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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Tip Tip Barsa Holi..Mahii Ve Mahii~PG.1/11/13/29 (Page 9)

millii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
happy holi
lovely frends
enjoy colour full holi

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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First off ....Let me wish you a very Happy Holi!!!! Hope you had a rang-biranga day!!!!

Now.....this is what I mentioned in another thread...and maybe I might be repeating what others have already talked about...but this what I thot I'd share.....

Geet Hui Sabse Parayee......This show started with a subject of Fake NRI marriages....moved on to honour killing ...then a young girl's fight for justice.....All through these serious subject lines we had the buildup of the romantic story between the leads Geet and Maan.....Whenever they came on screen....they set it on fire with their passion....Just a look was enough for the audience to go into a daze.....They had such a mesmerizing effect on us......Along with this the story too was moving in a positive direction.....We got a beautiful never before seen love story along with a girl's fight for justice.....

But suddenly the show seemed to have lost its way.....All we started getting were collage of scenes and arrival of unknown characters which made no sense at all.....The positivity which was the USP of this show seems to have disappeared....the fight for justice which was the main theme of the show is no longer part of the storyline.....All we are getting is the character assassination of our beloved characters.....

Geet...although a happy go lucky girl was never indifferent to her job....but lately she has been shown as a flaky character who doesn't care about work ....neither hers nor Maan's.....She was always independent and did not expect anyone's help....but post marriage ...she was shown to be so pampered and used to luxuries that she cannot seem to do without them...take her visit to orphanage for example....where she could have very well traveled by taxi or an auto even...but she chose to go in a car driven by Dev...Geet might be indebted to Dev for having saved her husband...but does that mean his crimes are forgivable and unpunishable.....I don't think so...

Dev took an innocent, young girl, promised her the world.....won her confidence ....made her believe in dreams......married her....then.....took away her innocence....left her high and dry. He completely destroyed the 18 year old girl's life and he did this in his complete senses....He raped her....took her belongings....duped her out of her land ......destroyed her dreams....and had the audacity to smile when the girl was lying on the airport floor shouting his name....So I'm not ready to accept that his sudden change of heart means that he should be forgiven and all that he did forgotten.....Make Geet take a stand against Dev...Show us the strong, positive and bold girl that we fell in love with....Show us the fighter who put her own brother behind bars and renounced her own family for her child....the girl who stood up for the truth and her fight for justice....

I know its a daily soap and twists are part of them...And the makers have to think of TRPs of the show....after all they are here to earn money......but tell me has the TRP improved ??.....No!!! And I have to say that the makers too have an obligation to the society as they too are a part of it...So what kind of message would be sent when a rapist is glorified and shown as a great Mahatma and the victim is praising him and even smiling when taking his name......That it is ok to forgive the rapist when he becomes repentant and he can be embraced and welcomed into a society with a smile....that his crimes are forgivable.....Think CVs of all the victims of such crimes.....Rape....Fake NRI marriages.....Honour Killing....You are telling them if the culprit comes and says Sorry then no need for justice to be served.....Is that it???

Maan was shown to be an arrogant no-nonsense type of a guy, who always stood with what was right...He never did what anyone told him but only what he felt was right....For him Truth, Justice and Trust where the cornerstones of all relations...His was such a powerful character that we couldn't move our eyes away from the screen even if we wanted to.....But now he has been turned into a sometimes sappy, sometimes angry, sometime clueless man who seems to have lost his way....This was not The Maan Singh Khurana....He was much more than that.....Please bring back the old Maan Singh Khurana back....

Dev is a criminal and his crime cannot go unpunished ....All his attempts at doing good will not erase what he did with that 18-year old girl with dreams in her eyes....She was oppressed by her family and tortured by her elders....she had accepted that but Dev came and gave her hope and made her see dreams...then just like that he completely and brutally destroyed the psyche of the young girl....even after the betrayal she believed in him such was his impact on her ....she fought with her family for him ....but when she realised what he had done ...she was shattered...He was evil and no amount of repentance can change that....So bring the evil Dev back and make Maaneet destroy him completely.....Show how Good can win over Evil...Show how justice prevails

Maaneet.....the USP of the show.....The fans loved these two characters so much that they left all their work and crazily waited for the clock to strike 9-30 so that they could see their beloved couple....Be their silly fights, or their push and pull acts, their comedy, their romance or their passion....everything about them hypnotised the fans so much that they even forgot their real lives.....But now all we get is some senseless squabbling, some meaningless blabbering and Misunderstandings galore.....The romance and passion that we fell in love with seems to have disappeared completely....I'm begging the CVs to give us our old Maaneet back and I'm sure the old charm of the show will be back....

The so called parallel track introduced in the name of Arjun and Annie is such a pain that no amount of aspirin can lessen the pain......and as Jhan said...people prefer changing channels when they come onscreen....Please just remove them....Their track cannot be salvaged even if you introduce umpteen number of characters to support them...I don't think you can make us like their story....They are one of the biggest reasons for the show going downhill....Just take them out and introduce parallel track using any of the already present characters like Adi, Pinky, Romeo, Manisha.....anybody but them....

