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Welcome to the Paul Wesley/Stefan Salvatore Appreciation Thread!

Birth Name: Paul Thomas Wasilewski | Birth Place: New Brunswick, NJ 
Date of Birth: 23 July 1982 | Zodiac Sign: Cancer |Nationality: Polish

Paul Wesley was born Paul Thomas Wasilewski in New Brunswick, New Jersey and grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey. His parents, Agnieszka and Thomas Wasilewski, moved to the U.S. from Poland just before his birth. Paul has one older sister named Monika and two younger sisters, Julia and Leah. Wesley attended Christian Brothers Academy and Marlboro High School for a short time before being cast in Guiding Light in his junior year. His role on the show forced him to transfer to Lakewood Prep School, which accommodated his busy acting schedule. After graduating in 2000, Paul attended Rutgers University for one semester. With his parents support, he left after he realized he could make a career of acting. In 2005 Paul changed his last name to Wesley due to the fact that Wasilewski was too hard to pronounce. Paul enjoys playing ice hockey and snowboarding as well as having an interest in writing and directing.

Paul first landed a role in the soap Guiding Light as Max Nickerson. He has also made appearances on the television shows Army Wives, 24, Smallville, The O.C., 8 Simple Rules, Wolf Lake, Cane, American Dreams, Everwood, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. As far as movies go, he has had roles in Peaceful Warrior, Roll Bounce, and Cloud 9, Fallen, and Killer Movie. Paul is probably best known for his role as Stefan Salvatore on the hit CW show The Vampire Diaries.

Stefan Salvatore, was born in the 19th century in Mystic Falls, Virginia. He was turned into a vampire by his (ex)girlfriend Katherine (believed to be dead) and left him heartbroken.

Stefan is a vampire struggling to live at peace with human beings. He sees hypnotizing, feeding off, and killing humans as immoral, and refuses to drink human blood, even though it seriously weakens his vampire powers and means he has to live with constant, strong hunger.

Stefan appears to be somber and a little distant towards most people, though generally polite. He is in control of his emotions most of the time.

his POWERS: Is able to jump from and up to the roofs of buildings. | Can influence people's memories with his mind. While this was successful with the school secretary , his powers were a little too shaky for it to work properly on Vicki Donovan. | Has extremely sensitive hearing and can hear conversations a normal human cannot. | Suggestion of flight or floating. He appears to float for the last few feet after jumping from the boarding house roof, and seems to fly across the room when he attacks Damon. | Can move very quickly, much faster than a human can. 

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his RELATIONSHIP with...


Stefan has a very complicated relationship with his brother. There is an implication that the pair of them got along well in the past, but it seems that something - possibly Katherine - came between the pair. Stefan seems not to like Damon, while Damon in turn promised Stefan an 'eternity of misery'. However, Damon also seems determined to bring out Stefan's darker side, possibly in an attempt to get his brother back. 

In the episode 'Blood Brothers' after Stefan has become a vampire he brings a young woman to his weakening brother and urges him to drink from her so he will survive. After initially refusing to do so he gives in and drinks from her, which completes his transformation. Later on, Damon reveals that he wished Stefan had died as he wanted Katherine all to himself. In spite of the bad blood between the brothers, it is likely that they still love one another. 

ELENA Gilbert

Elena is the spitting image of his old, lost love, Katherine. Stefan returned to Mystic Falls after learning about Elena's existence in order to get to know her. In 'Bloodlines' he finally confesses that he loves her, after revealing that she was adopted and nothing like Katherine and he was the one responsible for saving her from the car crash that killed her parents.


In 1864, Stefan's family took in Katherine, a war orphan from Atlanta. Finding Katherine beautiful and her festive personality engaging, Stefan quickly becomes enamored with her, escorting her to the Founder's Day Celebration. Stefan and Elena begin to have sexual relationship. Initially, Stefan does not realize that Katherine is a secret vampire who is also having sex with his elder brother Damon. Katherine uses her mind compulsion to keep Stefan acting normally. Stefan believes that his father will support his love of Katherine and tries to convince him to spare Katherine from the townspeople's plan to capture and burn all the vampires, although Stefan does not specifically identify Katherine by name. Stefan's father correctly deduces that Stefan is talking about Katherine and spikes his drink with vervain to protect him. Later on when Stefan and Katherine are having sexual intercourse, Katherine is poisoned by drinking Stefan's vervain fulled blood. Weaken, Stefan's father captures Katherine and Damon still blames Stefan for her capture, which Stefan also feels guilty about. Stefan tells Damon that after many years of reflection, he realizes that he never truly loved Katherine and it was only her mind compelling that made him believe he did. Stefan keeps a photograph taken of Katherine in 1864, which lead to some trouble when Elena Gilbert discovered it. 

