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Written Updt-19th March 2011-Masti Continues!Updtd

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 Happy Holi to all my Indian Friends!!

A Song for you all:

Rang Barse Bheege Shanak Wali Rang Barse
Rang Barse Bheege Shanak Wali Rang Barse

Holi Hai!

Shanak ke godi main bacha bhi aya, Shanak ke godi main
Shanak ke godi main bacha bhi aya
Khanak ki Nursery se war, balam barse Rang Barse

Rang Barse Bheege Shanak Wali Rang Barse


Ok Quota Khatam hua. This is a Shanak Rang-a-rang Episode (Minus some scenes) 

And I want to Congratulat all my Paki Behno for Winning against the Aussies! Pak Won!! Woo Hoo! Balle Balle!DancingParty

(Waise I was watching the match with my Dad and Uncle and my God, kya punjabi commentary mili...it was just fab and I kept telling them to stop with their commentaryROFLROFLROFL But no availROFLROFLROFL)

Ok Update Time (Sorry for getting carried away!)

Shaan Running Away:

Shaan runs away and climbing down the stairs while huffing and puffing in Hot Black Shirt and looking up to get away from Khanak (Aur nahi toh kya, he hit Yashu with that pad so badly so obviously he would run away from herROFL and the BM is hilarious, sounds like Charge music, u know when they play those at the games Tu-ru-tu-ru-tu-ru-tu-roooo....Charge!ROFL). He stops by the sofa to catch his breath.

Khanak runs after him, huffing and puffing (I sound like the 3 Little Pigs WolfROFL I Huff and Puff and I'll blow your minds awayROFLROFLROFL

Khanak: Shaantanu...*pause* Bacha...*breathing heavy* (She Smiles, so Yashu!)

Shaan (KT style): Haan tum pehenlo, main nahi pehen raha (the laughter of KT was so visible in here. I was LMAO tooROFLROFLROFL OMG I love his head shaking) 

Shaan runs away and goes on to the sofa/table and stands on it with shoes (Kya hai re, kya KT kabhi bhi joote utarta hai? May and Veenator OCD GaloreROFLROFLROFL) Khanak runs after him trying to convince him. In the mean time Sunavi comes listening to the noises and wants to know what is going on. Shaan sees them and jumps to the sofa and then off and runs away. 

(KT was superb! He was hilarious as a bacha shaan...ROFL and YM supported him well so did others).

Shaan hides away: Bach gaya (Bach kahan gaya? Abhi toh bacha ayega phir aur phansne walle ho tumROFLROFLROFL)

Sunil: Bhaag gaya

Shaan with his music: Sabko laga ke main bhaag gaya, ke maine haar maan li hai, ke nai, main itni jaldi haar nai manne walla, agli baar main isse bhi bada paet le kar aonga (KT does his trademark smile and that belly sign...It is a must watch. It was sooo funny and cute)

Shanak bedroom scenes: 

Shaan comes inside the room (mixed BG) and he looks at the sleeping Khanak and then admires her and the smile is sooo naughty and cute. he comes to her and bends down and tries to sit but his belly in the way. ROFL (Meri shirt bhi sexy, meri belly bhi sexy, meri biwi sexy, mere baal bhi sexyyyyyyyyy!ROFLROFLROFLROFL sorry couldn't resist.ROFL)

Shaan admiring Khanak: Bhurtal

He tries to Kiss her on the cheek but his belly in the way and he tries to fix it ROFL  but it's still not helping and he tries it again but in the mean time Khanak wakes up (OMG KT was hilarious, trying to hide his laughROFLROFLROFL)  Shaan sees her away and backs away

Khanak: woh...

Shaan: ahhh...

Khanak: aap? Kahan bhaag gaye the aap...aapko pata hai mujhe aapki kitni fiqar ho rahi thi? Shaantanu...(She is naraz)

Shaan looks at her guiltily and so cutely and then he gets up from the floor and sits on the bed while watching his bellyLOL and then sits next to her and fixes his shirt (KT's actions were funny. sorry I found it hilarious. I found the interaction with the eyes and expressions hilarious because both were trying hard not to laugh, u cud see itROFL)

Shaan: I'm sorry Khanak dar gayi thi? main bhi ghabra gaya tha khanak, seriously the way you guys were coming after me, I got scared and that's why I ran away. Then after that I realized that I am Khanak and Khanak doesn't run away from situation but faces them. Right? (Such a cute dialogue....awww my cuties! Shanak that is and KT's expressions were so cute when he tells her that) That is why I came back. 

