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Blab 2: Ayaz-Nikita, TP, requests pg.143

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:58pm | IP Logged


g a l l e r y / s h o p / t h i n g
^ creative title no?LOL Anyway, I just want to take this time to blame my dear friend Cookie [mimi0295] for forcing me to open my 1st thread. Lets just say there was a lot of emotional atyachar.
Anyway, myself R a v j o tCool I'm legally considered an adult though I think many would agree that mentally I have yet to surpass the age of 5LOL I started making siggies like 1 year and a half ago [I think] and I can proudly say I got better at itCool
If you're wondering why I'm calling this thread blab2, well you see, I have a habit of naming all my documents and what not blab, blab 2 etc. Not really smart cuz it's hard to find stuff but that doesn't stop meCool Oh and cuz Ravjot's Gallery #2 is kind of long =/
I'd like to thank Aish [-Aish129-], Meera [indiandoll89], Sidoo [yulZ] and Cookie too I guessErmm She was the one who forced me to make siggies and what not so yeahLOL And Sidoo cuz he's super cool and awesomeCool Whenever I need pics or help with siggies, he's always there =) And he doesn't mind sending me 38927842738237 texturesBig smile Thank you Sidoo beta Hug Oh and Zuninder [-Zunni-] for all the awesome textures she sent me and doesn't mind when I bug her for meBig smileROFL
Meera is not a siggy maker and yet it's all thanks to her that I progressed this far =) She's always helping me with text [credit goes to her for all the text I have on more than half my siggies] and she's always giving me feedback and being honest and telling me if my siggies suck or if I can make em better. Ily M partnerHug
Aish's name is there cuz she's being impatient and she's making me post this thread. You should read our PMs for proofStern SmileROFL
Most importantly,
Gaggu [Gaganjot.S] and Mango for providing me with moral support. Thanks guys. Oh and of course Preeti  [-Preeti-] for being my source of inspirationLOL
I'm too tired to think of whatelse to sayLOL
P r e v i o u s B l a b s :
Rules for Requests
[+] HQ pics only please or else the siggy might turn out as pretty as you thought it would
[+] If you gimme a lot of pics, I can't garauntee I'll use all of em. I'll pick the ones I like and use those only
[+] Please use your request for at least a day or two. I'm lazy and a kaamchor but I do take the time to work on your request so it would be nice if it gets used

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RabbaVe_Sahra_-Sky-Anu*Gayani*AnuMyra.Angel-JotBilliCat.ScatteredCastlemomentsofme.Additi_sjfan....vula_kv....deeps.Beet-HJ-Sabaah..-smiley-khajju.SilentPrincess--Divzfan--MagadhSundariAnhdara13AbhayVakil_1992NautankiSaali17BarishkiduaaBammySammy-JujuKohsehun.pehlanasha.-.QTPie.-gk_09Tani91-Pooja--nautankidollz-Siddhi_.Jiya.yulZdangerouzIshk.patakhaguddinanditasinghLegolasGondolinshininggal2008jesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-.FemmeFatale.RadhaKrishanBobbi...Amira..XSilentWishesXcant.be.assed.aishhh.-Stutz-AngelicDesires-Muskii-aartipartyyaish.Sleepwalker3003HeyDeviMaiyya*Dev.*Twisted.neeme-Araina-.ayesha..StarryPhoenixWildestDreams..-Jia-...PINK.Sunshine Girlnikita_88P.Kamaljit.SeanAS..ragzz.-Fatima-xxMATSxx-Gaganjot-serendipity.indiandoll89heavenlybliss-Preeti-RamKiSeetaBepannaah.Swetha-SaiHdhd

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged

P M  L i s t :

is on pg. 132
Table of Content:
pg. 52-53
pg. 63
pg. 68
pg. 75
pg. 80
pg. 90
pg. 99
pg. 123
pg. 126
pg. 129
pg. 134
pg. 139

