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Maan Ka Haal SS lst prt + epi Pg19 (Page 17)

sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged

Break.The.Code IF-Dazzler

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Poor MaanIsha!!!!!

Mmm...seductress geet??!!!

Continue soon di!!!
fatema_007 Goldie

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
this is hilarious...loved each nd every part of it :)
could u plz pm this 2 me??
zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
loved it Smile
waiting for maan to be seduced Wink
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged

Warning: 12 + content. Read at own risk.

Part 4 (Last Part)

Voice : Meih hu (Seductively)

Lights came automatically, Maan saw Geet wearing a hot short dress. His jaws opened seeing her looking hot and S***. She moved towards s**** and pushed Maan to the bed. She then leaned closer to him which made her cleavage more visible to him. He closed his eyes to control his desires. Then he felt her finger sliding the corner of his face and resting it on his lips. He gulped his saliva and was about to get up but she pushed him with more force which made him lay on bed.

Geet started to dance on the music " ZARA ZARA TOUCH ME TOUCH ME TOUCH ME" from the movie RACE. Her steps were more seductive and the way she moved her body made Maan arose with desires but he controlled himself. He closed his eyes to control his feelings but suddenly opened his eyes wide, when he felt his shirt unbuttoned. He saw Geet was unbuttoning them with a mischief smile but he slapped her hands off which made her madder. He tried to push her away but she clings more on him. She ripped his shirt open and scratched his chest with her nails.

He unable to control himself rolled on and pinned her beneath him and kissed her on her lips aggressively to quench his desires but it only made him desire for more. He was kissing her like there is no tomorrow and she was pulling him more closer and her fingers were busy in his hair.

They were so lost in each other that they forgot the time and people. Her exposed shoulder was making him wilder and he bitted her and then licked to soothe her. Although this was not Geet's plan, she was too lost in his control over her and she loved his every single touch. Suddenly when she moaned his name, he was brought back to reality. He then jumped up from her and frustratingly ran his fingers through his hair. Geet opened her eyes when she missed his warmth on her. She then sat up and placed her hands on his shoulder but he moved away from her.

Geet : Kya hua Maan?

Maan : Geet ye sab galat hai.

Geet : Kyun? Tum mujhse pyar nahi kartha? Tho iss meih galat kya hai?

Maan : Geet' ye sab teek nahi hai.

Geet : Maan jawab tho kya tum mujhse pyar karthi ho?

Maan : Geet woh...

Geet : Jawab tho Maan. When you hear about love what you feel? What comes to your mind? For whom your heart beat? Embarrassed

Suddenly Maan receives an SMS from Manish. Wink

From: Manish

To : Maan

Where r u? Cm fast. Pratham uncle( Maan's dad) is looking for you.

Maan : ManishLOL

Geet : Kya?ConfusedShockedCry (Shocked) You love Manish (Crying)Cry

Maan : What??Come again? (Shocked)ShockedLOL

Geet : You Love Manish and not me naa? (Crying)CryLOL

Maan : R U OUT OF YOUR MIND GEET?Angry Manish is my friend and for God's sake I'm straight guy. What made you think that I'm like that? That too with Manish?AngryShockedLOL

Geet : I saw you both hugging in garden.CryLOL

Maan : So? I hug your brother too. Does that mean your brother too like that?

Geet : But you don't romance with my brother naa?LOLCry

Maan : WHAT? When did I romance with him? Seriously Geet, you need to consult a Doctor.AngryLOL

Geet : Then why were you hugging him and saying all those lines what BF says to their GF?CryLOL

Maan : Care to explain what I did?Angry

Geet just told him what she saw in garden.

Flashback Starts

Manish : Chod naa Maan

Maan : Nahi chodunga

Manish : sab dhek rahe hai

Maan : Dhekna tho

Manish : Uff Maan. (Sighs) I'm really happy.

Maan : Me too. I can't wait.

Flashback Ends

Maan was laughing when she said this which made Geet more confuse. Now her confusion turned into anger and she was about to leave but Maan hold her wrist and pulled her closer. He then snaked his hands around her waist and kept his chin on her shoulder lovingly. But she was wriggling from his hold which made his grip on her stronger.

