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Maan Ka Haal SS lst prt + epi Pg19

ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:18am | IP Logged

Hi friends, HAPPY HOLI TO ALL. This is my 1st os. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Maan's Siblings

  • Dev
  • Anne  

Maan's Cousins

  • Sameera
  • Vicky
  • Sasha
  • Tasha

Maan's friends

  • Arjun
  • Manish

Geet's Sibling

  • Brij
  • Tito

Geet's Cousin

  • Rajji
  • Rahul

She was wearing white Suit and was walking to HandaGarden to play holi with her Family and friends. She was happy and put colours on each member present there except HIM. She hated him but she didn't know that her heart had a softy towards him. She saw him smiling at her like an idiot.

Geet : err... This idiot is here? My holi is spoiled.

Sameera saw her angry face and followed her gaze and saw her cousin brother Maan who was smiling at Geet. She know that Maan always act weirdly when he see Geet. All Maan's cousin and friends know that Maan had a crush on Geet which increased day-by-day and bloom into love. But Geet always ignored him which made Maan Crazy for her more. Sameera went near her Cousin Brother and gave a small hit on his shoulder to bring him back from his stupor.


Sam : Maan Bhai stop ogling at her.Wink


Maan : am I that palpable?Embarrassed


Sam : yup. And please don't do any stupid thing this time. Please' you always do something stupid when you see her and that make her angry more.LOLLOL


Maan : what can I do? I don't know what happen to me when she is around me.EmbarrassedLOL


Sam : well, this time be careful. Don't repeat what you did earlier.


Flashback (holi)


Maan was 18


Geet : 15


He was drunk Baang  and saw his angel in a corner smiling. She was waiting for her friends for playing holi. He thought to put some colour on her but ended up putting the whole tray of colour on her head and body. It looked like she had a shower in colour. She was a mess. Atul, her best friend screamed seeing her like this and jumped onto Anjali as if he had seen a BHOOTNI. She felt like killing him but soon after that Maan fainted. After that incident, she never come near him to play holi or whenever she sees him holi function, she deliberately move away from him.




Maan was ogling at her and her and his cousins, friends and sibling looking him.



They all knew that Maan was crazy about Geet and Geet hated Maan. They all support Maan but there was no use because she thought of him as a Casanova. The reason behind this is :




Maan : 20


Geet : 17


Maan was director in Drama competition and he was making everyone practice for the inter-college fest. Avantika, Maan's friend was lead role in the play but she was not putting efforts properly. So Maan scolded her privately for not putting efforts and said he is going to give Muskan the lead role and Avantika is going to take Muskan's role instead and she was crying saying "please give me one chance, I will not let you down. But don't do this to me Please." Geet came to college to meet her brother Brij, who was also Maan's best friend and classmate. She only heard Avantika saying this to him and misunderstood him. She went from there. Maan asked her to practice and show him her best. She nodded her head and went to practice. She went to Brijj for practice. The Drama was about how the heroine got cheated by her boyfriend and how the Hero help her and at last fall in love with her. Brijj was the hero. She was practicing with him.

Brijj : Please don't cry Renjini. (renjini is the name od the drama heroine)


Avantika : I can't believe it, he just said me to leave. I loved him and he was playing with my feeling.


Brijj : I'm ashamed to say that I'm his friend.


Avantika : please don't ruin your friendship for me.


Brijj : there is no friendship now, It is the end.

Geet was coming inside but stopped when she heard his dialogue. She saw Avantika pleading to Maan to give her a chance but he was not ready to give. She misunderstood Avantika as  Maan's ex-GF. She went near her brother and Brijj was surprised to see her.

Brijj : Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi hu?

Geet : Bhai, Mama said me to come here and give you this.


She gave him a packet. He took it and said bye to her. She went from there. Next day, she again came to Maan's college from her school and gave him his things and was about to go when he saw Avantika in tears. She ran to Brijj and hugged him and cried .


