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The Assassin's Fascination(ArSh):NOTE PG52 7/11/12 (Page 31)

fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
take your time and update when you can and pm me. we'll wait for it.

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged

hey buddy..

its ok...take ur tym...

it needs alot of strength to face such situation//

so no problem...

hope they both get well soon,...

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minaalM Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged

 Clap  Amazing ff super  Clap

plz its a request do let me know about your updates Embarrassed

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neha-rockss IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
samosa were r yu???
havnt seen yu around??
i hope all is fine!!
tc nd let me as soon as yu come here!!!

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s4mosa Senior Member

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@Parishay_19: Thanks! Added to PM list. Smile

Part 8


"Armaan! No!" Rahul pulled Armaan back when he saw him pacing forward towards a smirking Vivek. Armaan struggled to free his arm but Rahul gripped onto him harder.

"Let me go brother!" Armaan screamed at him as he tugged harder.

"No, little brother!" Rahul yelled back at him. "You mustn't! It will only hurt you more!"

"How could you say such a thing? Look at our parents!" He pointed to the gallows that dangled their parents' lifeless bodies. "Look at what he has done!" Armaan stared at Rahul with eyes full of rage. "Now free my arm! I will not spare that scoundrel!" With that said, Armaan jerked his arm out of Rahul's grip while he stared at their parents. Rahul turned to face Armaan but saw him stomping towards a smug Vivek leaning against a wall with a smirk.

"Armaan!" Rahul tried to stop him even though he knew that it wouldn't make him stop.

"Why?!" Armaan grabbed Vivek by his shirt and shook him. "Why would you do this to my father and mother? They have done nothing!" Vivek continued to smirk seeing Armaan's reaction.

"Guards!" Vivek said and in a matter of seconds was free from Armaan's hold. The guards pulled Armaan away and held him back. He tugged and jerked his body trying to get even a punch at Vivek, but it was too difficult with the many guards holding him.

"Answer me!" Armaan screamed pulling the guards forward with his strength.

"Armaan, calm yourself." Rahul ran and stood in front of Armaan. He held Armaan's face in his hands and looked at him right in his eyes. "If you do anything right now, they will not spare your life." Rahul told him in a strict voice. He saw Armaan's eyes calm a little as what he said sunk in. "Please do not do anything. We have lost mother and father, and I do not wish to lose you as well." Rahul croaked out.

"Such a sweet moment!" Vivek sarcastically interjected. Rahul and Armaan looked at him. "Such emotion you both possess for each other!" He continued in the same sarcastic tone. Rahul looked at him disgusted and then looked back at Armaan. He could see the anger rising within him once again so he turned his gaze away from Vivek and back to him.

"Please, little brother. You mustn't do anything." Rahul repeated to him.

"But, brother..." Armaan tried to argue back.

"Armaan, listen to me." He whispered, "I promise you this," He lowered his whisper even more, ensuring only Armaan would hear. "I will aid you in avenging the death of our parents. However, now is not the right time." Armaan looked at Rahul shocked by what he just heard. "For me, please." Rahul pleaded to him. Armaan nodded his head. Rahul pulled him into a hug. Armaan rested his head on his brother's shoulder and broke down. "Please release him." Rahul asked the guards. They turned toward Vivek who was watching the scene from a distance. "Sir, tell them to release my brother. He will not do any harm to anyone."

Vivek gave it a thought and walked closer to them. Rahul pulled out of the embrace and turned to face Vivek. "How can I be sure of it?" He stood in front of Armaan taunting him with his eyes. Armaan lowered his head trying to stop his tears. "He has raised his fist at me before when my soon to be wife was involved. What makes you say he will not raise his fist once again with the involvement of his parents?" Vivek lifted Armaan's face with his finger under his chin. Armaan jerked his head back and Vivek snickered.

"He will do no such thing." Rahul assured Vivek. "If he does, I grant you permission to take both of our lives." He added confidently.

"A strong statement you have made." Vivek turned to Rahul. "Do you hear that Armaan or were you too busy shedding tears?" He sneered. Armaan gave him a glare resisting the urge to hurt him. "Fine," Vivek sighed, "I shall have some pity toward you and your grieving brother." He said to Armaan. "Guards," Vivek turned to face them and signaled for them to let Armaan go. They pushed Armaan forward causing him to stumble into Rahul's arms.

"One last thing," Vivek added, "Armaan, I am to wed Shilpa. If you are to interfere with any of the arrangements, I shall not show mercy as I have today." He took a step back. "Now, I must return to father, I have already delayed my arrival due to this." He made an annoyed face as he gestured at the gallows. "Guards!" Vivek ordered. They immediately lined up behind him as he began to walk away.

Rahul and Armaan watched them walk away with anger rising within them. Once he was sure that they were far away enough to not be heard, Armaan cursed under his breath.

