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Epi Discussion Thread | 21st Mar-25th Mar | LU Pg 102 (Page 126)

neets_ltl Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nureat01

The epi had a lot of powerful moments mainly thanks to MR, AG and the dialogues like Fatty pointed out flow was definitely an issue......

I agree with Param's point about how the villagers returning with their naarebaazi changed the tone of the scene from that almost one on one that Kala-Dutta were having.....but then they wanted to show the whole funda of how ppl instantly respect and venerate Dutta so much.....more randomly hilarious was the BGs chanting for forgiveness......rofl LOL WORD: I mean seriously, the way these BGs change, I hope Dutta isn't considering taking them on board. It was just too much.....

It would be repetitive to say it and hard to pinpoint every moment in the epi but there were just too many WOW moments acting-wise to the first scene where Dutta tells her that everything has left her saath and the defiant way in which Kala keeps pressing the trigger in a futile manner with those tears in her eyes.

The shifting of base to PN....Kala more composed just the way MR commanded that scene at the outset.....amazing....this guy's body language is just something else.....the way he was looking at Kala throughout as he portrayed such an array of emotions....but always that sadness....that sheen of tears in his eyes at what she she could do all this and is defiant till the end.....I can't even describe that emotion fully....sadness, a bit of pity, regret that she had to bring their relationships to this, anger, hurt.....a lot there. WORD, just a lot going in his head at that moment, he actually referred to her as an 'aurat' which shows how he has actually lost that elderly sister status he had of him, she's just like any other woman....and saying 'aurat' gives off stranger vibes tooo....

Then there's Kala on the other end....defiant, proud, smug till the end.....just the way we like all the dialogues in this bit like everyone pointed out. Oh yes absolutely! She had a reply for everything and nothing was stopping her from taunting them. She was having dig after dig at all of them....

Suds is such a weasel.....anyone who can fall for that kind of "prayishchit" act.....I have no words.....deffo rushed writing and the only really contrived part of the epi....Leela is a dumbass too for this......liked Baaji's W*F expression when Leela agreed and even Dutta agreed cuz of LOL Somtimes Baji seems to be the sane one in all of it!

The last scene was dragged in comparison to the first one for sure....and I felt that the end with Dutta talking to Nakku and saying look at this woman who did all this to us.....what was the POINT of that dialogue?? Nakku had NOTHING to say in this epi.....just staring wide mouthed at Kala in that scene too.....what are they doing to MV? I'm eerily reminded of the DP track when Nakku/MV went in the same BLANK mode for a bit. And then again Dutta repeating the same line about AS bolo kaunsi sazaa deni hai......felt odd. What surprised me there was that he finally remembered that Naku was there too lol. Hmmm....yes he addressed Naku and then straight after asked AS. Weird diversion me thinks.

Anyways liked how he pulled out the gun and pointed it at Kala.....FABBB expressions by MR-AG in this bit.

As for the precap.....MR/Dutta's bit seems sweet but MV is like MEGA BLANK.....what is WRONG with her?Confused  Is she seriously ill or something?

I think they're all knackered. AG looked beautiful but MR had baggy eyes and MV looks drained of energy. Shooting outdoors must have taken its toll.

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rpmenon

You know,they missed out on a beautiful DuJi reunion,and then an emotional DN reunion where he could see.What they showed,was just so bland that it took away all the excitement out of it all.

I totally agree with this, that we didn't get the full potential of the 'sightful' DN/DuJi reunions which we had imagined in our own heads and expected at the culmination/climax of this track. Time has unfolded in such a way though, that we are more like beggars and less like choosers as it stands. With the limitations the whole team was under and the tight schedule, they tried to give us the best they could manage...and all we can do now is make the best of it at this point. The actors still manage to lift it above the technical and editorial glitches, they still make it great...and they are and have been truly the blessing for this show at all times and through every stage. For them, for the characters we've watched and loved for a long time, we're accepting the best case scenario now, which is this kind of a 'send off' or isn't the best possible...but it's the best we could have gotten and the best we're going to we gotta chin up and make the best of it ourselves and end this thing on a positive note, with all our wishes fulfilled to some extent or the other Smile

