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Blab 2: Ayaz-Nikita, TP, requests pg.143 (Page 73)

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 11 August 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolchick

I was surprised when I saw cupcakes and coffee LOL I decided to do something differentCoolLOL but the icons are so bright and colorful...and really really cute! And the same goes for the Taj Mahal and Harry Potter stuff...absolutely superb! Aww thank youuEmbarrassed

Everything else is great too...that Dia sig is so gorgeous...I think I'll be using in the future since she's looking sooo regalTongue
Thank you so much and glad you liked itBig smile Really means a lot =)

Originally posted by -Pooja-

Meee! :)!

YouuuBig smile

Originally posted by HotMess

you updateddd! :O

I didStern Smile

Originally posted by -Cherry-

OMG Babe dude this is just a fabulous update and i loveee the siggie that you made for me it's just beyond perfect babe, and i just cant wait to use it thank you so so sooo much it means a ton sweetie Woot! I wasn't sure if you would. It took me a while to make cuz I wasn't sure what I was doing and took a few breaks here and there while makingROFL But glad it turned out okBig smile
And so sorry for the short comment It's okBig smile
but another AWESOME update :) Thanks =)

Originally posted by xTimax

Amazing update the sagar-vidya siggy is cute=)

Thanks =)

Originally posted by jenny1000

Oye Ravs, JennyyyBig smile

I love love the update. Love the Taj Mahal. That's flawless. Thank youuu! Means a lot coming from youEmbarrassed

Everything looks so beautiful and love Swancy's request.. Love the soft glow on the sigs! ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by -Pooji-

Whoa Beautiful update
Icons are so cute and TajMahal sig is stunning.

Thanks PoojiBig smile

Originally posted by malluangel

after a long time i saw this
they were so cute! gosh...i want shadi back Tongue

but loved the whole update! you are so amazinggg

ThanksBig smile And omg sameee! I wish they'd do another show together =/

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

Yo!Cool WaddupCool
Ravjot, i'm so proud of you. You've updated. That's such an accomplishment. Big smile I know right?Big smile I feel proud of myself tooCool You have still have to make those award sigs so get started on that woman and honestly, it won't kill you to take 5 minutes out and vote for the awards. hmph. Stern Smile I started making them so calm down. And yes it would kill me. And luckily voting is overCool
*ahem* Lemme comment on the update now. Take your timeSmileROFL

The icons are adorable! Honestly. ThanksBig smile Especially the Starbucks one. ROFL That teddy is just way too cute. And uh, those cupcakes look good. Eat themBig smile That merry-go-round one reminded me of the Merry-Go-Round ride in the amusement in my city. ROFL 'Course, that one is for kids and the creepy piano music plays when the ride starts. So, that icon brings back unpleasant memories. Stern Smile What did you doStern Smile

The Taj Mahal sigs are beautiful. ThanksBig smile
HP. Stern Smile No comment because i'm not a fan of HP at all and i don't understand the sigs at all either. hmph. You watch (read?) Twilight but not HP?Stern Smile

Ahhh. There's your Korean drama sig. City Hunter. Is it any good? Not that i plan to watch it. ROFL Yes it was (it ended) and why bother asking then?Stern SmileROFL
The requests are awesome. Garima's is amazing. YayBig smile

My Surprise Sig
*ahem* First, i really love that song. Big smile SameeShocked And second, the sig is adorable. <3 But the girl seems lonely cause it seems like she's sitting in a forest. Ermm It's the best pic I could findLOL And I made it all bright and what not and hoped you wouldn't noticeROFL And is that a platypus in her hand?ROFL It's a teddyStern Smile Awww. How cute. Thank you Dungar. You did take forever to make it. Kept telling me "it's in progress" for God knows how long but i guess, it was worth the wait. I'm using it as you can see. XD I used it the moment i got your PM. Big smile It was in progressStern Smile I was at the look-for-pic stage everytime you askedROFL

Okay. Now, you suck and i am disappointed in you because i was too sweet to you for a minute there. Big smile Yeah it kinda scared me a bitErmm

