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OS - GoHam in Switzerland (Final chapter page 6) (Page 6)

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
Wow, Shelley that was an absolute merveille to read, waiting eagerly for the next part please.

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Did anyone read my updated ff-shahid kal ho na ho
I updated the scene where gohem romancing
Btw again shelly great ff
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You're making me wait...Angry


I enjoyed part 2... Chop, chop missy.  I need part three.
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I am back with the final chapter in this OS.  We finally have our GoHam scene.  I hope I live up to all our fantasies.  Now I need you to use your imagination.  Remember I can't write Hindi so have to imagine the GoHam conversation in Hindi even though I have written it in English except for a couple of lines.  

I hope it lived up to what you wanted.   I am not quite sure if this is where Goham were going to end up when I started. 



Part 3

Aham caught up to Gopi as she was crossing the lobby towards the elevators.  He grabbed her arm and was only somewhat shocked to feel that under her sweater she was completely frozen.   "Gopi, where have you been?  You're frozen!"

Gopi turned towards Aham and couldn't hide her happiness at being with him and said, "Ahamji, thank you for bringing me to this paradise.  I've been walking around the city all day!  It is so beautiful.   I didn't know places like this existed...let alone dreamt that I would ever see them. Thank you Ahamji!"

By the end of this long speech to Aham her teeth started chattering profusely.  Aham was shocked by Gopi's appearance, her cheeks were chafed raw from the wind, her earlobes looked like they were frost bitten and ready to fall off.  However her happiness and excitement made him almost smile.  But her chattering teeth brought back his worry induced anger.

Aham said more harshly than he intended, "tum se baree koyee pagal ladkee nahi hai! (there isn't another girl crazier than you) Have you eaten anything today?"

Gopi, still giddy, said through her chattering teeth, "I had some chai and a roti jaisa roll with this heavenly brown stuff."  She described her chocolate eclair.      "Ahamji you have brought me to swarg (heaven)."

Aham wrapped his arm around Gopi to keep her warm, gestured for the concierge to come over and said to Gopi, absentmindedly, "we have mountains like this in India.  They are called the Himalayas.  I will take you there so you can compare."

The concierge ran over and asked, "Yes, Mr Modi, what can I do for you?"

Aham ordered, "My wife is a strict vegetarian.  That means no meat, no fish, no egg, and no stock in the soup.  The utensils used must completely clean with no chance of any contaminants.  Bring some hot lentil soup, french bread and a salad.  To drink bring warm milk and tea. I want all this brought up to my suite immediately."

The concierge, "yes sir!"

At this point they were at the private elevator that would take them to their suite.  Aham, with Gopi still in his arms, got in the elevator and closed the doors.  Gopi started to shivering violently and Aham tightened his arms around her to keep her warm.  He massaged her hands in his to warm them up but it didn't stop the shivering. Once they arrived at their suite Aham walked Gopi to the huge bathroom and turned on the heat lamp.  He sat her on the chair in front of the vanity dresser and turned on the water in the big bathtub.  Once he was satisfied with the water temperature he found a bottle of lavender bubble bath and poured almost the entire bottle into the water.
"Gopi, you're going to get warm real soon. Get in the tub, the water is hot, you soak for about 20 minutes.  Once you're done get into this warm robe.  You will feel much better."  He placed the hotel's fluffy bathrobe beside the tub along with some towels.


Aham raised his eye brows in question and finally understood her question and replied, "I will leave you alone but you call me if you need anything, I am right outside."

Gopi nodded and watched Aham leave. Gopi had never felt so cold in her life.  Her fingers were so stiff she could no longer feel them, her face felt like she had lost a couple of layers of skin and her nose and ears felt like they were about to fall off.  She quickly undressed and jumped into the tub full of luxurious bubbles.  She couldn't believe Ahamji was taking care of her like this.  She quickly reminded herself that it wasn't from love but from compassion.   As the water reached up to her ears she tried to turn off the water but her fingers were too stiff she couldn't do it.  When the water started pouring out of the tub she had to yelled, "Ahamji".  

Aham was in the living room of the suite closing the door behind the waiter from room service when he heard Gopi's yell.  He ran back to the bathroom in a panic imagining all sorts of  horrible things that could go wrong in the bathroom.   He quickly assessed what was wrong from the amount of water on the floor.  He reached over to turn off the water but couldn't help looking at Gopi in a bathtub, large enough to fit more than one person.   Unfortunately she was completely submerged in the water and as he had obviously over done it with the bubble stuff,  there was a thick layer of bubbles covering her.  All he could see was her head.  He couldn't believe how disappointed he was that she was completely covered.   When their eyes met both were embarrassed and shy.  Gopi tried to duck underwater and Aham turned his back to her. 

"Gopi, this is a very big tub please be careful.  The food is here come out as soon as you feel warm."


He quickly left afraid he would do something really embarrassing.  In the living room he counted to 10 and then 100 to slow his heart rate with limited success.  He tried to tell himself this was  Gopi.  His overactive imagination was running away from him! Stop it Aham!  You didn't see anything.  She was covered from chin to toes by bubbles.  He turned around when he heard the bathroom door open.  Gopi was standing at the door of the bathroom looking down at her feet,  her hair wrapped in a bath towel and she was wearing a white hotel bathroom.  Her face completely clean of make up and Aham thought he had never seen a woman more beautiful in his life.  He shook his head to snap out of it.

