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FF-Aisi bhi Ek Love Story#1 See Page 154 (Page 51)

ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by minahil1997

Originally posted by ilove99

Originally posted by minahil1997

main order deti hun ke agar mulzim shivangi ne jaldi update na kiya tau use kadhi se kadhi saza di jaye , is that clearGeek ROFL...   aur woh apne case main lawyer appoint nahi kar saktiApproveROFL

mulzim ko bulaya jayeROFL
hey bhagwan ab toh spamming bhi kar di ab kya kya karen...
jaldi update kar
are shiv , ab tau aa jayo ... itni spamming tau kar di hai , ab tau case court se bhi ho aya aur judge ne bhi bata diya ... ab tau aa jaoOuchROFL

usse pm karke buloLOLapni sweetu ke pas hogi

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minahil1997 Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
sweetuConfused woh kaun hai??LOL

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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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stutiWinkshe calls her sweetuLOL

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minahil1997 Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ilove99

stutiWinkshe calls her sweetuLOL

acha acha , tumne tau mujhe dara hi diyaTongue... ok i m going to PM her , yahan par case chal raha hai aur mulzim hi nahi aya , yeh kaisa case hai??ConfusedROFL

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malec. IF-Stunnerz

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hey bhagwan...mujhe sazaa... main soch rahi thi ki lamba Update doon...pur ab lagta hai...jitna likha hai...utna post hi kar doon... but woh kaafi chhota hai... tum log 1 hr wait karo...i'll Update today

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malec. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
                                                PART 27