With lots of love,


Originally posted by shootingstar.xx

Everything is simply beautiful RavjotHug Thank youuu Hug the icons are so adorable .. ahh cant wait to use them honestly :P TM stuff is very nicee .. I hope to go there someday You shouldShocked I haven't been there either but I think I will soonLOL .. until then .. I will admire that place through your sigsLOL Knock yourself outCoolLOL The Dia Mirza sig is breathtaking .. maybe its just the pic you used .. but coloring is amazing too :) I think it's the picLOL It was a pretty pic =) reqs are all superb .. ThanlsBig smile

Btw, do you even check your dabbaStern Smile I doShocked

Originally posted by Perfangel5655

Love all of them! Khuntoria was so adorable. The icons Shocked they are gorgeous!! I had to stare at them for awhile.

Ravzie!!! Make me a Cesc siggy!!!!!! Cry

Thanks FantaBig smile And I'll seeLOL

Originally posted by -Sky-

Fantastic update Ravjot! Big smile Thanks ManishaBig smile I really like this update. All the icons are so cute! I love the teddy with the starbucks cup it looks so cute! Thank you =) I went from teddy siggies to teddy avisCoolLOL The Taj Mahal sigges look really amazing. Ah I also really love the Harry Potteer sigges especially the Hogwarts one =) Another one of my favourites is the Dia Mirza one it looks really pretty. Aww thanksEmbarrassed Yes! Big smile You madea City Hunter sig! Yes I didCoolUsing it! But I still want more so instead of me requesting I'm going to ask for more City Hunter sigges! TongueLOL I'll tryBig smile

Originally posted by ..-Komal-..

stunning work love the cute icons :D
JiYa & DiaM stuff is fabulousDay Dreaming

Thank youu =)

Originally posted by oishi_ksg

All the Icons, siggys & req are beautiful
I specially love that KSG req siggy, cherry & aisha's siggy..
Great update :D

ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by -RamSitaKiDasi-

hiii Ravjot diii, ur back !!ShockedTongueDancing Yes I amCool omg, ur update is so pretty, i just luv the Taj Mahal cgs dii, so beautiful!Day Dreaming Aww thanksEmbarrassed Glad you like them =)
can i request ?? are u open for non-regulars like me?Embarrassed i hope u are dii, because i really really want to request from u!Blushing Yeah sure I don't mindLOL
im not sure if u accept six pics dii, but if possible could u include them all? the cg can be big, i don't mind.Big smileEmbarrassed

Originally posted by cutegirl94

Hello Ravs *waves hand* SidraaaBig smile *gives you hi-5Cool*
I is here LOL So is ICool
WOW the icons you made are awesome! loved them all but specially the starbucks and he teddy one is really really cute! Embarrassed Thank youuu =)
Taj Mahal stuff is Awesome! Big smile simple and beautiful! Clap ThanksBig smile I wasn't sure what I was doing half the timeROFL
The coloring is awesome in the hogwarts one! That one annoyed me cuz while making it it was too pink-y and looked girlyStern SmileROFL I m gonna miss harry potter! Ouch I already miss it Unhappy Khair coming bak to your update I never liked dia mirza much but woahhh she looks awesome in your sig! Clap Jay-Piya and Sagar- Divya ones are also beautful! Embarrassed ThanksBig smile The city hunter OMG thankyou for suggesting me this..i really loved it! Tongue Embarrassed Did you finish watching it yet?Shocked The signature is mindblowing of TCH! They both are looking sooo cute! Day Dreaming
All the reqs are Beautiful!
Loved the update! Keep making more! Big smile I'll tryBig smileROFL
And plz do add me to the pm list! Embarrassed Will doCool
Regards Sidra! Hug

Originally posted by nasco

cool update.Heart
i loved the hogwarts siggy.. it sure is home ...

tajmahal ones r cute .
all the req have come out beautifully esp the mayur ones and the one made for

ur open ryt??
Thumbs Up
ll make a request??