Khanak (not sure): So now you won't run away?

Shaan (naughtily thinks): Ummm.....(Oye!) I won't run away (Awww...such a cute smile...I loved it and he blushed too....so cute!)

Khanak still not sure: No, I don't trust you.

Shaan: Arre....I promise yaar (So KTish to YashuROFL) I am not going anywhere. Promise!

Khanak looks at him: Pakka walla promise?

Shaan *naughty*: Why is there a Kacha walla too? (So KT with his unscripted dialogues. Improvisation, he has become good at it and yashu does well with her expressions to his improvizations and that is what I found here) He laughs and then he gives her pakka walla promise.

Khanak smiles and agrees: You are tired so come lay down and rest. 

Khanak helps him lay down and makes him comfy (when she is picking him up and telling that he needs to rest and when KT agrees to it, see the small smile that plays on his face. It seems they are both having a ball and it looked like an improvised scene here) 

Khanak lays him down and makes him feel comfy and then she tries to leave and Shaan stops her by holding her arm.

Shaan: where are you going while leaving me in this halat?

Khanak smiles: You are in this halat hence I am leaving. 

Shaan throws the blanket off his legs and gets up on the floor, while still holding her hand. 

He tries to get closer to her but his belly in the way (I got a bacha in my tummy, door rehna mere se bache ki mummyROFLROFLROFL KT and Yashu were sooo cute here. It was a yasharan moment, as in masti because both KT and Yashu try to laugh it off).

Shaan: don't you think that this (Pointing at Khanak) Shaan's love for this (pointing at himself) Khanak is less these days?

Khanak: really?

Shaan: yea...

Khanak: No way! I think that this (pointing at herself) Shaantanu loves this (cupping KT's face) Khanak more now. After all you are giving birth to my kid (pats the belly), my love has increased 100 fold for you (caress his cheek) 

Shaan surprised or happy: Ok, does that really happen?

Khanak: yea it def. happens, when the kid is about to born then the Hubby and Wifey love strengthens even more. They love each other even more. 

Shaan is impressed: Hmm...

Khanak: Waise, you take rest, i'll come back. (Ok  Yasharan moment! She flicks his nose in yashu style. Improvisation Rules and I am loving it! Main yasharan, yasharan chilaongi, Kurta phad keROFLROFLROFL)  She goes away

Shaan: yaar, if kid comes then life really changes?

Shaan still thinking and Khanak's clothes fall on him (Haila...yeh kya? is she seducing him? *Dhadam* I am taking a break and watching this scene before I get up againROFLROFLROFL)

(Ok that was a hot/cute scene and I'll tell you why below. Let me reviveROFL)

Back now...Epi continues...

Shaan checks her out  and Khanak is in her trademark white nighty. She comes up to him and Shaan is wondering what she is up to. 

Khanak: What did you think? You will do all this and I....(She trails off and runs her finger down his face and I swear I could hear the Masti and naughtiness in yashu's voice. Naughtiness as in like laugh and it seems like She is teasing KT. Giving him a taste of his own medicine where he is always doing unscripted lifts and doing masti. The way KT reacts is worthwhile to watch. So much comfort and his smile says it all that even he is trying hard not to laugh. I felt this moment was so yasharan!)

Khanak comes around him and face him and he faces her. They stare at each other.

Khanak: ...aur main kuch bhi nahi? 

Shaan: Hmm...waise irada kya hai?

