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The Assassin's Fascination(ArSh):NOTE PG52 7/11/12 (Page 11)

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Here it is! Sorry for the late update Smile

(BTW, thank for the wishes you guys! I'll be getting my results in a week, hopefully they're good!)

Part 3

Armaan kept smiling to himself as he walked down the hill and headed towards town with his horse trailing behind him. Once he had entered the town he noticed a few guards off to the side giving him dirty looks. He reasoned that it was probably due to the incident earlier and thought to let it go. Climbing onto the horse, he slowly walked it back home. Every time he passed guards they would look at him in disgust. Was it so wrong to protect a helpless maiden? Armaan thought. He led the horse into a stable in the back and walked into the home.

"Please do not be so harsh on him." He heard his mother plead. He looked around the wall and saw his mother talking to his father.

"He interfered in the matters of Vivek sir for the second time!" He yelled. Armaan fisted his hand, feeling the anger rise within. "Do you not realize the consequences that could be bestowed upon us?"

"I do understand. But have you not questioned him of what he did?" She spoke softly.

"No I have not. I do not plan to." Armaan heard him say with a stern voice. "As far as I am concerned, he should not be interfering in the affairs of the family that is ruling our state. He very well knows what the possible outcomes of it are." He got up from the chair and turned away. "That is the end of this conversation." His mother looked at the ground and sighed. "Evening approaches, Prepare dinner, dear wife."

He swiftly walked out of the room from where Armaan was standing however he went unnoticed. A few seconds later Armaan saw his mother walk out and stop. She turned her head and looked at him. She could clearly see the anger and annoyance from her child's eyes. Armaan hastily turned and ran up the stairs, not uttering a single word. He shoved the door open and stomped into the room startling Rahul.

"What is the matter?" He stood in front of Armaan but he just brushed past him and sat down on the bed. "Little brother" Rahul sat down next to him and placed a hand on Armaan's shoulder. "Talk to me." Armaan initially jerked his shoulder to remove Rahul's hand so Rahul placed it there once again. "Control your anger, little brother." He waited until Armaan calmed down a little bit, but he clearly saw irritation on his face. "Now, speak." Rahul ordered.

"Brother, why are my dealings with Vivek looked down upon? I did nothing wrong." Armaan said to Rahul trying to stay composed.

"Possibly because he is the son of Sir Arjun." He answered. "What is it exactly that you did?"

"That reason does not allow one's self to behave so wrongly with a woman!" Armaan spat out as he stood back on his feet with frustration. "The whole family is a bag of rotten...!"

"Armaan! Control your words! The passing people may hear you." Rahul scolded him as he shut the window facing to the streets.

"I say, let them hear!" Armaan paced over and pushed open the windows.

"Armaan!" Rahul reprimanded Armaan once again. "Control yourself!" He pulled him away from the window and sat him on the bed. "You still have not answered my question, what is it that you did?"

"I was following Shilpa and when she approached her home, Vivek stood in her way. Not allowing her to enter her own home. He said some vile words about misbehaving with her. I could not stand and watch him so I attempted to make him leave her. However, that is not what Vivek intended so he threw his fist at me, and continued to do so. I had enough so I fought back. When he seemed to have enough he ran away." Armaan explained the events from the past day.

"You fought him?!" Rahul jumped off his seat and looked with surprise. "Armaan, we are lucky that they have done nothing drastic! Do you realize what could have been done to our family if they decided to punish for your actions!"

"Yes! I understand!" Armaan stood up and faced his brother. "I could not just stand there and not aid Shilpa however. Was it wrong of me to not help?"

"I do not blame you for the cause you did it for; however I do believe you should not have fought him back! His family is of the highest class, they are capable of anything!"

"Please, brother. I know what they are capable of. Since their rule has begun, this past year has been nothing short of horrible! They are corrupt! The wealth that should aid our people is not doing so. They keep it for themselves! If I could take matters in my own hand then I would murder each and every one of them!" Armaan spat back at his brother. "Bloody Khannas." He muttered under his breathe.

"I caution you, little brother. If outsiders listen to your words, you will not be spared." Rahul warned him as he glimpsed out the window making sure no one has heard him.

"If it were not for the lives of our family, I would have long since carried out my wishes..." Armaan mumbled back with aggravation as he walked to Rahul near the window. He placed his hands on the edge and looked down at the streets.

"Armaan, you must understand- what are you doing?" Rahul asked as he saw him climb out onto the ledge outside of the window.

"Tell mother not to wait for me for dinner. I will be late." Armaan inched away from the window and jumped down onto the street alarming the people walking by. Rahul saw him continue down the street until he disappeared.

