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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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#Devil'sDen Deva Nosey Cat&Maaneet need to chat#

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Reserved for my Take
Daadi's advice to Geet was right that life doesn't end with one tragedy..We have to Move on in life even if it takes a long time but we just have to keep going coz the clock won't stop with one Mishap..
so another epi where daadi was right sumhow..ConfusedErmm

I thot Maan was very lenient to Dev about this Project thing..he shuld have been Fired..he shuld be Kicked where it hurts out of the house...Angry

Deva is just a Smart Fox..He is taking full Faayda of the situation..More than Maaneet he knows that they love each other too much but they have ONE problem..They don't have good communication between each other which doesn't bind them during crucial moments..
Excess Dose of NASA is gonnna shoo viewers awayStern Smile
Maan and Err-JUn are on the same page..Wish they wuld meet up and discuss and sing Yeh Dosti Hum nahii Todengee, Chodenge NT ko par saath nahi chodenge...LOL

Precap: I think Dev gave the card to Geet and she saw the baby room back coz of Maan and when she is talking to Maan she is not realising that she is Praising Dev to Maan..She was about to thank Maan but Aag Babula Maan walked away..Gawsh these two need to be tied to a pole when they are talking sumthing serious....
Episode: Okay Shokay Types but its Holi who is gonna watch Tv..everyone will be enjoying Holi..
Wishing all of you a very
Happy Holi

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hey all maaneetians here i am with my episode analysis as promised to ashSmile

episode was ok ok types.....didn't like dev's interference in maaneet matters.....he doesn't realize that his mere presence is creating a rift b/w maaneet....maaneet lost their baby..they should sit together and drive away their sorrow instead of DEVil helping them....also didn't like that geet didn't notice maan standing in front of her and straight away climbed the stairs...& why was the devil driver walking alongside the lady of the house????Dead

did you all notice that maan is also not his usual self.Cry..totally disturbed by the events going on around him...poor guy can't express himself...geet is lost in her own sorrow...can't she talk to maan???Cry

don't want to say anything about NAAS.....the less the better

about the precap- why is geet chanting DEVil mantraDeadConfused.....that means she's smiling only because of can that be?????Angry then what about her life-saver who tried to talk to her, who was holding his ears to apologise???  can't figure out why suddenly geet has become a pendulum now.....can't she see MSK's pain....don't know wats gonna happen now Confused

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Happy holi everyone!

Rang Barse bheege chunar wali rang barse...HOLI HAI!!!



My chota sa take for today

Good episode, I can tell insecurity will lead into misunderstanding!

Love Samir's dressing style, he can pull it off
really well!  This is how men dress

This is life guys, one might destroy u and destroy every thing u have, but that same person can come back and make the biggest impact in ur life that one forgets what he or she has done!   Its part of life!  
One might not forget, but forgives and moves on! Cry

I seriously think Dev is just helping out and he
knows Maneet has a communication problem,
something the couple doesn't even know.

MSK's insecurity yes he is insecure and any man
would be, but what has he done to console his wife!
I feel he hasn't done a thing for her.

NE, Arjun, Nitya and bhai...Im liking the quadrangle here, hope
all get who they deserve and want!

Precap, let's not overract!
Just rememeber, Geet can't see her
aag baboola mad or upset na.
She will go and manao her maan and how!

Just tune in next week and u will get
ur answer!

Oh, I still feel Dev is positive, Im gonna stick to my guts this time!

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Couldn't watch the show in the usual time because of cable problem.  Managed to catch the repeat.  Since I feel sleepy I'm just putting down my random thoughts on the episode.

The show still manages to surprise us.

Maan's reaction today was totally unexpected. While he was not pleased to know that Geet had gone to the orphanage with Dev, he listened to her explanation and accepted it.  He knew she was still sensitive. So he postponed talking about his baby plans or about the surprise he had planned for in the nursery.  I still did not get what the surprise was. Why were three dolls lined up on the bed? He wants triplets?  Reminds me of a Michi story I wrote where my couple had triplets.

Anyway what I liked about the episode was that both Maan and Geet are still very much in love with each other. Both care for each other enough to do things for the other. Maan suppressed his own urge to tell Geet about the surprise when he realises that she is still in the melancholic mood. Likewise Geet is ready to move around when Dadi advises her to do so only when she is told it would also help Maan to come out of his grief.  She herself did not want to go out but was willing to do so for Maan's sake. Despite the deep love they seem to have for each other, they may still end up hurting each other if they do not openly communicate. 

Don't know whether Dev is genuine right now or it is all a big master plan but he seems to have hit the nerve of Maaneet's problem - lack of proper communication. They swing between a bickering couple and a passionate couple.  Now they have turned a silent couple. This has to change.  If Maaneet do not rectify the situation themselves, he can use this flaw to his advantage, as and when he turns negative.  It is not good that your enemy knows your greatest weakness.  Lack of communication is Maaneet's Achilles heel and they need to address this soon. 

