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NivRen: Hamara Dil Aap ke Paas (#38) (Page 43)

diyaloveskinny IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Moni Beautiful analysis Dear, Just loved the way u described the scenes with so much of Depth, just loved it

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Sunshine234 Senior Member

Joined: 10 March 2011
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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Beautiful analysis sweetie.....and I agree Viren looked soooo nice when he got out of the car to go to niviWink

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..Sakeena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
@sakeena , Diya Di , Pooja , jafrina . awwww thank u so much for lovng my analysis . It means a lott 2 me . tahnxxx .
Yes Sakeena dear Kinsuk looked damnn hottt while coming out of d car , i wish usne apne sunglasses pehne hote , He looked smashing hoott 2 sy in black n red . n did u see his hairs flying when he was playing his flute so pasionateyyy . OMGg 2 hottt naa .
oh dear my mom is hugee fan of Kinshuk though she never told me abt it but I know . Ab main nahi janugi toh aur kaun janega ? lolzz . So She love kinny n 2dy She was literallyy clapping for him n was sayng " go for it Viren , " or " oh viren !!!! " lolzzz

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by no-tears

OMGG OMGGG I m HYPERVENTILATIONG Dead wht a Kinny siggie yaar , 2 hotttt . Oh god Why Kinshuk is so hottt , So cutee , so charming , so dashing , So gd loking ? why ? Wink  . thanxx dear lovedd lovedd lovedd it

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Anisha_91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged

Heyy hey hey!! Sweeties finally the await was over. Hope you all enjoyed the epi.

OMG OMG OMG Krazzy 5 Anisha's dead after the HOT HOT flute scene, I'm sure you guys are too hehehe. I couldn't stop screaming when i saw it OMG what an AMAZING epi and they gave us a FLUTE SCENE!! The scene EVERYONE was impatiently waiting for.

Okayy i'm too hyper to write an analysis LOL. but okay I'll try and control myself (which i won't be successful in) and write something hehe.

Okay so the episode commences from lasts Fridays dhamaka that CC had done. VD is very upset about how CC spoke to them, so she sadly says to CC whats this CC they must have felt really bad. CC looks at her VD angrily and says you're more concerned about their grief still? And you don't care about Viren's despondency? If Viren himself doesn't want to have anything to do with Nivi then why are you all so determined for this (darling your wrong 'cos he does) VD briskly replies we all want Viren's happiness. YD Dadi and Dadaji are furious. VD continues says nobody wants to force Viren to do anything, however that doesn't not mean that we come across rudely to them. YD Dadi eventually says they are just trying to patch the two, this is what we also want right? CC retorts saying why don't you guys understand that Viren hates Nivi. She then raises her tone and in a threatening way says this time I will not let anything wrong happen to my son, no matter what i have to do for it. she then storms away. 

HL and Nivi Scene:

HL as usual blames Nivi. She says to her. You are the root cause of everything, ever since you have gone into that house something wring always happens. My point is that was you in-laws and we had a very good relationship with them, you should have been fulfilling double responsibility but look what you did instead, you should have thought about your sister at least once. (Honestly woman, despite whatever Nivi has gone through you still think about yourself and your daughter GET A LIFE) Nivi then cuts her off says enough chachiji, i very well know, why i have takes this decision, and for what reason, she then turns around and leaves while HL watches her. OMG GO NIVI loved it your doing amazing. loved how you stood up for your self once again rather than just enduring people badmouthing you. Good you said that to HL is shut her up straight away, who the hell is she to always tell you what to do and what not to do i understand that HL is her Chachiji but she doesn't fulfil the duty of one all she can do is just think about her OWN daughter. HL then turns around and sees KS, PT and NT Dadi. she feels uncomfortable and leaves the room. PT then says okay mum i'll leave now and places in hand on KS's shoulder for reassurance. KS gloomily goes and sits down on the sofa and opens the paper and looks at it hopelessly. NT dadi sadly takes it off him and goes away with it to put it away. 

