Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF Mission gone...interesting. UPdated pg 8

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Hi guys here is a new fic.Sknra emailed me with the idea, that what if Aorhi went on a dangerous mission with Arjun. This fic is my response, and it can also be considered a re-take of the hotel scene where Arohi saves Arjun by taking him to bed....

Hope you all like.


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show. However I own this  fic.

"Don't come with me." His voiced carried no hint of emotion.

Arohi rolled her eyes. That was the fifth time Arjun had said that to her. He was getting ready to go that oh-so-special hotel to retrieve a "package" his lovely (not) father had ordered.

Arjun laced up his black shoes. He was all black today. Black jeans, black belt, no flashy logo shirts, black shades, just a white tank top, and of course the look had to be completed with deep chocolate leather jacket. Black guns, she counted three, two strapped to his ankles, and one in back, conveniently covered by his jacket. She had to admit he looked mighty sexy. She was going to drool. But the thought of how dangerous this was, stopped all drooling before it could commence. I mean usually Arjun carried ONE gun, now he had three, that she knew off. She was sure he was hiding another one somewhere along with a knife.

What the hell was he up to?

Why did ARJUN have to do something so dangerous.

His mother had to be behind this, she Michael and Jignesh hated him. Aorhi knew they were after Arjun's life especially, Jignesh.

Now Arohi had already guessed what could be in the package. Arjun wasn't budging. She had no idea what it was. But that didn't mean she would stop guessing.

"Its diamonds isn't it?" Her hands on her hips she watched as he checked his guns for the last time.

"You guys are robbing diamonds, from the Africans! You you know there blood diamonds. Blood meaning innocent people die so that you and your family can make a profit off there life." He didn't pay attention to her passionate speech. Mainly because this wasn't about diamonds.

Arjun stood up and walked away from his bed towards the bedroom door.

"I'm not going to say anything. Last time I say this, DON'T follow me."

"Ha, please." Arohi flicked her hair behind her shoulder. "Don't tempt me, oh wait no temptation, I'm going to follow you anyway!"

With two strides he reached Arohi, grabbed her shoulders , dragged and pushed her against the wall so fast her head spun. His voice was deadly low, it scared Arohi, she had never seen Arjun so cold, collected and his voice made her freeze.

"You take one step out of this room for the next four hours. I will make you regret it for the rest of your life."

His proximity did bother her. It made it hard to collect her thoughts, because all she wanted to do was keep him close to her.

Thanks to Jai's wedding they were spending more time with each other, closer and she was able to show affection for him. Even if was a show for Jai's parents. It was effort less on her part, and sometimes she felt Ajrun wasn't faking it either.

Arohi watched in silence as Arjun left there room closing the door behinde him.

"I already have so many regrets Arjun, what's one more to the list?" With that said Aorhi got dressed.

Arjun looked like he was going to a stakeout , but really it was a high class hotel. Thus one , in her education opinion, need to dress like they belonged there, not some dark back ally!

Arohi turned on the GPS app on her phone. She was a girl of the 21st century, of course she had a homing device attached to her husband. It was located under his shoe the least likely item to be left behind.

The GPS was on. Arjun had just left the house , most likely in his favourite car. Arohi quickly got dressed and ready for battle.

After 30 minutes she checked her weapons. Her brain and her cell phone. Thats all she really needed. On second thought, pepper spray might be a good idea, she had no idea how many people she was up against.

Arohi checked her phone one last time, her speed dial buttons, 1 for voicemail. 2 the Allowalia residence. 3 dadu's cell , 4 chachu's cell, 6 Shifali's cell, 7 Dadi's cell ,8 Dhondo's cell.

Aorhi looked up Arjun's number, she assigned it to the number 5 on her speed dial. All she had to do on hold the number 5 down and Arjun would pick up, he always did. The reason why she picked 5 for Arjun was mainly because of access. 5 was at the center and had the grove on it, making it easily identifiable even in the dark. Arohi knew it was pointless to deny it, she trusted Arjun with her life the most, maybe not her heart. But she knew shew as safe, and it comforted her to know he was easy to cell phone at least.