Maan : So you concluded that I love Manish? Hmm? (Huskily) Embarrassed

Geet : if not, why were you blushing ?CryWink

Maan : Because he was teasing me.Wink

Geet : what did he say that made you blush like a newly wedded bride? (Angrily)AngryWink

Maan : Because he was teasing me regarding our marriage.  Means mine with your.EmbarrassedWink

Geet : Marriage? (Confused)Confused

Maan : Well Papa, mama, daadi, Rano ma, Mohinder uncle were discussing about our marriage. They asked me whether I'm willing to marry you.Wink

Geet : aap ne kya kaha? (Curiously with innocent face)Tongue

Maan : Meih ne kaha ki' (Teasing)Wink

Geet : Ki..?(Curious)Embarrassed

Maan : Ki..(Teasingly)Wink

Geet : Ki?( Curious)Embarrassed

Maan : Ki (Suppressing his smile seeing her innocent curious face)WinkBig smileLOL

Geet :. You are teasing me naa?  Chodo mujheAngryAngryAngry

Maan : arrey Geet sunno thoWink

Geet : Mujhe nahi sunn na. Aap chodo mujheAngry

Maan : OK sorry baba. Now listen what I said.Smile

Geet : Hmm boloEmbarrassed

Maan whispered into her ears something and then gently gave a bite on her earlobe which made her blush. He started to kiss her nape gently but she freed herself from his hold and opened the door. She then stood out blushing and he was laughing.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Maan : Rukho Geet. I'll prove that I'm straight and attracted to you only. Wink

Geet : No need.Embarrassed

Saying this she ran away blushing leaving a laughing Maan behind. She ran towards others and saw them teasing Sasha and her (Sasha) blushing profusely.   Geet came and said that Maan and Manish were ONLY FRIENDS.

Sameera : We know that seeing your pink face and blue mark neck.WinkLOL

Geet :Kya? (Confused)Confused

Sameera : Cover your neck. Love bite is really visible. (Winked)

Geet blushed and ran away soon to be followed by Sasha. Others laughed seeing this.


After 10 years

Geet was running around a 3 years old girl shouting "Muski". But Muskaan was not listening to her mother and ran inside the study room. Geet sighed seeing this and glared at her.

Voice : Don't glare at my princess.

Geet : Then why don't you feed her? (Angry)Angry

Voice : arre baba I'm sorry. Muski beta why are you not eating?

Muski : Neeehii. (In her baby language.)Tongue

Geet : Dheka Maan, you are spoiling her.Angry

Maan : But Mishty she's not hungry now naa? She'll eat when she feels.Star

Geet : Acha. Then feed her when she feels hungry. Angry

Saying this she walks out angrily. Maan with Muski followed her making a puppy face. Suddenly two guys came and hugged her and she hugged them back kissing them on their forehead. It was Arnav, Maneet's eldest son who is 9 yrs old and Mayank, Maneet's second who is 7 yrs old.

Geet : So how was your day?

Mayank & Arnav : Gud mama.

Geet : Go & freshen up, I'll set your snacks.

Mayank : Ok Mama.

Arnav : Papa can we take Muski with us?

Maan : Haan beta.

Arnav and Mayank took Muski with them to their room. Geet ignored Maan and passed him but soon to be lifted by him.

Geet : Maan chodoAngry

Maan : NahiWink

Geet : Maan..Angry

Maan : I love it when you call my name. (Huskily)WinkTongue

Geet : Shut up and put me down.Angry

Maan : OKTongueWink

He walked towards his bedroom and shut the door with his leg; he then laid her down on bed.

Maan : Here I put you down, Now happy. (Laid beside her and hugged her.)

Geet : MaanAngry

Maan : Hmm

Geet : You are Mad (Angrily)AngryAngryWink

Maan : Yup but in love with you madly.TongueWink

Geet smiled hearing this. She know that she can't stay anger with him for long time. She blushed and hugged him back.


Manish and Sasha are married and have a beautiful daughter Dia and son Uday. Anne married Brij and have a daughter Suhani and a son Samrat. Arjun married his classmate Arohi and have a child name Khushi. Sameera married Rahul, Geet's cousin brother and have a child name Rahul. Dev married NT and have a daughter named Gunjan. Dev's family and Maan's family live in KM while Brij and Rahul live in HM with their family. Manish and Sasha lives in London and Arjun lives in Singhania Mansion with his family. They all are happy.

 Special thanks to all my friends who supported me and encouraged me. If you like this update, please do comment and press LIKE button.

with lots of LOVE

Ash aka Kingu (Kingini)Smile

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awesomeClapThumbs UpStarEmbarrassed
but u ended so soonCry
thanks for pmTongue
seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Fabulous update, loved it . Hope to see you soon with another maaneet FF/SS.
-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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lovely was awesome...thnxxx...

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