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Blab 2: Ayaz-Nikita, TP, requests pg.143 (Page 24)

AS.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 May 2008
Posts: 30707

Posted: 05 April 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
beautiful updt


asmaanixx IF-Stunnerz

Pertinacious CC Captain
Joined: 15 May 2007
Posts: 48397

Posted: 05 April 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
Love this update!!
Seriously I'm loving all the cricket updates. LOL
saraaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 March 2010
Posts: 13523

Posted: 05 April 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged

Update is fantastic .. I love the coloring on all your sigs .. its filled with BLUE <3

And I think you're pretty good with animated sigs .. so do make more Tongue
rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 05 April 2011 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indiandoll89

Eeekkss! I love all the sigs! Big smile Still too excited that we won EmbarrassedTongue They're gorgeous Ravziie! Big smile

Thanks M partnerBig smile

Originally posted by -Aish129-

re againStern Smile this time kiski kasam khaoon?Ermm Your siggy dabba kiStern SmileROFL brb to edit :) okk editing :) btw..what was up with the hfuisdjkll or thatStern Smile Spur of the moment thingStern Smile I was very impressed...xBig smileROFL ThanksCool
I know your RAM KAHAANI too.LOL about being late to be woken up and allStern Smile but at least you caughtt the match..I didn't even watch that so feel lucky *hmphh* You should've asked someone to watch onlineROFL But then again I know your story tooLOL
OMGG SachinnEmbarrassed I LOVEEEE your text style..xIt's so so so gorgeous<3 the colouring and the texture on the firstt sig is so pretty<3  ThanksBig smile Glad you like it =) Preeti gave the text =)
I think you like blueShocked I dooooBig smile surpriseee :) so do IBig smile with white/silver though. I knowBig smile Do you remember that? I would be happy if you still do ;) I doCool The Yuvraj one is awesomefulEmbarrassed ThanksBig smile
BUT:O My favvv has to be the last:O I had to go back to checkROFL It is amazing gorgeous stunning beautiful and all the other words you can think of that mean the same?LOL I LOVE the colouring and the text style and well just everything about it is PERFECT. Yes you should be happy again. I don't use the word often. ThanksBig smile Glad you liked it =) I was happy with that oneCool
OMGG go awayShocked KyunStern Smile you say you hate making anim stuff? get lostShocked The vid sig IS AMAZING:O it's a painROFL
I wish I could say I hate making animated stuff, and it still turned out as good as yoursUnhappyROFL I love your stuffStern Smile They're a gazillion times betterStern Smile
And I heartt the one for Aman, except the one in my dabba you made US is betterBig smile  Were you hoping for Aman to read that?ROFL
okk that's it. Hurry up and update. I want to write another one of these, and I know you want to reply to them as wellROFL have funEmbarrassedROFL Will doCool Kal parso I'll update. maybe. We'll seeLOL

Originally posted by -Rinki-

- - - - - - - - - :P

WOOOO BALLE BALLE DancingDancing You missed it? :O Aw, shame. *sigh* LOL It was AW-MAZE-ING. I missed only the first hour of it. Rest I watched but I wanted to watch the beginning too =( Seriously, it felt so good to see them all lifting up that cup and have that huge *COLGATE* smile on their faces! ROFL Omg i knowwwww! They were all in tears and I was sitting and dancing at the same timeROFL I miss all the fun I would have had if I was in India, 28 freaking years. YO, INDIA ROCKS! Cool I wanted to be thereUnhappy
Anyway if I cont, Imma just sound like some Indian news channel. Stern SmileROFL Aaj ke samachar samaptStern SmileROFL
Whatte update, loved everythiiiiiiing! ThanksBig smile & LOL, you made another sig so that even Nehra could be included and all that ; loveeee you for this. ROFL Sreesanth was a waste of time. The Sri Lankans could take him as a gift from our side. ROFL Of courseBig smile At least in semi he played well and proved himself but this guyStern Smile Man I was hoping for a Bhajji repeatROFL
Anyway love your colouring on every sig, it looks very pretty. ThanksBig smile The Yuvi sig is so good, he's a true superstaaaaaar! Cool I knowwwBig smile & haayyee Sachuuuu Day Dreaming I'm gonna miss him |: I'm glad they won it for him =)