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Arshi_VirmanLilianaKayacallmemaybe...Myra._Sahra_..-Niru-..Anu*Gayani*Anu-Sky-Angel-JotScatteredCastleCrazyy_Fansupreet..chahaat.fizza311monakhan.Additi_sjfandeeps.ClaraOswald.....vula_kv....kritika_24-JujuKohsehun.-.QTPie.-EtherealSanz..DesiGirl_BeautifulDream.ShuVinraspberrytorte-HJ-pakhara.SilentPrincessmalluangelMagadhSundari--Divzfan--xTimaxBeet-smiley-Sabaah..Anhdara13BammySammyNautankiSaali17BarishkiduaaAbhayVakil_1992-Pooja-MysticNights-nautankidollz-Siddhi_yulZdangerouzIshk.Angelic_Apatakhaguddicant.be.assed.aishhh.jesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-Aubade.XSilentWishesXshininggal2008LegolasGondolinnanditasingh-Rinky-RadhaKrishan.Jazz.-Saruu--Stutz-...Pwincess...Hrideyy.26aartipartyyaish.-Eris-Trouble.HeyDeviMaiyyaSleepwalker3003.ayesha.somergasm.-Araina-neeme.StarryPhoenixWildestDreamsSunShine_A..-Jia-..Sunshine Girl.PINK.Jenny..snowflake.Oishi23P.Kamaljit.SeanAS..ragzz.-Fatima-xxMATSxx-Gaganjot-illuminated.ZumSrK.nikita_88-Preeti-heavenlyblissserendipity.indiandoll89Bepannaah.Swetha-SaiRamKiSeetaHdhd

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged

Previous Works of Art

Patiala House
basically I just wanted to post my teddy siggiesROFL

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AahaanaAnu*Gayani*Anu-Sky-_Sahra_Premeer_MayurAngel-JotAdditi_sjfanShuVinBeet-smiley-xTimaxAnhdara13MagadhSundari--Divzfan--khajju.SilentPrincessNautankiSaali17shareenAbhayVakil_1992Siddhi_.Jiya.yulZlipshaashininggal2008nanditasinghMysticNightsdangerouzIshk.jesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-.FemmeFatale.RadhaKrishancant.be.assed.aishhh.XSilentWishesXaish.HeyDeviMaiyyaSleepwalker3003snowflake..ayesha.neeme-Araina-AS..ragzz.Sunshine Girl.StarryPhoenixWildestDreams..-Jia-..xxMATSxx-Gaganjot-ZumSrK.nikita_88-Preeti-heavenlyblissserendipity.indiandoll89RamKiSeetaHdhdBepannaah..YixingsManal.

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

re... too bad if I can't cause I have already CoolLOL

on your BLAB?
it's okay, I'm not going to start naming unnamed documents blab as well, under your influence(: ROFL
That just goes to show how WELL I read your intro (: 
THIS is the name you came up with when I couldn't suggest you anything? Whatever, I like it Cool
AND you are making it sound as if I threatened you like ANYTHING to hurry up and start this. Trust me if it would have been anyone else at all then you would be complaining 10 times as much cause I was way too nice with you(; EmbarrassedROFL Don't talk about proof Ravs, it'll work in my favour ROFL 
But thankyouuuuuuu for thanking me(: I'm there anytime for WHATEVER you need < and yes you can take that whatever to mean whatever you like(;
To anyone else reading this Stern SmileLOL then it may sound like I threatened bechari Ravjot but on PM she is secretly telling me that she expects some LONG speech from me Big smileROFL
So I'm doing that in a few minutes LOL Will edit this in and seems you FINALLY updated which made me reserve two times on the same page Ermm you should be proud of this(:
I'm gonna stop talking here and move onto the next speech which should live upto your expectations I HOPE(::: and just because you like purple, I shall end it with some purple ROFL

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-smiley- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
.....Congratulations Ravzz....

