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Blab 2: Ayaz-Nikita, TP, requests pg.143 (Page 60)

dangerouzIshk. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
OMG RAVJINDERR..WHERE TO START..WAT TO SAYYY..itin sigs toh mein apni 3 update mein bhi nahi banaye hongeROFLROFLROFLwere u bored or something?ROFL
ok so i cannot go through every sig.there are way to manyStern SmileROFL
so overall mindblowing updatee..tum ne toh mujhe blow hi kar diyaROFLROFLi luv the kaju sig the mostt..blending is awesomee
style in every sig is rockingg.how do u manage to do so many?..lol
keep up the fantabolous worrkk

-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged

Edited page 57

Farzu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
OMG wooow soo many K-Soap sigs! :OOO LOL
All the sigs are gorgeous. Loved the Premeer ones most and and also the Sumit-Kumkum ones too. Great job Embarrassed
rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Preeti-

i need time to Edit to BRBBig smile Take your timeBig smile

and i beat AmaniDancing though aish jumped inbetween:P Aman wasn't too happyStern SmileROFL

Now starting back ... Req's are Beautiful and i loved Cherry and Kaju ka req's ... Mn n KaSh<3

Anyways now getting to the Maha UpdateBlushing No Thanks baby ... u wanted to do something different and then we came with thisROFL Ooo man this makes me think how much of TV i watched
ROFLROFLROFLROFL infact i still find some are MissingROFL Your fault for not telling me before and no you can't add them now I don't wanna continue the list. This was bad enoughROFL But man, what do you NOT watchStern Smile

KDMHMD > I shall confess i loved Preet Meher more than Prem HeerLOL. I already knew thatLOL I found Preet cute and naughty and a more real n lively character and he made a good pairing with Meher, until i saw Sushant with Ankita:P I loveddd MeetBig smile I wanna see Sushant as Preet againUnhappy

KMH > my another fav ' I remember I was excited to watch 1st KMH too for it being Ekta Show and both the couples looked great togethere and then that turned out to resemble KTH too
ROFL And I remember you telling me how you wrote the line from the book but you told me afterStern Smile KTH was your fav though right? Out of all of em?LOL

KS > I was so in love with Jai Walia{the character} One of the real good one's on TV untill Ekta Maiyya ke CV's ruined it. I didn't watch it much so I wouldn't knowROFL I loved Ram-Prachi ki Chemistry and they were the Jai Bani of the Show. Even the 2nd generation of the Show were good but Jai and Bani always for Me<3 Omg yeahStern Smile I watched an epi once (before I decided to watch Rishi-Ganga scenes) and seeing Gurdeep, I was confused for the longest timeROFL I was rooting for Bani-Pushkar in the beginning but then gave up cuz it was a lost causeLOL

Kasturi > KTH Part 2 ... It was sooo taken from KTH. Sadu Boss, Chui Mui Secy and then Bossy ka frnd gets married to the main lead. And the same old Story. But i still watched that Show just for Robbie-Kasturi. I wanted them to unite but Ekta never did that. And then Raunak ... Jattu too was my fav so i kind of accepted Raunak_Kasturi. But Ekta didnt like that and she made Jattu negative and i finally said "Tata Babye"
ROFL How many times did they repeat KTH story?Stern SmileROFL And no at the end Robbie-Kasturi did end up togetherBig smile Cookie loved the show so she can give you a whole summary if you wantROFL

Kutumb > One of my 1st Favs. I still remember the song of this Show=)) I was in school while we had this Show on Sony and We all were in love with PM > The Pratham Mithal. Hiten-Gauri are the Pratham Gauri and they simply Rocked in that show. Omg you knowShocked My sister wouldn't let me watch KutumbUnhappy Before mom canceled the channels, I'd see the promo and what not and it looked interesting (them fighting part made me laugh and the songLOL) but sister said noUnhappy