Arohi slipped on her heels and was out the door, thankfully she didn't meet anyone on her way out of the house. She started her car...Arjun's other car, and followed the GPS, making a quick pact with God that if she and Arjun returned in tact with all there limbs...she would be nicer to him...for a whole week! Heck she would be nicer to everyone including his wretched mother!


Arjun parked his car in the lot then went and sat under a tree and picked up a news paper that someone had left on the bench. Arohi was following him. It was easy to pick up on, she was really bad at the whole spying deal.

After fifteen minutes he watched as Arohi pulled up in his car. This time HE followed HER, into the hotel.


Arohi entered the hotel, it was big and grand. Where was she supposed to look for Arjun? He must have already gone up to the room. She walked up towards the front desk ready to ask for Arjun, not by name of course, by description.

Arjun grabbed Arohi's hand and pulled her towards him.

"Hey! Who do you think you are? Do you know who you are messing with I'll-"

"Relax Arohi."

The tension left her shoulders.

"Arjun!" she whispered loudly. "What are you doing here?"

"Isn't that my question?"

Arohi looked ashamed for all of one second, then she reared back and out of his hold.

"You mister, promised to take me with you, and here you came without me."

"That's because I knew you would follow me."

"Whaa?" Her mouth hung open, did that mean he was going to bring her along?

Arjun closed her mouth with his index finger. "You will catch flies, princes." Arohi gave him a dirty look.

"Listen stay down here, and don't look suspicious, I will be back in ten minutes."

"No, I'm coming with you."

"No Aorhi." How was he going to explain to her that he didn't want her entangled in black business?

"Look I need you here to act as my spy, scout the premisses, blend in, if you see anything off, call me, you can be my assistant?"

Aorhi's face lit up. She could help him!

"Okay boss! I won't disappoint!" She gave him a mini salute, Arjun almost rolled his eyes. She was cute he had to give her that.

Arjun nodded and looked around the hotel lobby, he didn't see anyone suspicious. He doubted anything would happen.

Arohi watched Arjun leave. She made her way to the comfy couches. Arjun was half way up the stares when his phone went off.

"What is it Arohi?"

"There is this guy in a tacky suite, its really bulky, I think he is carrying firearms." Now Arjun rolled his eyes, he turned and looked down at the lobby.

"Arohi, that man is only carrying fat. Now don't call me unless its important. I'll be in room 1104."

"Fine." Arohi hung up the phone and put it in her purse, and looked around the lobby.

While waiting she ordered some chamomile tea, to soothe her frayed nerves. Something big was going to happen she could just feel it.

"Obviously nothing has happen in the news." She threw the newspaper onto the coffee table, only to have it hit her tea cup thus spilling her tea all over the coffee table.

"Oh shit!" This was not good, so much for blending in.

A valet ran up to her and was cleaning up the mess. Arohi apologized and helped the man clean up.

When the valet was gone, Arohi went towards the washroom to wash her hands.

As her luck would have it, the ladies room was closed.

"Hai rab of all the days for the womans washroom to be out of service it has to be today?" Aorhi looked around the corridor, spotting no one she slipped into the mens washroom. Desperate times called for desperate measures! Arjun was counting on her to spot suspicious people, she couldn't do that with sticky hands!

Arohi washed her hands and was reaching for paper towels when she heard the washroom door open.

"Oh no!" She ran into the last stall just as the door opened and four men walked in.

"Are you sure he's in this hotel?"

"Yes bahi, the guys stationed outside saw Arjun Singahnia's car and he walked into the hotel."

Why are talking about Arjun....are they his bad guy friends? Wouldn't it be funny if they found out his wife was in the johns with them.