Originally posted by sub_rosa

I think we should thank the PH and applaud them for retaining the show's essence in the face of constant pressure from the Channel....and giving a closure(kind of) to the story that we were so ardently following, before giving inSmile

And I would thank the channel also for making it easy for me to break off! Coz with MR around, I may have lapped up all the crappy tracks they'll be churning out nowSmile

Touche Thumbs Up I can't agree more with this, especially what you wrote in the last line...I feel like this is the most suitable time now. Many of us who didn't want the show to drag, take a leap, characters to get butchered, etc. etc. back in Jan were already talking about a possible wrap up in 4-5 months...and now we seem to have gotten it in some I feel okay about ending here Smile Yeah, we'll be immensely sad, we'll miss them all, especially the routine of watching and discussing the episodes which will terribly feel amiss...but then we'll always have the old episodes and a nicely wrapped up story to more torture or worrying if you look at it in the other way LOL And like you said, I would have hated to see MR be a part of a show that was spiraling that everything seems to have been 'completed' more or less, it's the best time for him too and I hope that he does so well that he doesn't have to look back at LTL if such an opportunity comes back again to him because the show will have deteriorated in that period of time due to inane dragging and gimmicks...what is happening now is good for all parties involved...we get our cut off and completion, MR gets to pursue his dreams, the channel gets what it wants, and the show goes on however they will choose with new people, new settings, new stories...

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*dewdrop~pearl* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
Regarding the precap, I dont think they will show DN SR so quickly tommorow. I think tommorow they will wrap up the entire Kala thingy, and make a base for SR, and then maybe postpone the SR to Monday after the weekend, so that everyone waits in anticipation the entire weekend LOL! I think maybe they are planning to finish off all the "serious" dialogues and conversations between Tasha regarding what happened till that day, and then start off SR in a totally romantic mood Embarrassed. And not only that, there has been a trend on TV for a long time now, to promote the SR of lead couples through promos, etc., especially when the couple comes together after lots of trial and tribulation Tongue. Its supposed to be a BIG thing, which NEEDS a promo atleast LOL, so whats even better than airing a good promo over the weekend Wink!
jagrutid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
hey guys loved todays episode i really liked it, although i do feel the sudden advancement to patil niwas was random but yep i can't think of any other way they would have showed it.
the last confrontation scene was way rushed..i enjoyed it but the highlight for me was mishals acting. the editing the lines..everything was very rushed but the way in which mishal and duttas character acted at leelas request of redemption for suddi ..that was the best moment for me. duttas expression ..his reaction even before he she finished her line was fab. it really expressed how much dutta cares for his well he knows her and the fact that he knew that when the question of leelas relationship to sudds would be raised that would bring out the soft spot in dutta.
totally loved it!!! even though it was rushed it was great i cant help thinking that if it wasn't rushed and under such circumstances then how good would it have been.
anyway precap...again i'm kind of happy to see that they have added on a suhag raat..because..after such a build of a relationship it would have been a bit of an abrupt end to tashas love. although i don't really know if its been used at the right time..i just hope for some nice tasha scenes to close on.

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

That was just a really weird episode.  LOL I really don't know how to explain it. But this episode is worth discussing so much! Yipee for that! The change in dynamics, surroundings and the dialogues used in the last 6 minutes or so had me well and truly feeling a little weird. Btw, the last few mins were brilliant! What was so good about this episode was that it reflects each and every one of our lives. Why? Family problems and the resulting consequences.Yes  LTL is fiction, and Kala is extreme in terms of the hatred she possesses for Dutta. However, every extended family has problems etc....not everyone gets along, there's a fall out and then there's a period where you have to force yourself to let bygones be bygones and make that step towards reconciliation. That episode gave that whole feeling, especially in PN

Word, Neets! :yeah:I just finished reading back on the thread and Anu was saying during the live update that it seemed like everyone was taking Kala's 'class' gathered in the hall which was honestly the most perfect way to put it! LOL It gave me the same exact feeling as you...the 'family' one, where there's bitterness, there's problems, there's hurt, but at the end of the day, you're family...people who have lived together for so long, gone through so many things, felt so much about each other and with each hindsight, I like the fact that Kala was brought home, that this was made an issue inside their 'chaar diwaari'...there was an unsaid focus on the dynamics of their relationships, how Dutta didn't quite know what to do as one of you guys said, how he made AS the 'judge' of the everyone else's complaints and barbs started coming in too, a la Roops and Leela...and above all, I think what gave it this feel was the fine balance MR managed between showing his anger at these 'dhokebaaz' people who had been sucking Dutta's own blood, yet there was that 'maryada' (I can't think of a better word LOL) for relationships...he was utterly pained and hurt at the thought of HOW to deal with them...there was a disappointment there...a personal sadness and grief that this was his family which had come to such a situation and stage...