Kayamat > Another show which i left mid-way and then watched direct the end. I loved Neev Prachi and Ekta ruined it and made me love MiChi and then again they too were ruined. And i said "Tata Babye" to this too.
ROFL Did you watch any till the end?ROFL

KAA > Another show which i watched just for Shiv-Gauri and i skipped it once iqbal got replaced. my Shiv Gauri were ruined and then it was Tata Babye to this too
ROFL The list just keeps getting biggerROFL

KSBKBT > One of the Longest Running Shows. And i guess i am the only one who watched each and every Epi of this Show. I didnt quit it in any moment of time, even when Tulsi Maiyya was replaced i watched itApprove Hopeless me always liked either Mihir Tulsi or Karan Nandini or for KT n Lakshya or Ganga n Sahil. This was the Only show with some of the Best Actors of TV. All were just Awsome with thier Roles. Though the story was always dangling
ROFL You chose to continue this out of all the other shows?Stern Smile But then again I haven't watched any so I can't judgeROFL

KZK > I watched this Show for Anurag-Prerna and both never met and then it was Rishab-Prerna always and i believed, Love jaisa kuch nahii hota
ROFLbut then came UD n Mukti but i wasnt happy for long ... Mukti was killed and Prem was sent to La La LandCry And i so skipped the Season and New generation of this Show but then i liked P2 and Saksham ... but alaaas ... woh bhi nahii rahe and plus Hiten came in and i never liked Shweta Hiten togethere ... but still i watched this ...dont know for whatROFL You continued this too?LOL Omg I loveddd P2-SakshamShocked I still haven't watched his death/drowning scene cuz I don't wanna believe he's deadROFL

KGGK - The Only character i liked in this Show was Parvati and after her it was Kamal. This was my moms fav show, but yet another show with Good actors. I loved the chemistry between Shweta Kawatra{pallavi} and Saakshi{Parvati} more. That period was when when we had these 2 fighting for right n wrong. THe 2nd generation of this Show was also ruined. I liked Vikram Aditya and Maiteli but ... even they could never meet:-( I wanna try watching but Gaggu keeps telling me to skip to when she comes back as Janki but no one tells me what happened to cause all thatROFL You wanna tell me?LOL And I knowUnhappy Adi-Mets me love =) Apparently he ended up with Aditi after?

Kumkum > Firstly to all people ... KK wasnt an Ekta Show. So Pls dont accuse her for ruining it
ROFL I should say i was happy that Jatin was killed... had he been alive i wud have never got SumKum and above all i so hated Renuka ... she was one big Curse in the Show and i remember she married Sumeet's Tayaji just to ruin Sumeet-Kumkum's lifeROFL that Tayaji was Nupur ke Bauji so she bcomes Nupur ki MaaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL OMG i have Lost it too. Anyways i loved the Season 2 of this Show. One of the best. Am glad they followed Kutumb way and didnt ruin it.Embarrassed It wasn'tStern Smile Why'd you add it to my list thenAngry You ruined my listStern Smile How could you? UnhappyROFLROFL Oh wellLOL I never watched so I can't say anything. Don't you love how I never watched any of these?ROFL

KDMH > This show was one roller coaster ride ... i liked the title track of the show and watched it for that but then loved Rahul-Kakun ki Jodi but sad ... inspite of being Ekta Show buff i forgot "Do Pyar Karne waale, kabhi nahii milenge":P
ROFL So then did you continue watching or stop watching after?ROFL And wikipedia says that they did end up togetherROFL

KIT > This was one Show i enjoyed a lot and i guess this was the Show when i and Aman met... we loved Ranbir-Kanya and more than that we loved Shanthu
ROFL and Tarana togethere.ROFL OMG ... one hillarious Show and One of the Best from K-Factory which didnt have much of Vamps as such but was a Cute StoryROFL I didn't watchBig smileROFL Didn't it end pretty quick or something?

