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shwetha85 Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Hey Charu,

Seems like you are already having a lot of fun answering everyone and getting grilledLOLLOLLOL
In the first round of questions I would like to ask the same as I did to Sri...But of course I want your perceptive and perception on themApprove Answer them at your comfort level meaning if you are not comfortable answering someone of them on public forum then it is totally alright and understandable!!!! All the Best...And here we go on the ride of Q'sStarStarStar

1. What is your biggest dream in life which you want to achieve no matter what?Tongue
2. What is the funniest and craziest compliment or comment you have ever received so far in life?Big smile
3. What is your favorite holiday destination?LOL
4. Which scene or sequence/episode of KS so far you personally feel was the best and why?Day Dreaming

5. If you happen to win a contest and the prize was a candle light dinner with the 5 Khotey Sikkey then what would your reaction be like?

6. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
7. What do you prefer western or eastern clothes?
8. Staying in or eating out?
9. Late nights or early mornings?

---Some Rapid Fire Q's:

Among both of them whom are u closest to :  Dad or Mom ?

How would you describe yourself in 5 words ?

Which is that one song that you would sing for your Dream guy ?

Would u mind if your mom joined u on a date as well ?

Is it better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all ?

What according to you is your most treasured possession ?

What is the best book u have read so far ?

What would you like to change about yourself ?

What is your favorite bed time story ?

What do u prefer and why  :

chocolates or Diamonds

Healthy mind or healthy body

Love marriage or Arrange marriage

Friends or Family

Nature or Science

Love or Trust

---Suggest a song for...

6.Deshmukh Sir
7. Patil
8. Madamji (Patil and Deshmukh's Boss)

# if you ever get a chance to grill Deshmukh would you...

# tell me one scene of KS that you would never forget with respect to


# Alladin's gene is before you to grant your three wishes...What would you ask for...
# tell me something you never told anyone in your life...
# One truth about yourself--
# one lie about yourself--
# one of your memorable moments...
# one of your embarrasing moments...
# describe the situation that made you laugh like crazy...

Enjoy the Hotseat and your week!!!Approve

Have Fun!WinkSmile Will try put more Qs as the week proceeds ahead


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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by radt

Evil Smile Khotta Sikka is gonna regret it! Moi se panga lene ka....... to toi ko pachtane ka!Evil Smile Radzyyyyyyyyy Angry Angry

Answer moi ke questions ABHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abhi????  nahi!! kabhi nahi!!!!!!  LOL
Evil Smile

Its just a sampleWink SAMPLE!!!!!!!!! Wat??? Censored Wacko Shocked D'oh

1) What's your favourite color? Depends on my mood but purple & white r my all time favourites..Tongue
2) What do you like to do when you're bored? Listen to music/sing Approve
3) What's your favorite book? Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Shri Paramahansa Yogananda. Smile
4) Whose your favorite author? D'ohAah.. I m not that much into reading but I love to read spiritual books, so no particular ans!! Embarrassed 
5) Favorite fictional character? That would be from a TV show powder ' Brinda (Geetika Tyagi) Thumbs Up
6) Favorite show? Current ' Khotey Sikkey, Kismat, Chandragupta Maurya, CID.. From off air ones ' Powder & all other YRF shows' Big smile
7) Fav cartoon? Winnie the pooh, Kipper the dog, recess Cool
8) Favorite  movie? I have to name only one?? Then it would be Swades
9) Favorite singer? KK 
10) Favorite song? Aye Zindagi gale laga le from da movie Sadma Big smile
11) When was the last time you ran around like an airplane? Aah.. don't remember!! Tongue
12) Run around in a circle. How do you feel?
 Hahaha.. crazy!!
13) What's your favorite Disney movie? Recess School's out LOL
14) Favorite Winnie the Pooh character? Pooh! Approve
15) Why do you love movies? Lol!! I'm not a movie buff!!! Ouch
16) Which was the last movie you saw? .. Don!!! After that haven't seen any movie at one go!!! LOL
17) Least favorite character in PKYEK?Shankar & Shaurya. Pig
18) Describe the following in one word:

Moi.:-Cool Focused

Fari:-Tongue Adorable

Nabhs:-Blushing Matured

Ritu:-Wink Down to earth

Neeme:-Embarrassed Very sweet

20) did you notice that I skipped 19 LOL lol!! no i din't pay any attention to numbering!! Ouch
21) Write a paragraph about PKYEK! Paragraph!!!  Ermm Lol!! Now I watch that show only for TP!!! That's it!!! Ouch