I have a theory too about how Dutta more or less had an inkling of all that was going on, Kala's nature, Suds' greediness, even Ganpat's, but he overlooked and ignored it in the hope that it wouldn't become a problem that he would need to address and then deal with openly because of what those relationships meant to his elder sister whom at least he had always respected and loved, another his sister's husband, and yet another his wife's father...the way they have executed this whole thing, the way Dutta has dealt with it...I feel like he always knew it deep down somewhere but ussne khud 'nazar andaaz' kiya...

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-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:38pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by make-believe

THIS is what you call being and learn from the master, Suds LOL I loved how Kala stuck to her regrets, no doubts, no pleading like lotta Suds...there again is the fact that she JUSTIFIES herself, she believes she is right...and she won't back down...what determination! Clap Even the way she was standing with her arms crossed and giving them all attitude despite being insulted and questioned was so hilarious LOL *insert idiom about a certain dog's tail here* LOL The best part was Dutta's reaction to the vitriol in Kala's HURT he was throughout, the pain in his eyes, that tear brilliantly, with such immense control and balance did MR portray this? Clap Unmatched

LOL @ your Hero and Zero summaries LOL LOL

WORDDDDD about Kala and her character....and the dialogues

I thoroughly enjoyed the PN confrontation today much more than the jungle scene as I mentioned in my previous post to Neet......besides such sophisticated looks of PN, I love how it serves as an emblem of JUSTICE....we always say those eyes of MR and AG are SO expressive....but O boy the TEARFUL eyes of both conveyed EVEN MORE.....I actually got a bit teary seeing how HURT Dutta was and the way Mishal emoted that.....the WAY he closes his eyes when AS says " Na ye hamari beti ham iski maa hain" if his own pain on having to go through all this wasn't enough and on top of that just imagining how hurt AS must be at her own daughter's deeds and how much it must be hurting her to say all this to her and seeing just how much EVERYONE is insulting a person he has respected, looked up to his entire life......quite a composure maintained by Dutta while going through a inner turmoil of emotions .....brilliant just brilliant Star Star Star Clap Clap Clap 

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

Now this is what had me in a dilemma......and I think it was a very difficult situation taking into account the relationships at stake....but this is soap world....I think Suds will backstab Dutta again....he can never change....the way in which he was asking for forgiveness was a W*F moment....after all that, he wanted to look after his family....the forgiving part was cringe worthy.

I think it's kind of unbelievable for me to buy into Suds' plea for forgiveness and change now after all that has happened...I know everyone is allowed a second chance and all that, so maybe it's just me...someone whose done this once, I can forgive them for it and 'move on'...but I will distance myself from that person definitively so as not to make that mistake or let that situation occur again...(maybe Mash will understand what I'm saying better, it's the Daam kind of a thing...once you get a 'thokkar' from something in life, you don't rush back into it or let yourself stay in the same 'bubble' anymore, thinking that it's going to be the same or that you can salvage something...because there's that hurt and pain in your heart associated with that person, and things can just never be the same again, you will always only be compromising with 'mael' in your heart...) Anyways...I think the better thing would have been for them to kick Suds out of the house and get Leela a divorce from would have been the best option actually...Suds being spared life, they can show that much 'daya' for the respect of him being Leela's husband...but as a human being and employee of Dutta's, he deserved some retribution and not just easy acceptance back in...will he backstab Dutta again? Definitely if they want the track to go that way.

Originally posted by neets_ltl

The minute Dutta vanishes, she'll be on Naku's case again....penduluming starts all over again...I'm going to watch LTL even is MR leaves...I've come this far, I'm not one to swtich off...