KTH - I better not comment but just say Day Dreaming a show thats close to my heart for too many reasons
It was that good?LOL

Kkussum - Another Good Show from Ekta which was ruined later. Abhay and Kkussum were meant to be Couple. Nausheen and Anuj made such a good pair... i always wanted them to end up togethere too:P And that Show too had lovely Pairs like Abhay-Kkussum, Kumud-Kshitij. Another good offering by Ekta Maiyya=)) Once again I never watching but I loved how they had 3 KkusumsROFL

Khwahish - I never watched this show much as iska timing was too early. So just caught a few epi's and i liked Azaan in this. His Chemisrty with Afreen was Good. I think you already know I never watched eitherLOL

Kavyanjali - Sigh ... My Another Hottie Eijooo<3 ... i loved this too a lot ... and was so happy that off-screen too they were togethere but then :-(. Yaha bhi Ekta maa did her badmaashi. Kavya-Anjali ka divorce, Kavya's remarriage with Nandini and Anjali with Yug and then again they unite just to part ways forever and then comes Soham ... Good Lord .. too many Twists and Turns to get our minds Twisted
ROFL I can't keep upROFL Gaggu wants me to watch the show but I don't wannaROFL

KYPH - Angad Kripa ... I loved Iqbal in this Show and watched KAA bcoz i liked him as Angad. It was the Angad effect that went to KAA. But sadly KAA never worked and KYPH was the milestone of his Career. The chemistry that Iqbal n Neha shared was awsome OMG I KNOWWW! I wish they'd recreate it but it's not gonna happen is itUnhappy

:O:O:O:O:O Ravu
u got me so into them that i actually wrote such long essay on all the Show. Gosh i so miss them ... Your Creations are SUPERB, Mind-Blowing and Stunning Girl I know I was surprised myselfStern Smile You've never written anything this long here beforeROFL Thank youHug

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishhh.

HAWWW it's done. sorryyy i got over excited Embarrassed ROFL go sleep Stern Smile

Yes it isBig smile And I didCool And hour laterROFL

Originally posted by HotMess

someone clearly loves ekta kapoor a lot :| You do?Shocked

reserved for comment for youuu <3 YayyyBig smile


AWWW YEAH. First of all :| RAVS TEACH ME HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP. I DUNNO HOWStern Smile I don't use photoshopLOL BUT! Aish doesBig smile Ask herBig smile The requests are so pretty. Aww thanks =) I am contemplating if I should request or not. But I have already requests 3908403 people in AS forums, and I feel so bad ROFL If you wanna request, go ahead knock yourself outLOL Sometimes I wish I knew how to use photoshopStern Smile The second one for Kaju's birthday, and omg the KaSh and the Nina/Ian one SO PRETTY. I love your colouring. Embarrassed And the texts and textures you used. That's a different story on its own. SO PURRRTTTY. Day Dreaming Aww thanksEmbarrassed Really means a lot =)

Omg K-story-jodis update. ROFL There are more then I thoughtStern SmileROFL Ekta Kapoor mata tujhko kitne paise di hai? She's making you advertise all her old soaps again. ROFL Omg you think if she sees this she might give me something?Shocked (i.e. money ROFL) BUT SHIIIT! Stern Smile This update brings back so many memories. I don't know if I should use the Laksh/KT one or the Prem/Mukti one. ROFL Use both?ROFL And the KMH ones are LOOOVE. I gave up on KMH2 after like the first 2 months, maybe I should catch up. But what's the point? It ended anyway. Ermm All shows endStern Smile It's weird because I did the same for KMH1 after like 4 months. ROFL HawwShocked You should watchShocked It was really really REALLY goodShocked Oh and the third KS one! LOOOVE. I forgot the couple's name. Stern Smile Rishi-Ganga?LOL But that style. SO PRETTTY. Embarrassed Thank you =) That was my fav sceneDay Dreaming And Kutumb tehe :$ that show was so cute. So I heard. I never got to watch itUnhappy  And omg Neev/Prachi! I was so sad when she got married to Milind and Neev got married to whatever Sanjeeda's character's name was. ROFL I wanna know her name nowROFL I wanted Neev/Prachi but stupid Ekta ji! Ermm I love how you call her Ekta jiLOL AAAH KARAN/NANDINI. I LOOOVED THEM. Day Dreaming And I love love LOVE that siggy so purrrty. ThanksBig smile I also love the Adi/Maithali one. =D That one took forever and it kept pissing me offROFL and the PM one is sooo angelic and heavenly. Embarrassed That happened by accidentROFL and LKT!!!!! LOOOVE. LMFAO Kuch Is Tarah. They ruined that show. :( It was so cute at first!  And I gave up on KDMH. I wonder what happened in it. Ermm Wikipedia says Rahul and Kakoon got marriedErmmROFL

