Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

3Idiotz-Dev Ki Mahanta Pe Mahanta,Maan Baja Ghanta

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Idiots' Tantra Mala

Chamatkar ya Balatkar'idiots ki tantra mala....

We forgot we are Idiots who are supposed to do chamatkar and not balatkaar Ouch...So new improved Tantra Mala includes what is defined as chamakaar and what is defined as balatkaar

1. Your POV
2. Symbolism
3. Ripping of promo, precap, episode
4. Deciphering the characters and their characterization.
5. Storyline, plot, future of the story, track or anything that a new character can bring
6. Ideas unique to Idiot Family
7. Songs, Shayari, Verses, Prose that bring newness to the thread related to the family, characters, story or in general entertainment.


1. Bashing anyone ' character, actor, member or anyone who has expressed a POV you do not agree with
2. Ripping ' anyone
3. Ignoring ' Anyone

Ikkraar Big smile

Aaaal Izzz Weelll as along as we agree to disagree..
Yaar paancho oongliyan barabar nahi hoti'aur muthi mooh par thodi na maarte hain..use to fight depression, oppression, compression, suppression, impression and enjoy the session


1. The first three pages are for analysis ONLY as it gets lost in the pages later on. We have received requests for this. 
2. The chat thread would be the previous day's thread. So feel free to express anything and everything there.
3. Once the reserve of spot is done within say the first hour, the thread is then open for discussion and replies. 
4. Anyone who misses the boat on first three pages to analyse the episode, should send a pm to the opener to index the link so that people find it easy to read your take. 
5. The thread will open at 9:00 pm IST

6.We want maximum people to read the analysis and appreciate the effort and time put into watching the episode several time to bring in nuances.


Vrush's Short Story Link

Vinu Ki Nihu - Nautanki Ka Raaz - A Love Story

Road to Vrushful - Wishful Thinking

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Vinu's Sexy Spoilers

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Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali Rang Barse
Sone ki Thali Mein jona Parosa
Sone Ki Thali Mein jona Parosa

Khaye Gori ke Yaar Balam Tarse Rang Barse

Holi Hai

Happy Holi to all lovely Idiotz....


Today episode was tooo good, i seriously loved it.....Even yesterday wasn't bad, but i wasn't in mood, so forget it....

Maan got so shocked to see Geet with Dev, and morethan that it fumed him that he actually took her the orphanage, and updated as well that how much she was happy there...In a way he took credit of being her happiness, that definitely makes Maan insecure.....Dadi got bit nervous, cause she knows how Maan would react....Dev also knew that what made Maan upset....

Loved it how Geet cleared herself by giving the right excuse by going with Dev...Maan said "it's ok", meant clearly that he trust Geet, but he has doubt on Dev's intention.....I love suspicious Maan.....

Arjun is shocked to see Annie happy with Gujar, and Nitya & Gujjar thought their plan is working, but i love to see if at the end Annie will fooled him.....Anyways liked jealous Arjun.....Good good, indirectly they both are helping them...Good going Nitya & GujjarThumbs Up.....

Felt bad for Maan, he wanted to give Geet surprise by saying sorry, but thought not to say, cause he thinks that she wouldn't be take anything rightly, and i loved it that he hadn't even tried....But the game is interesting, what Maan was trying to do, Dev will do, and that's make Maan so insecure...Dev's intention is only helping them, but indirectly he is causing more problem....Good me wanna see how far they would go....

Dev wanted to decrease the distant between MaanEet, and he knows that if he would do something straight for them, Maan would definitely not listen to him, so as Geet...And why they would be, so best he talked with Daadi and took her help...His intention not bad, but that would create more tension....

Loved how Geet recollected the moment, where Maan shared his feeling for baby, fought for his wish to her...Loved her smile.....Loved how daadi came and talked with Geet, and wanted her to go out with Maan, where Geet showed her disinterest, and said that there is no more reason to smile, but Daadi gave her gayan, and made her agree to go out with Maan for not her sake, but as Maan sake...Just 2 days ago i have mentioned samething that they need counselor or some wise person to talk, and look the co-incidence that it happened today...Since couple of days this co-incidence started happening with me...How we understand all these situations to be handle...

Precap - Ohh ohh, Geet is talking about Dev in sweet toneShockedShocked, and telling to MaanShockedShocked...What's going on? It's so shocking right? But for me it seems dream or let see what actually Dev did, which made Geet so happy, and smiley....

Episode was interesting, i know it fuming so many of us, but seriously it brought essence in show, that atleast we are here to bash, warna toh show joker ban gaya tha right? Abb atleast we are together to kill Geet, Dev or Maan, hain na, chalo chalo killing mission pur chalte hain, Shivi tommy ko bahar lao.....

