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The Assassin's Fascination(ArSh):NOTE PG52 7/11/12 (Page 14)

s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
@anumeha_rajat: Thank you. Glad you're enjoying it!

@akshad: Thanks!


I'll be updating later tonight or tomorrow depending on if I finish the part or not.

But I did write this OS on ArSh, so please check it out and leave comments.

Thank you! Smile

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part
continue soon

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_Afrin_ Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
great update......................
u r reminding me all the classic books I read........I just love to read such stories...............
Arman is really mysterious....................wonder whats up to usual love ArSh...........................
cont soon................
thanx for the pm........................

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s4mosa Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
@Riddss: Thank you!

@_Afrin_: Glad you like it!! Thank you! Smile

Hope you enjoy!

Part 4

"You're rising quickly in my eyes, Armaan." The man stood up and walked to him signaling for him to get up. "I am grateful for taking you under my wing. You're much more reliable than the others."

"You are too kind, sir." Armaan placed his hand on his chest and responded back as he stood. The man chuckled and patted Armaan's shoulder.

"Tomorrow!" He exclaimed with his hands in the air. "Tomorrow..." He turned back to Armaan. "We shall make our move." Armaan listened to him carefully. "Khanna is visiting the town tomorrow. You will be the head of the group, Armaan. Have you heard about the ceremony tomorrow to welcome him?" He asked Armaan.

"Yes, I have, sir."

"Great! There will be guards everywhere. You will remain in the shadows near the town's center. When they stop, you will make your move." He snapped his fingers and Armaan heard footsteps around him. Looking around him, he found hooded men and women circle around him.

"Who are these people, Shashank sir?" Armaan asked.

"You will lead them." He gestured his hand around the circle that was formed. "They will assist you tomorrow in your mission." Shashank walked toward a man. "They will remain above. On the tops of the buildings and protect you from the guards perched there." He walked continued along the line of people. "The others will be hidden amongst the crowd, disguised. All of them will await your signal to join you."

"Yes, sir." Armaan nodded understanding the plan. "What will be my signal to them?"

"Whatever you desire. It is your choice." He replied with a smile. "Now you may choose to meet with them or you may return home." He strolled back to his chair and sat down crossing one leg over the other looking at the group.

Armaan walked away with his newly assigned group to discuss the plans more in depth.


"Shilpa, who was he?" her friend, Muskaan questioned as they left the house after helping her mother.


"The robed man from earlier." Muskaan clarified.

"Him! He is a charming man. Armaan." Shilpa said dreamily. "However, I feel as though he is hiding a secret. Especially after today's encounter." She furrowed her thin eyebrows together in confusion. "I do not know what it may be, but there is something amiss about him." Shilpa pondered what it could be.

Muskaan saw her lost in thought so she didn't bother disturbing her. They quietly walked down the street, heading for Muskaan's home.

"Shilpa!" Muskaan shrieked when Shilpa carelessly kept walking and almost bumped into someone. Luckily the man stopped her and knocked her out of her thoughts.

"I am sincerely sorry, I was just lost..." She started but then drifted off as she saw the face in front on her. "You! You know Armaan, am I not correct?"

"Yes, I do. He is my younger brother. Rahul is my name." He smiled.

"Oh, younger brother. It is a pleasure to meet you." Rahul took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles.

"As it is here." Rahul answered back releasing her hand.

"I am not sure if Armaan will approve of your actions." Shilpa teased him with a smile.

"He will have to deal with it for I am his older brother." Rahul chuckled. He then noticed another woman approach from behind calling for Shilpa. He gestured his hand to her, "I believe someone is wanting you." Shilpa turned around and saw Muskaan.

"Oh yes, this is Muskaan, a friend from childhood. Muskaan, this is Rahul, Armaan's older brother." She introduced them.

"A pleasure!" Rahul took her soft hand and gently placed a kiss on it. Muskaan shyly lowered her head and wriggled her fingers to release her hand which Rahul was not letting go of. His eyes remained locked on the lady in front of him. Shilpa smiled seeing the interaction.