Sood House: Viren and CC scene:

Viren in sat down on the SOFA morosely, and deep in thoughts.(How fit can one look when they are just sat down disconcerted OMG he looked so damn HIT ) CC paces into the room and calls him. Viren looks down apprehensively. She carries on saying, why are you sat like that, and why haven't you had your coffee yet? Whats wrong? are you thinking about something? (YES…..of course Nivi who else woman?) He then stands up and says nothing mum. CC replies what do you mean nothing? this is the time for you to celebrate. Hearing this Viren turns around to face her tempestuously. CC then continues saying your sat like this, Nivi's Dadi  came down a while ago with KS and PT, yo discuss you and Nivi. I told them clearly that we have taken the final decision regarding their daughter and (Viren's anger builds up) even God cannot change this decision. I even gave the the divorce paper and told them that our next and our final meeting with them will be at the court. Viren unable to restrain his anger, he snaps at his mum saying, why ma, why did you do all that? what was the necessity for doing that? CC is confused and replies why? can't O even do this much for my son's happiness? Viren still in distemper replies for my happiness? I beg you please…and he leaves the room furiously. (WOW the anger was so hot lol) LOVED this scene finally Viren told him mum off for being like that. He spoke up i'm so happy to see this scene. She needed to be told off, she thought she was right but her son just told her off loved it. 

Sharma House scene:

NT Dadi is sat down, and Nivi approaches her and says, Dadi the food is ready, do i need to do anything else? NT Dadi in a distressed tone replies no dear you don't need to do anything else, you go and rest, sleep for a while. Nivi replies back, how will i sleep, i never sleep in the evening, you sit down i'll go and do some cleaning (Seriously Nivi? If i were told to go and sleep in the evening I would never say no i'd be like OKAY lol) Nivi then starts to tidy the table and NT dadi sits and watches her dejectedly. Nivi then walks over to clean the place where NT Dadi kept the divorce papers. She picks it up and says Dadi is this an important document?(Yep your divorce peppers lol) Shall i keep it somewhere safe? NT Dadi looks at it and is shocked in a weary tone she replies Nivi…you leave it what- and Nivi begins to read the papers. As she realises her smile disappears and she becomes upset she then hesitantly says, what are you doing with this? Did you go to the Sood house? NT Dadi is unable to answer. Nivi continues saying, why did you go there? I left that house willingly, NT dadi stops her and disconsolately says why does this always happen with you dear? Why are the the one always to inflict pain? Nivi reassures her says I have no pain now Dadi, i want to find a new life now, please support me,and have faith in me, have faith that whatever i am doing is right. KS interrupts saying How do we believe this Nivi? How do we believe that whatever you are saying is actually what you want? For the last time you ask yourself this, exactly what you want? and if you really do want this then, then i promise you that I'm with you. Nivi looks into KS's eyes and says yes, this is exactly what i want, i want to begin my life anew, i don't want anything apart from this. KS replies okay, you live your life according to your will, we all are with you. Nivi lowers her gaze. He then takes the peppers of Nivi's hands and says I'll take these paper and pass it on to the lawyer today. 

Yash and his Friend's scene:

Yas is leaving just when he is forestalled by his 'friends' hearing the he chooses to ignore them and walk off. they call him again, He then stops and they approach him. They then say, whats wrong mate, no Hi no bye? Did we make any mistake? Yash replies no..nothing at all, i was just going home. One of his friend in a mocking way says, are you a small child that you always remember your home. Yash then replies so whats wrong in that? Gaurav stops them and says, okay if you want to go then go , but bear in mind that you have to be free tonight. Yash then stands up for himself and says, look yeh, i don't think all this is right, I won't come, I don't want to be friends with you guys, Bye and he leaves. One of the other dude then says, how dare he say that and leaves. Gaurav warningly nods. Yash you did me proud by replying in such a way well done, finally you spoke up. well done. 