"Rahul, Armaan! Dinner!" He heard his mother call from the end of the staircase. Rahul gave one last look where down the street where Armaan had disappeared before walking out of the room and down the staircase.

"Where is Armaan?" His mother questioned.

"He has left and informed for us to not wait for him." Rahul reached the end of the stairs and paused. "Has father heard his side of the story?" She shook her head no.

"He refuses to do so." Rahul sighed with disappointment. Once his father had decided to do something, he knew there was no way to convince him to change his mind. "Come, eat." She followed behind as they both headed to the table. Rahul seated himself while his mother placed the plates and began to serve the food.

"Where is Armaan?" His father asked as he came and took a seat across from Rahul.

"I do not know where he has gone, however he has said he will be late." Rahul informed him. Rahul saw his father shake his head and let out a sigh before starting his meal. He gazed up at his mother serving him food and saw a lone tear slip from one of her eyes. She quickly wiped it away and turned around after serving the food to serve a plate for herself.

Rahul returned to his room after dinner and paced back and forth in front of the window. He occasionally looked out hoping he would see some sign of Armaan's return but he didn't. It was well into the night and Rahul remained awake waiting.

"Where is he?" Rahul murmured glancing out window once again. He saw a man dressed in a hooded robe begin to climb up the wall.

"Stop! Who are you?" Rahul shrieked at the man who didn't listen to him. "I say, stop!" By the time he finished his command, the man had already reached the window.

"It is I, brother." Armaan stood outside the window and pulled the hood back to reveal his face.

"Armaan! Where have you been?" Rahul helped him through the window and into the room.

"Why are you still awake? I said not to wait." Armaan calmly said as he untied the knot near his neck holding the robe over his body.

"I was worried for you, little brother. What is with these robes? You did not wear them as you left." Rahul asked holding up the edge of the dark colored robe with a symbol at the end of each baggy sleeve.

"Let us just say it was a gift." Armaan took off the robe and tossed it onto his bed.

"A gift? From whom?" Rahul asked walking up Armaan. Armaan just stared at him with a blank expression before lying down onto the bed. "I do hope you are not doing things that will harm you..." Rahul slowly stepped back toward his bed. "...or the family."

"You need not worry, brother." Armaan turned onto his side with his back to Rahul. "I will not let my activities harm anyone." Rahul worried at how monotone Armaan sounded. He knew something was wrong but he didn't know how to get Armaan to speak. Rahul lied down in his bed with his gaze still fixed on Armaan.


Armaan woke up early, even before Rahul. The sun had just peeked over the horizon and Armaan grabbed his robe from the edge of the bed and pull it onto himself. He gave a quick glance to Rahul sprawled on the bed sleeping before walking out from the door. He slowly pulled the door shut behind him and crept down the stairs. He reached the bottom and checked to make sure his parents were not awake. Seeing no one around, he swiftly ran out the back door.

Armaan avoided any confrontation with the townspeople by remaining above. The roofs of each building were close enough for him to jump from one to another. He continued from roof to roof making his way to where he needed to go. He walked to the edge of the final building and kneeled down on one knee. He looked down at the market place and searched the early morning crowd. Armaan's eyes caught his target. He followed him as he walked from table to table talking with the townsfolk.

His eyes then caught Shilpa moving about with another woman. Armaan involuntarily smiled as he saw her smiling and laughing. She wore a beige dress with floral bordering and flowers in her tied hair. The image of her with her flowing hair from yesterday came into Armaan's mind. The sound of a bird chirping brought him out of his reverie and he hunted for his target once again. They moved from one side of the open area to another.

"Leave our way!" He heard a familiar voice yell. Armaan looked to the source of the voice and saw Shilpa arguing with the man he was searching for. The woman with her tried to pull her away from the situation but Shilpa remained rooted to the spot. "No, we will go this way Muskaan. This man has no right to stop us." She grabbed her wrist and pushed the man aside continuing down the alley. As they walked away, Armaan saw the man continuing to follow them.

"He's making his move sooner than I thought." Armaan said to himself as he began to climb down from the building. He jumped in between the man and two women. His head was covered with the hood, concealing his identity.

"Leave them." He ordered harshly.

Shilpa and Muskaan turned around to see the back of a tall, hooded man. They stood quietly behind him watching.

"You have no authority on me. I do what I wish." The man stated and walked around. Shilpa and Muskaan stepped further back as they saw him approach. Armaan grabbed his shirt from the shoulder area and pulled him back in front of him. He turned his head to address the women.

"Go." He calmly said. But they did not move. "I say go!" Armaan raised his voice. The two of them nodded looking at the mysterious man and quickly staggered away.

"What is it that you want?" Armaan turned his head back to face him upon hearing his question. He pulled him closer and could sense he was terrified. The man could only see the tightened jaw and pursed lips of the hooded man and he knew he was angry.