And I would like to end by saying that GHSP has always been about Positivity and the winning of Good over keep it that way and don't go the cliched way.....

Thank You for Reading.....Smile

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sun29 IF-Addictz

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Dear creatives..........i know very well GHSP is your baby and you have the license to plot the route for the show and till today you have rarely dissappointed the viewers............i am just a viewer and do not stand in a position to tell you what should be your job..........i know the constraints of working for a daily ,have seen them managing last minute glitches...........but  still as a hard core viewer of your show,i would love to give my input and whether you take it or not is entirely upto you.......but the pleasure would be mine if you would atleast read it................
dev singh khurana was never the boy next door who suddenly saw a girl named geet ,fell for her and could never express his feelings and now when he meets her again as his brother's wife he is unable to fight his feelings..........things are not as simple as this
dev singh khurana was a very selfish ,spoilt ,lame weakling who lacked the courage to fight and work order to get rid of his debts he along with his wife plotted a devious plan the consequence of which a 18 yr old naive girl was inhumanely destroyed and her family faced the shame..........while dev and his wife were building there new life ,geet was fighting every moment of her life to breathe both for herself and her child............after months of her struggle when the girl finally put pieces of her life back together and embarks on a new journey ,dev comes into her life gultiy shameful for his deed
every human has a right to repent ,to feel guilty for their heinous crime ........and whether geet forgives him or not is completely her pregorative...........but should the law forgive him???NO...........let him face his sentence and come out a reformed man...let him live his life but not entwined with geet and maan's life.............
a tormentor can never be an agony aunt for  the victim...he can never be a part of her is as such suffocating to know he breathes the same air as you...but seeing him daily in ur life and then interacting with is a curse worse than death for any victim............
dev can turn a saint but not at the cost of geet's character..........and i trust you guys to complete the crux of the whole show.........geet's journey to find out abt the man who destroyed her and punish him should not be sentenced to cinematic liberty is a sincere request ..........
and about anvesha arjun track..........please provide it some connection to the show.........arjun has a sister whom he was out to avenge......atleast let him remember that.........anvesha was sexually exploited by that man .........and it is not a mere thing to be brushed under the carpet..............

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sia1976 Groupbie

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"People will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi may just be another show for the Channel or the Production House, but it's a way of living for many. This show has been instrumental in giving Star One channel the recognition and popularity it holds today.

In the Indian Television, where every second day we see a new serial appearing, what makes GHSP so special? What exactly got people to view this show and what created the Maaneet hysteria? Let's sit back and reason it out.

GHSP may be a fictional story and Geet Handa is also a fictional character, but there are thousands of women out there who relate to her story because of what they have faced in their real lives. Every women finds a part of herself in Geet be it her struggle for survival, her fight for justice, her determination to be a single parent, her never to say die attitude so on and so forth. Geet Handa is an ordinary girl who made extra ordinary choices depending on the various situations that life had put her through. The character of Geet inspired many women who have faced such horrendous act, to once again believe in themselves and to stand up and fight for what they think is right.

GHSP is also not the story of Geet Handa alone. It's also the story of Maan Singh Khurana, who inspite of being a loner had a heart of gold. He walked into Geet's life like the good Samaritan and helped her at every step to face life's challenges. He accepted Geet for who she is and loved her with all he had. Maan made Geet and all other women in the real world believe in love all over again. Maan's selfless n unconditional love made him every woman's dream man.

Maaneet's love story evolved under the most unlikely circumstances and hence its so special. This show brought forth sensitive issues like Fake NRI marriage, Bigamy & Honor killing.

Now comes the million dollar question seeing the present track. Why is it necessary to see Dev being punished in the court of law when he is already repenting? Well to this I would like to say, that repentance is something that will ease Dev's guilt but it will not make any difference in Geet's life. Can Dev's repentance undo any of the trauma and humiliation that Geet had to face then? Its easy to justify ones suffering when that individual herself is responsible for it, but its equally hard to accept the suffering that one goes through due to someone else's wrong doings. Marriage is the most beautiful phase of human life and even today it's considered as the most sacred bond. However Dev abused the sanctity of this bond to meet his ends. What Dev did was not a mistake but a crime. It was a well chalked and smartly executed plan which ruined an 18 year old girl's life forever and shattered her dreams. Geet can never go back to what she use to be before Dev walked into her life. She is fortunate to have Maan besides her, but even Maan cannot replace Geet's honor which Dev deliberately tarnished. Some crime cannot be pardoned and hence Dev needs to go through the legal sentence. Also what moral message is the show trying to put forth to the viewers? Are we saying that after committing a crime of such a magnitude as Dev's, one can just say a few words of repentance and get away from legal punishment? In the real world we will find thousands of Geets who have given up hope to get any justice from the legal system. Atleast making Dev pay for his crimes, will give those women some solace from their heart aches even if it is in the fictional world.

We will also find every other man to be a Dev in the real world, but Maan is hard to find. he is too good to be true & hence seeing him suffer at every juncture only goes to show that it's not good over evil but the other way round.