Piya was getting ready for the show. Her black gown made her look very beautiful and fairy like. She wanted to tighten the strap back on her shoulder but couldn't manage to do it. She tried twice and then arrgghhh! She exclaimed in frustration. She was going to stretch when cold hard hands swayed across her chest. She gasped. Soon she was in Abhay's arms which encircled her from the back.
Abhay: kya hua?
Piya remained still... still in some trance
Abhay: Piya?!?
Piya woke up suddenly...from slumber and smiled looking at Abhay. Wow! You look perfect! Piya blushed as she tucked her face in his chest.
She was about to get cozy with Abhay when a song started Dil Ibaadat kar raha hai dhadkane meri sun... tujhko main kar loon haasil lagi hai yahi dhun. It was Piya's phone ringing. Abhay smiled and then went out to give her some privacy.
She picked up her phone to realise it was Panchi's call
Panchi: Hi sweetu!
Piya: hi di! How are you?
Panchi: main theek hoon, tum batao? All set to blaze the stage?
Piya smiled: yah! Main aapko phone karne hi waali thi!
Panchi: aww! I miss you both so much
Piya: maine bhi aapko bahut miss kiya!
Panchi: ummah, maine bhi! Oh! Dekho jiske liye phone kiya tha, woh toh kaha hi nahi.
Piya: kya?
Panchi: all the best darling. Waise mujhe Abhay ka number dena! Use bhi wish karna hai!
Serial aur real life mein toh theek hai, kya Panchi(Vahbiz) mere ff mein bhi Abhay(vivian) ke saath, ahem ahem!!
Piya: waise di!
Panchi: hmm... bolo?
Piya: woh... umm How is Sid jijz?
Panchi blushed
Piya: hey bhagwan, ab phone pe bhi?
Panchi: dhatt!
Piya taps her head in frustration: omg! Di you're soo dramatic
Panchi: chup reh!
Piya: ok baba! Nahi poochti, direct unko phone kar loongi!
Panchi: tu pagal hai!
Piya: whatever di!
Panchi: okay, tumse baad mein baat karti hoon, ek call aa raha hai
Piya: okay! Ahem! Ahem! I know whose call!
Panchi: shut up!
Piya giggled and hung up the phone
Meanwhile, Panchi answered the next call with a wide smile.
Panchi: Hello?
Sid(teasingly): whose there?
Panchi blushed: phone tumne kiya hai. You should know?
Sid: smart!
Panchi laughed softly
Sid: I just love that giggle of yours!
Panchi: but tum toh jaante hi nahi. Who am I?
Sid: umm well! I know one girl only!
Panchi: who!Angry
Sid: my love!Embarrassed
Panchi: who is it?
Sid: none of your business!
Panchi: sid! Tell me!
Sid: chhodo na birdie!
Panchi: Sid, main phone rakh rahi hoon
Sid: arey, nahi nahi!
Panchi: ab aaya na...oont pahar ke neeche!
Siddharth is a London return, so a little weak in Hindi!
Sid: what oont? Kaun pahar?ConfusedConfused
Panchi giggled: oont is camel buddhu
Sid: oh...okay!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Panchi: phone kyun kiya tha?
Sid: arey haan, raat ko free ho?
Panchi: kyun?
Sid: I asked first!
Panchi: umm, ya! Free hi hoon!
Sid: great. Drive pe chalogi?
Panchi: me?
Sid: nahi!
Panchi: toh?
Sid: meri saas!
Panchi: Confused mom?
Sid: you're dumb!
Panchi: shut up
Sid: arey stupid, I meant you yaar!
Panchi: na baba na!
Sid: chalo na
Panchi: nai yaar, mom ne dekh liya to!
Sid: unhe dikhayega kaun!
Panchi: matlab?
Sid: haan toh bolo?
Panchi: lekin...
Sid: Panchi!
Panchi: okay...
Sid: ummmaah! See you tonight!
Panchi: Sid! Sid!! Sid!!!
She yelled on the receiver but Sid had hung up the phone.
Madhu: PANCHI!!!
Panchi shivered at her mom's summon, madhu was standing on the door
Madhu: kisse baat kar rahi thi? Siddharth se na?
Panchi: nahi toh
Madhu snatched the phone and checked the call log. Last call was about 20 mins long and it was from some "Jaan"
Madhu: whose Jaan?
Panchi blushed: koi bhi toh nahi, meri ek friend ka naam hai
Madhu: Miss Dobriyal, don't try to fool me!
Panchi: mamma, kya main Sid se baat bhi nahi kar sakti?
Madhu: phir Sid!
Panchi: mom! Ugggh!
Madhu: woh tumhara hone waala pati hai
Panchi: mom main toh sirf baat kar rahi thi
Madhu: baat karne mein koi burayi nahi hai!
Panchi: matlab?Confused
Madhu: agar maine tumko aaje ke baad Siddharth ko uske naam se bulaya na! toh dekhna!
Panchi: toh phir main Sid ko kya bulaon?
Madhu: "aap"
Panchi: what??? Yuck!!!
Madhu: shut up
Panchi: pur mom, aap bhi toh dad ko Arnab bulate ho?
Madhu: shut up, don't argue!
Panchi: okay!
Piya and Abhay waited in the lobby for their group to be announced.
Host: now let's welcome, first round qualifier. Team Living Tornado'
Team (in chorus): Let's go, Living Tornado!
After few hours,
Piya sat in her green room, removing her make-up. Her phone rang.
Abhay: kahaan ho?
Piya: umm, kyun?
Abhay: bhool gayi?
Piya: what?
Abhay: jab tumhe yaad hi nai hai, toh phir kya phayada... bye!
Piya grinned cutting his call. I love your anger!
Abhay stood near the forest edge and wandered to and fro in frustration. Bhul gayi? Kaise? Woh humari night kaise bhool sakti hai? Hum finals mein aa gaye toh kya! Matlab woh yeh night bhul jayegi... and then he smirked at his own frustration Abhay Raichand!! Human thoughts and feelings... oh man! This girl is enthralling you to every bit of your life! Woah!
Piya made sure she made no noise as she neared him. She was the only person Abhay couldn't feel and smell coming. Piya took every advantage of that and she neared hi slowly. She could really force herself to not laugh at her bf's cribbing. Abhay continued to mutter, main usse kabhi baat nahi karoonga. Samajhti kya hai apne aapko. He was about to punch a tree when she hugged him from back. Hi! Abhay turned back in amazement and then understood the small trick of Piya and smiled taking her in his embrace.
Piya: omg! My cribbing boyfriend.
Abhay smiled blushingly: you!
Piya smiled as she hugged him.

Abhay and Piya could feel the breeze hitting their bodies. There was a sweet smell in the air. Piya shivered in Abhay's ice-cold arms. Abhay moved his hands over her face and then slowly neared her lips. Scared?!? Piya replied softly... no Abhay! Never'especially in your arms! Abhay smiled as he caressed her cheeks and her sweet eyes. She blushed. Abhay cupped her face and moved closer. Piya closed her eyes blushingly and waited for Abhay's soothing lips to touch hers. Her wait didn't last for long. Soon, her lips intertwined in Abhay's making Piya and her soul, breath, her every cell now felt complete. She slowly kissed him again and again. She couldn't resist herself when she was in his arms.