"Rahul, if I may ask a question?" Rahul shook his head and cleared his throat.

"Why yes, proceed."

"Do you feel as though something is wrong with.."

"Brother! I have been searching for you!" Armaan clasped his arm around Rahul's shoulder. "And here you are spending time with two beautiful women." He winked at Rahul with a huge grin on his face.

"Little brother! Where did you disappear to this morning? You left Mother and I worried." Armaan looked toward Shilpa hesitating.

"I... went for a morning stroll." Armaan kept a smile on his face glancing back and forth from Shilpa and Rahul. Shilpa's eyes narrowed as doubt grew within her.

"For such a long time? Anyways, let it be. Shilpa, you were about to ask something?" Rahul turned back to the girls.

"Oh, uhh yes." Shilpa muttered. She couldn't ask him in front of Armaan. Her gaze shifted to Armaan who looked at her curiously. "I was going to ask if all is fine with your family. I know I have caused disturbance for which I apologize." Shilpa sweetly said.

"Everything is well! Do not be sorry for you have done nothing wrong." Armaan assured her, answering for Rahul. But Rahul somehow knew that wasn't the question she wanted to ask.

"Yes, all is well." Rahul agreed with Armaan. "Little brother, I must go receive some things by the dock for father. I will speak with you later." Armaan shook his head in a yes motion. "It was nice to meet you Shilpa..." She nodded her head forward, "You too, Muskaan." He said in a more wistful tone and walked away leaving Armaan with his eyes wide with shock.

"Shilpa, let us go as well." Muskaan murmured nudging Shilpa's arm.

Shilpa smiled at Armaan and then began to amble away with Muskaan by her side. He happily followed behind them. Shilpa occasionally turned her head to steal a glance at him and saw him smiling cheekily looking back at her. She turned back around and proceeded talking to Muskaan. They stopped at the steps in front of a house and bid each other goodbye with a hug. Shilpa waited until Muskaan was inside before turning around to go back home.

"Ouch!" Shilpa yelped when she bumped into something hard.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to hurt you." Armaan said sincerely. He watched Shilpa rub her nose trying to ease the pain.

"It is alright." Shilpa said with a smile.

"No it is not." He held her hand and moved it away. "It is red." A concerned Armaan moved forward. Shilpa took a step back when he came closer.

"I said its fine, Armaan. No need to be concerned." She turned away and started walking.

"Are you upset with me?" Armaan followed behind trying to catch up with her quickening pace.


"I do not know what I have done, but how shall I repay you?" He jumped in front of her and gave a huge grin. Shilpa crossed her arms in front of her chest and tilted her head raising her eyebrows.

"There will be a festival today. Will you accompany me?" She fluttered her lashes trying to convince him.

"Must I come? You cannot go yourself." Shilpa pressed her lips together and narrowed her eyes.

"I would not have requested for your company if I was able to go!" She stomped her feet and moved away from him. Armaan held her hand and pulled her back to him.

"So you are not able to go?" She shook her head no.

"I am not allowed to. That is why I request you to find some way to convince my parents to let me." She pouted her lips and looked up at him. Armaan was left stunned.

"How will I convince them? They have never met me!" She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back.

"If you want to be forgiven for what you have done then you will find a way." Shilpa strode away from him and headed home. A confused Armaan was left trying to figure out a way to allow her to go.

"How shall I persuade them?"


Shilpa heard a knock at the door and ran to it.

"Muskaan, you have returned? Are you in need of anything?"

"Do you not want to go to the festival?" Muskaan asked.

"Yes, but... you did not want to go?" Shilpa said perplexed at her sudden change in decision.

"I was afraid my father would not allow me to go. But I asked and he agreed." Shilpa eyed her suspiciously. This wasn't like Muskaan.

"Okay, but..." She was still confused. "Oh, forget it. Let me tell father and mother." Shilpa ran into the main room to inform her parents. When she returned she saw Muskaan looking off to the side of the house gesturing. "Muskaan, what is wrong?" Muskaan jumped and turned toward her.

"Noth..Nothing. These pesky bugs are bothering." She swatted her hands in front of her face.