"Make sure whatever it takes he doesn't leave this building alive. Nerish, I bribed the room service guy so you and Paul can go wear there suits get into the room. While Hardeep and I stand outside the door, if for some reason you two can't finish him, I will. This should be easy job, remember mix this packet in his drink it should knock him out, then cut his throat, smother him with a pillow, throw him out the window, whatever it takes. Use the guns as the last straw, because once you fire a gun people will hear and come running. The last thing we need is police showing up."

Arohi couldn't listen to rest was this for real? The men were here to kill Arjun? She had to do something quick! She couldn't leave the washroom stall until they left.

Think Aorhi think! I have to let Arjun know he's in danger. Aorhi took out her phone. She sent a prayer up for Alexander G. Bell for inventing the telephone.

Arjun you are in danger there are four guys here with guns to kill you... I'm not kidding! Don't let anyone in for room service...except for me!

She fired the txt away then set out to txt her chacho.

Chacho I'm at the Paradise Hotel....there are four armed men after me I'm in room 1104, help me chacho!

There, that would get her at least a few dozen cop cars. Maybe even some army help?

Arohi listened for voices when she didn't hear any she open the washroom door a bit and saw no one in the washroom, with the coast clear she ran for the door.

Once exiting, she walked by a man walking towards the washroom, Aorhi didn't bat an eyelash as the man looked confused , she had to save Arjun's life!

Arohi took the elevator up to the eleventh floor. If luck was on her side she would be there before room service.

Just as she got off the elevator she noticed a hotel employee, male ,with a cart heading for room...1104.

The hell your going to poison my husband.

Aorhi didn't see anyone else in the hallway, which was a good sign.

"Hey you! Yes you with the cart!"

The man stopped, while Arohi walked up to him, like she owned the hotel.

"I told Manish to bring me room service 10 minutes ago and no one has brought me my cake, and wine."

"Sorry mam you have the wrong person I'm not Manish." The lady was scary, Paul assumed she was some rich guys daughter or wife, she certainly had the attitude.

"Gadthy ki bacha, I know your not Manish, he's your damn boss! The manger of this tiny hotel that MY FATHER owns. With one call I can have your ass fired RIGHT NOW."

Paul started to sweat, his mission was complicated as it was, taking Arjun Singahnia was no walk in the park, but now he had to deal with a spoiled brat, who was bound to attract attention with her loud voice.

"Mam I have something else to do maybe someone else can-"

"THERE IS NO ONE more IMPORTANT THEN ME! Go downstairs RIGHT THIS instant and get me my cake and wine, or else , one signal to those cameras over there and your toast!" Aorhi pointed to a mirror in the wall. She had no idea if the hotel had cameras, she just hoped this guy would believe her. She needed this guy gone before his buddies showed up to help him.

The guy stuttered and looked around for help. Aorhi increased her anger.

"You DIM wit! MOVE!" She shoved him towards the elevator, praying he wouldn't pull his gun out and shoot her.

When the guy didn't move much, Aorhi took the flask of wine on the cart and smashed it on the floor. Now no one would poison Arjun.

"See now you can't serve this wine can you? Your client will have to wait! You WILL go get my cake and wine right this instant!"

Paul ran. The lady was crazy!

Arohi smirked as she watched the goon take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

"Whose the best wife, I am!" After her little victory dance she ran over to room 1104 and knocked loudly.


Arjun looked around the room for cameras or explosives, where was this guy he was supposed to meet? He didn't see any package anywhere.

Knock kncok!

Arjun pulled out his gun, he had seen Aorhi's txt and wasn't sure wether to believe it or not. Looking thorough he peep hole he saw only Aorhi. He put his gun away, opened the door and pulled her in.

"What are you doing here you pagal larki, can't you follow simple instructions?"

"Oh shut up!" Aorhi looked outside the door and saw no one in the hall. She locked the door and pushed Arjun away from the door. "You mister are in danger, there are at least four people here after you, armed, and God knows how many outside waiting incase the these four don't kill you."