 Abhay picked her up and continued in the forest. She rested her heard in his arms with arms round his neck. They were lost in each other's eyes and it didn't seem difficult for Abhay to walk without seeing the road. They found a small area where they could be concealed and Abhay laid Piya comfortably there. Soon, Piya lay under Abhay who had one of his arms resting on Piya's stomach while other rested Piya's head. He continued to caress every part of her body and as long as he could.

Piya lay there smiling and in a trance. Abhay whispered in her ears, I love you! Piya cuddled more in his arms and kissed his forehead back, I love you too! And then she grew serious. Her grip loosened and moisture in form of sweat occupied her forehead. Kya hua? Piya replied softly, finding it hard to control her tears, kuch nahi! Abhay pulled her face towards. Piya? Bolo kya hua? Piya's eyes got filled with big tears. Piya? Piya rushed and hugged him tightly. Abhay, what if your mom doesn't approve me? Abhay was puzzled, matlab? Piya replied almost sobbing. Will you leave me? Abhay felt guilty and pity for her and he hugged her even tighter, are you mad? Kabhi nahi, I will never leave you. Chahe iske liye mujhe meri family ko chhodna pade. Piya was still weeping and he kissed her to pacify her pain. She wiped off her tears as Abhay pulled her strap of her gown to open it. She shivered and fell on him. He stripped open her dress and then covered her bare torso with his black jacket. She cuddled herself with her lips in his and passed on the entire night. It was as if a song played in the background orchestrating their union.
Na jaane kab yeh hua
Na kisi ko khabar 
Na khud ko pata
Khoye khoye rehte 
Hum yahan hai 
Silsilo ka silsila hai 
Hua shuru abb jo nikle bhi jaan
Abb se humraahi chahton ke
Yeh jaise phela nasha.
Woh pheli nazar phela gumaar
Yun lage mohabbat hi jahan hai
Doston ki dosti yaaron ki yaari kam lagne lagi 
Behke hai hum behka yeh sama hai 
Piya and Abhay seemed lost in each other. They recalled their journey in their life. The time when they hated each other;
Kaise samjhaau tumjhe 
Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh
o O OO O O 
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh
O Ooo oo O
Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh
o O OO O O 
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh
O Ooo oo O

Hawa bhi mili thi humein 
Jhokon mein pooch rahi thi 
Pyaar yeh agar nahi to phir kya hai

Aye aasmaan tu bhi aajkal saang chalta hai 
Saaath leke chanda taare ..

Kaise samjhaau tumjhe 
Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh
o O OO O O 
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh
O Ooo oo O
Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh
o O OO O O 
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh
O Ooo oo O
Mera phela phela pyaar hai yeh
o O OO O O 
Aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh
O Ooo oo O
The time when they started enjoying their company. The time when Piya and Abhay would be lost in each other. Their fights(which were rare) and very soft fights. Their missing each other.

Panchi and Siddharth(Anurag's Request)

Hope you enjoyed the Update...!
Please Comment...

VM Credit: M(ilove99)

Next Part 28-

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malec. IF-Stunnerz

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Holla Guys!

Before sending PMs... I wanna thank people who made it possible for me to Update soon... i.e, M(ilove99) and Minz(minahil) they literally made me 'mulzim' because I wasn't updating... so see guys I updated...

Now the Condition is... I'll Update next time when the page count increases more than 65...because... I wanna make a new thread asap... so Halla Bol Members... you listening na? This is my condition!

See ya people...expecting many comments and likes

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-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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YAAAHOOO!!!!! DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing...
update kar diya...
M(ilove99) and Minz(minahil) ...tum dono ko to jitna thanks kahe kam hai...maan gaye tum dono ki dhamkiyo ko...akhir kaar mulzim ne update de di..ROFLROFLROFLROFL
  the update was fantastic..fabulous!..still drooling...everything was perfect!!!
  u r just amazing...loved abhay's cribbibg boyfriend avtar...LOL..
 ab dekho kaise 65 page tak mai sare pages ko spam karti hu...
 thanks for the

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