The reqs are great too, Mango's req is so pretty Embarrassed SACHIN, WE LOVE YOUUU! <3 Anyway blah blah great update =)
Thank youuuuBig smile

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Fab Creations

Me loved the Team India Waala

Rather Super AWSOME
Me would use that SOOOOONBig smile

Thanks PreetiBig smile Love the font coloursCool

Originally posted by :.Roshni.:

Hey Ravjot!
Love love loveeee the update!!!!!
Its amazingggggggBig smile


LOve the sachin one the mosttt

ThanksBig smile And yes we didCool

Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

OMGG Ravz gorgouss update hun! ur staff's are beautifully done!<3

esp mango req's!:D

Thank youBig smile

Originally posted by mjht_one

i love all those sigs
chak de india...
we won....did u c that six by dhoni....wat a six
nd sachin oh going to miss him

btw thanx for the pm

Thank you =) And omg yes! Awesome way to finishBig smile

Originally posted by -Guest-

Wow Day Dreaming
All sigs are gorgeousDay DreamingDay Dreaming Aww thanks =)

1st siggy- Simply supperbDay Dreaming Thank youBig smile

2nd siggy- Yuvi...amazingggg may i give u remarks for this if yes then 100/10Big smile Thank youuuuu!

3rd- I m gonna use it becoz I m awesome and siggy is awesome like meCool Sure knock yourself outLOL

4th- Now i dont have wordsUnhappy aree haan i have some words, supperb,mindblowing,awesome,amazingg,gorgeous etc for this siggy....Thumbs Up Aww thank youHug

Mango's request- is so pretty Embarrassedits not free naOuch No it's not =( I kind of owed her a siggy cuz of something *cough*
Anjelic_A- amazingg..

Moral of the story is- All Are
gr8 update!!
Thank you for the awesome comment =)

thanx a lot  for the pmEmbarrassed

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

WOW Ravjot, I'm really loving this sig soooooooooooooo much, using!

Thank you =) Glad you like it =)

Originally posted by daffodils.dudu

awesome updateHug

Thanks TanuBig smile

Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

u have the cup! Stern Smile not far away from us, will come over to touch it wen we feel so... theek hai!? Ermm
LOL Congrats again and i LOVEEE the animated sig for mango! :P

Thanks ReenoBig smile Glad you liked it =)

Originally posted by ~pooja_15~

Ravuuu di ! me loving all the WC  stuff ! yippeeeeee we won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing 

Thanks PoojaEmbarrassed

Originally posted by --blossom--

Awesome creations di...!

ThanksBig smile

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 05 April 2011 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lipshaa

Soo Fab update..  

^ This 1 n champ 1 is soooo gud:)

Thank you =) Glad you like em =)

Originally posted by ..-Kaju-..

AHHH, amazing updateee! ThanksBig smile
THEY WON! Still can't get over it..and LOOL, even though I love my dad, I gotta admit..he as well isn't exactly reliableROFL I bet it's a dad thing.. Really?Stern Smile MaybeErmmROFL I always wake him up on time and you'd think he'd do the same *shakes head* ROFL
Anyho..fab update..love the first Sachin sig..and the last team siggi..they look amazinggg..x
The video sig is fabb...great workkBig smile Thank you Kaju barfiBig smile Yes I'm gonna call you that from now onROFL I swear whenever I talk to you or see your ID I think of kaju barfiROFL

Originally posted by AbhayVakil_1992

beautiful work hun<3
LOVE them<3 So happy India one..they are amazing<3
The game was amazing yesterday<3 They deserved it<3 So happy..wish I was India right now..but just beautiful<3
Will for sure use some soon:)
Keep rocking hun and cant wait to see more:)