Khanak runs the back of her hand down Shaan's face, he feels her touch and he is turned on. He feels something and being seduced. Shaan gives her his trademark smile and Khanak does her best with her smile (OMG Yashu takes the cake here! She was too good here! She can give KT a run for his money on romance! Either she was acting as Shaan or as Khanak)

Khanak: You are asking as if  you don't know anything...(Yashu is completely instigating him. The sexy voice, the whole seduction scene, the way she runs her finger down his face and then her hand. Uff....Yashu excelled it today! More than KT, I enjoyed Yashu in romantic scenes! Superb!!!Clap)

(Zenny: See I told you I am not KT biased...I am yasharan biased. LOL I give credit where it is due. lolLOL

Shaan throws the dupatta and pulls her towards him roughly: Nahi pata toh bhi....(Oops the Belly in the way...again the song. I got a Bacha in my tummy, door rehna bache ki mummyROFLROFLROFL)

Shaan looks down and so does Khanak: pata laga lenge...? he looks up to her and she smiles (Yashu was too good!) Shaan tries to bring her close to him and Khanak is tried too to come close but the belly is in the wayROFL)

Khanak: Oh ho...(Yashu's voice is sexy as the seductress! Innocent Vixen ki Jai ho!ROFL) Shaantanu...mujhe na...(Ok this scene reminds me of K3G scene where Rohan tries to tell Pooja about her shoesROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Shaan: Mujhe na...?

Khanak (naughty): Neend aarahi hai...main sone ja rahi hoon huh?

She tries to get away but Shaan doesn't let go (Yashu was amazing here. She changed from sexy seductress to the naughty and cute Khanak. Superb, superb performance! Dil Khush) 

Shaan: sone ja rahi ho, toh humara romance...? (Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se laga....Bacha-belly ban gaya ummer kad ki sazaROFLROFLROFL btw im only joking coz for Shaan so plz don't take this part seriously. I don't think like that)

Khanak (naughty): huh...romance to bacha aane ke baad hi hoga...Good neend!

She lays down on the bed and sleeps.

Shaan is all upset that there is no more romance till kid is born. Shaan ki halat was sooo funnyROFLROFLROFLROFL


Khanak is sleeping and the kid is crying (What is with the 80's music? seriously? ROFL) and Shaan is smiling and waiting for her to wake up.

Khanak wakes up: Shaantanu, what is this noise? yeh kya hai?

Shaan is just enjoying sitting there: Kya nahi, kon...This is our baby Khanak! Isn't he cute? Watch...obviously nose, it's just like yours! Pakode jaisi (I thought she had a cute button nose but it seems KT thinks its pakodaROFL I wonder if he was making fun of yashu or was Shaan making fun of Khanak...joh bhi hai, hai toh ek hiROFL) the smile, cute hai, naughty toh def. mere jaise hogi. Ankhein...I can't get it, they look like yo...(He gets cut off from Khanak)

(Idk I felt that this part was all KT's own dialogues...again Improvisation rules!)

Khanak: Shaantanu, yeh baby yahan kya kar raha hai? (Ok I loved the way yashu says his name and the following dialogue...It was a typical wifey one...sooo cute)

Shaan: What do you mean what is he doing here? If baby doesn't sleep between mom and dad then where will he go? right? Here take him in your arms. (He thrust the baby in her arms while she refuses)

Khanak finally takes it and then imagines it as her own and then appreciates it. She makes comments on it, the hands, the feet and everything (Yashu was amazing! She did superb as a mother in love with her newly born baby!) While Shaan was admiring her and got emotional. He came to appreciate Khanak's emotions and was patting the baby too but then finally he realized what he was doing. 

Shaan: Arre kya ho gaya tujhe, jana tha Cheen, pohanch gaya Japan. (He shakes it off). Focus dude, focus! (Missed the chutkiROFL)

(KT and Yashu were amazing! It was soooo funny and cute Yasharan moment...Comic was amazing especially Yashu's confused expressions when she wakes up. A must watch scene...It was tooo cute! I loved each and every style of it!!! Especially the change of expressions that Yashu gives from that of disgusted person to that of a mother and the way KT was changing expression of being Naughty shaan to confused to admiring and appreciating the scene unfolding in front of him and then back to realization. Too good!)

Khanak to shaan: Khanak...

Shaan: huh..?

Khanak: bohat bohat thank you! mujhe aise piyaari piyaari gudiya dene ke liye!

Shaan: Gudiya? Oh this is not a doll, this is our baby which I delivered last night Fresh! (Baby is not some piece of bread that you roll it out of an oven fresh...? I felt like that's how he said itROFLROFLROFL Again Fresh was sooo like improvisation).

Khanak: Haan, I meant just that! Thank you so much for giving me the best gift of my life! I am sooo happy today!