Maan and Geet are destined to be together. They are true soul mates and their love is way too strong coz it has evolved against all odds. However, Geet is a woman of substance and she will not and should not demean herself by ever trying to show any weakness towards Dev. I want Geet to remember it till she is able to put him behind bars. All I want is to see her fight for justice, bring dev before the court of law, see him serve the legal sentence n then she can move ahead and live a happy life with maan. She should make it clear to Dev that her stand towards him still holds strong n he saving Maan does not change the way she feels for him. The CVs have to understand that no woman would want to see her culprit go scott free. I don't think Geet ever portrayed to be Mahaan from that aspect. Moreover as I said the essence of the story was geet's fight for justice n that loop needs to be closed.

Geet has always lived with her head held high & it's our earnest plea, please never ever think of ruining the essence of the story or do character assassination of either Geet or Maan. If you cannot help the real life Geets out there, at least pay them a tribute by showing that no crime or criminal is above the law.

Maan n Geet are two halves of a whole. They complete each other and every frame together. They are like a fork in the road, they may go separate ways, but no matter what, they will always end up together.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Vinu good to see u backEmbarrassed
CVs hv every right to move the story in the direction they want..but there r few things which need to be set right as we love this series and we don't want it to become another twisted saga of a girl getting sandwiched between two brothers...

So CV team,PH and channel...plss look into these 10 following things that every viewers out here wants to see...











Try out these above 10 steps ...and viewers complain will automatically stop....So get Maaneet romance back on track...thats the USP of the show don't loose it ever...
PS:Sorry for shouting in caps in most of my post...but I want to get the PH,channel and CVs hear me loudly and clearlySmile

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fatim30 Goldie

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@LVraaz good to see you back, i have no issue with MU and dev track but for dev geet love triangle is a big no, it will be really disappointing to see rapist victim love track.

what i have witnessed after  reading comments that majority viewers are not happy with what going on in show, well here are some of suggestions PH should consider;

1. end AA track ASAP and introduce another parallel track which closely linked with main plot. parallel track doesnt mean another love story. we have maaneet thats enough for us.

2. no love triangle among dev, maan and geet. cvs must born in mind specially mahesh that GHSP has young audience these ekta type twists with swapping husbands and breaking main leads as in tujh sang preet wont work here.

3. maaneet passionate love story is usp of this show . bring it back.

4. make dev negative, thats really wrong message going if he isnt punished.

5. most importantly bring back swati and old team back. show is really loosing its audience if this trend continues.

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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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Happy holi everyone ....Happy Holi Vinu

well other geetians has said everything so not much left for me to say ........

Why Cv's are not getting the point that Dev is the Rapist and Geet is the strongest girl who can fight for herself, her life. she does not need any Dev to help her out. i dont know what Cv's r trying to show but that one picture of Dev Holding Geet's arm made me mad. How DARE Dev ? how can he Touch her ? how can he hold her arm ? forget abt forgiveness ...... he should NOT come near to Geet, how dare he? .......where is the story heading?  gosh .... 

its too much and not to forget AA torture, we r crying since long to end their track but nothing happened . why they CAN't develop romeo /Adi's tracks ? 

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
A show just can't run on two leads, they need filler artists and parallel tracks to accommodate artists rest and such. 

At times viewers get very demanding, but do we know how hard these guys work to put on a 20 min  episode!  One 2 minute scene can take up to 3 -5 hours!  It's really not that easy!  These guys slog for days and hours!  Let's just appreciate the work! One thing I must say is that us viewers really get our blood pressure boiling on these shows! 

Do we ever sit and think why they doing this track, is it to accommodate artist time offs or illness! 

Crappy story and dragging and what not is part of a daily serial!  We must take that into consideration.  Why do we need to tell them how do their jobs, yes we are the viewers, but will they listen to us, have they??????????  I don't think so!

I started watching this show for its social message, for a woman who was wronged for money and was about to be murdered by her own brother.  A woman who struggled and faught for her baby!  She came to a different city wanting to become independent and fell in love with the man who saved her and baby's life.  Unfortunately the man happened to be brother of the man that wronged her.  Now this same man is living with them under the same roof!  Is that possible in real life, oh hell no!  Speaking for my self as a woman, if I was in this situation I would never allow that man near where I live.  Creatives should have made Geet strong here and she should have not allowed this to happen.  I don't care how much family wants to help, but as a woman she should not have to be in this situation.

Ok so where is her struggle now, they killed what Geet faught for, her baby, so here we are thinking they will listen to us! Trust me they won't and they will do what they feel.  I have zero hopes from any creatives! 

Dev turning into a saint, perhaps he repents as to what he's done.  When a person is wronged and if they forgive the sinner here, who are we to judge.  It's part of life at times many forgive, but they don't forget!  Its reality and happens in real life! To forgive someone makes u the bigger person!  Im not  defending Dev here, but Im just saying everyone in life makes mistakes right, no one is a saint!!!

My problem with creatives is that they made Geet very weak, she is not the same Geet that faught for her rights!

Sorry just my POV

This what I posted in the other thread!!

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