"Two things." Armaan declared. "First. I demand you stay away from the woman. If you do choose to go near her, it will be the last thing you do in your life. Understood?" The man nodded after hearing his grim voice. "Second. Tell Vivek that he must remain at a distance as well. Not only from her, but the town also. Nothing ill should be done with the people of this town. Otherwise the same fate will be granted upon him." Armaan pushed him back and saw him stumble, trying to keep his balance. He continued to stagger as Armaan stood there with his head lowered waiting for him to disappear.

"Whoever you may be, you will be found out!" He shouted and then ran.

Armaan turned around and began to walk down the alley but he heard someone yelp and his eyes shot to where he figured it came from. Two eyes stared at him from behind the crates.

"Who is there?" Armaan questioned, walking towards the crates. As he neared, he saw that it was a woman. "Miss, are you okay?" After hearing her yelp, he became concerned and forwarded himself to her. She immediately turned around and tried to run away, but Armaan caught her hand and pulled her back. She cried in pain once again clutching the arm Armaan held. He looked down and saw blood oozing from a wound. Instantly, he released her hand and looked up at her face which left Armaan shocked.

"Shilpa." He let out as he grazed the skin around her wound. Her eyes shot open and she looked up at him.

"How do you know my name?" She suspiciously questioned with fear in her voice. Armaan moved back and lifted the hood away from his face. Her eyes widened with shock.

"Armaan!" She exclaimed. "It was you?"

"Yes." He whispered as he looked at the cut once again. "How did this happen?"

"A nail protruding from one of the crates." Shilpa softly said. He moved the robe and ripped a piece of cloth off his shirt. Wrapping it tightly around her arm he looked back into her eyes.

"You should return home." Armaan reached behind his head and pulled the hood back over his head keeping his eyes locked with hers. He could see the many questions in her eyes. But he could not answer any of them, at least, not now. He broke his gaze from hers and started to walk away.

"Wait." She instructed and he obeyed. "Why are you masking your identity and trolling the town as though a thief?"

"I cannot say." Armaan said not turning to look at her. Shilpa knew she should not interfere but something just did not feel right to her.

"I understand," She lied while moving her head up and down. "If you choose not to answer I cannot force you. But may I receive the answer to one other query?" She requested. Armaan turned to look at her and saw her gaze lowered. He walked back to her and held her chin, slowly bringing her face up. Her eyelids lifted and Armaan became captured in her beautiful, round eyes.

"What is it my maiden?" Armaan whispered in a husky voice as he leaned in closer to her. His hand caressed her cheek and her head tilted into it. Armaan gave a small smile as she closed her eyes and became lost in his touch. "Shilpa, your inquiry remains unfinished." He moved his hand away and saw her eyes open.

"I... I... I have..." She struggled for words, embarrassed at what she would say, "I have... forgotten" She shyly uttered in a low voice, feeling blood rise to her cheeks. Armaan gave a slight chuckle before moving back.

"When you shall remember, do let me know." Armaan gave a smirk to which she responded by curving her lips.

"Shilpa!" A startled Shilpa turned in the direction of the voice.

"Muskaan" The name escaped Shilpa's lips.

"Shilpa! Your mother calls for you!" A girl's voice came from down the alley once again.

"I must go, Armaan. Please stay unscathed." Shilpa moved forward and kissed his cheek before fisting her gown in her palms and running to Muskaan who awaited her at the end of the alley.

Once he saw her join Muskaan, Armaan hid himself within the fresh shadows that covered the street from the rising sun and made his way to the other side of town. He reached a worn down building and entered it from the back.

"Inform him I have returned." Armaan somberly muttered to the man that stood guard at the door. He disappeared into the main room for a few moments and then returned.

"You may enter." Armaan walked in and approached an individual who stood at the far end of the room speaking to another man. Armaan kneeled down on one knee when he was a few feet away from the two of them.

"Sir, I have done as you commanded." Armaan removed the hood off his head and bowed his head. "He has been warned."

"Good," The deep voice resonated through the empty room, "Our plans will surely be successful."

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Please let me know if you aren't getting PMs or if you want PMs!

Thank you! Smile

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luvd d part
sooo armaan iz wid sum mysterious gang............dat sounds interesting
m now very much curious 2 know more.
cont sooooooooper soon

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Lovely part loved it I wonder wht armaan is up to plz write more soon and thnx for the pm :)
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Awesome part
Loved it, cont soon nd thanks for pm hun
Luv ya

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nice one yaar
loved it

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loved the part.... armaan saving the town from the useless rulers remembered me of a spanish hero zorro Embarrassed 

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plz unfold the mystery supersoon..and give more arsh parts....

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