22) Which do you prefer: Depends on my mood yaar!!! still would try to answer!!
a) Fruits or Vegetable? Vegetable
b) Candy or chocolate? Chocolates
c) Pixies or Fairies? Fairies
d) Moi or Toi?Evil Smile Toi!!! Wink
e) Snow or rain? Snow
f) Winter or Summer? Winter
g) Which festival do you like the most? Janmashtmi
23) I forgot 
24) Your reaction to #23 Question LOL
25) Who is your fav female singer? Shreya Ghoshal
26) Fav male singer? KK
27) Where have you always wanted to go? Laddakh

28) Fav rock band? None!! LOL
29) Do you even listen to rock? No!!! ROFL Thank God i was honest in previous qus!! Radzy tu bhi naa!!! LOL
30) Do you have any pets? ? Kinda yeah.. my stray dogs r more than like my pets!! Hug
31) Do you want a pet? Nope!! 
32) Start singing a song. *mike testing 1 2 3* LOL
33) Which song did you sing? ? Tumse hi din hota hai!! From Jab We Met! Big smile
34) Ever participated in fancy dress competition? lol!! no never!! Confused
35) What  have dressed up as? See ans to above qus!! Tongue
36) Do you still participate? Nooooooo!!! Wacko at this age!!! ROFL
37) How was your day today? Da day has just begun!! LOL
38) Name the colours in the rainbow Disapprove wat? U seriously want me to do that??

39) Type out the lyrics to the any song but your version Shocked woahhhhhhh!! there is one actually!!! LOL
here i go........
Kya Khayin Kya Naa khayein Yeah Kaisi Mushkil Hayeee!!!
Tu Hi Toh Bataa De Iss kaa Hal Oo Meri Aai  (mum) LOL

when mum cooks too many dishses!!! ROFL

40) What's your fav sweet? Kaju Barfi!! Tongue

41) Do you like dosa? Yup!!! 
42) Fav type of pizza Ermm No particular type but Maxican green wave (Dominos) is my fav' Big smile
43) Write a paragraph on why chocolate is awesome ROFL lol!! I do like chocolates but not addicted to it so can't write any para shara on that!! Wacko In fact it's not good for ur health!!! Ouch LOL
44) Most recent movie you saw None!!! LOL
45) Fav song right now? From da current lot?? eeekkss!! none!! Dead
46) What do you like most about your country? Friendly people Hug
47) Have you been to any other province other than the one you live in? Yup.. so many times..

MOI WILL BE BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why??? Angry
Chahe khana peena chodd do....... Wat??? Shocked
Answers toh dene padenge! Heinnnnnn!!! ROFL de diye khush!!! LOL

Awesome questions dear.. but fonts were really small!! Geek ROFL

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Heyyyyyyyy Shwetha...... thanx for da questions!!!! Hug
I would try to answer them soon but i may take some time, as stuck wid studies n already up wid a long list of questions!! Shocked ROFL

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by radt

Moi Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D'oh
Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cry
Are u ready Di???????? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Angry

1. Any Unforgettable dream? If u r asking in ambition sense then yah to become a successful Chartered Accountant.. Approve

If u r asking in literal dream sense then it's long story!! Funny 1! when I was a l'il kid, I had this dream that me sitting on a big mountain made up of Gold coins!Cool  N some1 tells me that all those coins are yours! & I reply that 'no thats not mine, as I haven't earned those"! Embarrassed I was soooo happy that I behaved da same way as I would, if it had happened for real! LOL! ROFL

2. Met the love of ur life yet? No!!! LOL
3. happiest moment in your life... Hein!! i have to state only one!! Bahut naa insafi hai!! Confused LOL

I was going somewhere n my dog "bahadur"  didn't want me to.. so he started crying n shouting' Ouch n one of da shout had a sound like "mumma"!!!!!! LOL da kids playing over there laughed at him so bad!! But I couldn't control to hug him!! Hug I consider it as da happiest moment of my life. Party

4. Are u addicted to something? Nope!! 
4a. Do u believe in fate? Yup!! 
5. Celebrity u want to date? None!! LOL

6. Birth Date:- 21st April 
7. If you could meet anyone past, present, or future...  Who would it be?  It would be from da past!! Aahh.. Acharya Chanakya.. he is my favourite history character n recently started watching CGM show so waana know more about him! Approve

8. Phrases u use the most? Don't tell me!! LOL
9. Have u ever secretly disliked someone u had to be sweet to? Yeah.. so many Ermm

10. Favorite Actor n actress(post one only)? Actor Rahul Bagga & Actress Geetika Tyagi.. both from da show Powder.. Tongue