Shaan: If I knew you were this happy then I would've delivered her before. 

Khanak sits the baby down: And in a few days people will call me Soni ke papa and not Shaan.

Shaan: Soni ke papa? (KT's expressions are marv!) 

Baby starts crying. 

Khanak: Arrey why is she crying? 

Shaan: how should i know? I just delivered and I am all tired and you are talking to me like that.

Khanak gets frustrated and tries to put the kid back on the bed.

Shaan: no no no no...you will not put her back, she is also your daughter. the more you put her down, she will cry more.

Khanak: what?

Shaan: yea so Soni ke Papa have fun! 

Khanak: Shhh....beta...Yeh toh rona band hi nahi kar rahi hai.

Shaan takes the baby back saying that he will take care of it since it is his kid or that the kid is crying due to being hungry.

Khanak: Shaantanu will our kid cry like this too?

Shaan: For few months, he will cry like this and for the rest of the life we will cry...

Khanak: How do you?

Shaan: I am Khanak that is why I am smart (OMG this was sooo cuteLOL)

Khanak: Look she is crying again.

Shaan: here you make her stop...

Khanak gives it back: No no, not me. The kid is yours and you are his mother so you do it. it is mother's right to take care of the kid. 

Khanak runs away...

shaan: Arrey Khanak...Shaantanu...arre mehnat toh tumne bhi puri ki thi (Naughty naughty si fiza hai, haule haule yeh mujhko jaane kya hua hai...ROFLROFLROFL) Suno toh sahi kahan ja rahi ho tum (So KTish dialogue!) He runs after her

Khanak is running away with a smile on her face and Shaan comes out and stops her (Khanak gets scared and yashu's expressions were sooo good...ROFL)

Shaan: Arrey Khanak, Khanak...(He runs after her)

Khanak: It is your kid, you take care of it!

Shaan: Arre yaar, what is this? You are soo old fashioned! 

Khanak: Don't cuss at me in English!

Shaan looks at her unbelievable and decides to do something. He calls the toy place where he bought the doll and asks them how to turn it off. The lady informs him that not till parents learn how to take care of the child, the doll won't stop (Phas gaya, phas gayaROFL) shaan is exasperated! he looks around for Khanak and she is gone.

Shaan tries to make her stop and does everything to make her stop. tires playing with her and it was a hilarious scene. He tries to put her on the sofa and puts the pillows around her and she stops and then he tries to get away before she stars again and she starts and Shaan is all frustrated again (KT's expressions were superb! it was funnyROFLROFLROFL OMG I want an interview to see the Behind the scenes expressions and masti for this track...can we have like a blooper epis?ROFLROFL)

Rajen-Bhai scene: 

Rahul is admiring Jenny like crazy

Rahul: Bhai saw a film and he was soo turned on by the film that he became bhai (What tartare! Ugh! why did I have to get this?)

Bhai's scene...

Rahul: His life-story is very interesting. Tell me one thing...what does your brother looks like?

Jenny: My brother...he is superstar!

Bhai's dressing sense...

Jenny: When he walks, the world moves (what non-sense!)

Bhai walking...

Jenny: you know someone shot him and the bullet got scared and it ran away (Rahul is confused and so am i? what ill-logical sentence is that? Stupid)

Bhai's face now...ROFLROFLROFL

Jenny coming to Rahul with an apple and the knife: Bhai doesn't cut apple with the knife but the knife with apple (Rahul is confused and so am i...really stupid!!!) that is how it is my bhai...

Jenny: bhai never gets tired. when he laughs then lightening strikes and when he cries then the whole town is under (whatever...i don't care)

Bhai comes with Gabbar dialogue...it's stupid! maski does his act...I don't like him...(sorry May!)

Shaan in the living room:

Shaan: Khanak!

He tries to call her but she doesn't pick up and then the baby stops and he self thoughts that he managed and that whether becoming dad is this easy...?

Khanak self thoughts whether becoming mother is this hard, does everyone have to go through this...?

Sunavi and Shanak scene:

Sunil comes calling for Shaan.

Shaan comes and he goes Dad I am here but Sunil keeps calling Shaan.