@bold: Good luck,'re brave! LOL I can sit through even Seema-Nakku FRAAANDSHIP scenes knowing that MR will be at the end of them LOL But if he's not there, there is no 'direction' towards which to face or wait for...and I will truly feel lost too. Will definitely be reading up on what's happening in the show and where they are taking the story time to time...maybe I will even laugh at it and what they are doing LOL And if MR comes back, I will start watching again...but then again if the storyline has died out by that time, I won't watch even for him. From the past two/three episodes anyways, I've started getting a sense of 'closure''s seeming easier and easier now that they're tying everything up.

Originally posted by neets_ltl

Fatty, this episode, more than anything else had raised questions about whether Dutta has made the right decision in forgiving Suds. So clearly Kala will get kicked out, but the raises the question as to whether Dutta, AS etc are so stupid that they will let her go? Also I felt a little miffed at AS telling Dutta to do what he wants with Kala, that she has closed her eyes....there's always a question of morals- does Dutta have the right to kill Kala- purely on an ethical would know what I mean considering you're studying she is willing to have her die at his hands? I know it's Kala, she deserves her comeuppance....but the way she said that....naaa....Naku will probably step in and say a few words....see why this episode is a bit of a brain musher LOL Oh man I think I've just let my 'dil ki paras''ve just got it LOL

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

@ red - Suds being forgiven and Kala decided to be shot somehow doesnt seem consistent Confused (though we know Dutta wont do that eventually). I mean, I know Kala has done a bigger sin, but Suds was equally a part of it, he wasnt a small kid to fall for her "behkaava" right? Like how Kala rightly puts it, he has been a "kameena" since birth LOL. He did the "execution" part of all of Kala's plans. He also gave her ideas from time to time (which btw worked better than Kala's LOL!). So I dint feel Suds DESERVED that forgivance so quickly.

And I also agree with what you said about AS being "OK" with Dutta KILLING Kala Confused. I mean, ATLEAST NOW AS should demotivate Dutta to kill anyone, especially his "sister" Kala! Because of the "momentary" anger he can kill her, but will he be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life if he did that? Because at the end of the day, Dutta is a nice guy with a good heart. What about her son, who would lose his mother? Kala is a WITCH, she is the most selfish woman, but there is a difference between Kala and Dutta right? So definitely Dutta will show this difference eventually, and set her free. 

@Neets and Appu: One thing's for sure, Kala will NOT die of course for the purpose of their track and all. The gun pointing was just to end the episode on a high point and get the intensity factor up. And all along, none of us has ever wanted Dutta to get his hands dirty with Kala's (or even Suds) that's not a comfortable idea to begin with. But the question of AS allowing Dutta to KILL Kala right in front of them all...once again, that is something that DEFINITELY contradicts her 'religious' stances, because one who is really pious will never stand for inflicted death even on a sinner...and I am someone who said that I want to see an 'end' to Kala by means of death or even disappearance from the track as the only possible 'absolvement' for all her wrongdoings. In that, I meant DIVINE retribution, Kala dying as a turn of events or being subjected to karma through situations and fate, not PEOPLE, be it Dutta or Baaji or even AS, doing it KNOWINGLY and not in a pressure situation or something. 

So the question arises...if what AS is allowing is wrong (and it is ethically), WHAT would you guys say is the best way to deal with Kala? What 'judgement' would you pass on her...the very thing that everyone in the episode was shying away from? It's actually a very tough question and decision if you think deeply about it...

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

 Fatty, "hawai chappals"?!?!?! ROFLROFLROFL..................I wear them at home, so you too Shocked?!?!ROFLROFLROFL

And even I dint like the way Suds was forgiven so quickly, that too without any much effort from his side. I somehow dint like the way Leela said that dialogue, it somehow seemed "easy" for her to say Confused. Her acting was not up-to-the mark I feel. Or maybe Suds could have been shown running to Leela and falling on her feet, upon which she forgives him and asks Bhao also to forgive him. And after all that he did to her and her family, she should have atleast given a "dhasoo" bhashan to him before forgiving him, the way everyone GAVE IT to Kala! And I really hope Leela doesnt accept him back as her husband Ouch.