"Not show mercy," Armaan repeated in a mocking tone, "He'll be the one who asks for mercy when I get my hands on him, that bas****." Armaan took a step forward still watching them fade away in the distance. "I will not spare him for what he has done." Armaan muttered through clenched teeth.


Rahul opened the door to their house and turned back looking at Armaan, who stared back at him. They both looked into the house and it just didn't feel right to them without their parents. They walked in and looked around; it was so quiet. No rattling of dishes in the kitchen, no sound of shuffling papers from the study, no creaking of the rocking chair as it swayed back and forth. It was absolutely silent. The door shut behind them as they made their way to the family room and silently sat down on the cushioned chairs. Armaan rested his head on his joined hands while Rahul leaned back and shut his eyes.

"I am still unable to comprehend what has happened." Rahul sighed. "Why would he choose to do such a thing?"

"To bring me down," Armaan said. "The death of our parents, Shilpa's marriage; He has done these things so I will not interfere in his doings." He sat up and gave a blank expression to Rahul. "But he does not know that he has only fueled my passion." He turned his head back and glared off to the wall on the opposite side of the room.

"At least we were able to perform the last rites for mother and father. Their souls shall rest in peace now. Who knows what they could have possibly done with the bodies if we were not to reach there." Rahul said. Armaan didn't respond. He continued stare down the wall across the room. A few minutes passed in complete silence before Armaan spoke.

"Brother." Armaan called.


"Is what you said true?" He queried.

"What have I said?"

"That you will aid in avenging the death of our parents." Armaan straightened himself in the chair. "Is this true?"

"I promised. I will not back down on it, little brother." Rahul assured him. Hearing his reply, Armaan stood up.

"Then we must go." Armaan looked down over his shoulder at him. Rahul stood up at the sudden outburst.

"Where?" He asked, confused.

"You must meet someone. Your questions will be answered." Armaan walked out of the room. Rahul followed behind him. "Wait, I must retrieve something first." He stopped in the doorway and told him before running up the stairs. Rahul patiently waited below at the end of the stairs. Armaan paced down the stairs and tossed a dark cloth towards Rahul.

"What is this?" He held it out in front of him to examine.

"Wear it." Rahul listened to him. They walked toward the front door with Armaan leading. He pulled it open but stopped.

"What are you doing here?" Armaan asked.

"Come!" Muskaan rushed someone who was completely covered into the house. "Please shut the door." Muskaan politely asked Rahul.

"Why are you here? And who is that?" Armaan asked again. The mystery individual turned and removed the scarf from her face. Armaan was shocked, "Shilpa!" She ran into his arms with tears forming. Her hands fisted his robes as Armaan ran his hands through her hair trying to soothe her. Rahul pulled Muskaan aside to question her.

"I know you must have questions." Muskaan stated before Rahul could ask. "So much has happened in a day's time." She continued. "If you do not know, her marriage has been fixed with Vivek. Her parents will not listen to her pleas and she has been left completely broken."

"I have heard of the arrangement." Rahul said. "But why?"

"Shilpa heard her parents talking. They said that Vivek has offered a large sum of money to them for the marriage. When I came to her house she broke down. All she has wanted was to meet Armaan." They looked over at Armaan and Shilpa who were still in each other's arms. Armaan continued to calm her but she was letting out all her tears.

"On our way here we heard about..." Muskaan turned back to Rahul. He looked at her telling her to continue. "We heard of your parents death." Muskaan whispered. Rahul let out a deep breath and nodded confirming the news. "I am deeply sorry."

"You mustn't be sorry! It was not your fault; it was none of our faults. Vivek is a good for nothing scoundrel. He had arranged the hanging." Rahul crossed his arms and looked down, keeping himself composed. They stood next to each other letting the silence take over. They glanced back at Armaan and Shilpa. It seemed as though Shilpa has stopped crying. Armaan held her face in his hands, wiping away the last of her tears.

"Armaan," Shilpa sniffed and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I can't do this. I.. I just can't." Her eyes made their way up to meet his.

"Shhh.." Armaan quieted her. "I will fix everything, my dear." Shilpa fell into his embrace once again, wrapping her hands around him as tight as she could and burying her head in his chest.

"Shilpa.." Muskaan called out to her with a hand on her shoulder. "We must return otherwise your parents will get suspicious of our whereabouts." Muskaan gently tugged on her arm telling her they need to leave soon. Shilpa pulled out of the hug shaking her head no.

"No!" She yelped, "No! I do not wish to return." Muskaan grabbed the scarf and began to drape her with it. But Shilpa jerked her hands away. "No! I will not return! You may go if you please! But I will stay with Armaan!" Shilpa clung onto Armaan's arm. Muskaan looked helplessly at her.

"Please Shilpa..." She pleaded.

"Shilpa," Armaan finally spoke. "You must return. If you do not, the first location your parents will search is here. You cannot stay here it is unsafe for both of us."

"But I do not wish to return!" Shilpa exclaimed again.