Thank youuu! Glad you liked themBig smile

Originally posted by curledup

BLAB 2? you have a second gallery, does balle balle dance! and the shava shava. Yes I doCool
Congratulations RAGGUUU! my italian hot sauce :D Thank youuuBig smileROFL

I love everything in thumhari dhukan :D especially mera birthday wala :D ThanksBig smile I had a hard time figuring out what to make but then decided best to go with PHLOL


Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

Ohh Goddd! What?Shocked
Wowww!! i sooo LOVEEE the Reqs Iram's and the ones you made for Jot, ohh the Kavyanjali sig fr Gagan is AMAZING the icons are so so so professional, KASAMH KHAAO u made them!!!! Stern Smile Kiski kasam khaoon?Stern Smile *takes own kasam*
Hayee wowww, too gud, imma use soonish! Go aheadLOL
LOVEE everything to bits, and most of the things are my FAVV, so lets just leave that aside! :P LOL Ok?LOL

Originally posted by -Fatima-

gorgeous update iconz r too cute & taj mahal one is fab
awesome work

Thanks Fatima =)

Originally posted by -SamPari-

well i thought i might as well stop by after weeks.. and first stop is you :) Rav ur creations are just i dont know Wat u say the simplicity and calming to ur designs i love it ..
Wat more can i say

loove it

Sammy x

I'm first?Shocked YayyyCool I feel privilegedApprove And thanks for the wonderful comment. It made me smile =D

Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

Wooww WONDERFUL updateee Ravjottt!! Thank youEmbarrassed
Loved all the stuff..
omgoshhh the TM ones are simply WONDEFFUL!!!!! Tooo gooddd!!
nd IEKSSS SV oneee...Day Dreaming ahhwww they are SOO adorableee.. missing them SO mchh Same hereUnhappy I'd re-watch the epis if yt didn't take the videos downUnhappy
nd DiyaM one is also beautiful!
Other ones are FABBB too.. Keep rockinggg...Big smile Thank youHug
nd you do look what colours I use for the font..LOL YesBig smile I refer to you as the pretty font girlROFL
ohh well.. last was purple.. now it's orangee..
nxt one .. what should it be..LOL it's a mysteryShocked

Originally posted by loving_bird

stunning creations...specially taj-mahal wowww marvellousss siggies & icon


Originally posted by -Sameena-

i love everrythingg <3

I love youBig smile

Originally posted by .PINK.

awww beautiful creationzzz na Hug loved all of dem to core!! keep it up :D love ya

Aww thanksEmbarrassed

Originally posted by ..-Kaju-..

Aaah am late..ROFL You're earlyStern SmileROFL
Anyway..amazinggg update..everything is stunning..specially the Hogwats siggi..seen the last film?  I DID! First showCool Awesome huh..and the Draco siggi..aah I love it! Tom looks amazing <3 Yes he doesDay Dreaming
Awwies, the Sagar-Vidya siggi, man seems forever ago...they are so cute..loved that scene Unfortunately I never got to watch itUnhappy..amazing job with the reqs..and the sigs for Gagan di's bday have turned out stunninglyyy..!
Awesome stuff.xHug Thank youEmbarrassed

Originally posted by fizza311

awesome update 

Thank you =)

Originally posted by supreet..

amazing creations...
lovely icons...
love taj mahal siggy...
requested siggies r fab

ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by iloveyouafridi.


Thank youEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Angelic_A

I don't like your blab!! You never make me anything. hmpf

It's ok I don't like youBig smileROFL And stop lying! I've made you sooo many siggiesStern Smile

Originally posted by -.Preet.-

Hey Ravjot!!!
The update is gorgeous!!! Just lovely...loved the icons and all the Hogwarts one...just so beautiful...All the birthday siggies are also very superb...Thanks for the PM!!!
Sorry for being late!!!

Glad you like em and thanks for the commentEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Angelic_A

Can I comment for real for real now? ROFL NoSmileROFL

OMGOMG I love the TM one!! It looks amazing. perfect picture! Stern Smile ThanksBig smile

MALFOY!!!??? Stern SmileStern SmileShocked Can I chori? Stern Smile Go aheadLOL

I can't see the DM one hmpf Look againShocked

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Sagar and Vidya Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile I love it! Stern SmileStern Smile I want to see them back on TV again. SameeeUnhappy Why aren't they back?Unhappy

