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*Love Psychology* maaneet ff- Updated pg. 30 8/4 (Page 8)

nan_10 Goldie

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 12:56am | IP Logged
nice start 
please add me in ur PM list
con soon 
n ALL THE BEST for ur exams

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richiiiii Goldie

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged



My bedroom

11:00 p.m

Have I said that today is the worst day of my life'I mean the third worst day!!!

Oh! Yea I have. Just when I thought that the day couldn't get any worse mamma told me that I am getting FAT. Well it just so happened that I was eating my third bowl of maggi noodles, which was totally justified after being starved for the whole day, when mamma came and gave me this life shattering news. That was when I essentially noticed it myself. I was actually getting plumper!!!! And  now I am hell scared'I already don't have a boyfriend, my friends are busy with their boyfriends, my favorite teacher is leaving the school, my economics teacher is getting on my nerves (like I am getting on his I suppose), and now THIS!!! So to control the only situation which is in my hand or rather on my body I am planning to go on fruit and salad diet.

So no more noodles, chocolates, ice creams, cold drinks, cheese, butter, in short no yummy foods only salad and juices from tomorrow.

Hell, I want to die (for some time), and I don't want to go to school anymore, not that I ever wanted to, but professor reema's resignation was the last straw. Given that I am also pissed off with my so-called bestfriends.

<breathe in'breathe out>

Oh! Well then such is life dearies, how much so ever I try I cannot change it so I let it decide it ways'wow!! I can't believe I wrote that'.anyways good night my dear diary-cum-journal. I Will come back later. And yea one more thing'I LOVE YOU'.i seriously do. You are the only thing that keeps me sane midst all the insanity.



As I close my journal and hit the bed, I am once again conquered with a feeling of helplessness and so I start crying. But my ill luck didn't even permit me that as the loud sniffles reached my mother's ever so attentive ears and she came running to my room to check on me. So I had to make this crap excuse about mosquitoes frustrating me because of which I couldn't sleep and how there is no mosquito repellant in my room. Listening to my reason she hit her head and left my room  giving me this look which meant 'what do I do with  you' (exactly my sentiments) Why can't people leave me alone when I want to, especially when I am crying???

Once again blaming my good for nothing luck I compose myself to go back to sleep, hoping the night to engulf me in its silence and solace.


The next morning I get up with a heavy heart. Putting off my alarm I check my cell phone for any calls or messages. Sure there are two, one from pinky and other from meera. Just TWO messages!! ! shouldn't there had been around 10-20'and somewhat around 20-30 missed calls which I obviously wouldn't pick up because I am very much hurt by their behaviour off late'.but no there were just two, almost non-existent, messages . Throwing away the phone I rush to the washroom to get ready for school, again consoling myself that this is the last year of schooling and after that I will be off to some good college, most probably having found my soulmate. With that thought I get ready and reach the breakfast table where mamma had laid down all the kinds of 'paranthas' topped with loadz of butter(and then she complains that I am getting fat <sigh>) . However I deftly skip all the fattening source of delicious food, drinking just a glass of orange juice, successfully managing to keep my resolution of last night. And guess what?? I already feel slimmer. But obviously not being carried away by my little triumph I ask mamma to pack fruits in my lunch, hearing which she drops the belan which until few minutes ago she was skillfully using to make more of her paranthas, probably for my lunch box. However recovering soon from her shock she packs my lunch and I head off to school with my father.


On reaching my classroom I find meera and pinky standing near my seat. On spotting me they came running to engulf me into a big hug almost choking me.

'We are sorry we didn't realize we were neglecting you' meera said

'And we are also sorry about not being able to spend much time together nowadays' pinky said

'And we love you a lot' they both said in unison, while I struggled to breathe.

'Guys it is okay'now please leave me'.you are choking me to death' I manage to blurt out with great difficulty. They finally release me mumbling a meek sorry. once finding my breath I look at both of them, who are inturn looking at me with so much love affection and remorse for that I almost want to crush them into a bone crashing hug, which if you come to think of it, is quite ironical. Ironical or not I hug them both tightly which takes them away with surprise, but recuperating soon they hug me back with equal fervor as rest of the class looks on, probably finding it bit a overdramatic.

' I missed you guys so much'. Do you realize that we hardly spend any time together nowadays'and we don't even sit together in class anymore and I have sit with creepy Romeo who doesn't leave a chance to try his luck on me with all sort of pathetic ways'.' I blabber on midst the hug.

They let out our trademark 'awwww' after listening to my sad story and I hug them tighter.

'If you three are done with your public display of affections, can you please take your seats for the Morning Prayer' professor pahuja interrupts with a bang forcing us to break the hug. After giving him an apologetic smile we resume to our seat for the prayers. Once done with the prayers and attendance we three head off to our first class, psychology.


We three haven't been best friends since forever; it's just been two years. We are the first batch of humanities (arts) of this school. After finishing my 10th I was very much hopeful that I would be able to leave this school as humanities wasn't introduced until then. But then one fine day the previous principle of this school decided to introduce humanities as well, spelling my doom and once again I was forced to take admission in this school by my daddy dearest as my former principle and he were buddies. Again putting all the blame on my luck and of course daddy, I joined this school yet again. Being the first batch of humanities we were just eleven students constituting the class ; me, meera, pinky, naintara, sasha, tasha, pari, aditya, yash, dev and romeo. Being small in number we weren't given a separate class and were thus accommodated within the commerce class. So apart from economics and English periods, when their respective teachers would come in the class itself, we had to attend other subjects in their respective labs and rooms. Thus psychology and informatics were taught in their labs and history was taught in renaissance room.