Reason of Maan Hater & Forgiving Dev (My POV):

In Maan life 2 people were so important Daadi & Dev, and he told Geet & NT both about that.....He never thought in his life that that person he love would became the reason of Geet's horrible past, his own brother....And when you love someone so much, you hate the most...That same going on with Maan, he never thought that Dev would do something like that...He had trust on him, which he broke, and now his all mission is to somehow show him his right place, and keep him away from his life, his Geet.....He loves Geet so much that he can't see her in pain, he is witnessed of her past, and i am sure that 1 reason of forgiving Dev would be Maan, cause his hater is killing him inside, which she can't see as well...And i think that's why she would forgive Dev, so Maan can be shant....My thinking, no idea what CV's thought about it, but for me it seems that Geet wouldn't forgive Dev for Dev's repentance, but for Maan.....Let see what CV's has reason for that? And how much i would be rright?Ouch


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The episode was a lead into mondays episode ... that dev will start of wanting to help maaneet but along the way get selfish..
the same happened even at the orphange, he wanted to help geet, he ended up messing the office project !Smile
geets innocence is endearing...
wil write more in a bit

mujhe aaj Vinu ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai ...

Hope he gets well soon !!! SmileSmile

Nihu to Vinu :Embarrassed

Tumpe marte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.
Aisa karte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.
Band galiyon se chup chup ke, hum guzarne lage.
Saari duniya se rah rah kar, hum to darne lage.
Hai ye kya karne lage.

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Edited ------->>>>>>>>>>
Episod was a normal episod which wd pave way to a bigger plot.....liked it....Smile 
Dev tryin to help Maaneet....Chalo cupid no: ...hmm....5?! chalo dis guy is really a positv charcter eh?!Ouch....i am still optimistc....till da end i wil hope to c Samir potrayin a charctr wid a grey shade....Tongue
Acc ot Dev....Maaneets biggest problem is der khamoshi.....n I feel da most passionate part of der relationshp is dis khamoshi....da way dey undrstnd each odr even ven dey r nt talkin....dis pavitra ristha is strengthnd by dis khamoshi ka bond....onz dey break dis den dey wd b similar to ny odr telly yes dey hav to communicate more ven eva der is a dat Dev babu i am der to support u.....Wink
Way to go Captain Planet - Chale Chalo LOLLOL...Manaeet ki khushiyon ko wapas le aao....Wid da help of ur nalayak grndson...atleast lik dat let him do sumthin worthwile.....
AA...kuch jal raha tha shayad LOL...Arjun ke shakal se tho wohi laga...n dat female Nithya is blind naa...she jst cdnt see wat dos eyes ver tryin to say.....nw Annie is ready to tak up da Sangram issue all fr herslf...acha hai ek World world hone se bachahya...magar Mahabharath tho hoga frsure.....fight fr power ver da catalyst was a lady....I am waitin to c Arjun fightin fr Annie wid Sangram in his own sweet n seksy styleEmbarrassed
Geet smilin coz of Dev babu.....chaloo yehi karna bhaki tha...Geet is very impulsiv she needs to stop bein dat or elz Maan wd kill Dev widot a second thought Ouch...waise bhi Maan is very possesv...lik Viju said yahan tho Dev aur Geet hav a history...bas hogaya Shubh Arambh MU ka.....Tongue
See ven eva Maan is angry wid Geet we get passionate romance - Kurbaan hua is da best example......n so is RTM......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
MU can pave way to da new entryz......der u go suspenz on its way?!Tongue
Drama,story,suspense,passion,jealouzy and love is wat da new track is promisin us....n iam all in fr dis..........
Loads Love,
Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse....
Are kaine maari pichkaari tori bheegi angiya
O rangrasia rangrasia, ho...
Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse ...
Sone ki thaali main jona parosa...
Are, sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Haan, sone ki thaali main jona parosa...
Are, khaye gauri ka yaar balam tarse rang barse
Holi hai!!

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Just finished the jallao-ing, had dinner with the community and off to energise myself.  When the dawn breaks into colors,  I will play Holi too.  And give my analysis.  Loads of luv.         AL.

TongueMy analysis:


There's the philosophers thought:  "As we think, so shall we become".

Btw, Dev holding Geets hand is just his act of intervention to prevent Geet from leaving Maan and the house.  He is acting the cupid at this phase of his repentence.TongueTongue
As Dev now thinks, he becomes.  Remembering the phase of Dev's repentance, one thing is very clear - opportunities to do good deeds just pour in and how we use these makes us better humans.  Dev got this chance to drive Geet to the orphanage, he turned it around, used it and made her smile.  The karmic effect of bad deeds is that even when we are allowing change for good to happen in our lives, many cant digest these good deeds, eg. like Maan who cannot fathom Dev's transformation.  Dev has always been the softer of the siblings, slow to anger, more cool, and so it was easy for him to discern Geet's needs quicker and used that opportunity to complete his good deeds.  Objectivity was Dev's gain.