ANYWWAAAY everything is GORGEOUSSS. I literally love everything! <33 good job mere husband ki behen. Ermm I wonder what actually happened to your Kavi bhaiyya. ROFL  Thanks ROFLROFL And I dunno eitherStern Smile I think he was in another show or something? Shouldn't you know since you say he's your husband?ROFL

Originally posted by Aamna Am

lovely creationsClap

Thanks =)

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~Deep~

Have you even seen all those shows? Shocked No I have notBig smile I am saneBig smileROFL I was gonna start off by asking if you're crazy, but you already declined that :P Yes I did[:D I don't recognize most of the characters, but some of the actors are in more then one sig. Recycling, Ekta? I didn't know most of them either till nowROFL
I like how you wrote the text on most of them, sort of blended into the background. You know what I mean.. ThanksBig smile I kinda got addicted to doing thatLOL
:O I used to watch KS, then how come I haven't seen the second couple there? That's Jai Bani's daughter, right? Did they show her lovestory too? :O I already gave you a a summaryLOL
That's my favourite! I love how it looks so soft and angelic :) Great job! Thumbs Up Saved, will use in a while ;) Thanks =) Glad you like itBig smile

Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

i DIEEE. Come backShockedROFL
is there some way i cud use like MOST, and NOT in a slideshow!? Ermm No clueStern Smile Well you could put together and make one big siggy but then that's against I-F rules (the sizeLOL) Alternate siggies?LOL
i'll BRB, for sureee! Take your time =)
Ahhh, dabbe main usko rest milinggg! Big smile Cool SureLOL I remember how excited you got when I told you I was making itLOL

Originally posted by --blossom--

ravz di awesome update..!all the siggies are lovely:)

loved the huge update on serialsBig smile

Thank you =) Btw I love your siggy dabbaDay Dreaming

Originally posted by Angel-Pebby

OMG OMG!! Look who just updated - bombarded her blab! :O Me?[LOl]

&&& I die... :| Why on Earth would you update on like everyone and not KaSh//DaLena .. :P Because...K-serial update?ROFL And I'm too lazy to find picsLOL Their pics/siggies don't bite - oh, Damon does - but he won't! :PP I'm kinda pissed off at the moment but then I see your next sig and I die .. again. If someone gives me pics then I'll make[LOl]

Anyways, would it sound a little out of the world&Unusual for you, If I say ... "Wow, fabulous siggies, I love them all.. they're all so brilliant and I love them all.. The way you write your text is just awesome... I love them all and your texture is use is gorgeous & I love them all and I love them all. Though .. I couldn't recognize over a quarter of them .. but they were all good and I died after I saw Swancy's sig .. " 

Now, did that sound a little just a little unheard to you?? Don't say NO .. :PP I wont but it still means a lot whenever someone says anything and it brightens my day =) So thank youEmbarrassed

Haha... Wonderful Update! I just loved it! -D  Thank you =)

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Wow...Stern Smile...thz update is simply WOWWW...
Gorgeous stuff...wat a reminiscence...
Puraani yaadein db ki sb b4 my eyes...
Loved the sigx...
Gr8 gr8 gr8 update...m nostalgic rite nw...
Fab sigx...
Awl the lovely shows from the past...i used to watch them...
Awsm creations...