Communication does not only involve talking but also involves listening - not only to words but also to the silences.  Besides talking and listening the most important part of communication is comprehension or understanding.  A couple can talk all they want or listen all they want but if they do not understand what the other person is trying to convey it is fruitless.  From the precap, it was obvious that  Maaneet suffer on all three counts.  Geet could not understand Maan's silence on the Dev matter.  If she did she would not have merrily brought him into the conversation and that too in explaining why she was happy. Maan on his part was not prepared to listen to Geet fully. Hence both of them did not understand each other. It is saddening to see a well meaning couple not able to cope with the first major hurdle in their life because of this flaw in communication.

A word about Maan's turmoil. I think what he feels right now is helplessness.  He is repeatedly being made to feel (unintentionally or otherwise) that he has failed to understand what Geet  really wants.  First it was the cleansing of the baby room of all the remnants of baby memory which he thought was for her good but had the opposite effect. Now it is her apparent happiness at the orphanage thanks to Dev's timely help when it should have been him who took her there.  Dev was getting all the brownie points and he was getting none.  For the first time the great MSK who always believed there is nothing he could not do, is made to feel inadequate. Understandably he is hurt and upset.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Today's Episode was Average for me as I felt the flow was not smooth today with NASA scenes(Nitya-Arjun-Sangram-Annie) merged in between which somewhere takes away the impact from the Maan-Geet-Dev scenesErmm...CVs I hv no issues with Maan-Geet-Dev ka drama track as long as I know Maan-Geet r made for each other and there is NO triangle happening but I hv serious issues with NASA track and that needs to endSmile
Since the precap was the most controvertial part in today's I will start my analysis from the misleading precap todayBig smile
I admit that when I saw I din't like the precapOuch....Geet is happy because Dev did something nice and she tells it to MSK as well looks very OTT and confusingConfusedConfused
But having said that I also  feel Dev is doing it all deliberatelyErmm,...he knows Geet ka weakness is baby-room and he might do something related to that room and take the creditErmm,..and Geet is so drowned with her baby wala emotions that unknowingly she ends up giving credit to DevOuch...this can b one of the options in case Dev is negative
But again I m not  jumping to conclusions because we dunno what mahaan kaam Dev did ...mayb he got Maaneet ka second HM tickets as Dadi feels they need to go out and spend time with each otherWinkLOL...
Mayb Dev told Geet about MSK arranging that baby room for her and thats what made her so happy thinking MSK did all that for she must b thanking Dev for telling her the truthBig smile.. ..but MSK din't listen to her full sentenceOuch...she is basically thanking Dev for telling her that MSK did that baby room for her.,.then mayb she even got that she is basically overwhelmed with MSK ka gestures and is so happy and excited that she forgot she is praising her culprit in front of MSK...that point of time I bet she was only thinking about MSK and never really realised that she ended up thanking Dev in the process...Ouch
Problem is that neither MSK nor Geet r ready to listen to each other when one is trying to talk to another person...and this upcoming track might solve this issue between themErmm
So for reasons above I think we should first see whats coming on monday before jumping to conlcusions...
so lets wait and watch Big smile
As far as the episode is concerned...mixed feelings....too much of NASA TortureDead...but few things I liked....Loved How MSK was not over the top with his reaction seeing Dev-Geet coming home together or after learning that he lost the project because of Dev...his silent reaction there was good and also loved how he blasted Dev not in front of Geet or made a tamasha there but in aloneThumbs Up......
MSK's silent anger has always worked against him and thats what will cause the temporary separation or MU I guess..its the lack of communication again between them which Dev or Dadi might hv understood but Maaneet themselves need to realise thisErmm...and mayb thats where the separation or MU track might bring them closer than before when they finally realise themselves whats really lacking in their relatinoship all this whileEmbarrassed....
Geet appreciating Dev in the precap can hv many valid reasons I will not comment before watching Monday's episodeSmile...I just want to see Possessive,Passionate MSK in action nowEmbarrassed..and let Geet walk out of the house and MSK go after her to manaofy her in his own styleCool...
Now coming to Geet's character and her reaction towards Dev all I can say is that, If Geet had hidden things from MSK related to Dev...we can question how can she do such a thing...right ??
But I m noticing one thing..she is so innocent that whatever happens in her life,she just comes to MSK and tells him everything...isn't that worth appreciating ?Smile..
Today also she told everything about going to orphanage with Dev for so and so reason even without MSK asking her anything...and in the precap also ,she tells everything to MSK about Dev's XYZ mahaan actLOL
Yes we can question about Geet's sudden way of softening up towards Dev...but then again we dunno the exact reason here ......Ermm...So I just want to wait and see the reason before giving the verdict of whether Geet is right or wrong here...Smile
 But  Geet needs to divert her attention from baby to MSK so that she can come out of her depression and for this  her emotional outburst is necessary  and even MSK needs to blurt out his depression and helplessness in front of Geet with his emotional somewhere this outburst by both followed by a temporary separation track creates room for Maan-Geet to understand each other in a better way and come closer to each other and mayb take their relatinoship to next level finallyErmm....
MSK's silent act seeing Dev-Geet together coming back from orphanage was totally justified today because thats how men react when they feel emotional or helpless....they go completley silent and then thats followed by their huge outburst on the person whom they love the most....I hv myself experienced it with my own hubby..whenever he goes silent,I can guess that soon he is going to blastLOL....And MSK is feeling helpless here because for the first time he is feeling like a looser for not able to bring their baby back ...for not able to fulfill Geet's wishes...for not able to stop Geet's tears or make her happy and on top of that Dev is somewhere succeeding knowingly or unknowingly in doing everything which is cheering up Geet to some extent...thats where MSK is not only feeling depressed or helpless but is also pissed off with the fact that he cannot change certain facts of the past and the same past today came haunting in front of him and he can do nothing hereOuch...
So in this case Both MSK and Geet  not only needs to communicate  but actually blurt out their inner frustations in front of each other....that might result in temporary anger or MU...but that will make them understand each other's POV in a better way which will b good for their relationship in the long run
I don't want to rate the episode either because I feel it was an incomplete episode where we only saw MSK's silent anger,depression and helplessnees which might soon lead to a huge outburst next week and we also saw Geet's pain,depression and silent suffocation which too soon will lead to an emotional outburst next week...only then we can judge where the future track will go and might able to start our predictions or rate an episodeErmm
Today I m not only posting my Analysis but my friend Anvi's Analysis as well since she has flawlessly described each and every emotions of MSK,Geet and Dev's character Post-MC...Mayb after reading her analysis,we might b able to see things from a different perspective and understand the characters and their complications in a better waySmile
Here is what my Friend Anvi had to sayEmbarrassed
I have not seen the last 2-3 episodes properly. Just read Tanu's updates and few analysis here in the den. But I will try to analyze the complicated situation that is going on in GHSP currently. Yes the whole situation is extremely complicated.

