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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged

I thought why not do something new to add to the masti. So I decided to write an OS of just 3 parts.

Sirf itna hi nahi, there will be guest appearances by our
lovely Valentine Couples. Even other members will be there.

So all you have to do is just hit the like button so that I dont miss any of the members...

The first part will be posted very soon.

Here is a list of our characters-

Jess & Priya
Prashu & Swati
Tanisha & Amna
Sharan & Ramona
Laxmi di & Gauri di
CB di & Nandini di
Pinky &
Swamini di & Sowjanya di
Shehnaz & Shumi di
Sunaha & Aleena
Ashutosh & Abeer
Jasveen & Meera
Vistaa di &
Nila di
Soumya & Sakshi
Neha & Sidda
Dreamy di & Sarah di
Manal & Ashu

I'll keep updating this post as and when new characters are introduced

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 September 2010
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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged
this is the first part of my OS.. I hope you will like it.
part 1

It was a Sunday morning & Priya was sitting in Eden Villa, waiting for her sweetheart Prashu. She was visibly upset because Prashu did not speak to her for 2 days. Just then Prashu arrived wearing a knee length blue dress. "Priya.." she called out. Priya didn't respond. She was angry. " Do you have any idea how much I've missed you. 48 hours have passed & you didn't even speak to me.. (she went on and on). Prashu just stood quietly listening to all the stuff. Finally, when Priya finished her speech she threw the flowers which she had bought for Prashu.


After a while, Prashu began, "Are you done?" Priya was fuming. "I'm sick of this behavior of yours. What do you think I have no other work apart from dancing to your tunes?" Priya was dumbfounded. She never thought Prashu would react like that. Quickly, she changed the topic, "Prashu, my sweetheart, I was just kidding. You know I was mad at you. Okay okay, Im sorry". She caught her ears but Prashu wouldn't budge, "Listen Priya, I thought about this & finally decided that (pause) that we're not meant for each other." This sentence sent shockwaves through Priya's body. She didn't know what to do. Priya tried to settle things between them but nothing worked out. Prashu walked out of Priya's life.


The breakup was too much for her. Priya couldn't take it anymore and she collapsed. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the hospital bed. She tried getting up but couldnt as she was very weak. "You are still weak, don't try to get up", it was Dr. Jess who was on her rounds. She stopped when she saw Priya struggling to get up. She carefully helped Priya on the bed & put the bedsheet over her. All this while, Priya just kept staring at Jessie's face. She was baffled by her beauty. Both of them kept looking in each other's eyes when, "Is everything alright Dr. Jess?". It was Dr. Laxmi, Jessie's senior & a well known neuro surgeon. Jess quickly moved aside, "Yes Doctor, everything is fine"

Dr. Laxmi-  "Good. So Priya, how are you feeling now?"

Priya was not in a position to speak, her eyes were fixed on Jess. "Priya", Dr. called out again. Jess was feeling embarrassed.

Priya- "Huh y-yes. Im fine."

Dr.L- "Okay. Rest for a while & you'll be discharged by evening"

The doctor smiled & left. Priya continued staring at Jess. Jess feeling uncomfortable, took her file & quickly ran away.




 "Priya.. Priya.. Prriiyyaaaaaaa.."

 "Huh, what.. what happened?"

"Is she beautiful?"


"Is she beautiful?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on Priya.. I know you're thinking about her. So just tell me, is she beautiful?"

Suddenly Priya noticed someone.

"Err.. Aleena.. You're getting late for class."

Aleena was confused. "class??" She turned & saw her 'CLASS'.

"Oh yes!! My CLASS. You're right. I am very very late."

She quickly took her keys & ran towards her Class.

"What took you so long??"

"Baby.. Im sorry. You know you're looking very beautiful."

"Cut off your nonsense Aleena.  & yes.. I know I always look beautiful."

Thus saying she walked away.

"Sunahaaa.. baby... wait."

Yes. Aleena's 'CLASS' was none other than Sunaha, her sweetie pie.

Aleena ran after Sunaha, but Sunaha was in no mood to listen. She just walked quietly towards their actual classroom.


Prashu was cleaning her closet. While doing so she found all those letters & gifts that Priya had gifted her. Tears rolled  down her cheeks. Even though she decided to end her relationship with Priya she just couldn't get her out of her mind. She still loved Priya. She loved her very much. Prashu wept bitterly.

"I love you Priya. I love you very much." She was holding Priya's photo close to her chest & continued crying.


"Prashu.. Prashu baby.. Get up baby.. "

Prashu slowly opened her eyes. A lady wearing an olive green cotton saree was sitting beside her and caressing her head.

"Prashu, baby get up. See its 10.00 am. They will be here any moment. Come on get ready & come for breakfast."

"Mamma.. I'll be there in 15 minutes."

"Ooooookk", her mummy lovingly pulled her cheeks & kissed her.

After her mom left, Prashuu sat down on the bed with Priya's photo. She had cried so much that she didn't even realize when she fell asleep. She looked at the photo & said, " Im sorry Priya. I couldn't go against my parents. But always remember, I love you."

She quickly wore her new purple colour saree with zari work on its border. She was looking very pretty. She went downstairs.

Sowjanya- "Prashu.. meet my best friend Swamini."

Prashu- "Namaste."