SidRen Scene:

Viren is sat at the dining table once again absent-mindedly and upset. Sid is the first to notice his little  brother is upset. CC then notices he is upset and looks at him, Divya comes to serve food and also notices that Viren is lost in thought and becomes upset. VD come and says, you sit down Divya i'll serve the food. CC eventually calls Viren who is then released from thoughts. She says to his eat, its going to get cold. Viren then replies I'm not hungry and he leaves the table. 

The next day at the Sharma's:

Nivi walks into he room at the same time she is drying her hair. she then sits at the dressing table and puts her tika on and was just about to put her sindoor on when she realised that she cannot apply thats sindoor anymore that sindoor which she applied when she was Viren's wife, but not anymore. she then becomes upset. NTDadi calls Yash to go and get something, when Nivi comes and says she will go and get it as Yash is studying. NT Dadi says no dear you leave it, why should you go, Nivi is confused and says what do you mean? NT Dadi replies if you go out then people will say a thousand things. How will you reply them? Nivi replies saying what will people ask? why would they ask such things? and i cannot stay hidden here all my life 'cos of the questions people may ask me. If i don't gather the courage up today then i will never be able to all my life. She then takes the money off NT  Dadi and sets of. 

NivRen meet:

Nivi is on her way and Viren in driving. He then drives past her and on his door mirror he notices Nivi and stops instantly. He carries on looking and opens his seatbelt and gets out. (Oye Hoye he looked so damn hot!!! OMG OMG OMG the way he looks at her is so intense omg Anisha dies seeing the hotness omg omg) As Nivi walks her eyes meet Viren and she stops they both then look at each other intensely. Viren then walks up to Nivi. (KRAZZY 5 RED CONVERSE we NEED that NOW lol) He then reaches her and they both once again look at each other (Awww Nivi is affected hehe but then she puts her mask back on lol) Nivi then looks away and stats to walk away. Viren stops her saying Nivedita. She instantly stops and Viren walks up to her again. He then says I need to tell you something, he struggles to get the words to his mouth (omg so much pain in his eyes it was so cute and sad at the same time) he then says well, but Nivi stops him saying Leave it Viren, even if you wish to you won't be able to say anything because there isn't anything left between us that we can talk about, all the relationship was a lie, apart from our friendship but that also died few days back. I'll leave now i'm getting late. Andi Nivi leaves while Viren watches dejectedly his eyes full of pain, and regret and the longing was visible. OMG what a scene full on intensity they both had so much pain hidden within them. He wanted to say so much but he couldn't bring the words to his mouth.

Viren and his FLUTE SCENE:

OMG OMG i don't know if i can say much on this 'cos i'm smitten LOL i just can't get out of the effect OMG it was super super awesome, HOT everything!! LOL Okay so Viren is sat down outside with his flute. He attempts to play it but is unable to. (He is wearing a RED TEE and holding a FLUTE at the same time OMG how to handily this hotness hehe) As he is unable to play it he looks at it and sadly says you have also left me. (AWWW BLESS…BUT i haven't lol) He then leans back on the chair OMG and closes his eyes. Sid then sees him and he also becomes upset. (MILEE DI!! SOOD BROTHERS SCENE!! hehe it reminded me of you straight away lol) He then walks unto his brother. and places his hand on his shoulder and says Viren. Sid then says play the flute. Viren then looks at Sid despondently and gets up and says I can't play it, Sid then asks why? Viren then replies i don't know, it feels like i have never played it before. I just can't get the tune. Why is this happening? Sid walks to him and smiles and says you will get the answer to this Viren. But you will get it from yourself, just once look for the answer from the bottom of your heart, and you will get it. Viren then walks away and closes his eyes and thinks. He gets flashbacks of his childhood, when he was being forced to go to hostel, how he was told off by Dadaji, and when Nivi handed his the divorce papers, when Nivi stood up for him, (Sid watches him happily) and Viren then gets flashbacks of Nivi when she was laughing and Viren begins to smile, he slowly takes the flute to his mouth still remembering Nivi and begins to play it. Happy moments with Nivi inspires him and he plays the flute passionately he keeps seeing images of Nivi in his head one after another and continues playing the flute. (OMG OMG SO HOT!!) Whislt he plays Sid continues watching his happily and Viren carries on playing it with passion and stops and smiles and looks at the Sharma house and smiles even more. OMG seriously what an intense scene LOVED it so much, the way he realised was just super awesome, He realised he is in love with her and that his world dwells in her OMG it was portrayed FANTASTICALLY Kinny was AMAZING!!! LOVE YOU KINNY!!! 