Aww thank youEmbarrassed Glad you liked em and brought back memories =)

Originally posted by -Cherry-

Heyya Sweetie Hi =)
OMG I Can't thank you enough for making my siggie, it's just sooo damn gorgeous, and i just can't stop staring at it. You've just done such a beautiful job at it, Thank You Sooo very much. And pleaseee if you can make some more KaSh freebies, cause you've done just an awesoem job with my request, that i just want to see more KaSh creations from you. Aww thanksEmbarrassed Glad you liked it! Sure I don't mind but I'm too lazy to find picsROFL If anyone volunteers to send me pics then I don't mindROFL
I loveee the Prem-Mukti creation, the colouring is just mindblowing and so dream like, soo many creations yaar, and this update just totally blew me away. Gorgeous work once again. Aww thanksEmbarrassed Glad you liked it and yeah the PM one just came out like that. I was surprised myselfLOL Anyway, glad you liked themBig smile
And Update soom =)
Muah Swancy xx

Originally posted by Iram..x

OMG, I love my request!! Its just gorgeous!
Thank you soo muchHug
loved all the other request aswell and the update!!
wasnt that alot of Ekta sigsWink
anyways amazing updateClapClap

Aww yayBig smile Glad you liked it and thank you =)

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

OMG!!!! Gorgeous update Ravjot, all the sigs truly rocked.Clap I can't get past Aishu's request, the colorization and pic placement is sooo beautiful!Day Dreaming

Mango's finding Nemo sig is adorable, you really should make more disney next time.Wink All the telly soap jodis' sigs are stunning, great work!

Thank youuuBig smile Aishu's one I had such a hard time cuz I didn't know what to do and I couldn't decide which textures to use ROFL I just randomly put stuff together and I was actually surprised at how well it turn out. Glad you liked it tooBig smile

Thanks and I'll keep that in mindBig smile

Originally posted by starry.phoenix

OMg...Ravuu...full-onnn K-Series Riot!!ROFL I know rightROFL
all the K-Series couple are present here, hope nt a single one is missin' Apparently some are missing stillStern SmileROFL
lol...nw cumin to ur updateee...awesomeee
fantabulouss...gawjusss ever... spcly the colorin' n the crystal clear effect is amazin'''
each n every siggy is jz perfecttt!!! lets call on Ekta K. here n she'll appoint u for some or the other designa
ROFLROFLROFL she'd de damnn hapyyy Thank youuHug And I'm hoping she gives me something as a rewardROFL

splendid updateee pverall..btw..where;s mine ??? re'ber..uhu uhuuuLOLLOLLOL I knew I forgot somethingStern Smile I'll make it soon! Send me a threatening PM to remind meBig smile

Originally posted by minuu


I haven't visited your gallery in soo long. I haven't seen YOU in so longStern Smile

AMAZING updates, the requests have come out beautiful. Thank youHug

Wah, Ekta Maharani show MEGA updates?? ROFL I was boredROFL Really boredROFL

LOVE the siggies though!!! The KS Jai-Bani one is my favourite.. USING! Thank you =) Glad you liked emEmbarrassed

Originally posted by iloveyouafridi.

REALLY seeing ur updates reminded me of the old dramas =D
really i loved , Prem-Mukti,Adi-Mets,Saksham-P2,Kasturi,KDMH,Premeer,Meet ones =D x

Thank you =)

Originally posted by AishuJSKfan

no wonder your shop is so famous!
Your creations totally rock yaar!
Fabulous work on all the requests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I especially love mine!
A great big thank you for that!
lol, you probably got the PM too.

My shop is famous?Stern Smile Since when?[:|ROFL But aww that's so sweet!Embarrassed Thank you and glad you liked em and your requestBig smile

Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

all the reqs came oout FABULOUS!!