Thank you =) Glad you liked em. And i knowww! I wish I went when my nani was going but stupid schoolUnhappy

Originally posted by shininggal2008

Awesome Update! All siggies have just come out perfect. Definitely the excitement has not gone yet! Amazing update~

Thanks Alisha =)

Originally posted by gk_09

Me likes! Lovely work as usual Big smile I shall steal one of when I update my sig box. Atm Im to lazy LOL 

Thanks Gurprit =) Sure take your timeLOL

Originally posted by MP_Radha

Yiipiieeeeeee.. Ravzzzzzzzzzzz ME LOVE EVERY SIGGY.. n you know the reaon why naa PartyPartyParty... lovely creations hun.. yaya me will use some soon mwah

Thanks RadhaaaaaaBig smile

Originally posted by Angel-Pebby

Ravz! Amazing update! The Sachin sig is ... beyond words man! Loved it! Lovely texture! I'm just too exhausted right now to comment properly! Will be back later! Other than that, can't get over the WC-Hangover! A fantastic match, it was and so is the update!

Update soon! =) 


Thank youBig smile Glad you like em =) The match was awesomeBig smile

Originally posted by lola610

Awwww the whole victory update is superb Ravs ClapClapClapClapClap Thanks LolaBig smile You captured such memorable moments... esp love the one you made Mango Day Dreaming Aww thank you =) Glad you like em =) And though I agree with you about Nehra - his bowling in the SF was like a huge lifeline for us - this one's still so beautiful, the style and texture you used... total Kodak moment Day Dreaming I liked this one too but then I realised Nehra's not in so I don't like it anymoreROFL

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

Dungar dungar dungar dungar. Dungar. Is this how you talk to your mom?Stern Smile
You didn't PM me the last time you updated. Hmph.
I didn't PM anyoneStern Smile

And *sobs* I didn't get to watch the match. The snow...ruined everything. It was snowing so bad, the dish wouldn't work so no channels..and no internet. =[
Aww that sucks =(

Khoti. Love the sigs.
Thanks. But you didn't PM me last time. Hmph. Like i said, didn't PM anyone


Originally posted by -Pooji-

Ravz wow wht a beautiful update
Love the Blue Men siggs
Stunning updt
thanks for pm

Thanks PoojiBig smile

Originally posted by Angelic_A

Ravuu I love the sachu siggy!! thanks a ton!

All the other siggy's come out amazing as well! Stern Smile

Thanks AmanStern Smile

Originally posted by Ashlesha09

I am chorifying thisBig smile OkBig smile

b/w magnificent update
Loved every bit of the update Thank youuu =)
evn yes Sree just messed the final big timeStern Smile I knowStern Smile
And am so expecting more siggys on this In progressCool
Dhoni's last six, how cute he was thereEmbarrassed I loved itBig smile
And whole team carrying Sachin nd their coach on their shoulders I loved that moment! Trying to make something on that as we speakLOL
so if have time then do try some on those or evn on every player coz they performed phenomenally during this WC chase making us World ChampsCoolParty Will tryBig smile They deserve it =)
Gorgeous work and this remind me that I didn't gt pm fr last updateOuch whch could hv resulted in missing those siggysShocked Thanks and I didn't PM anyoneLOL It was late at night and my mom came so I was pretending to be asleepROFL

Originally posted by Cess-

Hey Ravjot! HiBig smile

I am a huge fan of your stuff, just never get a chance to comment in your gallery (or blab, whatever you'd like me to call it ROFL Anything is fineROFL) But I adore the Indian stuff! I Thanks =) still cant believe they won - saying it over and over again to convince myself we are actually world champs!! Ermm It took a while for it to sink inLOL

But anyway, I lovee the one without Ashish in it! LOL Not because he wasnt there, but the colouring is stunning. Thanks =) That's the only reason why I kept the siggy or else I would've deleted itROFL I dont like Ashish too much, and I love sree, so it's all good! ROFL You like Sree?Stern Smile You're the first one i met who's said thatROFL But I would use the other one, only because well - it's stunning and it has everyone very clear and nice. I love Yuvi and Zak standing together, so yeah... and even MSD is clear in the pic! 