Finally got time to edit my post LOL thought of unreserving my posts Wink ok coming to point hope that you open lot......many bladz.......Hug

this one..................OMG............Shocked ..........Shocked.............Shocked..............Shocked
just stunning that word is perfect for this

@This......too good man love the coloring to the core Embarrassed and happy holi to you Hug

wishing that you will open up lot..many shops and make me amazed with your work.....Hug



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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged

^ MehLOL

So I kind of made a lot of Holi siggies cuz Preeti suggested it and I always  listen to Preeti =) But then after the Waqt one I got too lazy to make a Mohabbatein one so I kind of stoppedLOL Those who requested, they'll be done by the next updateBig smile
SD <3
^ I miss them <3
Priyanka Chopra
^ credit goes to Meera for text =)
^ credit goes to Aish for text =)
Holi Siggies
^ credit goes to Aish for text =)
^ Aish gets credit for this one tooLOL
Action Replay
Do Not Use
For mango
For Sweetu.Baby
For Meli
For Gaggu
For Zuninder
For Preeti
And that's itBig smile 

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
I should res again Stern SmileLOL first one was for congratulations and this is for the update Big smile
I'm editing in case you didn't realise it yet Ermm not sure whether you have ROFL btw I MUST tell you this, random kinda thought..but whenever I look at your current title, which reads Arjuhi/KK/MN/SG/Kareena/PC/holi stuff pg.1 < I read the bold underlined part andStern Smile I keep reading it as Choli for some ODD reasonROFLROFL anyway I thought you should know that Big smile 
So you wanted a longggggggg comment didn't you?let me try considering this is ME it shouldn't be hardLOL and even though i'm about 4-5 days late I guess it doesn't matter because YOU haven't updated yet. UPDATEErmm
AND- I know exactly which textures you usedddd Big smile just like you know the same in most of my update nowROFL The Sharad-Divyanka one is so pretty!<3 I love the blue-ness of it and the style is really very pretty Embarrassed 
OMGG I LOVEEEE the blending and colouring on the PC one, I didn't like the dress or her hair for a change though..but you made her look beautifuuuulLOL don't glare at the number of u'sStern Smile The Kareena one is gorgeous(; I love how you made the pics dark and the text white so it stands out.
Hrithik-Kareena LOL Do you have any idea how much I loved them once upon a time?(: not more than Kajol in K3G thoughROFL but yeah I did. and your sig is preeeeetty<3
Arjuhi ones Embarrassed you make me want to watch that show. Maybe...maybe notCoolROFL see?
I lovee the second(: and the third for the way you did the text on itLOL 
The Karanika Holi one is tres adorableeeee..x goshh! those two are one of my favourite offscreen couples :::
MN:O credit to me for text of course Big smile BUT credit to you and you onlyyy for making it so beautifully, I love the colouring on it and the textures look great(: and yes I get credit for the SG one too(: yet I must say the colouring on that is beyond GORGEOUS<3 I heart the style of that.
You made a Sholay sigStern Smile and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:O I remembered what we were talking about then lost track of Stern SmileROFL it was the diff between Hema Malini and BasantiStern Smile go on now explain to me you smart childLOL 
Goshh how many holi sigs are thereStern SmileROFL my fav AFTER the Sholay one of course(; has to be the lastEmbarrassed the way you did that text is beautiful(:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the one for Pari, I know she lovess it too(: the colouring is prettyfulLOLOMGG another teddy bear sigStern Smile you have no idea how cute it is I just want to awwwwwEmbarrassed And I love the reqs for Gagan and Preeti cause they are awesomeness just like those twoCool
see? Preeti on one hand complains to me about chheening you from her and here I'm doing her tareef. What an achhi bachchi I am Big smileROFL
And I'm done too(: is it long enough for you? Is it colourful enough?wait it has no colourUnhappy lemme go change this and see what I can doROFL NOW there's colour..it makes you happy?
I'm waiting for another update Ermm

Edited by -Aish129- - 24 March 2011 at 4:08am

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-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:57pm | IP Logged

yayyyy its soooo gorgeous!!!!!!!

me will comment in Detail as these days NO one is satisfied with my comments hmph

Edited by Gaganjot.S - 19 March 2011 at 10:58pm

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