Loved how Sid helped Viren to find his own answers i think is was mega cute, he knew his brother was upset so he went to his aid, loved it. 

CT's thank you for such a PASSIONATE episode it was just super super perfect i loved everything about it. It was just too good, and VIREN'S FUTE IS BACK!! 

x x

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Moni Hug loved your analysis sweetie. I was expecting a long and detailed one from you today and that what I got it. I don't have enough words for today's last scene, it was simply amazing and excited about precap as Viren's confidence is back, can't wait for tomorrow.

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-Jafrina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:54pm | IP Logged

So today was for me was a really amazing episode. Hats off to kinshuk for the amazing acting. As always he stole the show. Every emotion he showed was believable which makes his character so realistic. I feel like giving him a big hug(if only I could it's the only thing I wish for is 2 see him).

Viren looks so sweet when hes in the room lost in his thoughts but stupid women cc has to cum doesn't she and ruin everything with her evil face.Cc just needs to know her sons mind coz seriously women u have no idea wats in his head. U think that he is happy without his love then u r wrong coz he is dying inside and us fans can see that in his gorgeous eyes. Cc needs a slap she needs 2 leave viren alone before she ruins his life who told her 2 get involved in their relation ( I swear if I was the creator of this story she would have been dead log ago urgh I feel like strangling her.

Omg big applause to nivi for answering back to hl that was a big slap in the face for cc and wow she deserves that. Hl and cc are the same like 2 evil minds cant be different why is hl getting involved I swear she didn't want nivi to be in that house anyway. How selfish can sum1 get she is just the worst role model for dd. If hl is like that wat can we expect from dd but now shes taking over her own life dats good.

Viren at the breakfast table was soooooooooo sweet and hot hot hot awww he is soooo adorable( am not even exaggerating coz kinshuk is the best sight to see)

U might think im weird but I loved the way wen viren was driving past and stops suddenly seing his angell and the way he comes out of his car( im might seem crazy but I was dying he looked so sexy his style of coming out) I couldn't stop staring at him wen he was walking towards nivi. And that moment of silence between them gazing into each other's eyes I was amazed. Wen nivi walked away and he called her I found it so sweet his tone of voice is soo cute. I love it wen he speaks. He cudnt say much but his sparkling eyes said it all.

The last scene of the episode was to die for aww I can watch it again and again. I like sid for being a supportive bro his fulfilling his duties very well. Wen viren said to his flute even u hav left me I wanted to hold him and say no viren im still with u and always will be and ur flute can never leave u just like I wouldn't and don't give. The moment he closed his eyes and played the flute ( I was waiting for that since god knows wen) I felt like I was dreaming he was remembering all those moments in his life first the painful ones then as soon as he started thinking of nivi a smile appeared on his beautiful face he was so glad he had those memories within him. Wen he stopped I was upset if only he could go like that forever.

Yay viren gonna get nivi back im with u my jaan it will be difficult but u have the support of all of us nivreniacs. Good luck.

I just adored todays episode and all the credit goes to kinshuk again I wanna say kinshuk u were tooo good plus u looked so hot

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