"Are you feeling better?"



"a bit."

"Come here."  He pointed to the small table beside the heat vent where there was a large tray loaded with food.  Gopi took the towel off her head and quietly went to the tray intent on serving the food.

"What are you doing?  I asked you to sit down."

"Ji vo, I was going to serve you dinner."

"No.  You sit.  I ordered the food I will serve it."

"But..."   Aham just looked at her and Gopi finally got it and sat down in one of the chairs.

Aham put a large bowl of soup in front of Gopi and handed her a spoon.



"Eat," and this time he handed her some buttered french bread and then placed a plate of salad and a glass of warm milk in front of her.  He sat on the other chair and waited for Gopi to start eating her soup.

She realized that Ahamji was waiting for to start so dipped her spoon in the soup and took a little taste.  It was a familiar taste but still very different and surprisingly good.  She was famish and quickly finished the entire bowl and the french bread.  At Aham's nod towards the milk she finished that too.  When she looked up Ahamji was watching her with an odd expression on his face.  At being caught staring at each other both quickly looked away.

Gopi thought, sitting here across from Ahamji, how easy  it would be to pretend her fantasy from earlier, that she was living a movie life where her husband loved her, wanted to be with her and was looking at her with love in his eyes.  She smiled to herself and got lost in her fantasy world.  Her eyes started to get drowsy and it was hard to keep them open.

Aham couldn't keep his eyes away from Gopi.  He didn't understand what he was feeling but his usual anger and distaste at spending time with Gopi was missing.  In fact he was enjoying spending time with her.  He could have sat there all night just looking at her.  He noticed that her eyes where getting drowsy and she was starting to nod off.  He got up to help her get into bed.  He put his arm around her when she stumbled. He pulled the blankets off and helped her lie down in the large king size bed and covered her with the blankets.  As he was pulling away, Gopi, in a drowsy voice said, "Ahamji,  I wish we could stay here forever so that I can pretend we are a normal happy couple.  You are the most wonderful man in the world.  I never thought I would be married to someone as amazing as you."

"But I have never done anything that would make you think I am amazing."

"Shhh!  we are pretending!"  With that she fell asleep.  

Aham watched her sleep for a little while and then to distract himself he pushed the room service table into the hallway and went to the bathroom to change.  When he returned Gopi was shivering once again.  He touched her forehead with the back of his hand, her temperature seemed normal.  He took her hand in his, it was much warmer than before but still cold.  He turned up the temperature on the room heater and got the extra blankets from the closet and covered her.  He didn't want to leave her alone, afraid that she may get sick over night.  After some reflection he decided to prop up some pillows and got into the other side of the huge bed with his laptop.  He would work while he watched over her.  

Gopi was still shivering and Aham didn't know how to warm her up.  He put the laptop away and he lay down beside her, pulled her back towards his front.  He gently lifted her head and placed it comfortably on his bicep and reached over to hold both of her cold hands his to warm them up.  


"Hain."  Aham whispered in her ear from behind her.  Gopi sighed and went back to sleep.  Aham checked her feet with his, they were ice cold.  Aham started to rub his feet over hers to warm them up.  

As Gopi stopped shivering and became warm and comfortable, Aham too relaxed and eventually fell into a calm and peaceful sleep, likes of which he had never experienced before.   

The end.


Sorry about the cliche bathtub scene I know it was too filmy.  My fingers took over and wouldn't let me delete it.  

I hope you enjoyed this Sunday treat! 

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Originally posted by br2499

Shelly! Awesome! So Aham got some closure with Anita! By the way, your aham is better than SNS one - he gave some money to Gopi! (Sorry! cant help notcing the details!) Waiting eagerly to see thier encounter.

BTW, you prove time and again why you will be a far better creative head then what is now for SNS. 

Originally the plan was to keep Gopi hungry all day.  But when she passed that bakery I couldn't deprive her of fabulous chocolate eclairs and croissants in Europe.

Of course Aham didn't give her any money.  Before she left Rajlot Naani gave her 200 Euros which she had tied to her pallu. 


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I am surprised your fingers stopped when they did, but I liked where you stopped, it was a beautiful short OS,
ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
@ Simran, Suk, Nafisa, and Rubina. Thank you and hope you enjoy the last part.

@Ayesha - I know the show is pretty dismal still.  I don't really watch much but keep an eye on the forum.

@Shilpa - thank you for your kind words.  I love your FFs too.

Suk, Ayesha and Shilpa you're all wonderful writers.

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
@Madhu - yes the changes and groW*H in Gopi here are subtle but she is growing.  As for the loneliness...I find even in show both Gopi and Aham are total lonely souls who just have to find each other.

@Usha, I don't really feel the magic all the time.  Only sometimes.  Glad I was able to recreate it for you.

@Hkhb17 - sorry don't remember your name - yes I thought it was a good way to end it for them and still maintain everyone's dignity. 

and Yes I am waiting for them to call me to take over the creative team.  I would definitely whip them into shape. 

@Anj4 - you have discovered my secret dream :)

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