Avantika : Maan ne Muskan ko choona. (Maan selected Muskan)

And from the corner of the room Geet saw Muskan hugging him. Another misunderstanding. Maan saw Geet and went near her, he was really happy to see her but she just gave him an angry glare and went from there. Maan thought that Geet was angry because Muskan hugged him. So he thought to make her jealous. Whenever he see Geet, he talk about Muskan but he didn't know that it had opposite effect. One day, Sameera noticed this and asked Maan why is he talking about Muskan infront of Geet. But Brijj answered for him.


Brijj : He just wanna make my sister jealous and want her to confess, which is not going to happen.


Maan : Sure, she will comfess but I don't see Jealous in her eyes but something else. I don't know what is it?


Sam : Don't worry Bhai, I will enquire and say.


Sam went to Geet and enquired but was shocked to hear the story what Geet witnessed. She was sure that there is some misunderstanding and told the whole thing to Maan and Brijj. Brijj was laughing but Maan was shocked. He tried to say Geet the truth but she never bothered to listen. He withdrew his Jealous mission plan. After some days Sam and Anne told her the truth but she just nodded the head and didn't reply.



Flashback  end


Suddenly the Gang saw Geet hugging a boy. Maan wanted to punch the guy for touching his Geet but the Gang made him control. Angry


Geet : hi Romeo. Embarrassed

Romeo : hi Sweety WinkEmbarrassed (hugged Geet) wow Geet you look gorgeous. I'm gonna have an attack seeing you like this. (he put his hand on his chest and showed an acion which made Geet laughEmbarrassed and Maan angryAngry.)

Geet : Shut up Romeo.Embarrassed(Blushed)


The Gang heard this and Anne said.

Anne : I wonder why she is calling him Romeo. Confused

Rajji : may be his name is Romeo or'LOLLOL

Vicky : or?Confused

Rajji :  his action towards Geet made her say Romeo. LOLEmbarrassed

Maan : nahii( he was imaging Romeo with Geet)LOLLOLLOL

The Gang was shocked hearing his NAHII.ShockedShocked

Dev : Chill bro. Bhabi is always yours.LOL

Brijj : haan Maan. I don't want that Monkey face to be my Brother-in-law. AngryAngry

Sam : I wonder from which angle he looks like Romeo? Maan bro is much better than him.LOLLOLLOL

Manish : Love is blind baby.LOLLOL

Everyone was giving Manish Dagger looks. LOL

Manish : I mean that 'eeerr wellLOLLOLLOL

Everyone : Shut upAngryAngryAngry

Manish : ok. (thinking: thank god Maan didn't kill me)

Sam : so guys, we should do something or else Maan bhai will become DD.Wink

NT (Dev's GF) : he is already a DD.Day Dreaming

Sam :what ??Confused

NT : yes, Dhak-DhakDay Dreaming

Sam : I meant DevDas not Dhak-Dhak.AngryLOLLOL

Dev was giving NT i-will-see-you-later lookLOLLOL. NT saw this and said quickly that she was joking and accidenly said Maan is not that handsome.(NT beta either Maan or Dev will kill you) Now Maan gave her dagger looks.

NT : sorry

Rahul : Mission Romeo guysWinkEvil Smile

Everyone : Mission Romeo.LOLLOLEvil Smile

Geet was with Romeo and Romeo had his hand around Geet's waist. Maan felt an urge to punch Romeo. Anne, NT, Sam, Rajji went near Geet and asked her to introduce Romeo to them.

Sam : hi Geet. Who is this handsome?

Romeo was on cloud 9.

Geet : this is Romeo, my..

Romeo : her Date and you?

Sam : I'm Sameera, call me Sam. (flirting)

NT: I'm Naintara, call me NT(flirting)

Anne :I'm Anwesha, call me Anne.(flirting)

Rajji : I'm Rajji (not interested)

Romeo : I will call you Raj.OK?(In trance seeing all of those beauty queens)

Rajji : no.. call me Rajji (coldly)

Geet : ok. Guys, enjoy. Come Romeo.

Romeo : yes sweetheart.


Maan heard this. He fisted his hand ready to punch Romeo. Dev and other boys saw this and asked him to control. Now it was Sasha's and Tasha's turn to make their entry. They came towards them and asked her.

Tasha : hey Geet Bhabz,(Sasha pinched her)oouhh

Sasha : she meant Babes. Well, who is this good looking guy?  

