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The Assassin's Fascination(ArSh):NOTE PG52 7/11/12 (Page 6)

yongshin Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
diff fanfic...continue soon :)

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MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 7:46pm | IP Logged

Great start yaar... completely different from your last... kamina Vivek... wonder what he'll do... but relli love the whole old age type of stuff.. and especially the beginning... do contiue soon you leave me craving me for more.........

.......... Jinil

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NeonLights. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
no problemmmm
we will wait :D Hug

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namita18 Goldie

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
awesome part...pls add me to ur pm list

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Leve IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged


this was sooo interestinggggg.... 
i liked itttt and it was action-pack! i love actionnnn readingss ! LOL
gud jobbbbbbb &
updatee soon!! Tongue

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s4mosa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
hey great ff
lovd the first part
continue soon n plz add me to yur pm list :)
zarqaa x

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s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
@rising_angel: Updating in a bit!

@Klutszy_KaShian: Glad you enjoyed it! I'm continuing in a bit! Wait is over, updating soon. Smile

@namita18: Thanks! Pm post is after part 1, so if you didn't like it then you won't recieve PMs.

@Shehnaazz: Haha thank you! Glad you liked it! Smile

@zARqaa_X: Thank you!! I see you've liked the PM post, so you'll get PMs. Smile

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s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Such a great response from everyone! Thank you all so much!! Just for you guys I made this part pretty long. I think its more than 7 pages in the document lol. LOL 

So I hope you guys enjoy!! Comments are greatly appreciated!!

Part 2

Rahul opened his eyes when he heard the door to his room open. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up to see a familiar silhouette.

"Where have you been, little brother?" Rahul saw him move toward the window. It was then that he noticed the enormous smile adorning Armaan's lips. "I have gotten my answer. What is her name?"

"Shilpa." He let out as he exhaled. "Shilpa is her name."

"You are smitten, Armaan." Rahul could tell just from the way he said her name. His facial expressions, however, could have easily given it away as well if the lighting had permitted.

"That I am, brother. That I am." Armaan admitted as he lay down on his bed.

"When will you meet her next?" Rahul questioned.

"I do not know. Maybe tomorrow. She has given me a second chance and I will hope that it does not go wasted."

"I hope that is the case, little brother." Rahul said before lying back down. "It is late, take some rest for morning will arrive in some hours."

Armaan heeded the advice and shut his eyes to catch some rest. But the thought of even sleeping was miles away. Armaan opened his eyes and lay there awake with thoughts of Shilpa running through his mind. He couldn't get over her beauty. Of course, he had seen his fair share of beauties, but Shilpa was different to him. He liked that she had some attitude in her but at the same time possessed that gracefulness that a woman needs.


The sun's rays slowly inched across the room as it rose higher and higher in the sky and a gentle breeze blew through the open window and became lost in the thin curtain that covered it. As the bright light climbed up the bed and to Armaan's face, he turned the other way trying to catch a few more moments of sleep.

"Wake up, little brother." Rahul stood over his brother watching him shift left and right trying to stay in his slumber. Realizing that he wouldn't wake up like this, he kneeled down and leveled himself with Armaan's head. "Shilpa awaits you below." Armaan immediately sat up, threw the sheet that covered his body off of him and to the window. Rahul fell back laughing while sitting the floor.

"Such trickery is not appreciated, brother." Armaan turned around looking disappointed as he walked back to him. Rahul held one of his hands up to him.

"Yes, but it was hard to resist." Rahul grabbed Armaan's outstretched hand and pulled himself up on his feet. "Go freshen yourself, mother is waiting with breakfast." Rahul walked out of the room as Armaan went to freshen up.

"Good morning mother." Armaan uttered as he made his way into the kitchen area and sat down. "What is there for breakfast?"

"Your favorite, Armaan." She brought a plate of food in front of him and then placed it onto the table. She then served another plate for Rahul.

"It is delicious!" Armaan mumbled with his mouth full.

"Armaan! When will you learn that it is not proper to speak with a full mouth!" His mother scolded him. He never seemed to learn, it had become his habit; a habit that his mother greatly disliked. She saw him gulp down his food and look at her with sorry eyes. She immediately leaned over and kissed his forehead. "My baby." It was true that Armaan had grown into a fine, young man. But for her, he remained the baby of the family and thus she could not remain angry with him. Armaan looked over at Rahul from the corner of his eyes as if taunting him with his mother's affection.

"A baby he is and will remain." Rahul muttered as he took another bite of his breakfast.

"Brother, did you say something?" Armaan heard his words but he knew his mother did not. Rahul gave him a glare when he saw the playful smile on his face.