"I know you do not wish to, but you will have to. For the sake of all of us." Armaan explained to her in the gentlest tone. He gestured Muskaan to bring the scarf to him. Shilpa looked down in defeat. She knew she had to return even if she didn't want to. Armaan covered her head with the scarf and made her look up. "I promise you that your wedding with that rat will not take place." Armaan confidently told her. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips to which she responded. He rested his forehead on hers, "I love you," he whispered. As soon as he said that, Shilpa placed her hands on his neck and pulled him into another kiss. Armaan pulled back smiling at her.

"I love you too Armaan." She looked right into his eyes and replied back.

"Shilpa, we must leave." Muskaan didn't want to interrupt their moment but she knew she had to. Shilpa looked at Muskaan and nodded while she adjusted the scarf on her head. Muskaan proceeded to walk to the door and Shilpa, too, took a step forward before turning back around and pecking his lips once more.

"Please, come soon." She whispered before she met Muskaan at the door.

"Good bye," The two girls said before opening the door and rushing out. Rahul and Armaan watched them hurry away down the street. Rahul saw Armaan's eyes change from the soft ones they were with Shilpa to cold ones.

"We must go now." Armaan said to Rahul and walked out the door. Rahul shut the door and followed him.

"Where are we headed to?"

"You will find out." Armaan stopped abruptly and looked up. "Are you a decent climber, brother?"

"Climber? What do you mean?" Rahul asked but then saw Armaan jumping and pulling himself up onto the balcony. "Armaan! What are you doing?"

"Follow, it will be much quicker if we travel from the rooftops." He yelled down from the roof's corner. Rahul looked around as if scared that something would happen if someone saw them. But no one was on the streets; it was deserted. Rahul followed Armaan's movements as he made his way up. Armaan held out his hand when he saw Rahul nearing the edge and pulled him up. Armaan led the way jumping from roof to roof. Armaan would stop occasionally so Rahul could take some rest, along with him. His foot still hurt, but he didn't want that preventing him from continuing. The pain his foot provided was nothing compared to the pain of the rest of the day's events.

Armaan jumped down on a bale of hay from one of the balconies on the last building they were on. Once Armaan moved, Rahul followed. They entered the same worn down building across from them.

"We are here." Armaan said and led him in. "Sir." Armaan bowed down as they entered a room.

"Ah, Armaan! You have returned! I hope all is well."

"Nothing is well. Vivek has crossed his limits." Armaan hissed. One of the nearby men took Armaan's robe off and he signaled for them to do the same with Rahul.

"I have heard." He got up of the chair and walked toward the two of them.

"Little brother, what is this?" Rahul whispered in his ear. "Who are these people?"

"You must be Rahul! Armaan's elder brother." Shashank declared. "Tell me Armaan, what brings you both here?"

"He will be joining us." Armaan uttered.

"What? Joining what?!" Rahul yelled.

"A wise decision!" Shashank smirked.

"I will explain everything brother." Armaan led him to another room with Shashank following closely behind them.


"So this is what this symbol means?" Rahul pulled out the silver chained medallion from his pocket and showed Armaan.

"Where did you get that?" Armaan took it from his hands.

"I discovered it outside our window one morning." Rahul answered. There was a short pause as Rahul watched him looking at the object in his hand. "Armaan, may I ask a question?


"Do not be ridiculous brother, you may ask what you please."

"Is this where you would disappear to?" Armaan stared at his brother before responding back.

"Yes, brother." Armaan uttered. "I told you that I am capable of murdering them and that is what I intend to do through this." He continued coldly.

"What if something was to happen to you?"

"If I was to lose my life through my activities, I would not be anything except proud of what I was doing. It is for the better of our people, brother. I cannot see our people suffer." Rahul smiled at Armaan's words; his fervor was clearly visible through his words.

"You are a good man, Armaan." Rahul patted his shoulder. "I am proud of you for standing strong in your beliefs."

"Thank you brother." Armaan whispered. "Shall we return home?"

"If you wish." Rahul answered back. "Your foot will need some rest as well." Armaan looked at him confused. "Do not think I did not notice on the rooftop when we stopped. I only said I was tired so you could rest your leg." Rahul smiled knowingly at him. Armaan smiled back seeing the care his brother had for him.

All PMs have been sent! However, some of you changed your username:


If you want to continue to get PMs, let me know what your new username is!

Thank you all for being so patient! You are the best!
Comments will make me really happy (especially after the past weeks). So if you can, please leave one. Smile

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@neha-rockss: Hellooo! Smile Everything is getting better now. He'll be discharged this weekend but his brother is still being monitored.

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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nice part, but sad.
thanks for the PM.

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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hey buddy...hope all is fine now...

n abt the part...

that was really shocking one..

vivek such a jerk...he killed their parents..

n nw a new start..

happy that rahul also joined him..

n loved the bro relation...

thnx for the pm...

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