Loved the Yuvi sig a lot! Glad you like it =) It's amazing he won the MOT! So proud of the guy... Omg I knowwwwBig smile Hope you'd make more on the cric team! And if you get time - do make one on Zak as well! He's the highest wicket taker in the tournament along with Afridi! And imma really proud of him! Approve LOL Sure why not =)

Amazing work Ravjot! And count me in your fan list from now on! LOL Thank youuu =)

Originally posted by Additi_sjfan

Still not over India winning...SmileBig smile.. am gg to take more time to digest your amazing siggies... ClapClap

Thanks SjBig smile

Originally posted by ..Saba..

nice ones..all r superb

Thank you =)

Originally posted by Madiha.

Awesome Stuff Ravjot .... congrats on winning

Thank youu =) Btw love the Akki-Anushka siggy in your dabbaBlushing

Originally posted by MJHT4life

Uff PM's nahin bhejti hai Ravz D'oh I didn't know you wanted oneStern Smile
Is Preeti Di your personal assistant that she sends them out? :/ ROFL Looks like itStern SmileROFL
Jo bhi ho at least I got an intro to your shop :)
Fantastic creations and fantastic update! :) Thank youuu =)

Originally posted by taman07

Congratulation for your new shop yaar Hug
really nice update yaar  and all the siggies loook awesome yaar 
   and congratulation for the wining yaar  
and thanks for the pm yaar

Thank you =) Glad you like emBig smile

Originally posted by -Aish129-

edited on page 20 :) You would see it anywayLOL btw I can forward you Preeti's social service PM if you haven't already got it?Big smileROFL I was entertainedStern Smile she sent my own update link to meROFL

I sawBig smile The comment and PMROFL I found it amusingLOL

Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

Fabulous Creations Ravjot!!

Keep rocking!

ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by aisha_1992

beautiful updt


Thank you =)

Originally posted by MG.Creations

Love this update!!
Seriously I'm loving all the cricket updates. LOL

Thank youEmbarrassed

Originally posted by KaShBaarish..xx

Update is fantastic .. I love the coloring on all your sigs .. its filled with BLUE <3

And I think you're pretty good with animated sigs .. so do make more Tongue

ThanksBig smile Glad you like emBig smile Really? I don't like em much and plus ani shop loves being bewafa so I'll seeLOL

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viniva sharma IF-Sizzlerz
viniva sharma
viniva sharma

Joined: 25 November 2008
Posts: 10652

Posted: 06 April 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
i hadd neverr seenn ur upd88 b4 dee!! Shocked u r awesummm!!! i luvdd all d sigzz espp d champions onee!! itt awesumm!! the text coloringg n the arrangmentt of textt n blendingg rr sooperbb!!! u knoww wtt i got another galleryy to beg in!! ROFLROFL noww i'll keep cumin here n bugging u fr resources all thankss to preetii dii fr pmz!! Hug i luv her!! Big smile!! bt as its my first time n i am a well mannered bhikhari!! soo i wontt do it diss timee!! ROFLROFL n abtt d upd88!! i luvdd it!! i wishh i cudd usee dem!! bt my sig dabbaa!! *grr* 2 se zada sigz leta hi naii!! bt still m gonna usee onee!! Wink  luvdd d upd88 dii!!
jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2009
Posts: 23129

Posted: 07 April 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Fab update!! The requests turned out amazing :D
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
Joined: 11 May 2009
Posts: 25648

Posted: 07 April 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Awesomeeeee siggies RavzHugHugLoved the sachin one...tooo gooddd

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