"Arohi there must be a mistake no one knows I'm here."

"Oh trust me there is no mistake unless there is another Arjun Singahania in this hotel. Which I doubt."

Arjun thought for a minute maybe Arohi was right, she was frantic.

"Fine I will call Billu and Makrant to come and scout the area, while I'm here."

"No! We have to leave now, before that fraud of a room service guy, comes back." She started pulling him towards the door.

"Arohi just give me a moment to txt something."

"Hell no, we are leaving right now." She had tugged him to the door. Aorhi opened the door popped her head out then shut the door again and started pulling Arjun towards washroom, removing his jacket while she was at it.

"Arohi what the hell are you doing? Why are you dragging me to the washroom and why are you taking your shoes off?"

"Take your pants off Arjun, now"! Aorhi threw her dupatta on the floor then took her mobile out of her purse threw her purse on the floor as well. She unbuckled Arjun belted before he could stop her it was on the floor. Aorhi opened the door to the washroom room and closed it behind her.

"Those guys are coming now Arjun. Just trust me." She took her phone and Arjuns

and put them in the cupboard in a safe dry spot. Arjun refused to give her his guns.

"Fine don't give me the guns, it might be better we keep them, now into the shower."

"This better be real Aorhi. If I find out you were lying to me..." he took his jeans and tank top off. 

"Of course I'm not lying! Here put your guns on the soap shelf." Arohi closed the shower door behind her thankful the glass was of the extra blurry variety.

Arohi turned the faucet on, the water was warm and steam started to develop.

"Well wifey, why is it that I'm always stripped down to my shorts and you are fully dressed when we are in the shower?"


So what do you think?

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Woow Mina it was amazing. Really loved it. So different yet still some how the same. 
Please add me onto your PM list if you are gonna have one. (: 
Your back with a blast. Hug

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samyra Groupbie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
that was really good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loved it like all your other ones hope u update soon
pls pm me wen u update!!!!!!

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@Mina_T loved it...its so trilling to read it and very anxious and curious to read the next one...i must say ur FF make me wait as KMH episodes..plz PM me when u writ e the next one

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Henriette Senior Member

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Ahhhhh I'm so glad ur writing another ff, I am a silent reader on this forum but I have to say u are really a great writer, I read ur last ff's aswell and I always look forward to ur ff, please continue soon

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Minaaaaa!!!Hug...sweets..first things first..cud u plzz PM me if u post upates or new FFs.. i dun wanna miss it n i dun always check the forum.. plz??
ur writings...i just wanna say..if u can put in so much romance n intimacy n passion n heat .. in much besharmi in words..i cant imagine wats in that head of urs!!WinkEvil SmileLOL
and this FF...mind blowing.. i hadn't really thought deeply about the hotel scene in the show.. but ur retake on it gives amazing scope for my imagination.. ROFL.
luved the detailing.. arjun's attire, arohi's thoughts on her husbands dressing sense....the homing device, teh apps...luved it all!! very apt!!Thumbs Up
but why does she always have rajvir to come n save..but rajvir showing up at room 1104..with arohi n arjun in the likes.. !!Evil Smile
wasnt it enuff that arohi forced arjun under the they r in the shower again!! n arjun pointing out..that hez stripped n shez clothed!!..wont say more there..but i think the opposite version wud have been more realistic Evil Smile
cant wait for more!!

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ah mina, finally another ff! this is brilliant! actually the hotel room scene cud have been executed with more finesse but alas!this is where u come! u saved our life again. plssssssssssssss update soon!!
it is absolutely mindblowing!!!!!

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wow mina...another ff....Big smileBig smile
its amazing...ClapClap so arjuhi in shower again..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed i m thinking what will d reaction of rajveer after seeing arjuhi in shower...LOLLOL
update soon dear n plz pm me whn u update it...Smile

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