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@SOCHA NA [email protected] MG ff-ch 14, pg 54, 16th may (Page 17)

_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged

finally humara hero entry hogaya......................loved it!!!

wonderful update!!!

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
loved it n they kissed even before they introduced each other wow

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CrystalSaya Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
first meeting nd kiss.......................looking 4 d next..................

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-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
amazing part.....

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 2:34am | IP Logged
loved it...
geet thinking dev's smile is
she is supposed to think only abt maan..Day Dreaming
no dev plz...
update soon...
SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Ok! So i just caught up and read the two updates and i absolutely loved them. Jia's misery is saddening. Ouch
I liked the way she prayed to Jesus. Shows the never ending faith. Smile
The updates are well written, the situations, well elaborated and the moods, well explained obviously!
The Maan part was kinda hilarious. I relate it with Kal Ho Na Ho. But then again i'm scared. What if like Aman Maan also.. Noooo. Please. I hope you're a sucker for happy endings. Just like I am. 
And what is it with Dev and Geet? Like, does she like him? More than a friend? Well, i hope i'll have to wait for the next update to know that. Continue soon. Love the updates and love you. Smile

Oh and yes! I want to be PMed. Dare you think about not sending a PM to me. AngryLOL

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debomaaneet Goldie

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged
very nice update....what does maan do??
i thnk wl gt d ans on nxt updt..:)
thnks a lot 4 d pms..!! :D
samaira39 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged

hey everyoneSmile,....thanks for ur lovely comments. I'm flooredWink!!!! by the way, i am sorry that i am not able to reply to ur comments, i am not able to find time for itCry

well, this is again a serious NOTE, this is story is not likeKAL HO NA HO!!!!! my story is different. i have only taken the introductory part of the film and nothing more!!!!!

ok now, this is dedicated to SAPPHIREFLAMES and DEBOMANEET!!!! for their never ending support.......thanks guys.

well i wanted to say some thing, "I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY, THANKS FOR EVRYTHINGSmileSmileSmile".


Chapter 5:


The meeting was quite a pain for me as I had to bare the jerk in front of me. All thru the meeting, I did the talking and he just stared at me with the same smile lingering on his lips, which I hated. I tried not to look at him but he being the client I had to make sure nothing went wrong. I controlled myself not to scowl or walk away irritated. Why the hell was he staring at me like that! I concentrated on my work at hand. I had no intention to appear ill mannered after all I had maintained the reputation of being gentle.


When I was done explaining I looked at him totally uninterested. It fueled my anger that he was still smiling. Now what? Why isn't he speaking anything? Don't tell me he has short time memory loss? What the hell is his problem? What is he waiting for? I leaned on the table with the support of both the hands and sighed in disgust.


"So?" I asked him irritated.


"Are you talking to me?" he asked surprised.


No you idiot, I'm asking the wall, I murmured to myself.


"Ah yes...Mr.Khurana", I said trying my level best not to sound rude.


His eyebrows went up and his lips turned into a mischievous grin. I took a deep breathe avoiding my thoughts about him.


He got up and went towards the window, "Miss GEET, I understand you don't know why I am here!!!"


What did he mean? I don't know my work? I run an event management company, for God's sake, so obviously I know why you're here, I muttered to myself.


I looked up to him with a fake smile, "I understand you are here because you want us to take care of some special occasion".


How dumb of him to think I dint know why he was here. It was true that pari had vanished without giving me any clue about the meeting but that dint mean I couldn't handle anything. I was not a perfectionist but I always tried to be one. Things never went the way I wanted them to be but that never bothered me. There were others things that needed my attention than my never ending array of thoughts. It's often easy to wander off to our world of thoughts leaving behind the reality but things get really out of control when reality hits you. I've had those experiences and I know I don't belong to an imaginary world. The cruel world has its own ways to teach you what you sight to ignore. May be that's why mom keeps saying that see the ground and walk so that you never trip and fall.


Maan snapped his fingers in front of me which brought me back to the conference room tear eyed. I looked at him uneasily, got up and moved back to maintain distance. "Sorry if I scared you", he said in whispers so that I calmed down.


I stared at him blankly. When he dint get any reply from me, he continued.


"Um....well I'm an industrialist and I own a chain of luxury hotels around the world. I'm here coz your company and mine are merging for profit. Pure business. You handle my hotel events and your events will be hosted by our hotels. I think pari dint inform anything about this to you!"