"Umm.. okay. Let us go then."

As they walked to the festival, Shilpa saw Muskaan look over her shoulder several times as if checking for something. Or someone.

"Are you alright?"

"Huh? Oh yes, I'm fine."

"You are not behaving so."

"Shilpa, I must return home now. Have fun at the festival." She quickly hugged a completely baffled Shilpa and started to walk away.

"Muskaan! What will I do alone?" Shilpa yelled at her retreating back.

"Who said you shall be alone." Armaan appeared next to her. Shilpa's jaw fell open as she realized what was happening.

"This was your doing! Armaan, do you realize the trouble I could get into if father was to find out?" Shilpa started to freak out.

"If, Shilpa. If he found out." Armaan placed his finger onto her lips. "As long as Muskaan and you keep your mouth closed, everything will be fine. Now let us continue to the festival."

They arrived at the festival and began to walk around. The two of them enjoyed the dances and acts that various townspeople had put together in the past weeks. Afterwards they passed by various stalls and tables just browsing the items displayed. One table in particular caught Shilpa's eyes. She picked up the white beaded necklace with a cerulean blue pendant.

"It's so beautiful!" Shilpa gasped, running her fingers over the intricate patterns.

"Sir, how much for the necklace the lady holds?"

"800 shillings." The young man behind the table said.

"Armaan, you do not need..." Shilpa placed the necklace back onto the table.

"I know, but I want to." Armaan smiled at her and paid the man.

He reached for the necklace and picked it up. He walked up behind Shilpa, who had walked away in mock anger. Unhooking the necklace, he brought it up over her head and placed it onto her neck, hooking it again behind her neck. Shilpa smiled and her hand held the pendant lying just below her collarbone. Armaan turned her around and placed a quick kiss onto her forehead which made Shilpa's smile widen.

"Thank you." Shilpa looked up at him.

"You are welcome, my maiden." Armaan took her hand and placed a kiss on it as well. "Will you now inform me what I had done?" Shilpa slipped her hand from his.

"Nothing." Shilpa smiled victoriously. "Nothing at all."

"What?" Armaan was left bewildered.

"You did nothing. I just wanted to come to this festival and thought to trick you." Shilpa giggled.

"You must be joking." Armaan raised an eyebrow at her. She shook her head no and smiled biting her lip.

"But how did you convince Muskaan to do such a thing?" Shilpa asked playing with the necklace around her neck.

"It did not take much." Armaan answered. "I simply told her that I would say to my brother she was interested in him." Armaan casually said. "Brother would have been so joyous from the news." He laughed as he thought of Rahul's reaction.

"Armaan!" She hit his shoulder at the joke.

"I did not do such a thing! She agreed immediately."

"That explains her strange behavior." Shilpa slurred under her breathe. "There was something peculiar about her when she arrived."

"I agree. A horrible actress she is." Armaan joked once again only to receive another smack on his arm.

"She is truly nave to agree with a man like you." Shilpa started to walk away from him. "It was wrong of you to take advantage of her innocence."

"But you cannot deny that you are grateful for her. If she did not agree, you would not be here." Armaan walked up to her. "With me."

"That is true." Shilpa turned to him and smiled. "It is getting late. Will you drop me home?


"If you so please."

The two of them weaved through the crowds that had gathered for the festival. Armaan stopped a few doors down from where she lived.

"I believe it will be safer if I stay away from your home to prevent suspicions from arising." Armaan stated holding her arm to stop her. "Good night, Shilpa."

"Good night, Armaan." She stood on her toes and pecked his lips. "Thank you for a wonderful night." She stepped away.

"I should thank you." Armaan whispered as she lowered her gaze and walked away.


Don't forget to comment! I would really appreciate it.

Alright, all PMs have been sent. Let me know if you didn't get one or if you are a new reader and want one. Thanks! Smile

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luvd d part
ArSh moments were so cute.....totally adorable
cont soon

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i like the budding arsh love story..cont soon wth more romance.......

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beautiful part
really very well written
do continue soon

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nice part
continue soon

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