Swamini-" Hello Prash. Come sit."

Sowjanya- "Prashu, this is Swamini's son, Swati."

I hope you liked it.

if you think it wasnt good then

let me know. I'll stop it.

so... pls hit like &

dont forget to commentSmile

authors note: This is just for fun. Pls dont take it seriously..

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 2

Dreamy & Chista's nest-

In the room, Dreamy was feeling very thirsty. She woke up only to find the jar empty. She decided to wakeup Sarah, but seeing that Sarah was looking very sweet in her sleep, she decided to fetch water herself.

She picked up the jug & went outside. While she walked towards the kitchen, she heard some sound coming from the terrace. Also, Ashu's room was brightly lit. Curiosity got the best of her & She quickly made her way towards the terrace where Manal & Ashu were celebrating their first Coffee Anniversary.


In college,

Ramona was sitting the canteen & sipping her favourite drink.. suddenly she felt someone's arms around her neck-

"Hi Love"

Ramona's face lit up instantly.

"Hi Sweetiee.. where were you? I have been waiting for you from morning, Neha."

Neha was Ramona's classmate & her friend.. close friend. If sources were to be believed, it was something more than Friendship.

Neha- "Aww.. Ramona, Sorry, actually I was held up in the traffic. Okay, Sholly.." (She made a sad face which knew would melt Ramona's heart)

Ramona- (sigh) "Okay."

Neha- "Btw, I wanted to tell you that we have a newbie coming to class today. It'll be great fun."

The Final bell rings & all make their way towards class. Just before entering, a voice called out to her, "Excuse Me".

Ramona turned & met those beautiful moist eyes.  She was so  beautiful just like an angel. She was wearing a creamish colour dress with long dazzling earrings. Her soft & silky hair swayed gently in the cold wind. It took sometime for Ramona to come out of her trance mode. "huh?"

Girl- "hello?? That's my seat."

Ramona-"Wha- what? Your seat?"

"Yes," the girl snapped.

Ramona- "look Miss.."

"Sharan," the girl replied.

"Okay, Miss Sharan, let me tell you that this is my seat. Hey wait a minute, I haven't seen you before."

"..Thats because she is a newbie", replied Neha who stood beside Ramona. "Sorry Sharan, Ramona didn't mean to.."

Ramona- "Why are you apologizing?"

Her expression changed. She sounded a bit rude.

Sharan- "Its okay Neha. It would be better if you taught your friend some manners."

She shot back at Ramona with a killer look. Before the argument go go any further, Prof. Vistaa entered the class.

Before going to her place, Ramona whispered- "We'll talk later Miss Sharan."



Prashu's house:


Swati was taken aback by Prashu's beauty. She kept staring at her without blinking which made Prash really uncomfortable. To make matters worse, Sowjanya seated Prashu beside Swati. Swamini noticed Prashu's discomfort. "Prashu, why don't you spend sometime together."

Sowjanya- "Oh yeah Prashu, go & show Swati your room."

'Gosh, the more I try to avoid all this,  Mom keeps forcing me..' She plastered an artificial smile.

"Sure Mom, why not?"


Prashu's room was well furnished. Sweet and simple. Afterall, Prashu hated her room being in a mess.



Prashu-"Priya, get down from my bed."

Priya gave a mischievous grin- "Nope.."

She kept messing around thus irritating Prash all the more.

Prashu was mad at her-" I just arranged my room & you messed it. I hate you.(she threw the cushion which Priya dodged. This made her more angry.) I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOU."

Priya being her mischievous self, replied very innocently- "But I love you."

Flashback over


Prashu wiped a silent tear. Swati walked towards the window which was adjacent to Prashu's dressing table. Prashu was terrified because on the table lay a cute frame with Her's & Priya's pic.

"Swati, Can we go downstairs, coz Im hungry."

Swati found it a bit weird but smiled- "Sure."



Priya's Apartment-


It was time for dinner & Priya was still in her room lost in Jessie's thoughts. Her Mom was constantly calling her for dinner.

Nandini- "Priya.. Dinner is ready son. Do you want me to get it to your room?"

CB, Priya's dad, was against this idea. She strongly believed that a family should always have dinner together unless there is something really very serious. She objected to Nandini's idea.

"Nandini, don't dance  to your son's tunes. Let Priya have dinner with us."

Nandini gave CB a look that meant 'you better take back your words'. CB got the message & immediately continued, "well, if she feels like having dinner in her room & so be it."

dont forget to hit like


please comment..

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sorry 4 late reply

luved the update
prashu and priya and sharan and neha oneSmile

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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hey ramona darling Hug Hug

Wow You are writing FF were me,prashuu,jess and everyone are there...Wink

Awesome Idea darling and Meee waiting for it Embarrassed

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Suhana6 Goldie

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ohhhhhhhhhhhh no i don't have any probs, pair me up with aSt and plz introduce me also na............plzzzzzzz ramona..........Cry

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Sunaha6

ohhhhhhhhhhhh no i don't have any probs, pair me up with aSt and plz introduce me also na............plzzzzzzz ramona..........Cry

of course my sweetheart... I will introduce you...

no problem if you dont have any valentine...

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aleena1 IF-Rockerz

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hey sunaha do u wanna be my l8t valentine????

my date ran off last tiimeROFL......maybe im tooo hot tooo handleROFL

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