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Raindrops - A Story || Last Chapter : Page 50 (Page 16)

drmaha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
"Tumhaare aansun chubte hain mujhe ..."
thses lines were heart wrenching jaee.........Cry

full of pain.....loved it...........

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Happy B'day Jaee!!!Hug

well part 3 ws cute..
luvd Saba- ali's first meetin..
anna chris r soo cute...
luvd it!

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 November 2009
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Happy B'day once again jaee...
part... 4... beautiful...
wt a deadly contrast... of pain & joy @ d same tym...
*sigh* i'm luving it!

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JaeeDevRathore Goldie

Joined: 21 September 2010
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Mehak




it was indeed beautiful, not only beautiful, but it was heart-breaking, the present is heart-wrenching, but the past..*sigh*..her tears prick him.."chubtey hain mujhe"..beautiful, you cannot explain protection better than this..wonderful piece of writing, but somewhere i feel that this line is far more than a part of your FF.

chris and anna..what to say about them, i just fear about them, seeing the other two, i wish they don't go through that level of pain,..

Cont. soon..God Bless..

Thank you Di ... it's just the beginning, many heartbreaks are there in future for all of them ... Your feelings are rightWink Chris and Anna have a LOT in store for them ... Your comments are always endearing ....

Originally posted by ginny09

bahuttttttt acha hai jaeeeeeeeeeeeee 
but isme humare mayur kahan ayenge 
but stry is good :D

No Mayank and Nupur for this story ... I don't want to write about the sitcom characters any more ... I am just going to finish off my pending stories and then no more sitcoms for me .... Thank you for reading this story :)

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

its a deadly combination of pain n joy
gr8 work

Thank you so much Fiza ... that is a nice way to put it ...

Originally posted by Nikita-Sharma

hey jaee!! firstly happy b'day!Big smile

anyways d update..gosh as d story is progrssin...i feel so bad fr saba n ali! man they r goin thru so much! seperation is d wrst thngOuch ..n anna n chris awww i wish they nvr havto go thru wat d othr two are!!
n m lovin d daily updatesLOL thnx fr d pm!!Embarrassed

Thank you Nikita ... Separations are indeed the worst thing ... The path of love is not simple and Anna and Chris have to bear the thorns to enjoy the roses ...Thank you for liking the story ...

Originally posted by jiya_angel

Dear jaee... once again Happy BirthdayHeart

about the update...

well, its just too heartwrenching to see the pain Ali and Saba are going through... why is love so painful? "tumhaare aansun chubte hain mujhe" these words actually pricked my heart... how painful it is to know that the one you lived for does not live any more... but you have to live... It's a package, the tears only increase the worth of the smiles and Ali and Saba's love is indeed heartbreaking ...

Chris and Anna were like a breath of fresh air... air that is filled with love...with happiness... but a reader fears, will they also see the same fate? Will their love will also be butchered like Ali and Saba?? I pray not... Chris and Anna have just started ... they have to struggle as well ....

Thanks for the pm Thank you so much :)

with luv

Originally posted by -madhvi-

i read the entire thing in one go.....and loved it....amazing do update soon

Thank you so much :)

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

its amazing jaee
too gud.....
the way he said chubtey hain mjhyy...ahh was awesum
it is a beautiful update
n the other couple.....sweet start.....

Thank you so much Fiza ... :)

Originally posted by kashndsel4eva

awesome update
loved it
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

Thank you so much :)

Originally posted by DhanakZ

Great and so touching update
Hope Ali and saba ,meet soon
Thanks for Pm 
cont soon

Thank you so much ... they will meet one day .... :)

Originally posted by princez_94

Jaee. you left me speechless... A very beautiful update...

As lovely the past is the more heart breaking the present is. It's like having this beautiful dream, and then suddenly wake up and realise it was just a dream come true but not lasting forever... Dreams sometimes shatter and wound the hearts ... 

Ali... I just remember one line fromthis serial... "Woh pyaar he kya jho aapki hifazat an kar saky"... I wouldn't say more than that... Embarrassed Wow that's a wonderful line ... 

"Bikhar gaye ek pal mein sapne, dekhe the hazaaron jo teri nazar se ... Kaisa sitam ye is zamaane ka hai ki chheen liya jism se saaya ... Darmiyaan tere mere kaisi ye deewaarein hai ki ab aansuon ke alaawa kuch nahi raha mera yahaan ..." 

It defined them both in a perfect manner.... Embarrassed Awesome Jaee... 