I looked at him awe struck. What did he just say? I mean, what did I just hear? He's kidding right? I looked here and there, with one hand on my waist and another rubbing my temples. This was surely a miracle, this couldn't be really happening. I mean, who would tie up with a small company like ours? And this man in front of me claimed that he was an industrialist and owned a chain of hotels across the world. So this means he was a billionaire. OMG, I gasped at that single word. By any chance did GOD listen to our prayers yesterday? Ok, our life wasn't that miserable when it came to money but emotionally we had broken apart. No that's not the case, may be pari's father had striked a chord for us.


Yes, that was it. I convinced myself, some how. i looked at him, "Why dint you tell me before?", realizing that he wasted both our time and my energy. Idiot! Declares himself to be a billionaire and doesn't have value for time. His ways were really getting on my nerves. He reminded mum to my question except that his smile had returned back. Aargghh!!! How I hate that smile. Damn it!!!


"Well forget it, I'm in for the deal, are you?" he asked me changing the subject. Now who would say no to a deal like that? If someone did say no, there was no one as foolish as him, so declining was ruled out.


I smiled weakly and replied "We're in as well". He took my hands in his without my consent and shaked it. I gritted my teeth under my faint smile, how dare he? He broke off, "Well I'll take my leave now, and I'll see you around". Now what does that supposed to mean? My left eyebrow went up and I looked at him puzzled. He just grinned and left the place without a word.


Before leaving he did say, "it was nice meeting you geet". Geet? Shouldn't he be addressing me by my last name? This man, I just hate him. I never liked anyone call me by my name other than my family and friends. I am an extremely tangled person; no wonder my principles were a bit too off shore. Oh, screw it!!! I am helpless about it and I don't repent it in anyway. Whatever had just happened was driving me half mad. My brain was over working trying to figure out the connections and some logic which seemed to be lost in my life. Heaven knows, what's happening with me and my already miserable a way too little off shore horrible life.


I went back to my cabin since there was hell lot of other work to finish off. Around 2pm, pari showed up in my cabin, "how did the meeting go??? What did Mr. KHURANA say??? Did you handle everything??? I am sorry I had to leave abruptly'"


Pari and her endless talk. "Stop it!!!" I literally shouted as she was no where near stopping her blabbering.


"What happened???", she whispered.


"Pari calm down, everything went fine and Mr. Khurana is ready to sign the deal and I agreed too. But for once, I am not sparing you for not giving me even I slightest idea as to what that meeting was all about", I looked at her mischievously.


"I am sorry, really sorry GEET but I had to hurry" before I could say something, she jumped at me with joy and hugged me. She was so happy about the deal that I dint feel like screwing up her smile. After a long chat about the deal, I took my leave so that I could reach the University on time.


When I reached there, as always Dev was nowhere to be seen, this only meant, he would be late even today. At the very first when I met him I had hated him for the fact that he was a flirt. But later when he talked to me sweetly without any signs of flirting, I thought he was different with me. That was possibly the reason why he is my best friend today. He never flirted with me and I kind of liked it. He was decent with me and that's what mattered the most. I liked everything in him, from his hairstyle, to his smile. From his dressing sense to his concern towards me. Some where deep down, I had started liking him very dearly.


I was smiling when Dev interrupted, "where are you lost geet?"


 "Ah...Um'nowhere, shall we proceed???" He nodded.


"By the way Geet, you are glowing today''what's the matter???" he asked out of suspicion.


I nudged my elbow towards his stomach, "owww that hurt. You are one strong girl!!!"


I dint reply but continued to walk towards my seat and settled down. Dev nodded, annoyed by my ignorance. He came and sat beside me, making a face.


"Stop acting like a kid Dev" I said looking at the professor who had just walked in.


"You see that's the problem. You never take me seriously", he said looking at me intently.


"When are you serious???"


"I am, now!!!" he said with a serious look on his face.


"Ok, don't make me laugh. Concentrate on the class, will you??? I am not giving you my notes this time", I said changing the topic.


"What??? You are kidding'.." he continued to blabber and convince me to lend my notes to him and I just ignored him all through the classes.


Dev and his tantrums. A small kid was better than him. I finally gave in when he took a stance not to talk to me again. Emotional blackmail!!! Uff!!!! Men can sometimes be really worse than small kids.



Precap: same as before

link to next chapter

well now i know the update is different from the precap. i just dont know why but i seem to write something else than what's in my mind.ROFL

now like and comment if you think it was worth it, thanks.Smile

if u want me to PM you plz add me as your buddy, thanksSmile

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