"Nothing, little brother." Armaan grinned victoriously. "I was just going to inform mother of your whereabouts this past night." Rahul whispered back to him while his mother moved away, returning to the stove. Armaan's grin disappeared just as fast as it had appeared and began to cough as the food in his mouth got caught in his throat. "That is what I thought. Do not forget I am your older brother. Do not challenge me." Rahul smirked at his brother's fallen face and continued with his breakfast. Armaan quietly looked down getting back to his meal as well.

"Where is father?" Rahul questioned as he finished and stood up.

"He left early for the market. After eating, he wishes that you two join him." Armaan's face lit up upon hearing his mother's words, which did not go unnoticed b Rahul. Armaan quickened his eating pace; the quicker he finished, the quicker he would be able to arrive at the marketplace and be able to catch a glimpse of the lady that had enamored him.

"Mother! We are finished! We will see you after some time. Come, brother." Armaan jumped off the seat and pulled Rahul away with him.

Armaan hastily put on his leather boots and threw Rahul's to him. Luckily he saw them just in time to catch them.

"Hurry!" Armaan hurried Rahul along.

"Well if that is the case then I will take my time." Rahul retorted back to Armaan to tease him knowing very well why he wanted to get to the market. Armaan groaned and fell to the floor shoving the boots onto his brother's feet leaving Rahul amused.

"Now come!" Armaan was already out the door and quickly pacing to the market.

"Slow yourself, little brother. The market is not going away." Rahul managed to catch up to him.

"That I know." Armaan said, "But she may." He added under his breathe.

"Did you say something more?" Rahul questioned after he heard Armaan mumble something.

"Oh.. I, umm..." Armaan fumbled with his words, "I said father must be waiting. That is why we should quicken our pace."

"Nice save, little brother. I know that is not what you spoke." Rahul smiled slyly at him leaving Armaan stunned. "But, yes, let's meet father."

They quickly rushed to the center of town and searched the morning crowd for their father. Eyeing him a few stalls down they began to make their way towards him. As they approached they noticed a man clad in armor shoving his father. Anger boiled within them and they began to run towards them. Armaan was ready to pounce, but Rahul held him back.

"What is the matter, sir?" Rahul asked after gesturing to Armaan to go to their father.

"We have received news that your brother has been interrupting in the matters of Vivek sir." The knight responded back.

"That does not give right to shove my father for my actions." Armaan retorted back standing in front of Rahul. "It was the fault of Vivek for bothering the young lady. I merely just saved her from any discomfiture." Rahul rushed to his father seeing him struggling to balance himself. The guard, however, backed away a few steps after hearing Armaan's tone towards him which was filled with vehemence.

"Yes... b-but Vivek sir..." He faltered with his words.

"Inform your 'Vivek sir' that he confronts me for my actions not my old aged father." Armaan stepped forward knowing he was intimidated by his presence.

"Armaan! That is enough!" Rahul tried to pull him by the arm but he wasn't able to because he was already supporting his father.

"No, brother. He has harmed our father." Armaan turned around and told Rahul. His father looked up at him.

"Son, it is alright. Let them be."

"But father...!" Armaan tried to argue back but his father stopped him.

"I say let it be!" He ordered, raising his voice.

"Yes, father." Armaan lowered his head and backed away from the guard.

"I am sorry for his actions, sir. It will not happen again." He apologized on behalf of Armaan, who stood behind him steaming with anger and not being able to do anything. The guard grumbled and then turned to walk away.

"Father, why did you forbid me..." Armaan tried to talk to him.

"It is best that you remain quiet, Armaan." His father advised. "I do not know what you did, but I am sure it will not occur again. Am I right?"

"I cannot guarantee." Armaan looked at his father. "But I will try." He shifted his gaze to Rahul. "Stay with father, I must be alone for some time."

Rahul nodded understanding that Armaan was angry. Ever since he was young, Armaan would always spend time alone when he became angry instead of taking it out on others. Armaan turned and sauntered away from the market. He returned home and went to the rear of the house to saddle up one of the horses so he could ride to his favorite location, unknown to him that someone was following all the while.

Climbing onto the horse he rode out of the town and to the hills on the outskirts of the town. He maintained a steady speed as he rode there which even allowed the person following to keep up with him. Armaan followed the dirt path that he always took up to the top of the hill and jumped off the horse. The horse immediately sat down on the grass and Armaan leaned his back against it overlooking the town in front of him. Shutting his eyes, he dropped his head back onto the horse as well. But his eyes shot open as he heard the crunch of grass behind him. Swiftly turning his head to find the source, he saw her and instantly stood up.