In this situation, neither can I blame anyone for any actions nor is anyone wrong. 

MSK - his situation is most complicated. He is going through multiple emotions at present, and all at extremely levels, ready to burst any minute. 

His first emotion is depression, pain of having lost his baby. MSK considered the baby as his, he felt it and lived with that emotion. He is as pained as Geet, but is just not able to show it to anyone, not even Geet. He does not want to cause her more pain by showing his pain. So this emotion is just inside him, not visible to anyone outside. 

Second emotion he is feeling is anger, anger towards Dev. I am sure it is suffocating for him to live in the same house as Dev. He feels more suffocated than Geet. Dev's mere presence around Geet is killing him slowly. I have not seen the episodes, but I can still feel his suffocation. Out here, MSK is not confused about Geet's intentions. He might not even be confused about Dev's intentions. But he is hating the every minute he sees Dev even 10 feet close to Geet. At the back of his mind, he cannot forget the fact that geet was once intimate with Dev. He might have forgotten this when Dev was not around. But now that he is in the same house, Dev thinking about Geet, giving suggestions to MSK about Geet, interfering in MaanEet matters, helping Geet, has brought back the thoughts that Dev-Geet were once intimate in his mind, AND I CANNOT BLAME MSK FOR THIS. Add to this that he is also feeling helpless, as he cant get rid of Dev in the house, in their life, or in the office. 

Third feeling MSK is going through is that he is upset with Geet. This feeling is very subtle which I dont think even MSK realizes, but its present. He is not able to see Geet taking Dev's help or talking to him FOR WHATEVER RATIONAL REASON. He controlled it when Dev gave methi to Geet. He controlled it today when  Dev took Geet to the orphanage and was the first one to see Geet smiling. He might control it even in the precap when Geet says that Dev is the cause of her smile (I dont blame him for walking away without hearing the whole matter, this guy is dying from inside). But when this happens forth time, he might burst and that will create the fight. He wont be able to control for long. Even though Geet has been taking Dev's help unwillingly and has hidden nothing from MSK, but the fact that she is taking his help is enough for MSK to feel upset on Geet. He might not show it to Geet but that feeling is there inside him. He knows Geet is not wrong, but still, he cant stop himself from disliking the fact that Geet has been taking Dev's help. 

