the background was hilarious....ROFL ROFL and his "Dutta.... tu to gaya" ROFL 

The begging and pleading scene was VERY nicely done.......lots of emotions at play......loved how Kala raised those eyebrows in disbelief as if she did not see that coming from D......and Dutta did a brilliant job of really SELLING his "defeat" to Kala and loved how she fell for it too it might just be me but I saw a totally different side of Kala today......she was COMFORTED to hear Dutta apologizing and acknowledging himself as Damodar Patil's son.......a fact that she had been trying to embrace in everyone's mind.......and O man just when Dutta sat on his knees.....that first look of Kala's....just brilliant......there was no more of that mocking smile or grin but rather....this overwhelmed disheartened LOOK [ maybe I am just overlooking LOL ]......I thought I saw tears in her eyes too when Dutta was acting up and acknowledging his "defeat" and his LOVE for his sisters and family......what he told Kala about tying Rakhi, having considered her his sister in all honesty......I thought she was going to have a BREAKDOWN because she was finally getting the authoritative status that she had been craving for all these years.....yes she had been a guide to him but HE has always remained the POWERFUL one......and NOW seeing Dutta acknowing her POWERFULNESS, her COMMANDING authority in his life really took Kala by a shock......LOVED the scene......SUPERB Clap Clap

And Mishal like always just stole the show with his sheer screen presence, acting and the list goes on and on...... and the milnees with AS, genuine Day DreamingDay Dreaming

And everyone's expressions were good too except Madhu's...she had the weirdest ones out of the lot....and AS too....her "Haw, Hai, Haas" was a little too much....loved Baji's expressions though......changed very aptly with the changing situation....and FINALLY he is back in ACTION  Party Dancing

And YAYYYYY Suds ki more Tod Taad, Baaji ke Haath  ROFL ROFL 

And what was the point of all this Bomb Blast drama with landmines and all Confused when all that done was lighting up a "Phuljari" LOL LOL ....... I was expecting my dream to come true that I had envisioned yesterday but o well LOL LOL

RIP...Ms. Shiny Gudia.....Chaskar ki Chandani 

** EDIT: So I just saw this random iTunes add on the side of page and the tagline was.... 

" THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART"..... Now how APT is this line for DN and their relationship Day Dreaming

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