Sunil: Arre you are our Bahu Khanak, I am calling Shaan. (OMG i felt that the role reversal has become the joke of the set too now...coz sunil was really enjoying itROFL Poor KTROFLROFL and YashuROFLROFLROFL)

Khanak comes: As in me...! (Shaan points at Khanak all confusedROFL) Yea dead..?! (She made Sunil dead the second timeROFLROFLROFL)

All confused on Khanak's word...

Khanak corrects herself.

(btw KT's and Mad's interaction was really cute...U shud see the small gestures...)

Sunil: Dad dad...Arre beta kya shaan, baap tum ho aur sara kaam hum dono ko karna pardta hai.

Khanak: what work?

Sunil: go see there...someone has come to meet you at the door...

Khanak goes while Sunil and Shaan and mads watch. Sunil runs his hands on Shaan's head like he does to Khanak (This was superb gesture...it seemed that Sunil was having fun doing thatROFL)

Khanak opens the door to find so many things for the kids' stuff for the room. Khanak is all surprised and asks Sunil that he did all. shaan invites them all in.

Khanak: Adda yeh sab aapna...?

Shaan: Aah maine...idea sirf unka tha, saara samaan main laya hoon..

Sunil: adha adha...

Shaan: Adha adha...Jao room saja lo!

Khanak: You did great, we will have fun. Mom and dad you will help me in decorating the room right? even you are becoming grand parents (Sab ke paseena choot gayeROFLROFLROFL) Shaan just rests and enjoys and watches them.

Sunil: When the baby really comes then we will def. help, but this is your game so you guys do it.

Mads: Aur waise bhi we planned to go watch a movie

Shaan wants to go too (KT said it like such a kidROFLROFLROFL)

Sunil: listen kid, like this you can't go outside. You just delivered. You see after delivery you don't leave the house. Ok ok you can go with us. you are our piyaari bahu, bohat khiyaal rakhti ho, khana banati ho so let's go.

Mads: but on one term, you will wear either shalwar kameez or sari like Khanak.

Khanak: Which one will you wear? Red or Pink?

Shaan (blushing): No I just watched the picture yesterday.

Khanak and mads tell him to go to the movies (ROFL Kahan phasa diyaROFLROFLROFL)

They try to convince him but then he decides not to go and rest instead. they pick on him because he has to play the role of a girlROFL

(It seemed they had fun doing this part. I think they were picking on KTROFL)

Sunil and mads decide to leave.

Khanak: adda yeh samaan?

Sunil: Beta yeh sab toh bache ka Dead (DadROFL) decorate karega...

Khanak gets fed up and makes a sad face...(soooo cute Yashu)

Maski's character trying to do some character or something...whatever...


Sorry for being late!

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooojj ...

Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .... I was so waiting for the Comments in RED !!!

Thanks for the written Updates !!!!

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LOLLOL.... Love the update and comments.. LOL.. specially "Shaan comes in his Hot Black Shirt" LOL.... can't wait to watch the epi!!!!!

Thanks Rooj!


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Guys You gotta come back and read the rest of it...I am still working on it....I just died due to Khanak's reaction...Yashu was just tooo good here!

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Thanks rooj for another hilarious update with Red commentsROFLROFL
btw i confuse  todays episode we get much yashran or shanak
because you wrote yasharan raither than shanakROFL
Shaan with his music: Sabko laga ke main bhaag gaya, ke maine haar maan li hai, ke nai, main itni jaldi haar nai manne walla, agli baar main isse bhi bada paet le kar aonga (KT does his trademark smile and that belly sign...It is a must watch. It was sooo funny and cute)
i think he says  'agle baar me isse bhi bada plan leker aunga instead of bada peet leker aungaLOL

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perfect shanak epi
 veenz..u gotta c tht little romantic scene sooooooooooooooooooooo romantic
 they were totally mushy mushy types but petu beech mein aa gaya
 loved the epi
 cvs again u gave us a totally rocking epi
 nothing better than tht on a sat night

shanaklicious epi
maski was super cute too

rooji thnks fr yr super cute update

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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rooooooooooojjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ur killing me wid yr comments
 im superb enjoying it wid yr analysis itself
 epi bhi dekh rahi hoon n im seeing all tht yr saying

kt ka jawab nahi this man is the god of acting seriously

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Thanks Guys....

more on the way....Enjoy it!

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