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~deewangi~ maaneet ff thread 11 NEW LINK ADDED (Page 6)

Tressa Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
yyeeeyyyy...... new thread....
Congrats di.... I hope that you complete many more threads with deewangi.... One of my most favourite ffs... TM is the other fav...
Ohh ya.... Im waiting....
So......Please abhi jaldi se update kardo na....

yadanu Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
hi muskan
congrats in new thread

update soon
swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
congo on the new thread.. eagerly waiting for the update..

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day2008 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Muskan 6 pages already filled.. jaldi................. nahi to dura thread open karna padega

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soumimaaneetsou Senior Member

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
CONGRATS MUSKAAN DII..........WISH U WILL OPEN SO MANY SUCH THREADS OF DEEWANGI.....................ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
muski di aka zalim singh khurana
waitinggggggggggggg 6 pages overrrrrrrr

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged

part 86

Arjun - Geet!!
Geet was still quiet.
Silence was scaring arohi & Arjun. Both of them rushed to flat. Geet was busy painting the house.

Arjun shook her - Geet yah kya kar rahi ho?
Geet - unho ne kaha hain, mera ghar hain..& I should paint it.
Arjun closes his eyes. Geet was looking too lost..she continued painting the wall.
Arjun - Geet!!! Maan is getting married in few hrs
Geet - humari shaadi 11yrs pehle ho chooki hain
arohi - phir unhe kahti kyun nahi
Geet - unhe sab pata hain
Arjun slaps her Geet!!!
she cries .. main kya karoon..woh tho mama ke liyan yeh kar rahen hain.. taaki mama ghar chod ke na jayen.
Arjun - tu chal mera saat.
Arohi takes her to the room & makes change into white salwar suit.
They drag her to the Khuarna Mansion .. the madap was in the garden. There was huge gathering. Media & business associates. Rimi was getting dressed in the room. Daadi & Rano where getting her dressed. People from HP also joined.

Media was very keen to know wat was happening. As soon as Maan walked down the steps in the Mansion. Media pounced at Maan.
Rep 1 - who is Geet?
Rep 2 - u know her from childhood?
Rep 3 - child marriage?
Rep 4 - did ur family approved it?
Rep 2 - where did u meet her?
Rep 3 - why is she Geet Maan Khurana already?
Rep 2 - why didn't u tell about her before?
Rep 3 - u didn't tell us about her because ur were ashamed to be associated with some one who was not so popular.

He was quiet all the while. Geet, arohi & Arjun were lost in the crowd.. they couldn't even make to near him... Geet couldn't bare to hear his silence. 
When every one expected him not to say anything.... he very lovingly with a very emotional voice said Geet !!! he smiled ' she is Geet Maan Khurana.. before even I met her.. I met her ..nahi nahi..she came for me... she came for me when no one knew me..
rep 1 - Mr. Khurana.... u r popular even when u were in 10th u topped CBSE board across all region
Maan smirked.. it was because I didn't want to be send away from her
Geet missed a beat..
Maan Singh Khurana  had always been shy. Normally, being shy is just a minor setback. But within me it festered, grew, compressed like a piece of carbon that would one day become a diamond which only she treasured. I  left the house less and less. Hated people. The extra attention did not help my situation. So I spent more time locked away in the dark room. In a room that saw no sunlight, that never felt the soothing warmth. Maybe that's why I liked it. The tall, gloomy trees that shrouded the window & the woods beyond made me feel shrouded. Forever protected from embarrassment, from having to share even myself.  u all know Maan Singh Khurana as achiever...even she knows her Maan as an achiever.. something.. no one knows..& she won't believe.. I failed my pre-boards in 10th
every one was shocked even Geet was !!
Maan continued Daadi said we will have to go away from Delhi.. I studied because ..Geet cried ...because she didn't want me to go away from Delhi. Geet cried hugging arohi & cried...a story that was true..but the real truth even she wasn't aware until now.
Maan - I didn't even know wat to study.. she got me the last year question papers & answering patterns. I worked hard because I feared losing her.
Daadi remembered that was then he actually started tuition for Geet. Daadi hugged him.
Maan placed a file on the table & flipped the pages... he pointed at the old chocolate wrapper... first chocolate we shared.. then ..the first ice cream cup ' then her hair strands.. the hanky which had her tears.. everything had the date & time on it
I became a school vice captain because she was sure that I will !! could I let her down.
Rep 2 mocked - u mean a 10 yrs told u wat to chose after 12th?
Maan proudly said yes.. but not 10yrs she was 12yr...geet smiled still crying..After completing my 12th I had no clue wat to do. I asked her. She said she wants me to do MBA from MDI..
rep 1 - but thats PG..
Maan smiled thats wat I told her...
rep 3 curiously - wat did she say
she didn't know much..she just wanted me to do MBA from MDI...thats it.. it took me whole night to search the net to realize wat was the fastest mode to get there
rep 1 - why fastest
Maan - because my little wify wanted to work in Khurana Constructions with me!!!
rep 2 - even then why fastest
Maan - when she said that ' KC was at the verge of closing.. I had to bring it to her level.. she deserved nothing less than the best.
Geet couldn't bare it she just cried & turned her back ..walking towards the door.
Maan - we first married in temple when she was 11, then we married legally when she was 18.. geets leg froze.. that papers she signed when on her 18th bday was their wedding registration papers. ..she closed her eyes in pain a sweet pain..
rep 3 - how do we believe this story of yours
Maan - every business venture of mine & handa's are in her name. Not from today ..its been like that for last 8-9yrs. My name on the account is Maan Geet Khurana.. he took out all his bank cards & showed it to.
Brij was shocked ..sab kuch Geet ke naam hain..khurana's bhi...main handa's ke liyen tab se try kar raha tha.. yeh tho pura ka pura khurana empire mere haat lag gaya
Rep 5 - when did u propose to her..
Maan - I never did
rep 2 - so she proposed
Maan - no
Geet couldn't smile..nor could she stop crying
reps were confused looking at each other
Maan - she always said how much she loves me.. but I could never tell her.
rep 1 - so why all of a sudden all this
maans face turned wild & his eyes was red .. Geet could feel he was..without even looking at him.. she knew he was hurt..but why angry.. she didn't want to be part of all this pain.. she knew her presence would only hurt him..she just left.
He winched his fist while adhi came with few guys came pushing a big iron locker on a trolly.
All the reporters were really curious
Maan arrogantly said - this is every thing .. geet owns..
Brij curiously looks at the locker
Maan - khurana's + handa's all the shares..all the cash..all the documents.. all the jewelry. Every thing. Rimi walks down fully dressed up in brides dress... lucky u
Maan - this belongs to my wife..Geet Maan Khurana.. only she can open it.
Maan smiled with a crooked smile .. because only she knows the 4digit pwd to it.
Rep immediately pounced at rimi mam please open it & show it to us!!!
rimi looked at them blankly.. Maans eyes were teasing her to open it.. it was an embarrassing situation. She couldn't refuse, she couldn't have typed a wrong pwd either.
Rimi smartly - shaadi ke baad yeh saab karthen hain na
Maan - how can u break their heart. Waise bhi muhrat ke liyen time hain
he grabbed her hand & pushed her closer to the locker rather a bit rudely. Arjun screamed hiding behind the reporters ....yes yes yes please don't break our hearts..other reporters too started to push.
Rimi ..reached the locker..digit pad ..her fingers began to shake..she smiled at the media weakly


Brij tho gaya

Thanks guys for all ur love & support...
hope u like this update as well
Please please do comment

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Maan.........mann gaye tum hai
Clap Clap Clap Clap

awesome update Dancing

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