"Shilpa!" He exclaimed as he saw her smile back.

"Hello Armaan." She greeted him with a beautiful voice.

"What brings you here?" He began to walk towards her.

"I have followed you." Her straightforwardness surprised Armaan. "You seem surprised? There is no need to be. I saw the occurrence in the market from above." She continued as she walked to him. When they faced each other Armaan grabbed her delicate hand and lead her to sit with him near the horse. "Such a magnificent view it is." She commented as she looked out.

"Why did you follow?" Curiosity overtook him and he just had to ask. He looked at her profile and was left mesmerized. She slowly turned her head to gaze at him.

"You seemed upset." She whispered earnestly.

"That I am..." Armaan locked his gaze with hers, "..or was. Your presence has made my sorrow fly away." Shilpa rotated her face away from him and twirled her fingers in her dress as she felt her cheeks go warm. Armaan sat up and observed the lovely sight in front of him. "You are truly sight." He noticed her cheeks turn a brighter hue of red, almost crimson, as she smiled shyly.

"You are not used to such compliments?"

"I am." Shilpa looked back at him. "However, not from someone so charming." She uttered before standing up and moving to the other side of the horse, gently caressing his head. Armaan smiled at her innocence. "You have a fine stallion, Armaan."

"How I wish I was it." Armaan remarked dreamily. Shilpa's cheeks flushed once again and she moved her hand away from the horse. "Would you like a ride on it?" Armaan asked her and was disappointed when she shook her head.

"I do not know how to ride." She informed him.

"I am willing to teach." He insisted, but she still shook her head.

"It is alright." She sweetly uttered.

"Nonsense!" Armaan made his horse stand and he climbed on. He walked the horse over to Shilpa and held out his hand asking her to join him. He noticed her hesitate before slowly placing her hand in his.

"Place your one foot there and a hand there." Armaan instructed her. Once she did, Armaan pulled her up onto the horse and seated her in front of him with her two legs dangling on one side of the horse. "Comfortable?"

She nodded and then turned her head toward him not realizing how close they would be. Armaan smiled at her to which she lowered her gaze and moved her head. Armaan placed one hand in front of her and another behind as he grabbed the reins of the horse. When Armaan made the horse trot Shilpa grasped the arm in front of her, frightened that she may fall.

"You will not fall." Armaan placed his hand on her back and noticed her straighten her back. "I will not let you." He whispered into her ear.

After riding around for some time, Shilpa became comfortable on the horse and asked to take the reins for a try. Armaan looked over her shoulder as he instructed her on how to hold them properly.

"How do I make him go?" Shilpa innocently asked turning to him. Armaan simply smiled and gently tapped his feet on his sides and he began to walk.

"Oh my!" Shilpa gasped as she tried to remember what Armaan had told her. She fussed with the reins trying to make sense of them but to no avail. "Armaan!" He swiftly placed his hands over hers and took control.

After riding for a while longer, they returned to the top of the hill. Armaan jumped off first before he helped her down. He grabbed the sides of her waist as she placed her hands on his broad shoulders. Once she was safely off, Armaan sat down the horse once again.

"I suppose riding horses is not for me." Shilpa giggled as she kneeled and began to caress the horse's head once again.

"It need not be for I am with you." Armaan stated as he, too, kneeled beside her and placed his hand over hers. She slipped her hand away from under his and sat down in the green grass.

"We shall see." Shilpa commented and looked out over the fields. "I cannot fathom I have not discovered this location before, it is wonderful." She shut her eyes taking in the soft scent of the flowers and the gentle breeze.

Armaan's hand unknowingly moved toward her hair bun. How he wished to see her with flowing tresses. He pulled out the pins and her jet black hair fell down covering her back. Armaan ran his hand through the long locks of wavy hair. Her eyes cracked open and she turned to him to find him only inches away. His intoxicating musky smell filled her mind and her eyelids became heavy, almost making it impossible to keep them open. Armaan noticed her trembling lips slightly parted and slowly moved closer to them. He lightly brushed his lips against her soft ones and then looked up at her eyes to see her reaction. Finding her eyes shut he placed his lips onto hers once more.

"Neeeighhh" The horse's sound caused her to come back into her senses. She backed away from him and looked at the ground shyly before standing up. Armaan stood up as well.

"I think I must go." Shilpa mumbled and took a step forward.

"When shall we meet again?" Armaan held her wrist before she could escape.

"In good time, Armaan. In good time." She freed her wrist from his hold and ran along the path down the hill. He watched her disappear below and ran his hands through his hair overjoyed with their meeting today.

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