@bold: Yeah definitely, I think that might be it, Appu...Suds' ko they forgave too quickly, without the transitions happening properly and leading into might have made SOME sense even if they had SHOWN a little pointing towards the reasoning behind it, like Dutta vocalizing sardonically that his sister will become a widow if he kills Suds or Leela being shown to have a 'isko toh main sabak sikhaongi' types of face LOL I guess they didn't show LEELA's motivations behind making that request of Dutta which is the problem...Dutta accepting and the rest of the family, though being shocked, keeping quiet was still understandable without being shown in detail or through dialogues. But of course, they just pulled something inconsistent and rushed like this to retain Suds in the storyline still, I think. If they won't let HIM go, phir toh Kala is definitely not going anywhere too...why they're choosing to keep these 'old' characters in the mix still and how they can help with the future storylines, I dunno and I can't really comprehend or predict either :scratch: :shrug:...because for me, if Dutta is gone, they really have no meaning any longer, and if they send them back to the pursuit over the 'gaddi''s going to be a rehash of the whole Dec-March track, which will just be useless repetition.

@red: Oh yeah, hawai chappals are CoolLOL Best to beat someone up with and throw at too...zyada jaeb ka nuksaan nahi hota LOL

Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

Now I really wonder what Kala would do for a living Ermm.

She can be a freelance photographer...after all, getting all kinds of piktures kheenchoed in stalko-fying mode and placing them in people's rooms seems to be her favourite pastime and even torture technique LOL

Originally posted by LuvPremeer4ever heard "Dat"....I thought I heard "Tere Dead ko maarke mereDead bohot pachtaayete".....and I was like how can one "DEAD" kill another "DEAD" LOL LOL and how did she know that her father killed Kala's father and that Kala killed DP Confused 


*DEAD laughing* LOL

Originally posted by nureat01

The last scene was dragged in comparison to the first one for sure....and I felt that the end with Dutta talking to Nakku and saying look at this woman who did all this to us.....what was the POINT of that dialogue?? Nakku had NOTHING to say in this epi.....just staring wide mouthed at Kala in that scene too.....what are they doing to MV? I'm eerily reminded of the DP track when Nakku/MV went in the same BLANK mode for a bit. And then again Dutta repeating the same line about AS bolo kaunsi sazaa deni hai......felt odd. 

@bold: Even yesterday and the day before, just for the heck of giving her something to say or do, I think they gave her that Baaji/doctor wala dialogue...they're definitely trying to make her a 'part' of things, but the editing is coming off terribly and the one or two dialogues and mentions she's getting are just weird she would be standing one moment beside AS and one beside Dutta's shoulder Confused Maybe MV is sick, I dunno...but they can keep her totally quite, and I don't think there's a problem with doesn't seem wrong considering that Nakku doesn't really have much to do at this stage. 

About the repetition of dialogues...I feel like they shot a few different lines/versions...even the 'sazaa' stuff was came in the beginning and then the end of the scene again...editing people are at it once more it seems...cutting and pasting in their jarring ways so the flow was off as you said. That bewda editor seems to strike again and again LOL

Originally posted by cute2stay

And yay Mahadev, Bhola JI and gang came back. :P LOL These guys just aren't gonna rest until they see 'their' Bhao in safe hands na? :P LOL How sweet haijee. :P LOL I kind of missed these guys. *senti muh* :P LOL 

High five! LOL I was like, Haila, they hung around, kya!? ShockedLOL Wasn't expecting to see them again at all :P

Originally posted by cute2stay

LMAO at the dialogue Roops got! The infamous "jo bhala na samjhe bura na samjhe one" haha That was such a nice surprising touch. LOL It was like the perfect punch! Cool And even Baaji's "Jaako raakhe saayiyan" wala dialogue. Awesome! Cool

*dhinchak* Someone other than me liked Roops' ka woh wala sarcastic dialogue too! 

Originally posted by neets_ltl

Somtimes Baji seems to be the sane one in all of it!

Agree x infinity! I have thought of this at MANY times in the duration of the show...especially that period when the poor guy was hiding everyone's secrets and being plagued by them for help and counselling LOL He truly is the 'go to' guy in every way, apna Baaji Rao :P 

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by khushix

we won! we won! india won!!! PartyParty now i can watch d epi!...LOL
Yay!PartyBtw next match on Mar 30th...I wonder what gimmick we will have on that day?

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