Anna & Chris, their relationship is like a new rose, its' the most beautiul thing... But a rose has to die someday...
Well, Anna and Chris will have to see the worst to enjoy the best ...

I'm short of adjectives.... Ouch A beautiful ff... I can't get enough of it, i read it 3 times still i can't get over it... Day Dreaming It's so mesmerizing.... I'm addicted to ur ff... Embarrassed The contrast between both of the stories, u done it so superbly...Just awesome... Clap

Btw are these daily updates??? Embarrassed One thing that i didn't like was the  lenght... A bit long please, i know it take a lot of time to write so beautifully but still... Feel so sad whenever the I'm done reading.. Ouch

Uff... Can i hug for writing this... it sooo... wow... Hug Thank you so much Laiba, your comments really really are encouraging - thank you :)


Originally posted by samiralovemayur

totally wonderful part Jaee
n amazing story
thnx for the pm

Originally posted by Ishita16

Happy Birthday!!!
I haven't had a chance to read this ff of yours yet due to midterms..Now that they r done,  Will try to read it this weekend.
res...will update soon. Smile

Originally posted by gopi06

it is a beautiful update jaee
thanks for the pm

Thank you so much guys, you make me feel so wonderful :)

Originally posted by roshneerakhali

pyar.........ek sath jannat jahannam dono dikha dete hain.

Originally posted by -afsha-

Im jus loving Ali n Saba's past moments
Man they loved each other so much
Witout words they confessed it
Anna n Chris present love stry was shweet
Chris is sweetheart

Originally posted by mahakmev


Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


Originally posted by drmaha

"Tumhaare aansun chubte hain mujhe ..." 
thses lines were heart wrenching jaee.........Cry

full of pain.....loved it...........

Thank you so much guys, your comments are very very special - they have really made me smile to the fullest ...

Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

Happy B'day once again jaee...
part... 4... beautiful...
wt a deadly contrast... of pain & joy @ d same tym...
*sigh* i'm luving it!

Thank you Supriya ... :)

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JaeeDevRathore Goldie

Joined: 21 September 2010
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged

Mumbai, 10th September 1998

She was walking down the lane in the evening with the rainfall mingling with her tears ... She didn't care for her tears ... she was sobbing and due to the tears; she could not see anything yet her feet didn't stop ... She was about to walk further when she felt a strong grip over her wrist and bit her lip ...
He followed her - he had planned something beautiful but it was turning out all wrong ... He had to stop her, he couldn't let this moment go ... He increased his speed and held her wrist tightly ... "Anna, what happened?" Her throat was choking, she sighed and softly said, "Nothing Chris... nothing ..." Chris made her face him and could see the tears rolling down her cheeks ... He moved his hand to wipe them off but she she pushed him away ... "Anna?" "Chris please!! Just leave me alone okay, I don't ..." He was staring at her to search the reason behind her tears - he never wanted to see her like this .... She wanted to go away but he held her arms and stopped her, trying to make her look at him ... "Anna, tell me what happened?" She looked at him with anger in her eyes and burst out, "I don't want to talk to you, you don't care about me, do you?" Chris was getting confused and spoke up, "What did I do?" She had started crying and he just didn't like what was happening, "I mean nothing to you!!" That was the last thing he wanted to hear, she questioning his feelings towards him, "How can you say that!!! Can't you damn see the love in my eyes for you??? Are you that blind?" She flared and shouted, "I AM NOT BLIND!! I saw you dancing with that girl and you were holding hands!! Don't try to fool me!!" Chris gasped and held her arms firmly, "She was my cousin you fool!!! She is scared of parties and so I was holding her hand and dancing with her and you thought--!!" She calmed down and stared at him with tears still rolling down her cheeks .... He cupped her face and wiped her tears, "I Love You Anna and no one else ... it's you and only you ... I can't live without you ... You are my life and I can never break your heart ..." Her sobs were subsiding as she softly said, "You love me?" Chris smiled and nodded, she closed her eyes and lowered her head, "I am sorry ...." He interrupted and keeping his hand on her lips and looking straight into her eyes, "That's not want I wished to hear ... I am waiting to hear something else Anna ..." She softly smiled and as he removed his hand, she whispered, "I love you Chris ... if I lose you, I'll lose myself ..." He touched her forehead with his and as she held his hand which cupped her face ... He pulled her near and softly kissed her lips sealing their promise of loving each other till the end and even after that ..... 