& OMGGGOSHHH!!Stern Smile
Update is wonderful.. loved all the stuff..
esp Kyunki, KisDesh, KS, Kutumb nd KA ones are BRILLIANTTT!!
Keep rockinggg..!Big smile

Thank youuHug

Originally posted by -Honeybee-

mindblowing!!! Thumbs Up
this is the only word which is coming to my mind right now Big smile

Aww thanksEmbarrassed
-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
Are you updating todayy? scrap me before i spam you ! ;)
rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
^ Yeah I am but it'll be late. Want me to wait for you? =)

Originally posted by indiandoll89

Okay so I need to have a really really really long comment for this Embarrassed You know with detail, on every siggy Big smile REMIND Mee to edit this if you see me on msn! Big smile

It'll be worth your while Wink I didn't even have to remind youShocked You rockBig smile


This is the first time I've done this in a really long time Tongue feel lucky Big smile I haven't gotten this long of a comment from you in soo longStern Smile It's been months! I feel specialEmbarrassed

Awww MJHT! I miss this show Unhappy It was so much fun and all Unhappy I miss the leads together too *sigh* But I love the way you made it, enhancing the colors, tis pretty Big smile Aww thanks =) It took forever to get the right capLOL
FINDING NEMO! Big smile One of the best movies till date Embarrassed <333 I LOVE DoryBig smile best fish everCool
I really have nothing to say about the Jared & Jensen siggy because...well you know Embarrassed *giggles* Yes I doBig smile
The Karan and Nandini one is so cuutee, them all cutely and asleep Big smile ooh and the MayUr ones for Kaju are ADORABLE Embarrassed you picked such great scenes Embarrassed ThanksEmbarrassed

And now on to the K serial sigs! Big smile Woot wootBig smile
Kis Desh, *sighs* too much to say but you know almost all of it don't you? Embarrassed YeshBig smile PremHeer were and are amazing Embarrassed And Preet and Meher are adorable, I did like PreetAsh but no one else really supported them so meh but I loved it! Big smile I was gonna make a Preet-Ash siggy but didn't know if anyone liked it. Damnit I should've just made itROFL
I should've watched Kitani Mohabbat Hai because I love Karan and Kritika, don't know about Arjun and Arohi though LOL You should watch =) You'd love itBig smile
KASAMH SE! Big smile My first obsession show! Embarrassed Well Sindoor was the first one I think Tongue So it was Sindoor, KS then BMTD? anyways I'm going to be using the Jai Bani siggy because well it's jai bani and it's 'the night' as we used to call it LOL I can't believe how much it used to make me blush way back when Tongue Yeah you told meLOL The Rishi-Ganga one's are gorgeous too! Big smile you must've loved making them Embarrassed I didBig smile Unfortunately I didn't have fun finding pics for obvious reasonsStern Smile
Robbie and Kasturi! Big smile I was obsessed with this one too when it started Tongue You were?Shocked up until, raunak turned evil or something *taps chin* I don't remember, but it bored me too much Tongue Don't tell Cookie thatStern Smile This was her showStern SmileROFL
Never saw Kutumb but Hiten & Gauri look so cute together! Big smile Same hereBig smile I don't feel left out no moreBig smileROFL NEEV AND PRACHI! Big smile sorry, I'm just gonna mesh these ones together Tongue But yeah I was such a fan of theirs, when she got married to Milind I was like no. just no. *sigh* I'm guessing you stopped watching?LOL SHIV & GAURI! Big smile and you used IQ Embarrassed He was always my shiv, no offense to Yash Tonk, who did a good job, it's just...IQ and Pallavi had this awesome chemistry Embarrassed I couldn't remember who replaced IQ so yeahROFL
Tulsi and Mihir, I guess because I never watched Kyunki from the beginning, I don't really...care for them much LOL I dunno if anyone doesLOL But then again I love Sahil and Ganga, even though I never saw their story, I just loved their pairing Big smile I dunno their storyLOL Wanna tell me? =) But no one beats Lakshya-KT Embarrassed Their story was the best, and even though I say I love stories about unrequited love, this was one of the worst Unhappy It just hurt so bad Unhappy I got addicted to watching their scenes on YT while makingStern Smile Nakul and Sanchi! I liked them I think, probably cuz I like Naman Shaw LOL NamanDay Dreaming
In Kausati tho Tongue Prem and Mukti ALL the way Embarrassed I only saw a couple of their scenes, but I'm such a huge fan of Manoj and Tina! Embarrassed They're both so awesome Big smile Yeah sucks they didn't end up together =(
KGGK with Adi and Maitali! Big smile They were amazing. They had that perfect relationship that they portray in shows all the time LOL totally classy and awesome! Big smile I love YT-ing their scenes =) Too bad they didn't end up togetherUnhappy
Sumit and Kumkum, hands down one of the best Embarrassed I think it's because Hussain and Juhi had such great chemistry together Embarrassed You already know I never watchedLOL
It's Kya Dil Mein Hai right? You didn't make anything from Koii Dil Mein Hai, which you should have because that was the first time I saw and loved Eijaz Khan Embarrassed Although I should've watched this kya dil mein hai for Aamir too na? Tongue But I'm not a huge fan of the girl Embarrassed There's Koii Dil Mein Hai too?Stern Smile Oops?LOL
Kuch Iss Tarah! Tongue I only watched that show up until Akashdeep's entry Unhappy Then I stopped, then I got totally confused with it LOL But the siggy's cuuute Embarrassed ThanksBig smile And yeah I knew you watched it but didn't know you stoppedLOL
I wanted to watch Kkavyanjali SO bad...like SO bad Unhappy Eijaz and Anita have this undeniable chemistry that just makes them worth watching Embarrassed *siigh* The siggy's hoxy too Big smile You can watch onlineBig smile
I never saw KYPH so I can't realllyy comment on it but I loved the style of the first siggy Big smile ThanksEmbarrassed