Though we were just eleven of us but we were still divided in two groups- me, pinky, meera, adtiya and yash being in one group and naintara, Sasha, tasha and dev being in another. Pari and Romeo were more of nomads, juggling between the two groups. Though we were divided in two groups, it didn't mean that we were at loggerheads with eachother or there was any kind bitterness between the two groups. We all still partied and had fun together, just that when it came to sharing personal problems or crushes or other secrets, both the groups had their preferences.


It was in that psychology lab where we all had opened up to eachother, of course in the benign presence of professor reema.  Most of our part of our classes would be dedicated in chatting and gossips or playing silly games or throwing jokes at eachother which would make the subject and class lot more interesting.

Our class unity by no means was due to our personal saint- selves but more of because of professor reema, and so her resignation has also left an equally distressing effect on others as it had on me.


Girl's washroom

 In between psychology class.

8:30 a.m




<Breathe in'breathe out>



Is he supposed to be our new teacher????!!!!

I mean really'..!!!


So my dear diary here it is:

I have a got this HUNK in capital letters of course, as my new psychology teacher.

Okay let's start from beginning'.

So, we three were in our psychology lab with rest of the class, reminiscing the old days as our hearts was filled with the saccharine memories. We were in the midst of our woe, discussing our happy days and how the new teacher would ruin everything, consoling eachother (consoling part done by the guys , not letting go even one opportunity to flirt'.and no points for guessing that Romeo was performing the vital task in my case) when unexpectedly out of thin air HE appeared'.and everyone went silent except me, as I was taking my job of grieving very seriously. So after some time I finally noticed that I was the only one still going on (not to mention someone's poking finger on my back). Feeling quite irritated and a bit foolish i finally raised my head to see what has cause that finger to poke me and why everyone else was silent, and what I found was a pair of most beautiful honey brown colored eyes peering at me with great amusement (did I mention about his asymmetrical smile!!!).

And I know it sounds filmy but I was really disjointed from the reality for few seconds as all I did was stare into those two most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on any guy'.and I can swear even he was staring into mine though for a very very very brief period, lasting for less than a second I guess. But never mind'what matters is that he did stare.

I was in this dreamy world when the spell was finally broken by our principal who came to give this dumb-striking, loyalty shattering, sigh-inducing and eyes-pooping news of him, Mr. Maan singh khurana or professor khurana being our new psychology teacher. And while half of the class (read girls) had this 'awww-struck' expression, I, on the other hand had this 'oh shit' expression because I had this feeling this is going to be bad'..very very bad for me'. And for my convictions (as I can already sense my loyalty towards professor reema slipping away, though I am trying to hold on to it very resolutely)

And so once the principal left after introducing him, I too ducked out feigning emergency washroom visit.

And now I am in this stinking washroom, sitting on this stool meant for those poor children who are high on pressure and get can't a free room, writing down with a shaky fingers, and trying to normalize myself'..


I still can't believe he is our new teacher'..but wait a minute'.why am I making this huge deal out of nothing'I mean sure he is handsome, with a perfect M-shaped lips, beautiful honey brown eyes, most probably with a chiseled chest and torso'.and maybe with two strong arms if I go by those muscles I saw, and his heart capturing lopsided smile and''.okay I think I should stop lusting over his body now'..


 Am I really having hots for my new teacher'.shit when did I become like those girls who lust after their teachers and try all sort of antics to gain their attention''sure  I am not like them'I was just praising what should be praised isn't it????

Yes I was just being kind'.and now I am not going to think about him'.he is just a handsome a teacher..and there can be many more handsome teacher''.it isn't like there is dearth of good looking teachers and whatever little attraction I hold towards him because of my own kindness in admiring beautiful things will wear off soon I am sure'.nothing to worry about geet'relax''..


'Geet!!!!' I raise my head from my diary to notice a panting meera looking at me with confusion

'What happened meera' I ask with an equally confused expression.

'What happened!!! dumbo you have been out for more than 15 minutes now'.maan sir is wondering what's taking you so long'..and here you are busy in scribbling in that diary of yours'..geet really is this a time or place to write your diary entry???' she shouted at me.

'Look you know I write whenever I need to relax, entertain or busy myself so don't'.'

'Geet please save your speech for sometime later'.you are already late and now because of you even i am getting late'so if you are done with relaxing or entertaining yourself can we please go back'.I don't want to earn a name in his bad book'' she cuts me off before I finish my speech about writing habits.

I can't believe this. Instead of asking me why I am looking disturbed, which I am sure I am appearing, she is concerned about earning a name in the good book of that new teacher!!!

'geeeet!!!....can we go now???' she asks again as if talking to a two year old.

'Yea we can' I reply haughtily as I collect my diary storm past her.



                                                        PART 3




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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Awesome update! Loved it! Can't wait for more!

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nazsij Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
it was awesome.hheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee geet and diary is super.hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am realy excited abt this story.
me full time excitement se has rehi thi.omg omg omg is realy worth it........hahahhaaaaaaaaaaa.update soon.

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Geet falling for her teacher awesome

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged

WOW !!! 2nd update      msn dancing emoticon 04am soooooo happy . Was waiting for it  Day Dreaming .

I loved Geet's monologue ; it was superb writing Clap . Very realistic & the unpredictable emotions we all go through in this stage was scripted perfectly . Clap 

Enter the new psychology Prof . Khurana was  Cool

Superb update & waiting for the next .....

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
oh god geet.............sitting in the washroom and writing diary in the middle of the class..........nice update........

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