Paul Wesley described Stefan and Katherine's relationship as follow: "He realizes after meeting Elena that he never loved Katherine... It's kind of like being in a relationship, you think you're completely in love, you're infatuated, and then you meet another person and you go, "Oh my God, what was I thinking?" And it's kind of like that but a little different because that person also gave me eternal life. His obsession with Katherine was something that was finally broken by this human. And not for a 160 years, no one could break this obsession. And that's why he would die and breathe for Elena for the rest of his life. For the rest of her life, I should say.

MATT Donovan

Matt is initially distrustful of Stefan, likely due to the fact that Elena is obviously interested in him, but is gentleman enough to introduce himself to Stefan rather than ignoring him. However, once Vicki is attacked, Matt's suspicious gaze goes straight to Stefan. Matt is still suspicious enough about Stefan that he follows him when he spots him in the hospital while he's visiting Vicki, and is perturbed when Stefan vanishes completely. Stefan is also the first person Matt appears to seek out when Vicki goes missing from the Mystic Grill, and is openly suspicious. However, when he learns that Stefan is the one who returned Vicki safely he is genuinely grateful to him. He admits to Elena that Stefan might actually be a nice guy while playing pool with her, and seems to have gained enough trust in him to follow his orders regarding Vicki when he's at a loss to help her during her (unknown to him) transformation into a vampire. In 'There Goes the Neighborhood', he tells Stefan that he's glad that Elena is happy with him.

VICKI Donovan
(cnt find help)

Stefan takes it upon himself to try and teach Vicki to live as he does on the blood of animals and not to feed on humans. He's patient and sympathetic with her, but even his patience is worn thin as she continues to ignore his advice and give in to her passions, putting the lives of many people at risk. Stefan is forced to stake her to save the lives of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert.


Lexi is a 350 year old vampire and is Stefan's oldest friend. He is shown to be very close to her as he is able to relax and joke more often around her. but when Damon killed her, it broke Stefan.


Bonnie who is a witch, always knew Stefan as a good guy n Elena's BF, but when she knew the truth it didn't make her hate him. 
She's been his friend.

(write up courtesy : khushi) 

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01. khushix (Khushi)
02. -Sidd- (Ashoo)
03. Anhdara13 (Radz)
04. xoxolively
05. sourpuss (Bhav)
06. -Nayab-
07. -SamPari-
08. dhruvi.
09. Rachu_1987
10. sabet.
11. Salz. (Salma)
12. guju_girl1 (Shraddha)
13. nandini27 (Nans)
14. curledup (Aashifa)
15. KajenLuva (Zara)
16. Raee_rockz
17. Leenasmg
18. sunnkiised
19. mohitkideewani
20. Anwaya (Anjie)
21. Hoor
22. Maheen 210
23. ash_punk

the reasons; WHY WE LOVE HIM

I love Stefan 'cos he's a sweetheart - both in the books and in the show. the intensity with which he loves Elena is just breathtaking. And Paul is undoubtedly gorgeous!Anhdara13

Paul is indeed gorgeous, and I love the way that Stefan cares for Elena... - sourpuss

Paul is truly the perfect Stefan. Not only on portraying Stefan perfectly, but he has the same mysterious brooding personality. And then you have his gorgeous face and body, which makes it hard for any girl to concentrate on anything but him... :D While I'm more of a Damon girl, I can't help but fall for Stefan too. He is the girl any girl would be lucky to have. The love he has for Elena, it's so eternal, so pure, it's so heartwarming. He's the type of guy, that if you were his, he would make all your dreams come true. Such a sweetheart and gentleman, I adore you Stefan Salvatore <3  - dhruvi.

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The Twee-Dater:

here urs truly Twee-Dater will update Polly-Tweets!

hmmm... i finally have succumbed to the lure of twitter... hello everyone ;)

A truly sincere thank you to all of you for the warm welcome...

ast night mr @ErnestoRiley gave me a tutorial on the twitter world... that should serve as a precedent for my behavior from here on out.

a moment to say thank you to all of the TVD fans... your support means a lot and does indeed go a long way...

well hello @kevwilliamson -i decided to join the fun...

Nothing like a little smolderholder action on set to start the day...

An evening spent exchanging pleasantries with Ms Elena and Mr Klaus himself...

when nina tweet: : 
Finally everyone will stop asking me to convince him to join twitter. Because he did ... @paulwesley is REAL. And No I had absolutely nothin

@ninadobrev ahh yes ms. neens- I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night... disoriented... I quickly ran to grab some paper and a pen...naturally thinking a brilliant thought would arise... yet the only word that came to surface was... Twitter.I knew then what I had to do.