Dev is still in a genuine state of mind to try to bring his bro and geet together.  He has even realized their 'kamoshi' as their biggest weakness and by a wizards touch he will use this weakn+ess to reinstate the colors of passion and happiness in their lives.


Today's episode is symbolically a victory for Dev.  His efforts to bring peace and love between M&G is not going unnoticed or in vain.  There is this little hope in Dev transforming into a gift of goodness for others.  He is seeking his salvation through making others recipients of his generosity and compassion.


Dev wants to be good and so thinks good.  But nothing would excuse him from his past of a corrupt mind.  His fanciful life would have brought untold pain to his own mother (the canadian one whom he calls ma) let alone the evil of his lust and greed over reasoning in dealing with Geet.  As much as his work of cupid, he should not exploit Geet's sensitivity at this stage. 


Flashbacks of Geet's expectancy in the baby's arrival was touching and tearful. Only a woman who dares to be helped can really come out of this darkness.  It's justified that Geet mourn, but a prophetic thought has to overrule this helplessness. Maan himself has cried and wept bitterly for the babys loss, not only for Geets agony but also his own expectancy for the baby crushed, he has truly wept.  He is quick to understand his mistakes and he is quick to make up for the unhappiness he creates in Geet's life.  Dadima is the prophets voice.   A sound word to put to Geet to push against her own gloom, to step out of it, and bring happiness in someone else's life.  This is an age old and tried therapy for those that mourn ' brighten up another's life and a grace flows to enrich your own life.    Geet would find her door to happiness opening then. 


The greatest drawback and a symbolic poetic touch is the beauty of evil.  The lucidity of evil seemingly creating havoc ' Dev digressing to keep his appointment at Gurgaon thus stealing peace away from Maan,  Dev's presence creating an emotional drain in Maan,  Geet vulnerable to anything and everything that guises as sympathy and love ' the evil stalker seems to play footloose and unchained in Khurana Mansion.  It does not seem to be a human but more the abstract and invisible evil at play!


One of the most simple and immediate way to feel the presence of happiness in M&G's life at this crucial juncture is to go out and look for it.  Theres a thin membrane between their world of gloom and world of joy. They need to connect with the right world.  They need to consciously set out to enjoy moments with each other.  


AA track is a story set in a different time and different world.  Arjun and Annie are finding circumstances more conducive to realizing their love for each other.  In this process, they should either find or lose each other.

I would certainly want Maan S K to have a grip of what Annie and Arjun are handling in his office!  As much as Dev's disloyalty in keeping Maans work afloat, how could Maan miss out on AA at work with his staff !

 And so lightheartedly end this AA track. The CVs need to get the story back to track by bringing old characters and building on them.  Office staff who already existed or characters of the past just enough to tell us an untold story of the past.  A Sameera entry has to come to understand Maan and his depth.

CVs lets move on to bring character consistency to Geet.  How ?  Not detracking but progressively becoming stronger and richer in her self.  Through the MU already set in motion, she has to learn the very emotional way how Maan alone stood by her when the entire world stood against, how Maan alone build her up when the world pelted her, and this so called Dev threw her to the dogs at the airport, when Maan on knowing her truth ran to reinstate her at the railway station, thereby giving her a dignity and purpose to live.  The penitent Dev can be forgiven but not set scot free and loved at the cost of what he has proved as viciousness to a helpless woman.  Again CVs need to slowly tread into a mature relationship of M&G where higher purposes to their life has to be dealt with.  A role model Geet, Geet's rise in the world of Khandan and business, how she deals with power vested men and women of the more influential business world with her transparent and stark wisdom, Maan falling all the more in love with her for her straightforward ways etc. 






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rez? let's hope!

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AAJka TITLE>......................Geet hui iccha................GHSP hua colors ka...................................

why we watch this ekta maaiya show.......let mee torture our self............tu bear Maan in see heights of Geet Devta see msk insecure from DEV....................or to bearstupid pedulum see all Ultra idiots female of Khurana see no see all Mus..................too see aall geet see Maan suffering because of devi see rapist got redemption.......................ur eternal partner get burnts............anymore reasons....................
MY new mission.........

Kill Geet kill GHSP.....before it convert to another uttran or Bidaai.......any crap color or starplus show..........shut this show...she is protagonist so we cant have show without her..........right,,,,,,,,,,,lets end this show........................

I think its time for me to move on.................probably quit time................I cant take anymore.........

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