11. Favorite 2Songs two lines? Big smile
i. Aye Zindgai Gale Laga Le, Humne Bhi Tere Har Ek Ghum Ko, 
    Gale Se Lagaya Hai, Hai Na.. (From Sadma)
ii.Naghme Hai Shikwe Hai Kisse Hai Batein Hai 
   Batein Bhul Jaati Hai, Yadeein Yaad Aati Hai!! (From Yaadein)

12. Hottest guy? <celeb> Kavi Shashtri!! Day Dreaming
13. Most likely to be arrested? <celeb> Kavi Shashtri for his hotness!! LOL
14. Who looks like a used car saleman?<celeb> Uday Chopra!! Ouch
15. If you give another chance to live ur life..what will you do? I would erase some people from my life.. Dead

16. Thing you're most proud of {an accomplishment of yours} I m a best daughter!! Approve

17. One word to describe your life so far...Perfect 
18. What things piss you off most  unnecessary show off, dishonesty in any relation, noise, short tempered people (who loses their temper even on petty things) Ouch
19. How would you describe yourself composed, honest, straight forward
20. What super power would you like to have Reading minds!! Big smile

21. Piercings? Tattoos? Hate it
22. Glasses or Contacts I don't have any but if I have to choose I would say glasses!! Geek

23. Who is your favorite super hero Mr India & Spider Man!! LOL
24. Cat or dog Dog!! Big smile
25. Worst Feeling Losing my closed ones

26. Most important thing in life Not a thing but a person - Mum! Approve
27. Best Friends at IF! Fari, Radzy, Nabzy, Ritu, Neeme, Vidya, Shwetha, Sangi, Shreya, Ashu, Priya, Anu, Krish long list!! Wacko Check out my buddy list!! 70% of them r my best friends!! LOL

28. One thing u wish u could do? Tracking! Big smile
29. Favourite Show <EVER> Powder
30. Favourite Off-Air....Powder

31. GOOGLY ........ Do u find me troblesome?Ermm Of course!!! after this long list of questions!! i definitely do!! Angry LOL Otherwise no yaar!! u r my sweet little hi5 bachcha!! how can i find u troublesome!! Hug
WAITING.................................................  Da wait is over!!! LOL
Day Dreaming

Thanx Radzy!! it was fun answering ur questions!! Embarrassed

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by taman07

i have not ask anyone any question , so my questions start from this week yaar wow!!! Thanx a ton Ayesha sweety!!!! Hug
 here is some question for charu 
1.I was on cloud 9 when...  I cleared first group of my CA final exam Approve
2.My Secret Desire Is..Secret desire!! Shocked none LOL
3.Person I admire the mostMy Mum & Sudha Murthy Embarrassed
4.My ideal Holiday Spot It would be ladaakh Day Dreaming though I have'nt been there but I would like to choose a non crowded place!! LOL

5.I look good when I wear... A smile!!! Wink Smile
6.I wud love to go on a date with..  actually?? None!! LOL I do like some celebs but not that much that I would think of going on a date wid one of them!! Ermm LOL

7.I define LOVE As... Life Embarrassed
8.Movies I wud watch again and again... Swades, Dil Chahta Hai, Chupke Chupke (old), Parichay, Andaaz apna apna, Hum hai rahi pyaar ke

9.My Fav Singers..  KK, Kishor kumar, Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Suresh wadkar, list is endless!! LOL
10.I aspire to be... A successful chartered accountant Approve
11.Fav Actors: Rahul Bagga, Viraf Patel, Kavi Shashtri Day Dreaming
12.Biggest Mistake is when I... None!! LOL
13.One thing Missing in my Life Is... lol!! None!! i m pretty happy wid wat i have got!! Embarrassed
14.I am Proud Of... Being Charu Approve
15.Fruit I resemble is... water melon.. LOL Cool & Sweet but tough from outside!! u have to take some extra efforts to taste the sweetness!! Embarrassed

 Here is your question , have fun answering them yaar  Yup!! i had fun yaar!! Embarrassed

Thanx a ton Ayesha..... Embarrassed Njoyed it sooooo much.... Approve N thanx a ton for being so kind & keeping da list short!! Hug

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by Charu21

Radzy!!! this is KK... Embarrassed

Ooooooo....... Seems cool!!!!!!!!!!
Didi ka crush hai??????
Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
@ Vidzy -- thanx dear.. Hug    so many are attacking me here!! LOL

Vl reply ur questions soon haan... Embarrassed

@ Radzy -- lol!! not crush but i just loveeeeee his voice n he is super cool as a person!! & he is happily married btw!! ROFL

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