Now all three feelings, depression, anger, and upset can be handled well if MSK talks about these feelings to Geet. But what will he say, how will he say all this without upsetting Geet further. The problem in this situation is not lack of communication, but how to communicate. 1 wrong word from MSK's mouth can really upset Geet. What MSK does not realize is that communication might upset Geet, but if he keeps these feelings inside him for some more time, the day he will burst, it can have the potential to destory their relationship. The situation is not an easy one, its extremely complicated and MSK is finding it hard to rise above the situation. He is smart, intelligent, shrewd but not wise enough to rise above the situation.  If MSK sits quietly and analyzes his thoughts, he can find a solution, but the fact is, he is not in the position to analyze his thoughts and he has no one on this planet with whom he can sit and sort out his thoughts, not even Geet. 

Geet - She is still in depression. All she is thinking about is her baby's loss, not about herself, not about MSK, and not about her hatred towards Dev. Her pain of loosing her baby is much more than her hatred for Dev. Actually to Dev, she has become indifferent. She feels nothing for him, not even hatred. He can live or die for all she cares. 

She cannot see MSK's pain at present. She cannot see MSK's angry face when he sees her with Dev. And she is so innocent that she talks about Dev to MSK without thinking how her sentence or words sound to his ears. I cannot blame her for anything either. The minute MSK will burst, that is when she will get a clear picture of what has been going on in his mind since baby's death. Right now she is oblivious to MSK's feelings, due to her own pain. She might think that MSK is just a little pained due to baby's death, but she has no idea about the volcano building inside him which can burst anytime now. Had the situation been in control and Geet not in depression, I am sure she would have known something is wrong with him (about Dev's presence) and forced him to speak. But she is so occupied with her pain that she cant see MSK's pain and anger. She does not realize that a quiet MSK means danger is lurking right around the corner. Post baby death, she is trying to find a meaning to her life but in the process she is going far away from MSK, not realizing that her life is MSK+baby and not only baby. She will realize this soon after MSK's outburst. First she will be angry at his outburst, but after sometime she will see the whole picture and feel MSK's pain, thus lessening her pain. 

Dev - he does not have to be negative. His mere presence in MaanEet's life, in KM is good enough to cause problems between MaanEet. MaanEet can never be happy as long as Dev is around. He is a curse for them. Dev, with all his good and noble intentions, still cant bring happiness in MaanEet's life. He can bring only pain. MSK was wrong when he said that no third person can come between him and Geet. Dev is that 1 person who has the potential to destroy MaanEet relationship, even if Dev does not desire so. His presence is enough. When both MaanEet will make up with each other after the great fight, which is going to happen soon, that will be the time when they will permanently get rid of Dev's presence in their life, even if Dev continues to live in KM. This whole situation has arise so that it can help MaanEet rise over a problem named Dev. Till now, they never dealt with Dev. The minute the truth came out in front of MSK, Dev was thrown out of the house. Now, he is in the house, in between them during the most delicate phase in their life. This outburst from MSK will help Maan and Geet become indifferent to Dev's presence in their house. 

Well had the baby not gone, then MSK not liking Dev's presence is the house could have been dealt with. Geet could have handled this problem by making MSK feel loved and remaining indifference towards Dev. But since Geet is in depression, unknowingly and unwillingly taking help from Dev, and Dev with his good intentions helping Geet, is destroying MSK from inside. All problems have come together in MaanEet's life, making the situation complicated. 

The only solution is MSK analyzing his thoughts, talking to himself, and talking lovingly with Geet about his feelings. But that ain't going to happen because to analyze ur thoughts, u need to be free from depression and anger, which is not the case with him. And to talk to Geet, you have to stop worrying about she getting upset. So the only option left for him is unknowingly to built the emotions inside him to the level that he cant take it any longer. And  then those feelings will come out with such fury that it will cause a rift between MaanEet. But when both calm down, they will see the whole picture differently and make up to each other. Due to the current situation they will have to go through this rough phase before everything is honky-dory again. In this rough phase, Geet will get over her depression and will understand MSK's feelings and MSK will get over his depression and anger, and then both will make it up to each other. The wave of disturbance that baby's death and Dev's presence has caused in MaanEet's life will have to take its full form before subsiding once again. Just hope that when it takes its full form, it does not come as a tsunami which will destroy MaaEet's relationship beyond repair. It should be a small wave, which should go faster than it came, helping MaanEet find a new meaning to their relationship post baby's death, and becoming indifferent to Dev's presence in their life. Smile

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MSK's impulsive anger is going to be the root of MU...I am sure that will be short lived too..They are unable to communicate as they are still depressed and wallowing in pain..Cry

Regarding the precap....
May be Dev arranged a holi party with the kids at the orphanage or had Dadi invite the kids home.....That is why Geet is happy...Geet giving Dev credit does not mean she has forgiven him.....When you  are happy after feeling so take happiness from unexpected quarters.....

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