City hunter one is nice. Thumbs Up MerciBig smile

I like the gagu one the first one hmpf and the sec one is amazing too.. I want one too hmpf. Stern Smile If gagu gets two I should get two. hmpf.Stern Smile Not your b-dayStern Smile

Okay I don't feel like typing anymore. ROFL Bye?ROFL

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Angelic_A IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 February 2006
Posts: 17203

Posted: 11 August 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hawa Hawaii

It's ok I don't like youBig smileROFL  The feeling is mutual Smile And stop lying! I've made you sooo many siggiesStern Smile I am not lying.. Shocked like how many ages ago did you make me the last siggy? I don't even remember who it was on.D'oh Stern Smile
Can I comment for real for real now? ROFL NoSmileROFL Well I did anyways. ROFL

OMGOMG I love the TM one!! It looks amazing. perfect picture! Stern Smile ThanksBig smile Your not welcome. Smile

MALFOY!!!??? Stern SmileStern SmileShocked Can I chori? Stern Smile Go aheadLOL WWOO Okay Cool Too lazy to chori right now though ROFL

I can't see the DM one hmpf Look againShocked No hmpf

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Sagar and Vidya Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile I love it! Stern SmileStern Smile I want to see them back on TV again. SameeeUnhappy Why aren't they back?Unhappy
 I know cry Stern Smile they never bring the good ones back. 
City hunter one is nice. Thumbs Up MerciBig smile I don't know them Big smileROFL

I like the gagu one the first one hmpf and the sec one is amazing too.. I want one too hmpf. Stern Smile If gagu gets two I should get two. hmpf.Stern Smile Not your b-dayStern Smile Stern Smile its coming up though. Big smile And I should get double of what gagu got hmpf

Okay I don't feel like typing anymore. ROFL Bye?ROFL I guess? ROFL

Edited by Angelic_A - 11 August 2011 at 11:08pm
sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 January 2010
Posts: 10625

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
okay, so i see your creations everywhere.. and i just adore 'em all to bits.
absolutely gorgeous stuff ravjot!!

OMG. dia & tom felton. you have made me one very happy girl. hehe. i absolutely loved dia's pakeezah photoshoot, and that pic is one of my faves. kudos for making it even more beautiful. (:
TOMFELTON. aaahhh!! so in love. so using it. so using it. i love the text. aah, i miss hp right now. so sad. ):

anyway. i love, love, love your shizz. looking forward to seeing more.
minuu IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 December 2006
Posts: 50719

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 2:01am | IP Logged
ROFLROFLROFL.. The good old days, miss calling you Rabju! Now me back, old days back, Rabju back Approve

BTW.. I reserved years ago.. can I still request?? As your open :P
sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 July 2008
Posts: 19032

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

Ravjot edited my request again added more names sorry pg 74 =D

minuu IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 December 2006
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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Dear Creative,

IPKKND Forum is holding its first ever banner contect.

Link to post: ~*IPKKND: Banner Contest*~

As I am too lazy to PM LOL I am posting in creative galleries. Looking forward to recieving paricipation and entries from you.

Last date: Sunday 28th August 2011

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 19 August 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Hey guysHug

I'm off to India and wont be back till the 11th. I was gonna make a few freebies but didn't get a chance to cuz of schoolUnhappy Since I wont be here, my blab will be closed. Except if you're Minu. Minu you can request if you don't mind getting it lateLOL

Do Not Use










^ Preeti I forgot to put your name. Get Gurprit or someone to add it =)




^bet you didn't expect thatLOL

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-Sky-..-Niru-..supreet.....Mina...--Divzfan--curledup-Shankar-Anhdara13gk_09Siddhi_.Jiya.RadhaKrishansabihaa.jesss.madhoshiyaan.nikita_88SunShine_A..-Jia-..pyar-ishkAS..-Fatima-Sunshine Girlheavenlybliss-Preeti-indiandoll89minuuSwetha-Sai

serendipity. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 August 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
YAYYY. apun no. 1-ich hai har cheez main. Big smile

PS: apun ko tere se pyaar hogayela hai yaar Stern Smile imma miss youuu! Hug
be backkyyy soonnn! <3

Edited by -_AfridiMalik_- - 19 August 2011 at 4:39pm

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