And that concludes my comment Big smile Enjoyy Embarrassed Thank you for the amazing comment M Partner Hug

Originally posted by Smileyface

okie so i went through it three times and found no kyph =( put it uppp!!!!! Turns out I forgot to put it upROFL

but back to the update!!! ahhh im so proud of u!!! u actually got it all doneee!! wooohooo!!! hahahaa now if anyone wants to know about the k-serials and jodis they should just check out ur siggies hahaah!!! YayyyBig smile And yes I didApprove I did it pretty fast no?LOL

i really like the Kavya and anjali one and the afreen and azaan one! really cuteee!!!! actually i just love all of them...realllyyy goood jobbb!!! Thank youHug

ooo and the requests are great tooo...love the ian and nina one!!! he is so hottt <333333 awww nemo!!! i love that movie hhahah!! ThanksBig smile And sameee! Dory <3 ROFL

great jobbb ravuuu!!! Thank you!
u make me prouddd =D YayCool

love yaaa

Originally posted by ..-Komal-..

Wow stunning work! half of these shows i  watched but never finished lol
Expect for Kasturi. Gosh just noticed they made alott of shows that start with the letter K.lol
Btw i love the Kasturi sig i shall use that soon (:


Thank you!! Really means a lotEmbarrassed And I don't think anyone watched all of themLOL

Originally posted by lilindiangurl13

OMG ravs finally did the list YAY!!!!!!!! im sooo happy...
by the way why didnt u show me the second Ganga and rishi sig... i love that one a lot and you never showed it to me Cry
saved the Nihaal& P2, Kinjal&kanav, Ganga & rishi and one other one i dont remember... will be using them all one by one...

Thanks TitliBig smile And I wanted to surprise youUnhappy Sorry?

Originally posted by SunShine_A

Loved themStern Smile

K Shows JodisGeekROFL nice theme and OMG such huge update
fab work

ThanksBig smile And I know right? At least now I can post small updates and no one will mindROFL

Originally posted by -Pooji-

Kya Baat Hai Ravz i so love the K show update...
all the sig of K show is rocking
omg i miss alll those shows..