Nina tweets:
@paulwesley dude..where art thou?
PW: @ninadobrev the great lost city of Angeles... I shall return tomorrow eve... To the waterfalls we will go.

It dawned on me yesterday that I was sitting in a flying chair.

Ernesto riley tweeted tht PW got verification n not him (in humor sense) n says its becoz tweeter loved Pw's flying chair to which Pw relied:

@ErnestoRiley twitter actually wrote me a letter saying that the impact of my flying chair tweet was monumental and revolutionary

@ErnestoRiley I was instantaneously verified as result. It's an amazing feeling. Maybe you can retweet?
5 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply


@PaulMSommers the future of tvd weighs on your shoulders. Don't let us down. No pressure.

haunted mansion Thursday nights til the sun comes up...

josephnorgan asks: new question for a new day: #justcuriousWho is the most terrifying Vampire ever encountered on TV or film?

PW tweets:
Count Orlok

n another:
Nocturnal shooting day number two at the fun house...

matt davis tweets:
Ok, @paulwesley I can't keep it in any longer. I have to ask. What does the#portalofpleasure mean to you?

Pw tweets:
@ErnestoRiley i thought youd never ask... The portal of pleasure... A symbolic homage to the truth behind ernestoriley and damon salvatore.

a slightly belated thank you to everyone who came to eyecon... a thoroughly enjoyable time... 

I have an incredibly difficult time keeping a straight face whenever filming a scene with Alaric...

And now... I join my good friend Klaus for an evening of altercation.

@_josephmorgan are you referring to a thrilling game of bocce ball? I'm in. (reply to: Tonight. This night. It's all to play for. And I play to win, my friends, I play to win...

Tornado? ( i think it concerns with the story ernesto riley write)

@ErnestoRiley are u speaking in third person again? ( reply to: "Didn't you hear?" asked Billy "There's a tornado warning tonight." "No, I didn't hear." he said)

@ErnestoRiley incredibly anti-climactic ("Huh. That's about the 4th in twenty minutes." Billy said. Billy looked back at him. "Im sorry. What was it u wanted again?" "Just a beer.")

Just picked up @ErnestoRiley He's ok. I think. Pray for me

I'm a horrendous tweeter

@ErnestoRiley #illuminati (in reply to: U got the best kind of humor @paulwesley. Dark & wickedly brilliant. Don't b afraid 2 share it. #Nowstandupstraightboy, &#getbackinthegame!)

@chrismacho I'm a sellout ( in reply to: @paulwesley You joined you F**K!)

and... thats a wrap.

Lobster. Roll.

VD this evening... hmm. odd thing to say.

To drive 5 hours north and go from air conditioning to a blizzard in the mountains... is quite the thing.

I just found my fake ID from when I was 16. It looks great. I'm gonna try to use it.


Very proud of the talented Torrey Devitto who plays main violin in "moonlight"- one of the best tracks on the new Stevie Nicks album.

Hello dirty south. We meet again.

Oh how I enjoy the darkness...

The ripper has arrived...

Its highly amusing how easily thrown for a loop people are over Stephen Hawking's comments...Ps I'm not claiming to agree or disagree with the man...

I just remembered, isn't today the end of the world or something. People certainly are playing it off well here in NYC. Very indifferent.

I plan to spend my final moments on earth tweeting about banal subject matter.

Final question- i will be mid air in a moment- do I need to land to face judgement day or does it occur mid air on the delta flight?

Convo between Daniel n PWes:

Hey @paulwesley. Quick question. When can I start calling you 'cupcake' publicly? We said June, right?

@mrholymonster june 4th. our 2 month anniversary.

@paulwesley and to be crystal clear: we've totally ruled out 'Unicorn-on-the-cob', 'Cuddlesocks' and 'Twinkle Town', correct?

@mrholymonster we agreed unicorn on the cob would draw too much attention in public.

@paulwesley Sorry. I thought you meant the mandatory costume which (fabulously) accompanies the title.

@mrholymonster understandable. easy mistake.

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Stefan/PW stuff:

stuff outta Tumblr:

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Congo guys!

Ishu, we all made it!

need to decorate the 1st reserved posts, will do it soon! 

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May I change my testimonial? That was written so long ago. I am such a Stefan's girl on the show nowadays. And hey do you want the old font back I can fix that for you so its all the same?

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yeah i dnt knw whts happening, the font seems to change!

n yeah write new one i need to do that too!

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