New Delhi, 20th November 1998

She was getting weaker and weaker - his absence in her life was acting as a slow poison which was killing her and ruining her completely ... She was sitting under the shower, crying over what her life had turned into - she just wanted to be with him but even that one desire was trampled by the world and here she sat crying over her broken dreams ... 

Mumbai, 1st October 1997

She was sleeping peacefully when she heard some noise from the window ... After trying to shut her ears from all the noise and failing, she woke up with a frown on her face ... She walked towards the window and opened it only to see Ali standing out ... She gasped and kept her hand on her mouth, "Ya Allah, tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?" "Tumse baat karni thi", he replied plainly ... She was getting scared and looked back at the room's door to check if it was closed or not, "Tum jaao yahaan se, Abbu ne dekha to qayaamat aa jaayegi ..." She pushed him a little saying, "Jaao yahaan se, koi dekh lega ..." She was rambling while he got irritated and with entering the window swiftly; held her from her waist and kept his hand on her mouth - all of this in mere seconds ... He looked into her eyes intensely and she could not utter a word after it ... He slowly removed his hand from her mouth, "Chup, bilkul chup ... ab main bolunga aur tum sunogi ... Main tumse kuch kehne aaya hun .... samjhi?" She got nervous and simply nodded .. "Tumhe mujhse door rehna hoga Saba - mere saath tumhaari koi zindagi nahi hai ... Main ek mujrim hoon, khatarnaak hun - log darte hain mujhse ... main andhere mein jeeta hun aur mere saath tumhe sirf andhera milega ... Bhool jaao mujhe, apni zindagi tabaah mat karo - mat karo mujhse pyaar - tumhe dard ke alaawa kuch nahi milega--" Before he could utter another word, she placed her hand on his lips,  her eyes were holding her tears and her face had a determinant look which he had never seen before, "Main jaanti hun, sab jaanti hun phir bhi apne aap ko rok nahi sakti - bahut der ho gayi hai ... Tumse door huyi to mar jaaungi ... Tum mujhse door nahi ja sakte, main tumhe nahi jaane dungi ..." He removed her hand and sighed, "Tum nahi samajh rahi--" "Main samajhna chaahti bhi nahi ... main tumhe nahi bhula sakti aur main jaanti hun ki tum ye sab kyun keh rahe ho?" "Agar jaanti ho to maan kyun nahi jaati? Mere saath tumhe kya milega?" "Tumhe kho diya to main khud ko kho dungi .." Tears finally rolled down her eyes as she buried herself in him, he sighed and enclosing her in his arms; said, "Saba, mujhe maaf kar do, main bas tumhe dard nahi dena chaahta tha; tumhaari zindagi tabaah na ho jaaye bas isi ka dar hai mujhe ... Main tumse pyaar karta hun ..." She lifted her head from his chest and looked at him, he smiled and kissed her lips in an attempt to remove all the pain he just gave her .... 

Mumbai, 20th November 1998

He sat in the corner of the prison with tears rolling down his cheeks ... he was just surviving on her memories - he kept writing her name on the ground ... He had lost all his strength - he was waiting for death to take him to her ... he just wanted to live a beautiful life with her but they snatched her from him -  broke the castle of their dreams ... He closed his eyes and drowned himself in her memories, again .....


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thousandmiles IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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JaeeDevRathore Goldie

Joined: 21 September 2010
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sajjal-

Jaee, i have been keeping up with the story , the way you have shown the constrast so delicately between the couples is admirable. The way you flow from the imense pain to happiness is an art in itself. you have a distinct way of describe the pain and happiness that the one who is reading feels well connected to it.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much Sajjal ... I am flattered and with these comments I actually feel that this is my best work indeed ... Thank you so much :)
P.S. - I am loving you story With You and eagerly waiting for my favourite Tumhe Haq HaiBig smile

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged


Sigh!! I have to edit this today, but I don't know what to say... I suddenly feel a terrible loss and emptiness in my heart... when it was starting to feel the love that emerged between Chris and Anna, it was subjected to darkness, pain and the sufferings of Ali and Saba... Saba stepped into the fire on her own will, but turning your back on love is more painful than walking on burning charcoal... but living your life with feeling the emptiness in every moment, is even more excruciating...

I guess... pain is the beauty of love

Thanks for the pm Jaee


P.S. I may not be commenting on the few next updates, but please keep pm-in me, I'll be back soon Smile
God Bless You

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