Beautiful update
love the coloring

and awesome reqs...

thanks for pm

Thanks PoojiHug Glad you liked themBig smile

Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

Gourgouss Update;) everythings looks Amazing<3

Thanks =)

Originally posted by asena

awesome work

Thank you =)

Originally posted by aisha_1992

OMG beautiful requests and frebies update..
loved each req sig.. awww the coloring u used is mine request woow beautiful
loved soap jodis sigs ALOTT


Thank youu! And glad you liked yoursEmbarrassed

Originally posted by daffodils.dudu

what an update. So proud of u . Cool YayCool
Shimom challenged u and u did it . Your kaamchor title has to be reviewedROFLROFL Sharap they're 2 different thingsROFL She didnt have faith in me so I had to prove her wrong. Izzat ka sawal thaROFL

My pc is acting weird . will use tht this and thatROFL guesss which onesROFL
I dunnoROFL

Originally posted by shootingstar.xx

OMGGG ive just gotten a dose of the million different shows that exist with the letter 'K'Stern SmileROFL 
RES for comment + request
Can I PM you my request btw? It's for someone!
Edited ::
Hopefully you've got my request .. it's kinda urgent so lemme know if you can get it done on time .. sorry again about the short noticeConfused
OMGG what an AMAZING update! Im glad we got 2 posts worth of updatesROFL 3 actually but stillROFL It had been awhile since you'd last updated this shop and that time too you only had a few siggesStern Smile Lets just say I was making up for it and that at least now I'm allowed to slack offROFL And well I would have almost thought you were crazy especially seeing that all your sigs are made specifically on Kekta ma'am shows .. not a fan of hers YET I somehow end up watching her shows .. I mean like how does that happen?Wacko And she's a mastermind at making jodis I know what you meanStern Smile The shows always turn out bad but she always manages to hook you inStern Smile Sucks no?LOL.. so your sigs are already so perfectDay Dreaming Aww thanksEmbarrassed but NO im not giving her any credit .. she destroyed half of these couplesDead OMGG KDMHMD sigs are amazingg ThanksBig smile.. one showw where I knew somewhere somehow that she wasn't going to separate the leads  and I was rightLOL Unless you count Meher and Harman and Ash and PreetErmmROFL coloring is absolutely gorgeous on both sigs <3 ThanksEmbarrassed Texture on the 1st KMH sig is fabb(: Another show where I would die a little inside every episode .. it was like they were ON then OFF then ON then OFF .. etc bothered me like heckAngry Omg my friend made me watch it during exam time and I was hookedStern Smile It was so hard to stop watchingROFL Gladly they ended up together as wellROFL SameROFL Gawjuss icons on Kasamh se stuff OMGG again coloring is just like WOW! same to same with Kasturi stuff love the style of that sig! Aww thank you Hug Aww Kayamath .. always loved the title song and wanted to watch the show just because of thatEmbarrassed Never heard itBig smileROFL Neev and Prachi look adorable .. but I see another guy sooErmmLOL Well that Milind/Prachi sig you did amazing blending! WOW texture on the KAA onee! ThanksBig smile And I'll admit I forgot how the siggy looks and have no idea what you're talking aboutBig smileROFL
Ok before I repeat myself .. coloring is just AMAZING on all your sigsBlushing && nakul/sanchi ones is my fav coloring .. its dark .. love dark coloringLOL ThanksEmbarrassed They annoyed me cuz they didn't have HQ scenes and tinypic deleted everythingROFL Aww prem/mukti look like a cute couple .. never dared to watch KZK eitherROFL I never watched it eitherROFL But mann I think that sig youve made on them has gotta be my fav! So angelic .. yup thats the wordWink ThanksEmbarrassed OMGG coloring on other sigs is just fantastic
I haven't seen half the stuff in your sigs .. did you seriously watch all these shows .. I doubt you could have! Or else you probably didn't watch the entire series of half of theseROFL No I didn'tROFL I only watched like 3 of themROFL
Im DONE pheww .. keep updating .. not this much thoughWackoLOL Trust me I wontStern SmileROFL

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