Romeo (thinks): I never knew that I have this influence on girls. Well, I should take advantage of this. Well, I wonder why I wasted my 7 years on this Geet just to take her on a date.

Geet : this is Romeo my..

Romeo : friend.

Geet looked at him. Just now he was saying he was her date now he is saying friend. He is weirdo, she thought. Brijj came near Geet and said Mama was calling her and asked her to come.

Geet : but Romeo?

Brijj : Sasha and Tasha are here and also Tito, Dev. It will only take 30mins. Come.

Dev came and gave some drinks to him. It was Baang.

Dev : Drink dude.

Romeo : no thanks

Sasha : please Romy' (Flirting)

Romeo: Romy??

Sasha : can I call you Romy? (Flirting)

Romeo : yes Gorgeous. (flirting back)

Tasha : drink one from me. (she made him drink )

Other girls came with with Ladoo mixed with little baang.

They started feeding him. Well he was on cloud nine.

Maan : khao khao' this will be ur last supperLOLLOLLOL

Dev : bhai but this is not supper. This is snacks. ConfusedConfusedLOL

Maan glared at Dev.Angry

Dev : you are right bro this is his last supper. ConfusedLOLLOL(Scared seeing Maan's glare)

Romeo : kuch kahaLOL

Maan : nahi tho. Angry

Manish was looking whether Geet was coming or not. Brijj was with Geet and other boys were somehow keeping her busy. Sam called Brijj and said to bring Geet.

When Geet saw Romeo flirting with girls and shamefully dancing around them, her anger raised. She marched towards him and slapped him. He just fainted. But she was not satisfied; she started kicking him with her feet.

Geet : you loser, stupid, moron, idiot, buffoon, *********Angry

Everybody was scared including Elders seeing Geet's RUDRA AVATAR. Brijj came behind her and dragged her away from  Romeo. Maan and others were scared seeing her this Avatar.

Mission Romeo was successful. But everyone was scared seeing her like this. Dev whispered to Maan.

Dev : Bro, do u know self-defense or karate?LOLLOLLOL

Maan: nahi. Kyun?ConfusedLOLLOL

Dev : OK. Then I will tell you another action for self-defense. JUST RUN. WHEN GEET FIGHT WITH YOU IN FUTURE AFTER YOUR MARRIAGE. Or else 'LOLLOL

Maan : or else??ConfusedConfused

Dev : it is said that angry person do act first then think second. LOLLOLLOL

Maan : what you mean?Confused

Dev : nothing. Just study Self protecting action before you marry her or else next day your photo will come in news saying Groom died after 1 day marriage. So ' LOLLOL

Vicky : don't scare me 'LOLLOLLOL

Sam : why are you scared? Its not you she is going to marry, its him naaLOLLOL

Vicky : effect is same. She will become our bhabi and will use us as her punch box if she didn't find bro. ROFL

Maan : don't scare me you idiot. AngryAngry

Brijj came and said that the function is over.

Brijj : Maan can I ask you something?ConfusedWinkLOL

Maan : yes.ConfusedLOL

Brijj: what made you fall for her?Question


Note : Guys, what you think Maan's answer will be? If you like it please press like buton. And also please comment.

Part 1 - Above

Part 2 - Page 8

Part 3 - Page 14

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POOR romeo, he got a slap from Maan's julietROFLhey, please continue....eager to know what will be Maan's answer.

Dev was really funny and also Romeo.

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sonali_22 Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged
i loved it...and i laughed so much....everything was awesome...pls update part 2 soon...i can't wait

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged
awesome OS
awww maans in luv wiv geet but geet misunderstood him 4 a casanova
loved mission romeo
love how all the siblings want maaneet 2 marry
want 2 know wat maans answer is
cont soon plz Xx...
thx 4 the PM

-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged
amazing os.......
...maan n his gang was so funny......
the way they were treating romeo was just too good.....
i wonder what will be his repy
continue soon........
..n thnx for the pm......
-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Nice one... loved it

lovelycutietedy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged
cont soon....
it was tooo good
rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Great........plzzzzz continue . ...

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